Lima Cemetery
Submitted April 2002 by Cannon Pritchard

    This small cemetery is partially surrounded by a fence in deep woods and covered by heavy
underbrush. It appears to have been a family cemetery in the early 20th Century.

Location: Travel 1.5 miles from the Polk County Courthouse in downtown Livingston on U. S.
Highway 59 South. On the right side of  Highway 59 facing West the cemetery can be found
half way in the woods between Highway 59 and the railroad tracks. The land area is unfenced.

Dennis, Willie,  born  Sep 2, 1895  died  Oct 26, 1918
  (upright white marble marker)

Magness, Garriline,    died  Jul 5, 1928
  (upright gray granite heart-shaped marker)

Three small  upright white marble markers with no inscriptions on them.

Note:  Due to the difficulty of  the low thick underbrush covered with poison ivy,  there was no
attempt to cut back the underbrush to probe the ground for other markers that may be covered.
The cemetery is located on private property.

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