Old City Cemetery
Located at the corner of Hwy 146 and Hwy 190 in Livingston, TX
Indexed on Aug. 7, 2001 by Joyce Munson & Beverly Evins
Supplemental information, in ( ), researched by Cannon Pritchard.

Note:  The following is a transcription of the marked graves found at the Old City Cemetery.
        Many of the graves are no longer marked in any way other than white wooden crosses
        placed there during the indepth study by the Historical Commission.  A partial list of
        unmarked graves can be found at the bottom of this page. For information on the
        unmarked graves, please contact the Polk County Historical Commission.

Plaque just inside the North Gate:
        “Cherished Memories come alive in a Memorial Garden.  This quiet place is
         sacred to the memory of all who have served our community.
          Polk County Garden Club-1990”

"Confederate Memorial Stones"
{In the center of the cemetery around the flag pole.}

Alexander,  James Melvin b-1836  d-1918
        Capt Co K Hood’s Brig 5 Texas Inf Confederate States Army
Carr, John Fendall b-Oct. 14, 1813  d-May 23, 1900
        Capt Confederate States Navy  (Buried here, in unmarked grave.)
Choate, Moses L. b-1795  d-1867
        Pvt Co Moscow Gds Cav Texas State Trp Confederate States Army
Edmonds, James F.  b-Sept. 26, 1832  d-Nov. 7, 1907
        Pvt Co E 20 Texas Inf Confederate States Army
Dunnam, Samuel B.  b-Sept. 30, 1803  d-Dec. 10, 1903
        Lieut Co F Reily’s Regt 4 Texas Cav Confederate States Army Chaplain
Garner, James b-1826  d-1871
        2nd Lieut Co F 22 Texas Inf CSA
Kinard, Thomas Lankford b-1830  d-1876
        Pvt Jones Btry Texas Arty Confederate States Army
Lister, Frank b-Aug. 10, 1848  d-Jan. 17, 1937
        Pvt Co B 19 LA Inf Confederate States Army
Marshall, James b-Jan. 24, 1815  d-Apr. 9, 1902
        Capt. Co A 1 Batt Miss State Trp Confederate States Army
Purvis,  John W.  b-1832  d-1885
        Pvt Co E 20 Texas Inf. Confederate States Army
Shotwell, John I.  b-1839  d-1865
        Capt Co B 1 Texas Inf Confederate States Army
Stevens, James Osborne b-Jan. 1, 1836  d-Aug. 1, 1880
        Pvt Co K Clark’s Regt 14 Texas Inf Confederate States Army
Willis, Demetrius b-Jan. 14, 1825  d-Aug. 12, 1872
        Pvt Co E 20 Texas Inf Confederate States Army

"Garner Family Memorial Stone"
{4' x  4' grey granite stone in the Garner Family Plot}

North Side
        Hamilton, John Ross Born 1788 near Princeton N.J.,
            Died Feb.1863 near New Waverly, TX
        Hamilton, Sarah Ellen Scudder Born Feb. 23, 1794 Middlesex County, N.J.
            Died Dec. 6, 1850,  Buried Cedar Bayou, Texas
East Side
        Gardner, A. P. B.  Born 1790, Virginia Died 1867  Buried Garner Prairie, Texas
        Gardner, Ann Elizabeth Born 1786 North Carolina Died Aug. 15, 1851
            Buried Garner Prairie, Texas
South Side
        Garner, Arthur Bagby Born Jan. 28, 1843 Texas Died Jan. 31, 1883
            Buried Swartout, Texas; MM: Pvt. Co D 1 Inf Texas State Trp CSA
        Garner, Corinna Rebecca Smith Born Mar. 7, 1847 Washington Parrish, LA
            Died May 12, 1905 Livingston, Texas
West Side
        Smith, Samuel Stewart Born1810 Kentucky, Died 1854  Buried St. Tamany Parrish, LA
        Smith, Sarah Ellen Hamilton Born 1813 near Princeton, N.J., Died 1901 Livingston, TX

Headstone Inscriptions
______, Marion S__   Broken Stone
        (Tew,  Marion S., Jr.,  born/died  1902,  infant son of  Marion S. Tew & Roxie Feagan)
______, _____ b-Apr. 15, 1881  d-July 26, 1882; FS-“T.O._.” HS & FS broken
        (Pinckard,  Thoms Oran,  born  Apr 15, 1881  died  Jul 26, 1882,
        infant son of  Dr. & Mrs. James Jett Pinckard)
______, ______   “Our Sister” -Broken HS
______, Knoxie?   “To the memory of", Broken HS-unable to read; FS-blank
        (Pinckard, Knoxie,  born  May 24, 1883,  died  May 23, 1884,
        infant daughter of  Dr. & Mrs.  James Jett Pinckard)
__ma__,  __al__   Broken HS
Adams, Isham  b-1831 d-1865
        Corp. 7 Tex Lt Arty CSA
Agnew, I. B. (Ira B., Born 1833 Ala.) Died May 31, 1881 “Sacred to the memory of” & “At rest”
        HS matches matches Carrie McIlwain
Anderson, G. W.   b-Mar. 21, 1848  d-Apr 11, 1909
Andress, James Born: 1806   So. Car., Died 1872 Livingston, Texas  DS w/ Jerusha,
        “Erected by their great grandson Wayne Andrew Andress”
Andress, James W.  b-1837  d-1878
        Texas Cpl Wauls Texas Legion CSA
Andress, Jerusha Born 1808 So. Car., Died July 1884 Livingston, Texas; DS w/ James
        “Wife of James Andress Erected by their great grandson Wayne Andrew Andress”
Andress, Joseph E. J.   b-June 28, 1868  d-July 30, 1887 -Unable to read inscription
Andress, Mrs. S. F.   b-Dec. 4, 1843  d-Aug. 25, 1905   “She is gone to worlds above,
        where saints and angels meet, to realize our Saviour’s love, And worship at his feet.”
