Colbert Cemetery
by Beverly Evins, April 2002

  59 S., 1-1/2 miles from Livingston, in pasture on right.

 Approximately 12 inch cement wall enclosing about a 20 ft square area, with a  large black stone
 in the center marked "Colbert". Four individual bronze markers are mounted on this wall.

Colbert, Alice Hendon b-Carbon Hill, Ala. June 6, 1891 d-Jan. 5, 1959 Livingston, TX
        "Wife of James Eden Colbert Mother of Charles Ralph Colbert"
Colbert, James Eden II  b-Savanna, Okla. b-Mar. 30, 1885  d-Oct. 18, 1969 Livingston, TX
        "Husband of Alice Hendon Colbert, Father of Charles Ralph Colbert"
Colbert, Rosemary Schrafft b-Boston Mass. Mar. 5, 1925   d-New Orleans LA May 20, 1954
        "Mother of Kathryn Hendon Colbert 1947, James Eden Colbert 1951,
        Thomas Matthew Colbert 1954"
Walling, Dovie Hubbard  b-Nov. 7, 1891 Canton, Texas  d-June 17, 1984 Houston Texas
        "Wife of Horace L. Walling, Sidney W. DeLaMar"

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