Submitted by: Cannon H. Pritchard

Two graves located in this family cemetery:
Collins, James M.  born- 23 Sep 1842  died- 2 Jun  1923.
Collins, Caroline  born-about 1842  died-28 Sep 1905

Cemetery History-
This cemetery is located in a pasture on a hill covered by pine/oak trees (James Boulter League) off
the old Liberty Road near the Providence Community.  Property is East of the Presbyterian Encampment
called "Camp Cho-Yeh" and is presently leased to the Presbyterian Church.  James M. Collins,
born 23 Sep 1842, purchased the 64 1/2 acres on 30 Nov 1893 and lived there until his death on
2 Jun  1923.  His wife Caroline Collins was born about 1842 and died on 28 Sep 1905.
James M. Collins purchased the property from the living daughters of  R.A. McCaghren who had died
in May, 1880.  The daughters were Birdie McCaghren Willis, & Ellen McCaghren Goodwin. In the
deed of sale the daughters reserved 1/2 acre for a family cemetery for their parents, sisters, and
brother.  After Caroline Collins death in 1905, James Collins created by deed on 29 Nov 1912
another 1/2 acre family cemetery for the Collins Family.  After James Collins death in 1923 the
twelve Collins children sold the 64 acres back to the only living daughter of  R. A. McCaghren,
Birdie McCaghren Willis.

In the deed of sale all twelve children (living) of James M. Collins and
Caroline Collins were listed as follows:

Sabrey E. Collins Hall
Martha J. Collins Hall
Fannie Collins Bass of Hardin County, Tx.
Sallie Collins Richardson
Mollie Collins Bailey
Pollie M. Collins
Simion (Sims) Collins
Benjamin Agee Collins
Nancy A. Collins McMillon
Jennie Collins Hayes
Lydia Collins Griffin of Trinity County, Tx.
Annie Collins Hare of Liberty County, Tx.

It is assumed all children resided in Polk County, Tx. excepted where noted. There is no known
record that any of the Collins children or other descendants were ever buried in the cemetery.
The cemetery is heavily visited during the summer months by Presbyterians in Texas as well as
other months on weekends when the Encampment is opened.

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