Polk County, Texas
By Cannon H. Pritchard 9/01/2001

The Robert A. McCaghren Family came from Benton County, Alabama to Polk County, Texas
about 1856 and settled near the Providence Community. Mr. McCaghren was a cotton farmer
and served as a County Constable. During the Civil War, 1861-65, he was appointed as the
County Coroner. On Nov 25, 1867  he purchased from Andrew B. Boulter one hundred acres
of  land in the James Boulter League where he built his home and farmed the land.

The cemetery was established in 1870 and burials of  the family members continued to 1884.
Prior to his death in 1880 he erected a wrought iron fence around the cemetery area with an
ornate gate with the name "R.A.McCaghren" imprinted on it. In 1893 his children designated by
deed that the cemetery would be larger  and dedicated 1/2 acre square for future use. There are
eight known burials in the cemetery.

Location:  The cemetery is located two miles South of  the Polk County Courthouse on South
        Washington Street to the entrance of   Camp Cho-Yeh. The cemetery is located on a hill on
        private property leased and used by the Presbyterian Church for their encampments called
        "Camp Cho-Yeh". The cemetery is maintained by  McCaghren descendants. Permission and
        directions to the cemetery are given by the Camp Cho-Yeh Office.

Drew,  Ennis,  born  Jul 8, 1869  died  Nov 22, 1876,  son of  James M. &  Julia Drew

Drew,  Frances Almeda,  born  Sep 10, 1875,  died  Sep 8, 1878,
        daughter of  James M. & Julia Drew

Drew,  Elizabeth Julia McCaghren,  born  Mar 9, 1845,  died  Sep 23,1884,
        married to James Montgomery Drew on  Mar 29, 1866.
        Mother of Gordon, Ernest, and  Tom Drew.

McCaghren,  Adolphus Darty  "D.D.", " Dolphus",   born  1842,  died 1872,
        son of  R. A. & Almeda McCaghren,
        Private,  Co. F, Reily's Regiment,  4th Texas Calvary, C.S.A.

McCaghren,  Almeda Moore,  born  Aug 4, 1824  Elbert Co. Ga.,  died 1876,
        married  Robert A. McCaghren  on Sep 23, 1841, Benton County, Ala.

McCaghren,  Frances "Fannie",  born  1852  died  1870,
        daughter of  R.A. & Almeda McCaghren

McCaghren,  Georgianna Turner,  born  1850,  died  1873,
        married Adolphus D. McCaghren on Jul 2, 1866. Mother of  Lela McCaghren Galloway

McCaghren,  Robert Alcander,  born  Apr 18, 1821, York Co. S.C.,   died May 1880,
        son of  Robert Darty McCaghren & Sarah Elizabeth Thompson,
        Private,  Co. C & D,  First Regiment,  2nd Brigade,  Texas State Troops, C.S.A.

There are two graves outside the McCaghren Cemetery fenced area. They are not related to the
McCaghren Family. In 1912 the heirs of  Mr & Mrs Collins created a deed for  a Collins Cemetery
of  1/2 acre square to adjoin the McCaghren Cemetery. No descendants of  Mr. & Mrs. Collins are
buried there.

Collins,  Caroline Matthews,  born  1842,   died  Sep 25, 1905,
        married to James Madison Collins on  May 22, 1861, Texas
Collins,  James Madison,  born  Sep 23, 1842, Jones Co. Ms.,   died  Jun 2, 1923,
        Private, Co F, 7th Battalion, Mississippi Cavalry, Chalmers Brigade, Bragg's Corps,  C.S.A.
        (Prisoner of War)

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