Andrews, J. Travie  b-Feb. 1, 1875  d-Nov. 14, 1901
Baird, M. E.   b-1848  d-1924 TS w/ C.H. Keys & J.K. Johnston
        (Mary Epperson Baird,  born  Jan 25, 1848,  died  Dec 18, 1924,
        daughter of  Thaxton L. and Emily Hill Epperson)
Barfield, Gabriel W.   b-June 11, 1841  d-Oct. 28, 1881
        Co B 1 Regt Texas Inf CSA
Bean, Eleanor  (Burke) b-Dec. 31, 1827  d-Jan. 15, 1913  Wife of Geo. P. Bean,
        “When the roll is called up yonder I’ll be there.” FS-“M.E.B.”
Bean, G. P. (George Pleasant) b-Nov. 19, 1819  d-Mar. 6, 1883 Aged 63 yrs 3 mos & 17 ds,
        DS w/ Mary E.
Bean, Mary E.  b-Apr. 15, 1856  d-Apr. 16, 1883 Aged 27 yrs & 1 day DS w/ G. P.
        Stone is broken, lying on ground
Bigham, Andrew J.  b-Mar. 20, 1842  d-Dec. 16, 1869
        “In memory of…” & “Son of Samuel E. & Sarah A. & Consort of  Lou C. Bigham”
Bigham, Julius D.   b-May 4, 1851  d-Dec. 24, 1869 “In memory of…”
        & “Son of Samuel E. & Sarah A. Bigham”
Bigham, Sam’l C.   b-Apr. 24, 1809  d-Mar. 19, 1871 “In the memory of A Native of S.C.”
        & “If we be dead with Christ, we shall also live with him.”
        FS-Samuel G. Bigham Pvt Co E. 20 Texas Inf CSA  Apr. 27, 1809-Mar.17, 1871.
Bigham, Mrs. Sarah A. B.   b-May 4th 1812  d-Nov. 28th 1867 “In memory of…”,
        “Consort of S. E. Bigham”, & “She is not dead but sleepeth.
         Though sleeping she is awake. Though dead she is alive.”
Bigham, Miss Sarah M.   b-Dec. 17th 1838  d-Jan. 13, 1869 “In memory of…”
        & “Daughter of Sam’l & Sarah Bigham”
Bilbro,  Sarah Ida  b-1855 d-1887 Wife of Rev. P. H. Bilbro, Mother of Cora Marsh-New Stone
        Old Stone is broken: Aug. 2, 1855-July 31, 1887 “Gently the passing spirit fled sustained by
        grace devine.  Oh may such grace on us be shed and mark our end like thine.”
Bishop, F. D. (Ferdinand D. Jr.)  b-Mar. 31, 1854 (Miss) d-Feb. 9, 1918 “Gone to rest”
        FS- “F.D.B.” (son of   Ferdinand D. & Mary Bishop)
Bishop, John W.   b-Aug. 3, 1856 (Miss) d-Oct. 28, 1913  FS-“J.W.B.”
        son of Ferdinand D. & Mary Bishop
Brock, Atie Brown  b-May 15, 1848  d-Sept. 13, 1931 FS-“A.B.B.”
Brock, Bettie  b-Nov. 17, 1878  d-Sept. 11, 1894 FS-“B.B.”
Brock, Earline   b-Nov. 10, 1897  d-Aug. 15, 1898 “Our darling sleeps sweetly here.”
Brock, Ida  b-Nov. 29, 1876  d-Nov. 14, 1898
        “Gone from our home, But not from our hearts.”  FS-“I.B.”
Brock, J. R.   b-Mar. 22, 1851  d-June 16, 1900
        “He was the sunshine of our home.”  FS-“J. R. B.”
Brock, Kenon  b-Sept. 3, 1890  d-Oct. 31, 1892, FS-“K.B.”
Burks, Mrs. Susan  b-Jan. 7, 1816  d-Feb. 7, 1892 Wife of Granville Burks,
        Aged 76 yrs 1mo, “A precious one from us is gone, A voice we love is stilled,
        This left an aching void that never can be filled.”
Butler,  Jesse H.   b-Dec. 27, 1824  d-June 15, 1901
        MM: Pvt Co K 1 Miss Inf CSA,  FS-“__. H. B.”-footstone is broken
Butler, William C.  b-Oct. 2, 1850  d-Nov. 4, 1893 “A sinner saved by Grace.”
