Menard Chapel Cemetery
Menard Chapel Communtiy, Polk Co, TX
Inventoried and Indexed on April 22 & 23, 2000
by Beverly Munson Evins & Joyce McNiel Munson
Typed by Joyce McNiel Munson

Abbreviations used are:  FS-Footstone;  HS-Headstone; DS-Double Stone; FHM-Funeral Home Marker
                                Any editting by compiler is reflected with: { }

------llis, W. E. (Butch)  b-1944  d-1995;  Cochran FHM Damaged Can’t Read
Alvis, Pauline F.  b-1929  d-1995;  Cochran/FHM Only
Atkerson, Elizabeth  b-May 6,1933  d-Oct 23,1967;  DS w/ Roy Thomas
Atkerson, Roy Thomas  b-Apr 12,1930  d-______;   DS w/ Elizabeth
Babb, Marion Woodrow  b-Jan 4,1916  d-Dec 12,1973
Bailey, Ada Jane b-Mar 17,1902  d-______;   DS w/ Calvin Peyton
Bailey, Calvin Peyton b-Mar 3,1894  d-Apr 3,1988;  DS w/ Ada Jane
        CPL US ARMY WW I
Bailey, E.L. b-May 10,1870  d-May 19,1900
Bailey, Frances  b-Nov 20,1898  d-Nov 16,1989;  DS w/ Hollie
Bailey, Hollie  b-Sep 1,1896  d-Oct 8,1990;  DS w/ Frances
Bailey, Hollie Jr.  b-Nov 13,1929  d-Nov 13,1929
Bailey, Lavonia M.  b-1819  d-1898;  “Our Grandma”
Bailey, Oree  b-Apr 28,1898 d-Apr 6,1967
Bailey, Thomas    5 Months; Son of Isham & Jennie
Bartee, Charlie  died-1925  Pace FHM Only
Bartee, Mape C. b-Oct 28,1916 d-July 19, 1981
        TEC 4 US ARMY WWII
Baxter, Ada b-Aug 23,1908 d-Aug 11,1995  mar-Mar 21,1925; DS w/ Claude; FS- “Mama”
Baxter, Allen H. b-Apr 6,1917  d-Mar 25,1987
Baxter, Baby Girl 1926  Only Date Given
Baxter, Claude b-Dec 22,1905 d-Jan 17,1990  mar-Mar 21,1925; DS w/ Ada;  FS- “Daddy”
Baxter, Claude Eugene b-Jun 6,1926  d-______  mar-Aug 12,1966; DS w/ Martha
Baxter, Earnest Gene b-Oct 3,1950  d-Apr 28,1961
Baxter, Eliza Jane b-Apr 16,1888  d-May 9,1908; "Wife of  S.M. Baxter"
Baxter, Ella May b-May 16,1935  d-Dec 24,1935;  DS w/ Ida Fay (Twin)
Baxter, Ida Fay b-May 16,1935  d-May 17,1936;  DS w/ Ella May (Twin)
Baxter, James Douglas b-Nov 26,1936 d-Sept 20, 1978
Baxter, James L. b-Jan 7,1956 d-Aug 2,1987;  FS- “Son”
Baxter, Joe b-Aug 1,1897  d-Nov 12,1935
Baxter, John L. b-Aug 5,1935 d-Jul 29,1975
Baxter, Martha Hempson b-Sept 20,1919 d-Mar 21,1999  mar-Aug 12,1966; DS w/ Claude Eugene
Baxter, Nancy   died-Abt. 1910;  DS w/ William
Baxter, Octavie b-Jul 13,1890  d-Nov 9,1977
Baxter, Rosie V. b-Nov 17,1919  d-May 30,1998
Baxter, Sam  b-Feb 12,1880  d-Mar 28,1937
Baxter, Walter Lee b-Apr 9,1884  d-Dec 24,1969
Baxter, William b-1844 d-1914;  DS w/ Nancy
Beard, Carolyn Janice b-Feb 5,1949 d-_____;  DS w/ Jerry Wayne
Beard, Hardy D.  b-Jan 27, 1901 d-Oct 12,1973;  DS w/ Mary E.
Beard, Jerry Wayne b-Nov 19,1944  d-Aug 22,1969;  DS w/ Carolyn Janice
Beard, Jerry Wayne Jr. b-Mar 27,1967  d-April 28,1967;  FS- “Lil – Joe”
Beard, Mary E.  b-April  25,1905  d-July 25, 1976;  DS w/ Hardy D.
Benson, William K. b-1969  d-1994;  FHM Only
Blackmon, Carrie E. Roberds b-Jun 12,1927  d-1999  mar-Nov 23,1946; DS w/ William N.
Blackmon, William N. “Buddy” b-Jan 10,1929  d-Feb 20,1996  mar-Nov 23,1946;  DS w/ Carrie E.
Blackmon, William Norman Jr. b-Nov 22,1947  d-Nov 22,1947
Boone, Clarence Murl b-Jul 8,1935  d-May 3,1983
Boone, Kim O’Connor b-Dec 3,1962  d-Mar 13,1993;  DS w/ Roger R.; Photo-Her & 2 Sm Children
Boone, Mary C. b-Apr 9,1940  d-_____;  DS/w Tom Earl;  “Loving Wife, Mom, & Mam Maw”
Boone, Roger R. b-Oct 12,1952  d-_____;  DS w/ Kim O’Connor
Boone, Tom Earl b-Jul 8,1935  d-Oct 16,1998;  DS w/ Mary C.; “Loving Husband, Dad, & PawPaw”
Boone, William Wade Jr. b-Apr 11,1949  d-Aug 20,1989;  “In Loving Memory of Our Beloved Son”
Braziel, Baby Son  1924  “Our Baby Son, Mr. & Mrs. H. Braziel”
Braziel, Bazzie Lowe b-Apr 26,1904  d-Feb 26,1987;  DS w/ Hubert
Braziel, Earl M. b-May 29,1904  d-May 7,1985
        Pvt US Army WWII
Braziel, Emmet b-Aug 3,1908  d-Mar 5,1968
        Texas Pvt CO. D 1307 Eng. Regt. WWII
Braziel, Hubert  b-Jun 23,1900  d-Apr 24,1984;  DS w/ Bazzie Lowe
Braziel, John C. b-Mar 4,1871  d-Oct 9,1946
Braziel, John Everett “ED. D” died- July 22,1934
Braziel, Julia H. b-Apr 29,1877  d-Jan 10,1956
Braziel, Lloyd b-Aug 22,1898  d-Feb 21,1961
Broom, Elizabeth b-Jun 21,1829  d-Feb 2,1904;  “Aged 75 Yrs.”
Broom, Luther Lee b-Sep. 22,1888  d-Apr 18,1893;  S/o Wm. & M.J.
Callahan, Baby  May 25,1935 (one date)
Cantrell, Katie F. Graham  b-Jan 11,1905  d-July 31,1987  mar-Feb 20,1921; DS w/ Reuben E.
