Darby Cemetery
Submitted by Cannon Pritchard

Location:  At the intersection of  U. S. Highway 59 and  FM 350 in Moscow, Texas
go West on Fm 350 for  4.8 miles. The cemetery and Darby-Holcomb House
are located on the right side of  the highway in public view.

     This cemetery has been known as the Darby Cemetery,  Darby-Holcomb Cemetery and
Holcomb Cemetery. It is a family cemetery of  Augustus Darby, his wife, a daughter, and some
of  his grandchildren. It is located on private property and permission from the present property
owners is required before entering the property. The cemetery is adjacent to the Darby-Holcomb
House which has a Texas Historical Commission Marker.
        "For six months twenty five slaves drew square nails from lumber to seal with and
        sawed rough cypress, this pegged double logged house, built in 1859 by Augustus Darby."
In the yard stands a cape jasmine bush that was a cutting from a shrub Mrs. Darby  brought with
her from Alabama and a crepe myrtle bush and cedar trees that have bloomed and given shade
to the yard for over 143 years.
     Augustus "Gus" Darby married Mary T. Scurlock in 1847 in Alabama and came to Polk
County with his wife and children in 1859. He was a bookkeep and farmer and loved hunting.
Three of  his grandchildren, who remained single, lived in the Darby House all their lives. The last
one died in 1964.

Darby,  Augustus "Gus",  born  Jan 11, 1811 Ala.  died  Sep 2, 1872
Darby,  Mary T. (Scurlock),  born  Apr 15, 1826  Ala.  died  Dec 2, 1862

Holcomb,  Alice Gray,  born  Jun 11, 1853  died  Jun 28, 1911,
        daughter of  Augustus and Mary T. Darby
Holcomb,  Dovie (Duncan),  born  Mar 22,1888  died  Dec 12, 1961,
        wife of  Ralph Holcomb
Holcomb,  Hardy,  born  Mar 12,1880  died  Apr 6, 1943,
        son of  Robert N. & Alice Darby Holcomb
Holcomb,  Jack,   no dates,  (9 years old),
        son of  Robert N. & Alice Darby Holcomb
Holcomb,  Margarett Jane,  born  Jun 29, 1889  died  July 9, 1964,
        daughter of  Robert N. & Alice Darby Holcomb
Holcomb,  Mary L.,  born  Dec 4, 1886  died  Apr 21, 1954,
        daughter of Robert N. & Alice Darby Holcomb
Holcomb,  Ralph,  born  May 3, 1883  died  Jun 2, 1938,
        son of  Robert N. & Alice Darby Holcomb
Holcomb,  Robert Darby  "R.D.",  born  Mary 26, 1877  died  Nov 28, 1939,
        Masonic marker,  son of  Robert N. & Alice Darby Holcomb
Holcomb,  Robert N.,  born  Oct 18, 1837  Republic of  Texas,   died Mar 11, 1924,
        husband of  Alice G. Darby Holcomb;
        Private, Company C,  12th Texas Cavalry, Parson's Brigade, C.S.A.,  (P.O.W.)
Holcomb,  Samuel Houston,  born  Dec 31, 1881  died  Sep 27, 1943,
        son of   Robert N. & Alice Darby Holcomb

Duck,  born  1805  died  1905,  burial location unknown on the property
      (He was a black servant who was given to Mary T. Scurlock as a wedding gift from her
        parents when she married Augustus Darby in 1847.  Duck was freed in 1863 with the
        Emancipation Proclamation by President Lincoln. He remained with the Darby and
        Holcomb families as an employee until his death at 100 years of  age.)

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