        MM-William W. Butler Pvt Co H 46 Miss Inf CSA
Campbell, Ella Sewall  b-April 25, 1896  d-Aug. 28, 1901 Pair of doves on HS
Campbell,  Mary Katie  b-Nov. 23, 1887   d-Aug. 11, 1895, Roses on HS
        “Our darling one hath gone on before-To greet us on the blissful shore.”
Choate, Josephus L.  Died Aug. 11, 1840, Son of M. L. & Ursula Choate,
        Aged 4 yrs 2 mos & 5das
Choate, Rodolphus L.  Died Feb. 20th 1846, Son of M. L. & Ursula Choate,
        Aged 13 yrs 5mos & 12 das -Stone on ground
Choate, Rufus Randolph   b-1842  d-1863,  “In Memory Of”
        Pvt. US Army-Confederate States Army
Close, Birdie L.   b-Aug 29, 1877  d-Jan 9, 1903
        “In memory of” & “Asleep in Jesus” FS- “B.L.C.”
Coltrane, Susan Louisa  b-June 28, 1864  d-Sept. 19, 1888, “At Rest”
Davison, Alice  b-May 8, 1907  d-Oct. 8, 1912, Daughter of Lewis & Sydnor E. Alexander
Davison, Charles H.   b-Jan. 2, 1848  d-Jan. 13, 1900 DS w/ Charles Hill Davison
        “Say not good night, but in some fairer clime, bid me good morning.”
Davison, Charles Hill   b-Feb. 3, 1891  d-Oct. 29, 1911 DS w/ Charles H. Davison
Davison, Mackie  b-Mar. 21, 1875  d-Nov. 12, 1890 Aged 15 yrs 8 ms “In memory of our
        Little Mackie.  Daughter of Julia & Miller Davison” & “Dearest loved one, we have laid
        thee in thy peaceful graves embrace.  But thy memory shall be cherished, Till we see they
        heavenly face.”
Davison, Myra Lewis b-Mar. 21, 1856  d-Mar. 9, 1919 Wife of Chas. H. Davison “Mother”
Davison, Sallie  b-Oct. 27, 1852  d-Jan. 10, 1940
DeWalt, Kerr B.   b-Sept. 22, 1819  d-Apr. 25, 1891
        Texas Colonel Co B 1 Regt Texas Inf CSA
Dewalt, Magnolia  b-Jan. 24, 1850  d-May 5, 1880
DeWalt, Mrs. S. C. E.   b-July 15, 1819  d-Feb. 14, 1877
Ellis, A.  b-Jan.27, 1822 June 16,1900  “Gone from our home , but not our hearts”
        MM: H. Amos Ellis Pvt Co F 3 Texas Inf CSA
English, Christopher F.  Died July 1852, Son of John & Elizabeth English, Aged 16 yrs & 7mos
English,  James D.   Died Jan. 1842, Son of John & Elizabeth English, Aged 12 yrs
Epperson, Florence C.  b-1856  d-____ (Feb 2, 1940) QS w/ Joy, T. L. & W. T.
        (Florence Cornelia Doyle Epperson, wife of William T. Epperson)
Epperson, Joy  b-1903  d-1904 QS w/ Florence, T. L. & W. T.
Epperson, T. L.   b-1816 (Ky) d-1904 QS w/ Florence, Joy & T. L.
        MM: Thaxton L. Epperson Pvt Co D 1 Inf Texas State Trp CSA
        (husband of Emily Hill Epperson and A.M. Hanner Epperson)
Epperson, W. T.  b-1850  d-1924 QS w/ Florence, Joy, & T. L.
        (William T. Epperson, Born Sept 1850 in Tenn.)
Fife,  Albert Ray   b-Sept. 25, 1892  d-July 29, 1896
Fischer,  Mary Ellen  b-May 15, 1900  d-Oct. 10, 1903, Infant daughter of  H. & M. L. Fischer
Fitze,  Emma A.  b-1860  d-1894  DS w/ Willie E.  FS-“E.A.F.”
        (Emma A. Alexander Fitze, wife of  Willie E. Fitze)
Fitze, Frederick C.   b-June 4, 1890  d-Dec. 26, 1891, Infant son of W. E. & Emma Fitze
        -stone broken some of dates missing
Fitze, Willie E.   b-1855  d-1940 DS w/ Emma A.
Ford, Martin Dauson  b-Feb. 18, 1832  d-July 13, 1892 Aged 60 yrs 4mos 25 days “At Rest”
Ford,  Sarah Jane  b-July 24, 1843  d-Mar. 16, 1897 in Livingston , Texas
        Wife of M. D. Ford “Safe in the arms of Jesus”
Garner, C. R.   b-Mar. 7, 1847  d-May 12, 1905 “To our mother”
        & “She is waiting with the Savior at the gate to meet us.” FS-“C.R.G.”-See Memorial Stone
Garner, Emma  b-Nov. 23, 1894  d-July 25, 1900 Daughter of A. B. & E. C.
        “In loving memory” & “She was the Sunshine of our home.”
