Massey Cemetery


Location:  From Highway 59 at Leggett, Texas, take a FM 942 East approximately 14 miles to Massey Cemetery Road, take a left .6 mile, and the cemetery is on the right hand side of the road, there is a fence around the cemetery, however as you turn into the road to the cemetery there are also graves on the left hand side of the road.


Surveyed by the Leggett High School Gifted and Talented Students as part of a community service project.  Date of  survey was November 17, 1999.  Contact these students at [email protected] for information on this project. The Gifted and Talented Coordinators at Leggett ISD are Carolyn Willson and Angela Black.



Graves outside the fenced area:


1. Warren Glover


World War II

April 25, 1922

June 23, 1991

(Military marker)


2. Mathew Wade Glover

December 8, 1967

May 25, 1994



3. Ronald Gene Glover

July 9, 1960

January 26, 1996


Inside fenced area:


4. Laura Massey

August 10, 1863

February 18, 1910


5. Grave right side of Laura Massey

Tombstone is badly damaged and

Has not been identified at this time.


6. Jack B. Tompkins

May 13, 1907

August 13, 1997

(Funeral home marker from Earthman Funeral Home; Baytown, Texas)



7. Thebie Massey Tompkins

March 20, 1907

November 16, 1987

Wife of Jack B. Tompkins

Daughter of Laura Lamb Massey

Rest here in the land of her birth