Cantrell, Lorne Lee  b-Dec 14,1926  d-Jan 18,1976
        TEC 5 US Army WWII
Cantrell, Reuben E.  b-Feb 22,1898  d-Feb 24 ,1987  mar-Feb 20,1921; DS w/ Katie F. Graham
Casteel, Charles b-1921  d-1937
Casteel, James  b-Mar 25,1870  d-Aug 10,1950;  “Dad”
Casteel, Lizzie  b-May 6,1897  d-Dec 20,1959;  “Mom”
Cathey, Paul E. Sr. b-Sep 17,1933  d-Jan 29,1998
        Pvt. US Army Korea
Celis, Adrian  b-1951  d-1990;  Cochran FHM Only
Celis, Robert F.  b-1907  d-1994;  Cochran FHM
Chambless- Only Information on small HS  x 3
Chambless, Acie K. b-Feb 22,1897  d-Dec. 3,1917
Chambless, Bernice b-Sep21,1947  d-Oct 31,1947;  Name only on small HS
        (Dates from Farmers FHM, Silsbee, TX.)
Chambless, Eva B. Taylor b-Apr 20,1906  d-Oct 14,1983;  DS w/ Thomas
Chambless, Jessie Marcello b-Jan 17,1873  d-Aug 7,1946
Chambless, Minnie Viola b-Mar 21,1921 d-______;  DS w/ Wm. McKinley; “Married 37 Years”
Chambless, Thomas b-Jan 25,1902  d-Aug 8,1983;  DS w / Eva B. Taylor
Chambless, W. H. b-Nov 10,1866  d-May 24,1926
Chambless, William McKinley b-May 20,1905  d-Aug 7,1980; DS w/ Minnie Ola; “Married 37 years”
Chambliss, Pascal C. b-Jan 6,1895  d-Mar 28,1976;  “INIOC  Lodge, Jacksonville, Fla.”
        Sgt. US Army WWI
Clamon, Alva Nell  b-Jun 20,1923  d-Nov 9,1984;  “Mother”
Clay, James D.  b-May 11,1925   d-______;  DS w/ Lucille Duff
Clay, Lucille Duff  b-Mar 25, 1921  d-______ ;  DS w/James D.
Collins,  Barbara  b-Mar 9,1889  d-Sep 25,1946
Collins, Bennie M. b-Sept 28,1942  d-______; DS w/  Charles W.
Collins, Cecil Mae  b-Feb 9, 1912  d-Feb 20,1993;  DS w/ Willis H.
Collins,  Charles W.  b-Dec 16,1937  d-May 8,1997;  DS w/ Bennie M.
        Pvt.  US Marine Corps  Korea
Collins, Chorlotte Ann “Susie”  b-Jan 22,1961 d-Oct 16,1966;  “Our Darling Daughter” w/picture
Collins, Daisy  b-Aug 14,1908 d-Aug 10,1926
Collins,  Duncan  b-Jun 1,1886  d-May 6,1952
Collins, Earl  b-Oct 18,1907  d-Mar 21,1965
Collins, Fanney  No Dates;  “Wife of H.T. Collins”
Collins,  H.S.  b-Mar 20,1872  d-Jan 20,1891;  "Son of Mr. & Mrs. M.C."
Collins, Johnny    No Dates
Collins, Minilia E. b-1890  d-1990;  DS w/ Richard M.
Collins, Richard M. b-1884  d-1964;  DS w/ Minilia E.
Collins, Willis H. b-Dec 29,1903  d-Jan 11,1963;  DS w/ Cecil Mae
Collins, Willis Harrison II “Nubbin” b-Oct 10,1964  d-Oct 16,1966;  “Our Darling Son”
Cornelius, Joseph Melton  b-Nov 23,1956  d-July 25,1986
Cotten, Infant Son  b-Oct 9,1915  d-Oct 9,1915;  "S/o E.E. & Ether"
Cotton, ____    FHM Only, Unable to Read
Cottrell, Nellie b-1939  d-1997;  Cochran/FHM
Cryer, (Blank)    DS w/ Elton
Cryer, Elton  b-Jul 29,1911  d-Dec 22,1982;  DS w/  blank
Curry, Juanita  b-Aug 21,1926  d-Mar 7,1938
Curtis, Nona Baxter  b-Feb 20,1907  d-Feb 14,1974
Davis, Annie Mae  b-Sept 7, 1917 d-Oct 15,1992
Davis,  Betty  b-Oct 22,1882 d-Jan 27,1974
Davis, Byron F. b-July 1,1871 d-Apr 28,1965
Davis, Della Coleta  b-Aug 14,1915  d-Mar 30, 1996;  DS w/ Murrah McCall
Davis, Edna May  b-May 14,1905  d-Jun 17,1910;  "Dau /of B.F. & B. Davis"
Davis, Freddie Mae b-1936  d-1987  mar-May 7,1954; DS w/ Weldon E.
Davis, Infant Son  1900 (single date);   "S/o Mr. & Mrs. B.F. Davis"
Davis,  Kale B.  b-Jun 22,1911  d-Jan 4,1998
Davis, Kale Bryan “Big Boy” b-Jun 2,1935  d-Mar 6,1954
Davis, Leve O. b-July 28,1903  d-Sept 12,1999
Davis,  Lula  b-Aug 31,1900  d-Feb 15,1962;  “Mother”
Davis, Luther Murr  b-Aug 23,1940 d-Aug 18,1963
Davis,  Marvin J. b-Oct 3,1890  d-Jul 31,1973;  “Father”
Davis,  Murrah McCall  b-May 27,1913  d-Dec 30,1993;  DS w/ Della Coleta
Davis, Nettie Mae Nov 18,1927 Oct 18,1936; "D/o Mr. Mrs. M.J."
Davis, Weldon E. Apr 24,1930 Mar 29,1988 mar-May 7,1954; DS w/ Freddie Mae
        SP 4 US Army Korea
Dawson, Fredrick M. III  b-1947  d-1976
        Pvt. US Army
DeGataire, Melvin James  b-Oct 7,1926  d-Nov 4,1991
        CPL US Army Korea
Dillon, Walterine “Sis”  died-1946
Ditmore,  Mrs. Dollie  b-May 28,1853  d-Feb 14, 1950
Doherty, Aren L.  b-1994  d-1994
Dowden, Lelia  b-Oct 26,1892  d-Sept 15,1893;  Dau. of  E.P.& Olivia
Dowden, Martha E.  died-Feb 6,1889;  “Aged Abt. 25 Yrs.” Wife of  E.P. Dowden
Drake, Guvy C. b-Oct 11,1906  d-Dec 9,1979;  DS w/ Mary Ellen
Drake, Mary Ellen  b-Jan 30,1895  d-Nov 22,1983;  DS w/ Guvy C.
Duff, Alice E. b-Aug 13,1888  d-May 24,1979;  DS w/ Rev. Amos A.
Duff, Alice G. b-Aug13,1878? d-May 2,1979
Duff, Rev. Amos Adolphus  b-Jun 16,1864  d-Mar 4,1943;  DS w/ Alice E.
Duff, C. Lewis  b-1901 d-1963
Duff, Calvin b-Oct 29,1868  d-Jan 30,1923  mar-May 10,1888;  DS w/ Nancy
Duff,  Calvin J. b-Mar 26,1899  d-Dec 8,1973
Duff, Charlie F. b-Jan 16,1893   d-______;  DS w/ Maggie R.
