Cook Family Cemetery
Indexed on Aug. 13, 2001 by Beverly & Destiny

Location: From Onalaska, 356 W., 2-1/10 miles on left at homestead.
There are four marked graves in this small fence area, but room for at least two more.

Cook, Fannie K.  b-Sept. 18, 1853 d-Sept. 21, 1944
Cook, W. N. b-Dec. 4, 1855  d-Jan. 31, 1918  "Gone but not forgotten";
        square column marker.
Cook, Ella b-Oct. 12, 1891  d-10/03/1895 "Daughter of W.N. & F. K. Cook";
        " With the Angels"
Un-Named-Blank cement headstone.

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