Naming Trends
 "Don't know if this helps anyone but in the case of my lines they followed an old country custom of naming children .  Hope I explain this right: 

A man named his first born son after his father if the father was dead.
If still alive they named first born after the grandfather of father.
Then second son was named after mothers father and so on. 
Girls were done the same way. The first born girl named after the fathers mother etc.
I also found beginning in 1800's or so that the middle name of the child was of the God Parent who was at baptism. 
To give an example:
My Pascal Goodwin Tucker was named after his grandfather Pascal and his middle name was Goodwin for the man who was his Godparent when he was  Baptised.  They were also called by their middle names in everyday usage.  Pascal was called Goodin all his life and even in his obituary in 1904.  This was one way our famliy can trace who belongs to who."

Submitted By Pat Shepherd on July 16, 2000

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