Duff, Dorothy Irwin b-Oct 31,1909  d-Nov 8,1961
Duff, Drewie Jackson  b-Dec 2,1903  d-Oct 11,1996  mar-Jan 18,1928; DS w/ Lora Ann
Duff, Emma Francis b-1866  d-1910
Duff, Ethel b-Oct 10,1910  d-Nov 27,1910
Duff, Eugene b-Jan 9,1931 d-Apr 16,1975
Duff, James Lee b-1891  d-1936  DS w/ Ola
Duff,  James Lee Jr. b-Feb. 1919   d-Feb. 1919
Duff, James Wesley b-Mar 11,1890  d-Aug 25,1914;  S/o Amos & Emma
        “Member/Union Chapel Camp # 2951”;  5’ WOW Treetrunk Marker
Duff, Jerome M. b-Oct 5,1908  d-Jan 12,1997
        TEC 5 US Army WWII
Duff, John Edward    Only Information
Duff, Kenith G. b-Nov 19,1929  d-Aug 15,1930
Duff,  Leana Luminda    Only Information
Duff, Leola b-Dec 2,1910 d-Aug 6,1935
Duff, Leroy  b-Nov 7,1929  d-Apr 23,1930
Duff,  Lois  b-Jan 3,1929  d-Aug 4,1930;  D/o D. & L. Duff
Duff,  Lora Ann b-Oct 3,1912  d-Jun 22,1981  mar-Jan 18,1928;  DS w/ Drewie Jackson
Duff, Maggie R.  b-May 26,1908   d-______;   DS w/ Charlie F.
Duff, Maybelle  b-May 7,1897  d-Aug 3,1988
Duff, Nancy  b-Dec 20,1872  d-Apr 22,1966;  mar-May 10,1888  DS w/ Calvin
Duff, Ola b-1898  d-1984;  DS w/ James Lee
Duff, Patricia Ann  b-May 22,1937  d-May 23,1937
Duff,  Valerie T.  b-Dec 19,1921  d-Mar 10,1979
Duff, Willie Ellis  b-Jul 26,1899  d-Oct 2,1986
Eason, Milton O.  b-1926  d-1939
Eason, Son  b-Jun 19,1939  d-Jun 19,1939;  Son of P.O.& Amber
Eckersley, Joseph O. b-Oct 26,1906  d-Jul 8,1978
        Cpl. US Army WWII
Eckersley, Mary Ruth    FHM Only
Edwards, Carlton Glen  b-Apr 5,1927  d-Jun 11,1994;  DS w/ Dossie J.,
        Cpl. US Army Air Corps WW II
Edwards, Dossie J.  b-Dec 26,1929  d-May 24,1991;  DS w/ Carlton Glen
Edwards, Kenneth Harlen  b-Dec 30,1925  d-Aug 23,1999
        MAM 3 US Navy WWII
Edwards, Marcheta L.  b-Oct 28,1925   d-Dec15,1949; “Wife of Kenneth"
Evans, Daniel G. b-Jul 10,1918  d-Jul 22,1983
        Pvt. US Army WWII
Evans, George S.  b-Oct 26,1941  d-Oct 5,1974
        US Air Force
Freeman,  Billy Ray  b-Jan 20,1982  d-Jan 22,1982;  “Our Infant Son”
Futch “Granny” no dates
Gainey, Jo  b-Mar 4,1933  d-Feb 5,2000
Gaston, A. E. Sr. b-Mar 16,1905  d-Oct 2,1990;  DS w/ Earsell
Gaston,  Earsell  b-Mar 17,1912  d-Jan 14,1994;  DS w/ A. E. Sr.
George, Laula F  b-Sep 6,1929   d-Feb 2,1980; DS w/ Ronald E.
George, Ronald Eugene  b-Apr 4,1931  d-Jun 1,1991  mar-Feb 2,1980;  DS/ Laula F.
        Sgt. US Army Korea
Glenn, Edgar J.  b-Jul 19,1923  d-Oct 6,1992;  DS w/ Helen J.
Glenn, Helen J.  b-May 31,1922  d-______;  DS w/ Edgar J.
Goller, Cealy  b-Sep. 19,1902  d-______;  DS w/ Herbert
Goller, Herbert  b-Feb 8,1897  d-Apr. 28,1944;  DS w/ Cealy
Goodgine, Loyd  b-Mar 13,1913  d-______  mar-Sep 2, 1933;   DS w/ Mattie Ann
Goodgine, Mattie Ann  b-Feb 25,1911  mar-Sep 2,1933;   DS w/ Loyd
Goodwin, Clifton G.  b-Nov 18,1905  d-Jan 20,1992  mar-Sep 5,1925;  DS w/ Mittie E.
Goodwin,  Edna V.  b-Feb 8,1881  d-Mar 16,1948;  DS w/ Marion L.
Goodwin,  Elouise  b-Oct 8,1936  d-Oct 10,1936
Goodwin, Elsie Louise  b-Dec 19,1914   d-______ mar-Mar 1,1933;  DS w /James “Buddy”
Goodwin, James “Buddy” b-Mar 25,1910  d-Apr 1,1984  mar-Mar 1,1933;   DS w/ Elsie Louise
Goodwin, John    Cannot Read
Goodwin, Marion L.  b-Jul 15,1875  d-Jun 15,1932;  DS w/ Edna V.
Goodwin, Mittie E.  b-Oct 25,1906  d-Feb 24,1998  mar-Sep 5,1925;   DS w/ Clifton G.
Graham, Alma Bethana  b-May 14,1878  d-July 29, 1964
Graham,  Baby Sister  b-Aug 8,1899  d-Nov 29,1899
Graham,  C. L.  b-Sept 14,1895  d-Aug 9, 1897
Graham, C.B.  b-Dec 23,1908  d-Aug 7,1909
Graham, Celia Ann  b-1893  d-1977
Graham, Donzie Mae  b-Jan16,1922   d-Jan 1,1967
Graham, E.L.  b-Nov 23,1836  d-Jul 19,1893
Graham, Ethal Gladys   b-Sep 24,1898   d-Oct 13,1978
Graham, George N.  b-Nov 6,1888   d-Feb 12,1962
Graham, Infant    Child of Lavia & Ed
Graham, J.D.  b-1921  d-1933
Graham, John E.  b-1885  d-1969
Graham, L.  b-1919  d-1933
Graham, Levia Walters  d-Sept, 1893  d-Unknown
Graham, Lula  b-Jun 6,1906  d-Aug 18,1924
Graham, Mack Emmitt   b-Jan 18,1918  d-Nov 28,1970
Graham, Melvin W.  b-Jan 20,1916   d-Feb 16,1962
        Texas PFC US Army WW II   BSM
Graham,  Morgan Eli  b-Aug 5,1915   d-Dec 17,1934
Graham, Myrtle  b-Dec 1,1902  d-July 9,1916
Graham, Nettie  b-Jun 10,1897  d-Oct 20,1944
Graham, Sallie  b-1864   d-______
Graham, W. E.  b-Apr 22,1884   d-Feb 19,1958
Graham, W.W.  b-1853  d-______
Gray, Joseph Elijah  unmarked-location unknown
Gray, Lucretia Angeline   unmarked-location unknown
Griffin, D.E. “Missie”  b-1861  d-1933
Griffin, R.E.  b-1859  d-1932
Griggs, Lillie Mae  b-Jan 7,1920   d-Dec 30,1988
Grimes, Ernest  b: "1 – 30 – 52"   d: "1 – 30 – 95";   DS w/ Sharon
Grimes, Sharon  b:  "2 – 28 – 57"  d-______;   DS w/ Ernest
Haney, Sarah E.  b-1872  d-1936
Hann, Ester  Feb 4,1919   1 Date Only; “Mama”
Harris, Velma  b-1910  d-1999;  Cochran FHM only
Harrison, J. W.  died- Mar 31,1938;  “Gone So Soon”
Hawthorne, Harvey Edward Jr.  b-Nov 1,1953  d-Nov 15,1971;  “Our Beloved Son”
Hendrix, Lizzie Lavonia  b-Oct 23,1904   d-Dec 11,1904
Hendrix, Pearl Bailey  b-Nov 9,1877  d-Nov 30, 1965
Hendrix, W. B.  b-Jun 26,1882  d-Dec 8,1952
Hendrix, William Brace  b-Jun 26,1881  d-Dec 8,1952;  Pace FHM (same as above?)
