St. Andrew’s Cemetery
Large, well cared for cemetery on the east side of Fm 3459 in Onalaska.
Index of marked graves Submitted August 4, 2000 by R.D. Hendrix

Small Cemetery moved from near Tigerville on Lake Livingston
One row of grave stones located in a corner of  St. Andrews Cemetery .
Graves are listed in the order they are in  from left to right.

Sanders, Mary Wife of W.N. born Mar.8,1871 died  Feb.14,1913
Andress, Charlottie  born Sept.17,1826  died Dec.15,1889 “Wife of  I. F.”
Brooks, A. B. Jr.  born Jan.9,1899  died Nov.30,1915
Jackson, Girtie  born Sept.16,1888  died Aug.31,1907
Grice, M.  born Jan.15,1845  died Nov.5,1912
Anders,Ottie  Mable  born Jan.14,1895,  died Mar.24,1902. Dau. of  I. A. and M.E.
Sanders, Infant Dau. of W. N. and N. A.  April 10,1914
Brooks, A. B. Sr.,  born 1867,  died Feb.25,1916
Standley, Lacy  born Aug.5,1901  died Jan.26,1908  Dau. of George and Adeline
Additional Information-
    Charlottie Whisenhunt married I. F. Anderss 10-12-1848 in Alabama.  She died at Tigerville,
Polk County, Texas in 1889*
    Ottie Mable was the daughter of Isaac Alfance Andress and Margaret Hilton Andress.*
*Families of Polk County, Texas 1846-1880 by Agnes Hall Andrews & Hallie Andrews Mullins,1964

