Hammond Cemetery (Barnum, Texas) Census
           -- compiled by Norma Hammond McLoughlin 1999

Mary Carter Hammond
 (1785-June 1866)

Delilah Hammond Brazziel----Daughter of William and Mary Carter Hammond.  Died at
 92 years of age in 1905.  (1813-1905)
Pvt. Robert Brazziel----Husband of Delilah Hammond Brazziel.   Civil War Veteran.
Isabella Hammond---Isabella Pickens Hammond was the wife of John Elmore Hammond.
                         (June 20, 1821--Feb. 6, 1904)

John Hammond---John Elmore Hammond was the son of Mary Carter Hammond
and  William Hammond. Thought to have died in Civil War.  No records found.
  (Sept. 16, 1809--1862)

Pvt. John Hammond----John William Hammond was the son of John Elmore and Isabella
 Hammond.  He was married to Alice Kirby, and after her death married Emma
 Burch Byrnes.  He is not buried in Hammond Cemetery.  The marker is a memorial
 for service in the Civil War. ( The date on the marker is not his death date.  He died
January 8, 1925, and is buried in St. Mary's Cemetery in San Antonio, Texas.)
Alice Kirby Hammond----Alice was a sister to John Henry Kirby.  She married John W.
 Hammond (who was a son of John Elmore Hammond and Isabella Hammond.)
 (July 22, 1852--Aug. 19, 1870)

Thomas Hammond----Thomas  Andrew Hammond was a son of John Elmore and
 Isabella Pickens Hammond.  Tom never married.  He lived to be 81. (1853-1934)
M. C. Vinson---Malvina Caldwell (Mellie) Vinson.  Mellie was a daughter of
 John Elmore and Isabella Pickens Hammond.  (Dec. 20, 1861--Oct. 22, 1893)

Thomas H. Vinson----Born in 1882 and died in 1917.  He was a son of Nick and Mellie
 Vinson.  Thomas died from pneumonia (as a complication of flu--in the flu
 epidemic that was sweeping the country.

Gerald Vinson----Child of Thomas H. and Ethel Cook Vinson. Gerald died at eight
  years of age.  He was born May 17, 1917---died July 24, 1925.  He was a  grandchild of
  Mellie and Nick Vinson.  (Gerald drowned in the Trinity River.)
 Louise Hoge (Hogue)----Daughter of Scott and Annie Vinson Hogue.  Annie was the
 daughter of Nick and Mellie Hammond Vinson.  This child was born July 18, 1910  and
 died  May 17, 1916.
Scott Hogue----Husband of Annie Vinson Hogue.
 Scott was born Oct. 4, 1882 and died Oct. 11, 1915.

Susan Caroline Hammond----Daughter of John Elmore and Isabella Hammond.
 Died as a young girl.  Born Dec. 20, 1854.

Ezekial Hammond----Son of John Elmore and Isabella Hammond.  Died as a young
 man.  Named for a long line of Ezekial Pickens ancestors.  Born Sept. 11, 1850.

Roberta Warren Hammond----wife of Charlie Elmore Hammond Sr.
 (May 19, 1858--Feb. 17, 1935)

Charles "Charlie" Elmore Hammond----son of John Elmore and Isabella Hammond
 (Feb. 7, 1859--Aug. 29, 1920)

Edna Hammond----Daughter of Charlie Elmore and Roberta Hammond.  Died as a child.
 Died from a ruptured appendix at thirteen years of age.  (Feb. 21,1898--1911)
Elbert Hammond----Charles Elbert Hammond.  Son of Charlie Elmore and Roberta
 Hammond.  Died as a child.  (Aug. 31, 1894 to March 14, 1902)

Charles Elmo Hammond----Son of Charlie Elmore and Roberta Hammond.  Died in
 infancy.  Born and died Dec. 14, 1879.

Arrie Neeson----Arrie Hammond Burley Neeson.  Daughter of Charlie Elmore and
 Roberta Hammond.  (Oct. 23, 1890--Oct. 26, 1972)
Roscoe Burley----First husband of Arrie Hammond.  Died in an automobile accident.
  (Feb. 4, 1885--Oct. 27, 1951)

Albert Edward "Gabe" Neeson----Second husband of Arrie Hammond Burley.
  (Mar. 2, 1897--July 3, 1966)

Myrlie Lee Hammond----Daughter of Tom Lee Hammond and Edith Stephenson.  She
 died at birth.  Reportedly named for a friend of Edith's (Myrlie Brown), and for
 Tom Lee.  Born and died Oct. 4, 1924.

Georgia H. Dunlap----Georgia Elmo Hammond Dunlap.  She was the daughter of Hillery
 and Anna Hammond.  The granddaughter of Charlie Elmore Hammond Sr.
 (Apr. 19, 1910--Feb. 22, 1977)

Dan Dunlap----Husband of Georgia Hammond Dunlap.  Died in an automobile accident.

Baby Girl Collins----Born and died 1961.

Linda Roff---(Aug. 23, 1960--1994)

Hilda Hammond----Daughter of Hillery and Anna Hammond.  Died at four months of  age.
 Died December 15, 1917.

Bertie May Hammond----Daughter of Hillery and Anna Hammond.  Drowned in a  flooded
 creek in Barnum.  Born 1907.  Died April 27, 1914.

Baby Boy Jones "John"----He was the child of Martha Hammond Ivey Jones.  He was
 born Oct. 1886 and died Feb. 1887.   (Martha was a daughter of John Elmore and
 Isabella Hammond.

Baby Boy Davis----Twin son of above Matilda and John Davis.  The other twin survived.
 This child died at birth.  Born in 1890.  (Matilda and John are buried in Pine
 Grove Cemetery.)

Maude Ruth Davis----Daughter of Matilda Hammond Davis and John C. Davis.  Maude
 was born in 1878.  She died at five years of age.  (Matilda Hammond was a
 daughter of John Elmore and Isabella Hammond.)  (1878--1883)

There should be two other Davis Graves----Apparently stillborn children of Matilda
 and John Davis.

Baby Smythe----Child of Ellen and Miles Smythe.   Ellen was a sister to John Crittenden  Davis.
 (John was married to Nancy Matilda Hammond).  (Smythe child is not a  Hammond descendant.)
 (Dates unknown)

Annie Beth Martin Zorn----Daughter of Sarah and Sam Martin.  Sarah was the daughter
 of Anna and Tom Boyett.  Anna Hammond Boyett was the daughter of Charlie
 Elmore Hammond Sr.   (July 14, 1930--1990)
Robert L. "Greg" Lovett---(1942--1999)
Unmarked---Malvina Pickens.  I only have a record that her name was on a tombstone.
 I don't have her name in the family tree.  She was perhaps a niece of Isabella
 Pickens Hammond.   Isabella's brother was with them in Louisiana---when they
 made the trip from Alabama to Texas.

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