Holder, Barbara N. Berryhill b-Sep 21,1937  d-Jan 12,1993  mar-June 3, 1955; DS w/ Roy F.
Holder, Roy Franklin b-Nov 28,1932  d-______  mar-June 3, 1955; DS w/ Barbara N. “Father”
Hollingsworth, Effie b-May 23,1919  d-Aug 21,1988;  DS w/ John E.
Hollingsworth, John E.  b-Oct 8,1910  d-Oct 11,1968;  DS w/ Effie
Hoosier, Jackie Murphy b-Jan 14,1915   d-Aug 31,1978
Idrogo, Bonnie S. Hodge b-May 29,1936  d-______  mar-May 11,1970;  DS w/ Tomas
Idrogo, Eloise Kervin  b-Mar 13,1926  d-Dec 1,1997  mar-Nov 28,1944;  DS w/ Paul “Doc”
Idrogo, Paul “Doc” b-Jan 25,1921  d-May 14,1991  mar-Nov 28,1944;  DS w/ Eloise Kervin
        US Navy WWII
Idrogo, Tomas “Tom” b-Jun 14,1925  d-______  mar-May 11,1970; DS w/  Bonnie S.
Jackson, Joy Nell   b-Mar 19,1952  d-Mar 22,1993
Johnsey, Jessie Frank b-Nov 22,1909   d-Jun 17,1938
Johnson, Robert Andrew  b-Dec 29,1902  d-Aug 24,1984
        Pvt. US Army WWI
Jones, Bertie Baxter b-Jun 24,1910  d-May 19,1995
Jones, Floyd M ‘May’  b-Nov 21,1920  d-Aug 15,1988;  DS w/ Mildred
        Cpl US Army WWII
Jones, Mildred C.  b-June 23,1916  d-Feb 14, 1995;  DS w/ Floyd
Kervin, Infant Daughter (no dates)  "D/o Mr. & Mrs. W.T."
Kervin, James R. b-Nov 17,1892   d-Jan 5,1967;  DS w/ Quincy M.
Kervin, James William  b-Nov 25,1932  d-Mar 15,1982
        RMSM US Navy Korea
Kervin, Mandy E. b-Feb 8,1871  d-Jul 26, 1965
Kervin, Morris Watson  b-Nov 30,1888  d-Apr 22, 1959
        Pvt. US Army WWI
Kervin, Quincy M.  b-Feb 25,1900   d-May 21,1997;  DS w/ James R.
Kervin, William    No dates
Kiechler, Infant Son  Aug 1936 (one date); "s/o Josephine & Rudolph"
Kingsolver, Sherry L. b-Jan 2,1947 d-______  mar  mar- July 29;    DS w/ Wilbur G.
Kingsolver, Wilbur G. b-Jan 1,1937  d-Nov 23,1992  mar-July 29;  DS w/ Sherry L.
Knittel, David Arthur Joseph  b-Aug 23,1907   d-Dec 4,1987
Knittel, Stella A.  b-1918  d-2000;  Cochran/FHM
Lafferty, Tessa Nan  b-Dec 10,1965  d-Mar 5,1966
Lakey, Lennie  b-July 1,1935  d-______  mar-Dec 9,1950;   DS w/ Wesley –
        “Our Blessings: Wesley, Shelia, Roger, Sherra, Sharlet, Beth”
Lakey, Wesley  b-Mar 14,1923   d-Nov 3,1996   mar-Dec 9,1950;   DS w/ Lennie-
        “Our Blessings: Wesley, Shelia, Roger, Sherra, Sharlet,Beth”
        T Sgt. US Army WW II
Lannou, Ruby W.  b-Mar 27,1919  d-______;   DS w/ Victor
Lannou, Victor  b-Feb 19,1914   d-Mar 14,1985;  DS w/ Ruby W.
Lea, Bryan R.  b-Sep 27,1925  d-______  mar-May 5,1950;  DS w/ Margie B.
Lea, Margie B. b-Nov 10,1932  d-______  mar-May 5,1950;  DS w/ Bryan R.
Lott, James T.  b-1879  d-1940
Lowe, Bill  b-Jan 19,1896  d-Apr 10,1962;  DS w/ Grace
Lowe, Cooper George  b-Jan 20,1897  d-Dec 23,1971;  DS w/ Emily Mae
         Pvt. US Army WW I
Lowe, Eliza  b-Nov 13,1866  d-Mar 6,1937
Lowe, Emily Mae  b-Sep 26,1901  d-Apr 24,1986;  DS w/ George Cooper
Lowe, Evertt  b-Aug 5,1866  d-Dec 31,1923;  H/o Eliza Lowe
Lowe, Grace  b-Apr 13,1907 d-Nov 30,1981;  DS w/ Bill
Lowe, Henry b-Nov 3,1898  d-Sep 25,1916;  S/o E.L. & E.J. Lowe
Lowe, James Carlton  b-Aug 29,1924  d-Jul 17,1993;  DS w/ Voncile C.
        Sgt. US Army  WW II
Lowe, John  died-Oct 6,1899  Age 68 (same as CSA vet?)
Lowe, John  (no dates)  CO. E 20 Texas Inf.  CSA
Lowe,  Martha  b-Feb 12,1851   d-Jan 25,1942
Lowe, Mrs. Mary Jane  b-May 26,1850   d-Jan 24,1920
Lowe, Murrah b-Nov 26,1856   d-Jan 1,1938
Lowe,  Tom  b-Jan 22,1878  d-May 13,1951
Lowe, Voncile C.   b-Jun 5,1928  d-______ ; DS w/ James Carlton
Lowe,  W. A.  b-May 2,1850   d-Jan 23,1928
Lowe, Willie  died-Apr 26,1894;  "Daughter of  E.L. & E.J. Aged 1 yr. 4 mos. 29 days"
Luckey, Archie b-Sep 23,1918  d-May 21,1987
Luckey, Charles R. b-Feb 16,1941   d-Jan 2,1962
Luckey, Edward B.  b-Aug 28,1918  d-Oct 5,1995
        PFC US Army WW II
Lyle, John J.  b-Aug 13,1914  d-Nov 12,1986
        PFC US Army WW II
Macomber, Sarah Ethel  b-Jan 8,1903  d-May 13,1975
Mathews, J. S. b-Aug 19,1888  d-July 20,1907
Mathews, L. D. b-Oct 13, 1863  d-Sept 10,1897
Mathews, Lavaler b-Aug 8, 1854   d-Sept 16,1900
Mathews, Martha Jane  b-July 21, 1895  d-Aug 18, 1897
Mathews, Martha Jane  b-July 21, 1895  d-Aug 15,1897 (same as above?)
Mathews, Pallie  b-Aug 9, 1892  d-Jan 15, 1893
Mathias, Milbra Dolores  b-Jan 16,1924   d-______  mar- Nov 27,1961;  DS w/ Richard J. (Dick)
Mathias, Richard J. ‘Dick’ b-Sep 13,1910  d-Jan 16,1996  mar-Nov 27,1961; DS w/ Milbra Dolores
Matthews, Benjamin L.Sr.  b-Nov 3,1886  d-Oct 9,1960;  DS w/ Della G.