Garner, F. T.   b-1846  d-1890 Masonic Emblem; Aged 35 yrs
        “____ in life, in death, _____ that dim distinct mystery all my own.”
        MM: Freeman Travis Garner Cpl. Co F Texas Cav  S Handeman’s Brig CSA
Garner, Frances A. Haynes b-1837 Monroe Co. Ala.  d-1913 Houston, Texas
        shares fenced area with W. H. Garner
Garner, W. H.  b-July 16, 1822 d-Jan. 14, 1889, Masonic Emblem Aged 66 yrs 5 mos 2 das
Garvey, G. A. Jr. (Gustavus Adolphus; Born-1875) Died Aug. 11, 1903, Aged 28 yrs
        “We have no sorrow, knew not grief till the bright face was missed” FS-“G.A.G.”
Gee,  Cornelious D.  b-June 29, 1845  d-Nov. 25, 1910 DS w/ W. P. Gee, “Mother”
        & “Their many virtues form the noblest monument to their memory.”(Cornelia Davis Gee)
Gee,  W. P.   b-Apr. 19, 1845 d-Jan. 7, 1917 DS w/ Cornelious D.,
        MM: Pvt Co D 1 Regt SC Inf  Confederate States Army dod-Feb. 17, 1917
        (husband of Cornelia D. Gee-dod Jan. 7, 1917)
Gerlach, Charlie  b-Mar. 6, 1901 d-June 23, 1903 Son of L. F. & Ella Gerlach,Vault,“A little flower
        of love, That blossomed but to die, Transplanted now above, To bloom with God on high.”
Gerlach, Louis F.   b-July 12, 1890 d-Sept. 14, 1895 “Our Darling” Vault, FS-“L. F. G.”
Gerlach, Pattie E.   b-Feb. 11, 1896 d-Aug. 30, 1897 “Little Pattie” Vault, FS-“P.E.G.”
Gibson,  Jennie   Aged 1 yr 5 mon 17ds “Little Jennie Baby of A. D. & Fannie Gibson”
        “Budded on earth, Bloomed in Heaven.”
Gilbert, S. J. {Sarah Jane(Varner)}  b-Nov. 22, 1838 (Ala.)  d-June 4, 1904
        “No pains, no grief, no anxious fear, can reach our loved one sleeping here.”
        (Sacred Mother of  A. C. Garvey) - {Year of birth should be 1824 per census records}
Green, Carl  b-Nov. 17, 1885 d-Jan. 6, 1887 TS w/ Clarence & Ruth
        “Children of A. B. & Adelle Green”
Green,  Clarence  b-Mar. 28, 1888 d-July 8, 1888 TS w/ Carl & Ruth
        “Children of A. B. & Adelle Green”
Green,  Ruth  Born & Died Jan. 10, 1892 TS w/ Carl & Clarence
        “Children of A. B. & Adelle Green”
Greer, Albert Vernon  b-Feb. 2, 1861 d-Nov. 24, 1890 FS-“A.V.G.”; 4’ Square column HS
Greer,  Florence Elizabeth   b-June 25, 1854 d-Feb. 21, 1888, FS-“F.E.G.”; Column HS
Greer, Mrs. Jane Dorothy   b-Oct. 1, 1830  d-July 10, 1907
        (Mother of  Capt. John  Marshall Greer)
Haynes, H. F. (Harvey Foster)  b-June 22, 1807  d-March 17, 1858 “Sacred to the memory of”
        (son of  Isaac Haynes and  Jane R. Foster)
Henry, Paul West  Died June 12, 1895, Aged 8? mons 15 days,
        Son of John C. E. & Olive Henry, FS w/ lamb “Our Treasure in heaven”
Henry, Robert Charles  Died-Sept. 11, 1901, Aged 10 ys 6ms 4ds, “Our Dear Son”
Hinson,  W. A. (Arthur)   b-(Nov)1871 d-(May 16)1913, WOW HS, FS-“W.A.H.”;
        “Thou art gone but not forgotten dearest idol of my heart.  We shall meet beyond the river,
        where our souls shall never part.” (husband of  Maudie Hinson)
Hollis, Mary E.  Died Jan. 25 or 23?, 1850  Aged 1year & 25 days
        Daughter of T. F. & E. J. Hollis
Johnson, William James  Born 1843 S.C.,  Died 1887 TX
Johnston, J. K.  b-1880 d-1923 TS w/ C.H. Keys & M. E. Baird
        (Jerusha Keys Johnston,  daughter of  John W. Keys, Jr. and  Florence C. Epperson)
Kale, Belle  Died May 15, 1873 in Livingston, Texas  Aged 34 years,
        “Sacred to the memory of Belle Consort of John P. Kale” & “Our gifted sister & babe”
        (Isabel "Belle" Taylor (Wallace) Kale, born 1839  Md. died  May 15, 1873,
        married to John P. Kale on  Mar 21, 1867; Died in childbirth, their baby is buried with her.)