Matthews, Della G.  b-Apr 30,1893  d-Mar 7,1960;  DS w/ Benjamin L. Sr.
Matthews, James Edmon  b-Sept 19,1921  d-Dec 11,1979
        PFC US Army WWII
Maxwell, Joe  b-1912  d-1987;  Cochran FHM Only
Maxwell, Margaret  b-1926  d-1995;  Cochran FHM Only
McCullough, L. Avis  b-1918  d-1994; "Wed-1947";  DS w/ Roy L.
McCullough, Roy L. b-1921  d-______ ; "Wed- 1947";  DS w/ L. Avis
McDonald, Eva  b-Apr 1, 1901  d-Dec 17, 1979
McDonald, Pat B.  b-Feb 6,1929   d-Jun 21,1986
McMillan, Agnes Williams  b-Feb 14,1919  d-______; DS w/ Allen Flavious
McMillan, Infant    No Dates
McMillan, Infant    No Dates
McMillan, Jerald Read  b-Sept 9,1922   d-July 26,1958
        Texas S1 USNR WWII
McMillan, John A.  b-1879  d-1956;  DS w/ Liney
McMillan, Liney  b-1882  d-1952;  DS w/ John A.
McMillan, Vera T. b-1908  d-1913
McMillian, Allen Flavious  b-Nov 13,1917  d-Apr 14,1959;  DS w/ Agnes Williams
McWhorter, Fannie M.  b-Feb 6,1901  d-Feb 5,1984;  DS w/ O. C.
McWhorter, O. C.   b-Aug 3,1889  d-Feb 7,1976;   DS w/ Fannie M.
Mihelich, Francis  b-Mar 6,1891  d-Dec 10,1959
Mihelich, Peter   b-Jun 25,1883 Akvridje, Yugoslavia   d-Feb 23,1978 Cleveland, Texas
Miller, Dellar C.  b-Mar 1,1923   d-______;  DS w/  Hustus (Double heart HS)
Miller, Hustus A.  b-Jan 7,1907  d-Jan 20,1997;  DS w/  Dellar C (Double heart HS)
Moore, Arrie  b-Feb 13,1891  d-Apr 14,1903;  "Daughter of Mr & Mrs L.M."
Moore, Aunt Dellar  (no dates)  “Wife of Johnie”
Moore, Elizabeth    “In Memory / Grandma”
Moore, J. D.  b-1924  d-1999;  FHM Only
Moore, Jackson Jr. “JJ”  b-Dec 31,1930  d-Aug 10,1993;  W/Photo
        (back of stone has a 5 Gen. Family Chart)
Moore, Joe  b-Feb 19,1865   d-May 23,1926;  WOW “Treetrunk”
Moore, Uncle Johnie  Died 1949
Moore, Uncle Lark    Died 1932
Moore, Grandpa Leney  (no dates)   “Gone To Rest”
Moore,  Mattie O.  b-Jan 23,1894   d-Aug 7,1954
Moore,  Ola Mae  b-Oct 20.1891   d-Apr 17,1955
Moore, Son (no dates)  S/o Lark;  “In  Memory”
Mullins, Margaret E.  b-Nov 4,1918  d-Jun 12,1981;  “Mother”
L. M.   Only inscription
Murphy, Amos Drewie b-1908  d-1987
Murphy, Beatrice b- Nov 30,1886   d-Aug 10,1887
Murphy, Bettie  b-Nov 6,1904  d-Feb 15,1905
Murphy, Bill Jr.  b-Mar 18,1918  d-Jul 10,1919;  S/o Mr & Mrs Bill Murphy
Murphy, Cristopher C.  b-Dec 25,1855  d-Feb – 1929  mar-Aug 3,1874;  DS w/ Sarah Elizabeth
Murphy, Drewie  b-Jan 19,1937   d-Feb 10,1937;  FS-“Baby”
Murphy, Edgar  b-Aug 31,1915  d-Jun 22,1984
        TEC 5 US Army WW II
Murphy, Elizabeth Moore  b-1822  d-1910  mar-"May 28,1843 Lauderdale Co. MS.";
        DS w/ Richard W.
Murphy, Gena Minnie  b-Mar 1,1925   d-_______;   DS w/ Jackson Eugene
Murphy, George Oscar  b-Feb 17,1874  d-Apr 6,1928
Murphy, Mrs. Helen   died-Feb 16,1917;  “Aged 73 Yrs.”
Murphy, J. W.  b-Jan 18,1879  d-Dec 20,1956
Murphy, Jackson Eugene  b-Dec 22,1927  d-Dec 17,1989;  DS w/ Gena Minnie
        PFC US Army WWII
Murphy, Jeffie D. b-1906  d-1994   mar-May 27,1944;  DS w/ Ola Mae
Murphy, John  b-Apr 14,1871  d-Aug 10,1891
Murphy, L. M.  died-Jan 20,1912  “Aged 65 Yrs.”
Murphy,  Letha Ann  b-Mar 26,1906  d-Jan 3,1922;  “Baby”
Murphy, Luthelmer b-Mar 25,1903  d-Jun 9,1905;  Dau. of Jonathan & Arizona
Murphy,  Martha Elizabeth  b-Apr 1,1898  d-Apr 2,1898
Murphy, Mary J.  b-Jan 7,1894  d-Jul 6,1894
Murphy,  Ola Mae  b-1914  d-1997  mar-May 27,1944; DS w/ Jeffie D.
Murphy, Richard W.  b-1820  d-1876  mar- "May 28,1843 Lauderdale Co., MS";
        DS w/ Elizabeth Moore
Murphy, S.W.  b-1852  d-1915;  “Father”
Murphy, Sam  b-Jan 14,1889  d-Aug 2,1932
Murphy, Sarah Elizabeth  b-1860   d-Jul 4,1917   mar-Aug 3,1874;  DS w/ Cristopher C.
Musgrove, Ocie  b-Jun 1,1890  d-Jul 4,1894
Myers, Armethia E.  b-1857  d-1894;  “First w/o S.W. Murphy”
Myers, Chester F.  b-Aug 26,1901  d-Feb 21,1980;  DS w/ Rosie Lee
        Pvt US Army WW II
Myers, Rosie Lee  b-Dec 12,1909  d-______;   DS w/ Chester F.
Naumann, Bettie  b-Nov 11,1898  d-Feb 10,1973
Neal, Joyce Ethel Roberts  b-Oct 12,1938  d-Apr 14,1982
Newsom, Mary M. b-May 16,1921 d-_____
Nicholas, Rutha   b-1815  d- Mar 1,1876
Oakley, Aunt JaneMoore    “Died Aged 79”
Oliver, Annie Donnie  b-Dec 12,1908  d-July 6,1993
Oliver, Arbelia  b-1882  d-1970;  DS w/ Lon M.
Oliver, Clyde  b-Oct 17,1917   d-Mar 8, 1981
Oliver,  Cordie E.  b-Nov 10,1905  d-Jun 29,1933
Oliver,  Dollard  b-Jun 13,1915  d-Dec 8,1964
Oliver, Edmon b-Apr 7,1905  d-Aug 21,1909;  S/o L.M. & Arabelia
Oliver, Garlie  b-Dec 6,1905  d-Jan 24,1993
Oliver,  Gladys L.  b-Jan 16,1922  d-Dec 31,1999
Oliver, H. B.  b-Nov 12,1848  d-Sep 25,1925
Oliver, Hillard W.  b-Jun 9,1907  d-Feb 8,1970;  DS w/ Ollie R.
Oliver, Infant Son  Apr 19,1940 (one date); S/o Bud & Ruby
Oliver, Isaiah “Bud” b-Jul 30,1875  d-Dec 20,1947
Oliver, John D.  b-Mar 1,1880  d-Nov 11,1964
Oliver, Lon M. b-1882  d-1968;  DS w/ Arbelia
Oliver, Mr. M. F.  b-Apr 2,1843  d-Feb 11,1917
        Pvt. Co. 18 LA Cav. CSA
Oliver, Mrs. M. J.   b-Jan 10,1844   d-Jan 11,1917
Oliver, Matthew B.  b-Jul 28,1877  d-Oct 21,1959;  DS w/ Sarah J.
Oliver, Matthew Larkin  “Mat” b-July 26,1908  d-Nov 7,1993
Oliver, Morris R. b-Apr 11,1912  d-Jul 10,1981;  DS w/ Wilma L.
Oliver,  Novie  b-Sep 18,1914  d-Apr 26,1942
Oliver, Ollie R.  b-Nov 30,1909  d-______;  DS w/ Hilliard W.
Oliver, Reba  Fay  b-Sept 21,1945  d-______
Oliver, Sallie  b-Dec 12,1882  d-Apr 8,1917
Oliver, Sarah J.  b-Mar 20,1878  d-______;  DS w/ Matthew B.
Oliver, Willie E.  b-Mar 20,1913  d-Mar 4,1987
        Pvt. US Army WW II
Oliver, Wilma L.   b-Feb 3,1922  d-______; DS w/ Morris R.
Overstreet, Bessie L.  b-May 28,1938  d-1999;  DS w/ Carl V.
Overstreet, Carl V. “Jaggers”  b-Feb 6,1933  d-July 29,1979;  DS w/ Bessie L.
Overstreet, Tammie Louise  b-Dec 20,1962  d-Dec 21,1962
Patterson, Frank Willard  b-Sep 22,1921  d-Aug 29,1998
        PFC US Army WW II - Purple Heart
Patterson, James Elmer b-Dec 23,1932  d-Aug 1,1980
Perkins, Claude Daniel b-Sept 19,1917  d-Feb 5, 1986;  DS w/ Lois
        SSgt. US Army  WW II
Perkins, Lois  b-Oct 28,1923  d-______;  DS w/ Claude Daniel
Peroni, Oliver John  b-May 19,1922  d-Sep 9,1998;  “Age 76” FHM Only
Phillips, George Washington  b-May 30,1911  d-Feb 14,1988
Pinkard,  Donna Lynn  b-Sep 3,1964  d-Sep 4,1964
Pittman, Alfred H. b-Jul 10,1902  d-Feb 5,1971
Pittman, Calvin  May 4,1919   (only one date )
Pittman, Donald Ray  b-Apr 15,1959 d-Sep 19,1978
Pittman, H.  died-Dec 18,1916;  Age 67 Yrs.
Pittman, Janie  died-Apr 12,1928;  Age 57 Yrs.
Pittman, Jim  b-Dec 15,1897  d-Dec 24,1943
Pittman, Lee  b-Jun 7,1895  d-Nov 21,1973
        Pvt. US Army WW I
Pittman,  Mary Louise  b-Jan 28,1914  d-May 21,1980;  DS w/ Owen
Pittman, Otis  b-May 9,1914  d-Nov 14,1914
Pittman, Owen  b-Dec 18,1906  d-Jul 4,1981;  DS w/ Mary Louise
Pittman, Robert Mar 3,1919 (only one date)
Pittman, Von  b-Jun 4,1904  d-Feb 15,1978
Price, Ethel Gibson  b-Aug 6,1882  d-Oct 20,1976;  DS w/ James Fletcher
Price, James Fletcher  b-Aug 1,1882  d-Feb 23,1973;  DS w/ Ethel Gibson
Reynolds, Kelsey Renae  b-Apr 16,1997  d-Apr 16,1997;  “Our Precious” (Pony Shaped HS)
Rhoden, Eli   b-1824   d- after 1885;  Unmarked
Rhoden, Mrs. Eunice Caroline   b-Dec 22,1813  d-Jul 24,1901
Rhodes, Dorman G. b-Jan 5,1918  d-Apr 12,1988;  DS w/ Virginia
        TEC 5 US Army WW II
Rhodes, Virginia Chambless  b-Jan 5,1926  d-______;  DS w/ Dorman G.
Richards, Birdie Lee  b-1886  d-1970;  DS w/ Gertrude
Richards, Byron Lee “Barney”  b-Jan 20,1938  d-Jul 18,1960
Richards, Gertrude L. b-1909   d-______ ; DS w/ Birdie Lee
Richards, Shelia Claudine b-Oct 21,1944  d-Jun 22,1971
Richardson, Amos Buchan b-1894 d-1975;  DS w/ Myrtle Duff
Richardson, Andrew b-Aug 17,1890  d-Mar 30,1907;  S/o John & M. T.
Richardson, Annie Corrine b-Dec 30,1919  d-Aug 16,1998;  DS w/ James Bethel
Richardson, Arrie Wiggins b-1904  d-1970  mar-Dec 5,1921;  DS w/ John Henry
Richardson, Bernice Marie  b-Nov 29,1924  d-Jan 23,1926
Richardson, Carolyn Faye  b-1942  d-1985
Richardson,  Darlene E.  b-Oct 8,1933  d-Apr 1,1962
Richardson, Dorothy “Dottie” b-Jan 25,1936  d-July 11,1975
Richardson, James Bethel  b-Jul 10,1915  d-Apr 3,1999;  DS w/ Annie Corrine
        CPL  US Army  WW II - Purple Heart
Richardson, Jessie Elzie  b-Jan 4,1888 d-Jun 13,1965;  DS w/ Mary E. Duff
Richardson, Jessie Lee  b-Dec 5,1921  d-Jun 27,1993
        Pvt. US Army  WW II
Richardson, Jo-Ann b-May 6,1939  d-Oct 14,1939
Richardson, John D. b-Aug 23,1910   d-______;   DS w/ Mary Evon
Richardson, John Henry  b-1901  d-1975   mar-Dec 5,1921; DS w/ Arrie Wiggins
Richardson, John Jr.  b-Oct 30,1931  d-Apr 17,1972
        Texas  SGT. US Army Korea
Richardson, John Wayne b-Oct 10,1946  d-Apr 28,1968;  “Border Olympics”
Richardson, Lillie M.  b-Sep 5,1928   d-______;  DS w/ Pascal
Richardson, Mary E. Duff  b-Jun 29,1887  d-Dec 21,1978;  DS w/ Jessie Elsie
Richardson, Mary Evon  b-Oct 2,1913   d-______;   DS w/ John D.
Richardson, Mary T. b-1863  d-1945
Richardson, Myrtle Duff  b-1892 d-1968;  DS w/ Amos Buchan
Richardson, Pascal b-Sep 12,1919  d-Dec 11,1981;  DS w/ Lillie M.