Kale,  John P.   b-1824 (Va) d-(Feb.14, )1886
        Pvt. Co K 5 Texas Inf Hoods Brig CSA
Keys, C. H.   b-1830 d-1907 TS w/ J.K. Johnston & M. E. Baird
        (Caroline Harriett Andress Keys,  born  Nov 1830 Monroe Co. Ala. died  Nov 22, 1907,
        married  John W. Keys on Nov 15, 1849,  daughter of   James & Jerusha Andress)
Lanehart,  William  b-Aug. 22, 1831 at Buffalo, Williamson Co., Miss;  d-July 17, 1858
        “Sacred to the memory of”
Lemmons, Mrs. Mary Ann Born in Philadelphia, Tenn Jan. 28th, 1830; Died Aug 2nd 1857
        “I must be tuning up my voice for soon I will be singing in Heaven.”
Marsh, Eddie Maurine  b-Feb. 22, 1898 d-Jan. 17, 1899 “Our darling one hath gone before,
        To greet us on the blissful shore.” FS-“E.M.M.” -Brick Vault
Marshall,  A. E.   DS w/ T. A. Marshall -Broken Cement HS
        (Marshall,  Anna E.,  born  Jul 1855  S. C.  died  1900)
Marshall, T. A.    DS w/ A. E. Marshall -Broken Cement HS
        (Marshall,  T. A.,  born  Dec 1853  N.C.  died  after 1900)
Matthews, Fannie  b-Feb 16, 1847  d-July 20,1889 Wife of W. H. Matthews,
        Daughter of K. B. & Mary DeWalt
McCardell, Bollivar  b-Jan. 7, 1850  d-Mar. 10, 1889 DS w/ Frances Carr
McCardell,  Dr. James H.   b-Mar.24, 1825  d-Feb. 14, 1891 DS w/ Minerva
        Capt. Co E 20 Texas Inf. Confederate States Army
McCardell, Frances Carr  b-Sept. 7, 1853  d-Nov. 22, 1912 DS w/ Bollivar
McCardell, James Harrison  b-Aug. 24, 1855  d-Dec. 24, 1890 Aged 36 years, 3 mos
        Son of  T.A. & C. B.  McCardell (note: age doesn’t fit, but dates are correct)
McCardell, John Akenson   b-Oct. 7, 1853  d-May 9, 1895
        Shares cement grave cover w/ Willie Ford
McCardell, Mrs. Minerva S.   b-June 4, 1835  d-Dec. 5, 1911 DS w/ Dr. James “His Wife”
McCardell, Willie Ford  b-Nov. 28, 1864  d-July 18, 1912
        Shares cement grave cover w/ John Akenson.
McCrorey, Mrs. M. V.   b-May 27, 1843  d-July 26, 1883, Aged 40 yrs 1 mo 29ds
McCrorey, Rev. T. R.  b- Feb. 10, 1838  d-Mar. 5, 1902, Masonic Emblem, “In remembrance
        of our father” & “Calm on the bosom of thy God, Fair Spirit rest thee now, Even while with
        us the footstep trod, His seal was on the brow.  Dust to its narrow house beneath, Soul to
        its place on high, They that have seen thy face in death, No more may fear to die.” Brick Vault
        FS-Thomas R. McCrorey Texas Cpl Co E 20 Regt Tex Inf CSA
        (Thomas Roger husband of Mrs. Arrabella "Belle" Andress Norwood on  Jan. 27, 1884)
McIlwain,  Carrie M.   Died April 9, 1894 “Sacred to the Memory of”-HS matches I. B. Agnew
         (Caroline "Carrie" M. McIlwain, born 1837 Ala. sister of  Ira B. Agnew)
Meece, Amelia A.   b-July 8, 1845(Ga) d-May 13, 1916  "Wife of T. F. Meece"
        “Her children rise up & call her Blessed”
        (Amelia Antoinette Brown Meece, daughter of  Dr. Uzell & Eloise Brown)
Meece, T. F.  b-1840  d-1914, Masonic Emblem, “He was faithful to every duty.”
        MM: Theophilus F. Meece, Texas 1st Sgt 5 Regt Texas  Cav CSA
        (Theophilus Franklin Meece  born  Jun 11, 1840 Maury Co. Tenn.  died  May 18, 1914, married
        to Amelia A. Brown on May 15, 1869)
Meece,  Willie Ozel  b-Feb. 11, 1870  d-Jan. 21, 1885 "Daughter of Mr. & Mrs. T. F. Meece"
        “She hath her crown of flowers”
Miller, Juliet Rose b-Oct. 17, 1883  d-Oct. 16, 1885 “In memory of beloved child
        whose ___ bright spirit has gone to that better land.  May God grant that we may
        abide with her there is the prayer of her parents.”
Moore, W. R.  b-Mar. 5, 1820  d-Nov. 29, 1856 “Sacred to the memory of”
Nettles, John Thistle b-July 17, 1854  d-Jan. 14, 1883
        “Married Ara Jane Ryan on Oct. 2, 1877  Children: Claude, Emory & Thistle”
Nowlin,  C. D.  No dates  “In God we trust”
        (Charlotte DeWalt Nowlin; wife of  Andrew Jackson Nowlin)
Oates, Alton Josey  b-Feb. 6, 1899  d-Sept. 23, 1900 Son of Oscar E. & Mary A. Oates
Palmer, William H.   No dates (born  1817 S. C.  died  1852  (lawyer)
Parker, Lilian B. b-Jan. 2, 1882  d-July 3, 1918; WOW HS (Lillian, wife of  Cuy L. Parker)
Paschal,  Annie Garner b-June 12, 1845  d-Sept. 21, 1921
        “Blessed are the pure in hear for they shall see God”
Peebles, Walter W.   Died March 6, 1906 Aged 30 yrs 9mos 5days, WOW HS
        (husband of  Sallie Ellen Norwood.)