Richardson, Tammie Jean b-Nov. 3, 1964  d-Nov.6, 1964
        {Daughter of  Winford D. & Norma (Jordan) Richardson}
Rinehart, Dorothy Smith  b-Sep 16,1927  d-Oct 21,1996;  'Wife, Mother, Grandma'
Rinehart, Leonard  b-Aug 1,1932  d-June 17,1995;  ‘Husband Dad  Grandpaw’
Rinehart, Russell  b-Feb 19,1951  d-June 9,1996;  ‘Husband Dad  Grandpaw’
Robbins, Floyd  b-May 7,1936  d-Dec 24,1976
        AA US Navy Korea
Robbins, Stacey Dale  Nov 26,1966;  “Our Baby”
Roberds,  A. A. b-Nov 3,1853  d-Mar 22,1910
Roberds, Florence L. b-Feb 27,1927  d-Aug 6,1952
Roberds, G. G.  b-Nov 2,1869 d-Feb 17,1933;  DS w/ Mrs. E. A.
Roberds, Ima Lee Blackmon b-Feb 24,1933  d-Jun 6,1999;  DS w/ Luther Sr.; “Mom”
Roberds, Mrs. L. A. b-Aug 14,1890 d-Jan 17,1915;  DS w/ G. G.
Roberds, Luther Lewis  b-Apr 6,1894 d-Oct 28,1959
Roberds, Luther Perry Sr. b-Mar 9,1922 d-May 9,1998;  DS w/ Ima Lee
        PFC US Army WWII
Roberds, Mrs. M. C. b-Jun 16,1856  d-July 8,1920
Roberds, Robert Dale  b-Mar 13,1937  d-Aug 13,1937
Roberds, William b-1919 d-1920;  “Our Darling” on Lamb shaped HS
Roberts, Baby Son b-Mar 1,1923  d-Mar 11,1923;  S/o F. & N. Roberts
Roberts, Jewell Jane b-Dec 11,1911  d-May 11,1997;  “Mother”
Roberts, La Fate b-Mar 13,1896  d-Feb 13,1927
Rose,  Beverly A. b-Jul 25,1936  d-May 2,1995;  DS w/ Joseph A.
Rose, Joseph A. b-Mar 20,1932   d-______;  DS w/ Beverly A.
Rozell, Mildred Johnson b-1912  d-1933
        "Wife of  E. M. - Mother of  Marvin, Margaret,& Milford"
Saunders, Gilbert died: ?-?-1964;  Pace FHM only/dates unreadable
Scott, Ether Ester b-Jun 5,1930  d-Oct 9,1985
Scott, James Mike  b-Feb 25,1942  d-Jan 18,1943;  DS w/ Joe Mitchel
Scott, Joe Mitchel  b-Feb 25,1942  d-Jan 19,1943;  DS w/ James Mike
Scott, John  Lee“Scotty” b-Oct 16,1923  d-Feb 13,1991
        TEC 5 US Army WWII (M/M has dob as 1925)
Scott, Joseph Weldon b-Dec 6,1919  d-Jan 16,1987; DS w/ Mattie A
        PFC US Army WW II
Scott, Mattie Alf  b-Jan 2,1918  d-Nov 7,1999;  DS w/ Joseph Weldon
Self, Laura Lee b-Jul 3,1983  d-July 20,1983;  “Mommy’s Angel”
Sharman, Herbert H. b-Mar 2,1910  d-Mar 26,1993
        Pvt.  US Army WW II
Sherwood, Harmon Darrell  b-Jun 26,1944  d-Apr 7,1951
Shirley, John  b-May 18,1919   d-______  mar-Nov 4, 1946; DS w/ Lavada
Shirley, Lavada  b-Nov 16,1928  d-______   mar-Nov 4, 1946; DS w/ John
Simmons, Donnie b-1907  d-1936
Sliger, Eilean Louise b-1903  d-1989;  FHM Only
Sloane, Melvinn Kenneth b-Sep 26,1967  d-Jul 10,1987
         Pvt. US Army
Smith, Ethel Maybelle Murphy  b-Feb 18,1881  d-Aug 3,1967
Smith, Inez  b-May 28,1923   d-______  mar-Nov 28,1946; DS w/ John A.
Smith, John A. b-Jun 17,1914  d-Sep 18,1988  mar-Nov 28,1946; DS w/ Inez
Steagall, Chester David  b-Oct 12,1913  d-Oct 28,1983
Stegall, Jesse Joe  b-Sep 11,1920  d-Jan 1,1970
Stegall, Kenneth R. b-Mar 1,1937  d-Jun 24,1971
Stine, Alberta b-1925 d-1987;  FHM Only
Stutts, Albert  b-Aug 30,1863  d-Jan 24,1932
Stutts, Danor b-Nov 11,1898 d-Unknown;  “Brother”
Stutts, Edward O.    “Grandpa”
Stutts, Elsie b-Jul 20,1891 d-Unknown;  “Sister”
Stutts, Elsie    “Grandma”
Stutts, Gussie    “Aunt”
Stutts, Ray  b-Apr 8,1893  d-Unknown;  “Brother”
Sumrall, Alfred b-Jun 12,1897  d-Oct 10,1957;  DS w/ Jewel
Sumrall, Alfred Jr. b-1921  d-______;   DS w/ Evelyn
Sumrall, Evelyn b-1933   d-______; DS w/ Alfred Jr.
Sumrall, George Washington  b-July 5,1888  d-Dec 15,1956
Sumrall, Jesse D. b-Mar 1,1859  d-Mar 6,1948
Sumrall, Jewel b- Mar 8,1904  d-Apr 2,1940;  DS w/ Alfred
Sumrall, Mahala J. b-1851  d-1891
Sumrall, Mollie E. b-Dec 2,1875  d-Mar 6,1954
Sumrall, Thos. E. b-Nov 18,1895  d-Apr 27,1896
Sumrall, Tommy Gene b-Mar 20,1929   d-Jul 3,1932
Sutton, Bertie Mae  b-Mar 15,1912   d-______;  DS w/ Estle E.
Sutton, Mr. C. C. b-Apr 25,1865  d-Oct 15,1928
Sutton, Estle E.  b-Oct 10, 1898  d-Aug 11,1986;  DS w/ Bertie Mae
Sutton, Frances Graham b-June 6,1909  d-Aug 31,1933
Sutton, Jane b-Oct 4,1865 d-Dec 30,1949
Sutton, Milton Ray b-Feb 1947  d-Feb 1947
Swift, Sarah b-1879  d-1956;  “Mother”
Templeton, Ida Fay b-Sep 11,1920  d-Oct 9,1955
Templeton, Spencer b-Jul 27,1913  d-Jun 19,1961
Terry,  Earl V.  b-Oct 9,1877  d-Nov 26,1908
Thacker, E. M.    No other information
Thompson, Elizabeth b-Apr 6,1891 d-Jun 28,19-4;  Pace FHM, Dates Very Hard to Read
Thompson, Hattie B. b-1898 d-1962
Thompson, J. C. Jr.  died- Sep 11,1935;  “Gone So Soon”
Thompson, John Cade b-Feb 2,1897  d-Dec 21,1975
Truby, Arie  b-Apr 12,1902  d-Aug 22,1941
Unmarked 80+
Vanya, Betty R. Steagall  b-Jan 18,1946  d-______;   DS w/ Joe Robert
Vanya, Joe Robert  b-Jul 4,1945  d-Apr 6,1981;  DS w/ Betty R. Steagall
Walding, Autrey Evon “Dock” b-Dec 28,1913   d-1991  mar-Mar 7,1942;  DS w/ Ethel Agnes
Walding, Ethel Agnes b-Mar 3,1914  d-Mar 12,1982  mar-Mar 7,1942;  DS w/ Autrey Evon
Walters, Andrew b-Dec 30,1903  d-Sep 7,1993;  DS w/ Thelma
Walters, C. G.  b-Jun 10,1858  d-Feb 25, 1920
Walters, Carrie Anna  b-Aug 25,1902  d-Nov 24,1932
Walters, Charles David  Nov 8, 1962;  Infant s/o Mr. & Mrs. W.F. Walters
Walters, Dorothy  b-July 2,1926  d-______;   DS w/ W. D.
Walters, Dovie b-1904  d-1984;  DS w/ Watson,“Mother”
Walters, Ellis b-Oct 16,1912  d-Oct 10,1920
Walters, Elter V. b-1932  d-1936
Walters,  Eveline b-Dec – 1890  d-Unknown
Walters, Exer Griffin b-Dec 20,1886  d-Oct 19,1960;  DS w/ Henry Clinton
Walters, Floyd Edward b-Jul 17,1928  d-Oct 23,1930;  S/o Mr & Mrs L. W. “Our Baby”
Walters, Harmon Richard  b-Nov 14,1921  d-Dec 5, 1998
        SFC US Army WW II  - Korea
Walters, Hattie E. b-1901  d-1936
Walters, Henry Clinton b-Apr 1,1885  d-Jan 13,1962;  DS w/ Exer Griffin
Walters, Henry W. b-Oct 27,1894  d-Mar 6,1959
Walters, Ida b-Aug 25,1864  d-Mar 22,1952
Walters, Ida Mae{Munson} b-Feb 19,1903  d-Mar 18,1986;  DS w/ Wm. Allen
        {d/o W.B. & J.A. Munson}
Walters, Infant Daughter Aug 8,1921 1 date only;   d/o Mr & Mrs L. W.;  “Our Baby”
Walters, Infant Son   Mar 13,1931 (one date); S/o Mr. & Mrs.  J.H.
Walters, Infant Son   Mar 6,1930 (one date);  S/o Mr. & Mrs J. H.
Walters, Infant Son b-Mar 30,1924  d-Mar 30,1924;  S/o Mr & Mrs R. J.
Walters, James Alvin b-Feb 16,1957  d-July 7,1971
Walters, James Morgan  b-Jun 15,1868  d-Mar 26,1938
Walters, John Herren  b-Sep 17,1895  d-Feb 2,1987  mar-Sept 2, 1917;  DS w/ Mamie Oliver
Walters, Judith Christian b-Feb 18,1943  d-Oct 19,1943;  D/o Mr. & Mrs. J.A.
Walters, L. P.  b-Jun 17,1892  d-Dec 7,1894;  D/o J..M. & M. L.
Walters, Leon A. b-Jul 9,1932  d-Jun 13,1934;  “Sonny Boy”
Walters, Mamie Oliver b-Jan 3,1902  d-May 25,1979  mar-Sept 2, 1917;  DS w/ John Herren
Walters, Mary Callie Futch b-Nov 11,1878  d-Sep 12,1947;  DS w/ Robert Warren
Walters, Peyton b-Oct 24,1920  d-Oct 15,1926;  S/o A. & I. M. Walters
Walters, R. S. b-Jan 9,1846  d-Sep 11,1912
Walters, Robert J. b-Jul 7,1890  d-Feb 13,1972  mar-Mar 5,1921; DS w/ Rosie
        PFC US Army WW I
Walters, Robert Stace b-Dec 16,1917  d-Nov 24,1960
        Texas TEC 5 HQ & SVC GP GHQ FEC WW II
Walters, Robert Warren b-Apr. -  1880 d-Sep. 14,1919;  DS w/ Mary Callie
Walters, Rosie b-1900 d-1980  mar-Mar 5,1921; DS w/ Robert J.
Walters, Roy D. b-Aug 29,1899  d-Dec 12,1911;  S/o J. M. & M. L.
Walters, Shirlene L. b-May 19,1938  d-______;   DS w/ William F.
Walters, Thelma b-Jan 10,1906  d-July 14,1979;  DS w/ Andrew
Walters, W. D. b-Aug 16,1919   d-______;   DS w/ Dorothy
Walters, Watson b-1896  d-1978;  “Father”; DS w/  Dovie
Walters, William F.  b-Feb 1,1925  d-Jul 6,1971;  DS w/ Shirlene
Walters, William Timothy  Aug 23,1961 (Single Date) "Infant s/o Mr. & Mrs W.F. Walters"
Walters, Winnie b-May 7, 1917  d-Oct 10,1919
Walters, Wm. Allen b-Sep 6,1894  d-May 19,1940;  DS w/ Ida Mae
Walters, Youie b-Jul 22,1910  d-Oct 13,1915
Watson Baby  Jun 30,1930  One Date Only
Watson, Brenda Lee b-Feb 19,1961 d-Feb 19,1961;  "Daughter of  Mr & Mrs Grant Watson"
Watson, Brittany Nicole b-Nov 5,1989  d-Apr 7,1990
Westfall, Alfred b-Apr 11,1915  d-Jun 31,1987
    PFC US Army WW II
Whalen, John R. b-Aug 13,1924  d- Sep 28,1995;  DS w/  Myrtle L.(Photo/Couple)
        US Coast Guard WWII
Whalen, Myrtle L. b-Sep 9,1927  d-______;   DS w/ John R.
Wiggins, Cora Ann b-Jan 12,1870  d-Jan 1, 1941;  DS w/ William Allen
Wiggins, Hattie b-Mar 5,1860  d-May 12,1936
Wiggins, William Allen b-May 29,1866  d-Aug 5,1961;  DS w/ Cora Ann
Wilkinson, Betty b-1928  d-1992;  Pace FHM Only
Wilkinson, Walter b-1910 d-1993;  FHM Only
Willard, Betty K. b-Nov 14,1937  d-Dec 21,1991
Willard, Guy B.   b-May 5,1915
Williams, A. J.  b-Aug 22,1902  d-Apr 25,1962
Williams, Alton E. b-Dec 6,1906  d-May 12,1964  mar-Dec 1, 1930;  DS w/ Edna E.
Williams, Clara A. b-1870  d-1946
Williams,  Dale b-Jul 24,1962  d-Aug 21,1981
Williams, Edna E. b-Mar 5,1912  d-______   mar- Dec 1, 1930;  DS w/ Alton E.
Williams, Ellis E. b-Nov 3,1894  d-Nov 30,1970;  DS w/ Jewell
        CPL TX, Btry., B 344 Fld. Arty. WW I
Williams, Ina M. b-Feb 18,1887 d-Mar 16,1935
Williams, Jewel b-Apr 5,1905   d-______; DS w/ Ellis E.
Williams, Roy L. b-Nov 16,1899  d-Jan 29,1970;  DS w/ Verna
Williams, Verna b-May 28,1913  d-Aug 20,1996;  DS w/ Roy L.
Wilson, Samuel  (no dates)  CO. G 36 MISS Inf. CSA
Witten, Christopher J. Lee b-July 15,1998  d-Sep 23,1998;  “Our Sunshine”
Wren, Baby Cutherell b-May 12,1943  d-May 12,1943;  Pace FHM Only
Wrenn, Chistopher  Leroy b-Mar 9,1969  d-July 9,1986
Wrenn, Mary Geneva Walters b-Aug 20, 1938  d-May 16,1994;  DS w/ Ralph Elliott
Wrenn, Ralph Elliott  b-Dec 5,1929  d-______;   DS w/ Mary Geneva
Wyche, Flora M. b-Jan 3,1907  d-Aug 23,1962
Wyche, James  b-Nov 17,1896  d-Sep 30, 1953

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