Peters,  Bettie M.  Died Feb. 1, 1899 Aged 72 yrs 9mons & 11days “Our dear mother”
        & “We loved her, yes, we loved her.  But the angels loved her more, And they have
        sweetly called her, To yonder shining shore.  The golden gates were opened.  A gentle
        voice said ….”-verse continues into dirt
        (Elizabeth "Bettie" M. (McCormick)Peters,  born  Apr 20, 1826,  died Feb 1, 1899,
        wife of  Joseph Franklin Peters)
Peters, Charlie Bender  b-Sept. 1, 1890  d-Aug. 29, 1901
        Son of James M. & Polly E. Peters FS-“C.B.P.”
Peters, Elijah David  b-Aug. 19, 1860  d-Aug. 10, 1899
        “In memory of” & “The pure in heart shall see God”  FS-“E.D.P.”
        (married to  Anna Elizabeth Octavia Willis on Apr 17, 1887)
Peters,  Hattie Addell  b-Feb. 22, 1892  d-June 15, 1895
        Daughter of James M. & Polly E. Peters FS-“H.A.P.”
Peters, Joseph F.  b-Jan. 15, 1823  d-May 16, 1904 “In loving memory of our father”,
         Masonic emblem,  MM: Joseph Franklin Peters Serg. Co F 4th  Texas Cav CSA”
Pinkard-See Top of Section
Pinkard, Dr. J. J.   b-Nov. 8, 1841  d-April 6, 1902 FS-“J.J.P.” -Broken tall square column
        MM: James Jett Pinckard Serg Maj Co G 8 LA Inf CSA
Poindexter, Mrs. M. M.   b-Sept. 20 A.D. 1817 d- Dec. 17 A.D. 1899 Aged 82 yrs 2ms 27 ds
        “Sacred to the memory of” & “Precious Mother & GrandMa,
        we hope to meet you on the golden happy shore”
Post,  W. R.   b-Mar. 1, 1844  d-Dec. 26, 1898 “There is a bright region above. We long to
        reach it’s shore, To join the dear one’s we love, Not lost but gone before.”
Rose, Chas. A.   b-Sept. 8, 1861  d-Sept. 3, 1898 “Sacred to the memory of” &
        “The Angels called him.” Vault
Shotwell, George S.   b-June 24, 1832  d-Sept. 25, 1870, 1872, or 1879
        “Gone but not forgotten” -Three HS present.  Different dod
        Capt. Co F. 22 Texas Inf. Confederate States Army
Smith, Samuel H.   b-Apr. 21, 1841  d-Apr. 14, 1923
        Pvt Co F Reily’s Regt 4 Texas Cav Confederate States Army
Smith, Sidney Carlton  b-Dec. 9, 1898  d-Nov. 27, 1899
        Infant son of S. H. & Olive Willis Smith
Smith, Susannah Peebles Born 1846 Dale Co., Ala; Died 1916 Livingston, TX
Snell, Isaac Newton  b-June 15, 1839  d-June 28, 1924 “Gone but not forgotten”
        Co M 28 Regt Texas Cav CSA
Snell, Mrs. Jennie  b-May 8, 1831  d-Dec. 9, 1897 Age 46 yrs 6mos, ___ of ____Snell
Snell, Mrs. Margaret  b-Mar. 25, 1838  d-Oct. 28, 1882 Age 44 yrs 7 mos
        “Sleep in Jesus, Blessed sleep from…….”
Snelling,  Richard J.   b-Sept. 28, 1825  d-Apr. 22, 1880
        Pvt Co A Perry’s Brig 2 Fla Inf Confederate States Army
Sprott,  Andrew D.   b-Jan. 2, 1863  d-Feb. 8, 1905; WOW Marker
        (Andrew Dunn Sprott Jr.)
Sprott, Eddie Jackson  b-Mar. 1, 1877  d-June 11, 1906
Sprott, Margaret Josey  b-Apr. 14, 1871  d-Dec. 21, 1905
Stewart,  Clyde Wilburn  b-Dec. 28, 1906  d-Aug. 24, 1908; Son of R.V. & Laura Stewart
        “Budded on Earth to bloom in Heaven”
Tew-See Top of Section
Turner, W. G.   b-July 17, 1862  d-Jan. 4, 1899; “Gone home to Rest” FS-“W.G.T.”
Unmarked-at least 70, many marked only with White Wooden Crosses
Victery, Laura E.   b-1856  d-1889 “Mother”
Victery, R. Frank  b-1882  d-1901 “Son”
Willis, Charles Edwin “Charley”   b-1859  d-1869; Son of  D. & M. E. Willis
Willis, Demetrius  b-Jan. 14, 1825  d-Aug. 12, 1872
        Pvt Wheeler’s Co 2nd Texas MTD Vols (Mexican War);
        Sons of the Republic of Texas Medallion (Came to Texas in 1845)
Willis, Jimmie Alderman  b-Mar. 25, 1863  d-May 29, 1915; Wife of W. L. Willis
Willis, Margaret Elizabeth Brown  b-Oct. 14, 1832  d-Oct. 15, 1865; Married April 8, 1849

    Unmarked Graves
The following names are those who are buried without cemetery markers.  This list is based
on extensive research from Polk County deeds, probate records, Wills, tax records, census
records, and obituaries from the Polk County Enterprise newspapers; compiled by Cannon Pritchard

Alderman, Ella T. (Waters),  born: 1845  died:  1869,
        married to Merriman W. Alderman on May 17, 1863
Alderman, Merriman W.,   born: 1842  died: 1866
Alexander, Joseph Thomas Drummond,  born: 1831 Pa.  died: Jan. 8, 1863,
        husband of Harriett Ann Chandler
Alexander, Sydnor E. (Edwards),  born: Mar 1885  died: Mar 21, 1912,  wife of  Lewis Alexander
Alexander, Thomas Drummond,  born: 1858  died: 1885
        Married on Nov. 7, 1880 to Myra E. Lewis. Father of Lewis Alexander.
Andress, Smithia Westbrook,  born: Feb. 6, 1852  died:  Dec. 1, 1915,
        wife of I. F. Andress
Barfield, Hiram Decatur,  born: 1854  died: 1899
Bishop, Ferdinand D.,  born  1817  died  after 1880
Bishop, Mary,  born  1830  died  after 1880
Brock, Eddie Jackson,  born: Mar.1,1877  died: June 1, 1906
Brown, John H.,  born: 1833  died: 1863
Cochran, Myrtle Verne,  born  Jan 29, 1895  died  Jul 30, 1902,
        infant daughter of  J. W. & Nettie Cochran
Cochran, Travis Samuel,  born  Feb 11, 1897  died  Nov 5, 1898,
        infant son of  J. W. & Nettie Cochran
Crosson, Neil,  born 1849 S.C.  died 1866, son of Judge James M. & Helen Crosson
DeBlanc, Mary (Gee),  born  1835  died  1868
Dempsey, Matilda Cayton,  born  Oct 17, 1835 Ill.,  died  Oct  16,  1908,
        Sacred Mother of  S. I. Dempsey
Dewalt, Mary Hair,  born  1823   died  after 1870,  wife of  Kerr B.Dewalt
Doyle, Annie Sprott,  born  1863  died  1886,  wife of  Edgar  Valney Doyle
Doyle, Joseph H.,  born  1820  N.C.   died  1860
Doyle, Lizzie Jones,  born  1870   died  1890,  wife  of  Edgar Valney Doyle
Doyle, Walter  L.,  born  1852  Miss.   died  1885
Dunnam, Amanda McCrae,   no dates,   wife of  Rev. S.B.B. (Samuel Blackwell Bell) Dunnam
Epperson, Elizabeth Keys,  born  1851  died  1896
Epperson, Fannie Shotwell,  born  1868   died  1900
Epperson, Thomas Jefferson,  born  1853  died  1905
Fields, Brantlin McCardell,  born 1851  died 1894, son of C.J. & Dorothy Fields.
Fields, Calvin J.  born 1814 N.C.   died 1881, husband of  Dorothy C. Fields.
Fields, Dorothy Ann "Dolly" (Caldwell),  born Dec 19, 1828 Tenn.  died Oct. 8, 1910,
        wife of  C. J. Fields. Married in Aug, 1847 Tenn.
Fields, Ludillas C. "L.C."   b. 1848  d. Mar 1, 1875, son of C.J. & Dorothy Fields.
Fischer, Martha L.,  born  1863  died  Mar 20, 1928
Fitze, William "Willie" Elmore,  born Nov 1855  died Jan 16, 1940,
        husband of Emma Alexander Fitze and Mamie C. Lawhead Fitze
Garvey, Franklin M.,  born 1845  died 1875, married on Dec. 15, 1869 to Harriett E. Smith
Garvey, Martha,  born:  1848  died:  prior to 1870
Garvey, Walker J.  born: 1872, died:1888, son of G.A. "Gus" & Florida F. (Walker) Garvey
Gee, Anna Marie,  born  1842   1864
Gee, Susan,  born  1809   died  1870
Gee, William F.,  born  1803   died  1887
Gibson, Albert Donnell,  born  Aug 18, 1869  died  Oct 17, 1905
Gibson, Albert Marsh,  born  Oct 27, 1894,   died  Mar 2, 1895,
        infant son of  Albert Donnell & Frances Loyless Gibson
Gibson, Frances  "Fannie" Loyless,  born  1874   died  1900
Gilbert, George Washington,  born 1820  died 1890, husband of Sarah Jane (Varner) Gilbert
Harrell, Francis,  born  1827  died  1867
Harrell, Susan Davis,  born   1837  died  prior to 1870
Haynes, Elenor,  born 1837  died  ca. 1869
Haynes, Evant Preston,  born  1840  died  1864
Haynes, Isaac Foster,  born  1830  died  1878
Haynes, Nancy Andress,  born  1812   died  1877
Henry, George Washington,  born  1822  died  1902
Henry, Rachel E. West,  born  Jul 12, 1831   died  Oct 17, 1902,  wife of G. W. Henry
Henry, William Hitchings,  born  Jan 17, 1873  died  Oct 8, 1902
Hinson, George R.  born 1847  died 1888, husband of  Sarah C. (Nelson) Hinson.
        Married on Oct. 29, 1874.
Howard, J. A.,  born: 1819  died: ca. 1862
Keblinger, Alice L. Williams,  born  Dec 1862,  died  Apr 4, 1900
Keblinger, Frank C.,  born  Jun 1847, died  Dec 16, 1915
Keys,  John W., Jr.,  born  1854   died  1880
Kinard, Sarah,  born  1830  died  1865,  wife of  Thomas P. L. Kinard
Larkin, Charlotte,  born  1831  died  Mar 1860
Lewis, Lucinda Smith,  born  Feb 1873  died  1936
Marshall, Madie,  born  Jun 9, 1902  died  Aug 30, 1905,
        daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Walter Marshall
Matthews, Harriett,  born  1828  died  Feb  1860
McAlpin, Mary Ellen (Garvey),  born 1846   died 1869, married on Dec.3, 1867
        to Robert B. McAlpin
McAlpin, Robert Bruce,   born 1845  died 1869
McCrorey, Roger,  b. 1885   d. 1889,
        son of  Rev. Thomas R. McCrorey & Arabella Andress McCrorey
McDaniel, W. P.,  died  Apr. 11, 1857
McMicken, Susan M.,  born  1836  died   1861
Moore, Daniel D.,  born  1824  died  1867
Moore, Harriet Elizabeth Hill,  born  1835  died  1885
Moore, Mary E.,  born  1858  died  1878
Nelson, Emma C. (Peebles)  born 1854  died 1886, wife of John H. Nelson.
        Married on Dec 22, 1870.
Nelson, George Westley   b. Dec 1807 Ireland   d. Sep 26, 1903,
        husband of  Althea Austin Nelson and Mary Ann Creel Nelson.
Nettles, Harriet Andress,  born  Aug 4, 1813  died  Feb 27, 1877
Nettles, Malachi Theophilus,  born  Apr 22, 1813  died  Dec 26, 1864
Nettles, Virginia Alabama,  born  Nov 6, 1841  died  Aug 20, 1847
Newsom, Harriet Ann (Chandler),  born:  1832 Miss.  died: Mar 29, 1900
        wife of Joseph Thomas Drummond Alexander and Isaac H. Newcom.
        Mother of Thomas Drummond Alexander.
Norwood, William R.,  b.  1842   d.  1879,  husband of  Arabella Jane Andress
Oliphant, Clarenda A. (Choate),  born  1836  died  1859
Oliphant, James N.,  born  1813  died 1866
Patterson, Josiah Anderson,  born  1832  died  1860
Peebles, Elizabeth Lou (Snow),  born  Feb 2, 1884  died  Jan 9, 1918,
        wife of  Jessie W. Peebles
Peebles, Isham,  born  Apr 9, 1838   died  Nov 8, 1913
Peebles, Jessie W.,  born  1836   died  Jun 3, 1910
Peebles, Martha,  born 1844  died  Jan 10, 1924
Purvis, Martha,  born  1826  died  1907, wife of  John W. Purvis
Sawyer, Cornelia,  born 1833 Ga.   died  Nov 1, 1890
Sawyer, Eliflet M.S.,  born  1830 Vt.  died  Nov 5, 1889
Scarborough, Calvin Lee,  born  Nov 16, 1809,  died  Jan 16, 1901
Shotwell, Frances R.,  born  1834   died  1868, wife of  George S. Shotwell
Shotwell, Nancy Duett (Thompson),  born  1814  died  after  1880
Shotwell, Rev. William H.  born: 1809 S.C.  died 1877
Simmons, Infant son,  died  Aug 28, 1901,  son of  Mr. & Mrs. A. E. Simmons
Smith, George, Sr.,  born  1833 Ga.  died  Nov 1, 1890
Smith, John,  born  1824  died  1900
Smith, Susan A.,  born  Feb 22, 1848  died  July 16, 1916
Snell, Mrs. Jane Foster (Haynes),  born  Mar 25, 1839 Fla.  died  Oct 26, 1882
Snelling, Lovicey Jane (Snell),  born  Aug 6, 1827  died  Feb 15, 1875,
        wife of  Richard Jackson Snelling, Sr.
Sprott, Andrew Dunn, III,  born  Feb 5, 1894,  died  Oct 21, 1895
Standley, Georgia (Nelson)  born 1872  died 1892, wife of Needham Standley.
        Married on Oct 22, 1890.
Winn, William,  born  1780  died  1849
Young,  Margaret A.,  born  1842   died  1871

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