“Lil Bit”    On wooden Cross
Allen, Albert b-Sept.18,1915 d-Nov.8,1975
Allen, H. D.  b-Jan.4,1924 d-Sept.5,1963
Allen, Hazel b-Oct.28,1916 d-Jul.22,1962
Allen, James Earl b-Oct.14,1949 d-Feb.11,1990 US Army
Allen, Jerrell Trevon Mason b-Feb.2,1992 d-Apr.15,1993
Andrews, Caroline Pickens b-Dec.5,1912 d-Jan.23,1991
Andrews, Elzora b-Jun.15,1903 d-Aug.27,1978
Austin, Iola C. b-Aug.28,1886 d-May 11,1973
Bacy, Odessa Shotwell  Died-Nov.14,1970
Banks, Mary b-1887 d-1930
Benson,  Inez S. Pickens b-Jul.5,1910 d-Dec.30,1989
Benton, Sarah b-1893 d-1983
Blackway, Amos b-Feb.15,1891 d-Mar.5,1930
Blake, Esley b-Aug.5,1885 d-Mar.20,1953
Blake, Geneva b-Oct.5,1916 d-Dec.29,1932
Blake, Linnard Jun.9,1938 d-Apr.19,1942
Blake,  Marshall b-Feb.8,1882 d-Nov.21,1962
Blake, Rev. Joe D. b-Sept.16,1912 d-July 18,1967
Brooks, Jessie Mae b-Oct.10,1920 d-Aug.23,1982
Burrell, Mandy Franklin b-1870 d-1962
Butler, Jimmie Qualls Sykes  Died-Apr.1985
Callahan, Clauda b-Jul.20,1900 d-May 2,1980
Callahan, Henry  died Oct.20,1903 “age 47years”
Callahan, Hortense O. b-Jan.23,1897 d-Mar.22,1987
Callahan, J. C.  b-Apr.18,1895 d-Aug.7,1967 WW II Vet
Callahan, Lue b-Aug.12,1855 d-Sept.21,1931
Callahan, Norris B. b-Mar.6,1931 d-Apr.1,1953 US Army
Callahan, Oscar W. b-Feb.19,1898 d-Dec.29,1977
Callahan, Timerson b-1881 d-1949
Chambers, Betty Anita b-Aug.28,1985 d-Sept.28,1987 “Daughter”  DS w/ Demetria
Chambers, Demetria b-Dec.26,1958 d-Sept.28,1987 “Mother” DS w/ Betty Anita
Chatman, Florence Stanley b-1916 d-1981
Churchhill, Frank A.  b-1897 d-1945 DS w/ Goldia
Churchill, Aron b-Feb.15,1886 d-Nov.10,1966
Churchill, Bettie b-Oct.19,1875 d-May 11,1962
Churchill,  Ella b-Aug.10,1910 d-Jul.11,1997
Churchill, Fannie L. b-Dec.18,1886 d-Mar.25,1968
Churchill, Goldia b-1902 d-1943 DS w/ Frank A.
Churchill, John b-1880 d-1953
Churchill, Laura b-1883 d-1920
Churchill, Laura  died-Sept.16,1920 (May be old stone for above-leaning against a sm. tree)
Churchill, Mason b-July 17,1875 d-Dec.27,1958
Churchwell, Houston b-Aug.24,1840 d-Jul.10,1920
Churchwell, Lettie b-May 12,1854 d-Jul.17,1939
Churchwell, S. C.  b-Apr.15,1895 d-June 24,1948
Churchwell, U. L.  b-Jan.24,1912 d-Mar.7,1968
Collins, Cora b-Oct.1,1896 d-Apr.13,1972
Collins, Marvin C.  b-Feb.26,1892 d-Mar.17,1968
Davis, Adam b-Jan.12,1889 d-Sept.23,1975
Davis, Albert b-1914 d-1963
Davis, Alzina b-1874 d-1958
Davis, Jonas b-Jan.26,1887 d-Sept.19,1962 (under big tree)
Davis, Mary b-Mar.31,1901 d-June 7,1910 Daughter of William  &  Alsina Davis
Davis, Nona b-1904 d-1990
Davis, Ora b-Sept.20,1906 d-Sept.3,1948
Davis, Robert b-1905 d-1932
Davis, William b-Feb.13,1878 d-June 29,1915
Deloach, Alice b-July 26,1870 d-May 3, 1913
Deloach, Ben b-Mar.11,1862 d-Sept.10,1926
DeLoach, Coleman b-Dec.28,1904 d-Feb.12,1979
DeLoach, Elcrener H. b-Sept.3,1896 d-Oct.26,1975
DeLoach, Leo b-Apr.15,1913 d-Jan.28,1970 US Army WW II
DeLoach, Mattie b-June 1,1877 d-May 6,1959
DeLoach, Sampson b-Sept.20,1890 d-Feb.8,1960
DeLoach, T. J.  b-1907 d-1982
DeWalt, M. J.  b-Apr.19,1902 d-Nov.27,1989 DS w/ T. B.
DeWalt,  T. B.  b-July 1, 1912 d-May 18,1985 DS w/ M. J.
Dirden, Joe Dell b-June 7, 1954 d-Mar.12,1998
Dixon, Annie b-1904 d-1990 DS w/ Doll
Dixon, Doll b-1910 d-1991 DS w/ Annie
Douglas, Gertrude O. b-Aug.3,1903 d-Apr.24,1969 DS w/ Wren
Douglas, Gurtrude b-Aug.3,1903 d-Apr.24,1969
Douglas, Wren b-Jan.1,1899 d-May 14,1981 DS w/ Gertrude
Durden, Caroline b-Aug.13,1909 d-Jan.27,1918 Daughter of Annie Durden
Eaglin, Baby Junius Holland III b-Dec.31,1997 d-June 19,1998
Eleby, Annie b-? d-? (stone buried-couldn’t see dates)
Eleby, Asa C.  b-Dec.15,1884 d-Feb.8,1980
Eleby, Bro. Louis b-1891 d-1974
Eleby, Edgar b-Mar.20,1885 d-July 26,1906
Eleby, Eunice M.  b-Nov.27,1927 d-Sept.19,1946
Eleby, Frank b-Sept.10,1879 d-Aug.22,1949
Eleby,  Georgia b-Nov.10,1870 d-Sept.20,1942
Eleby, Gus b-Jun.4,1887 d-Jan.4,1984
Eleby, Henry Thomas b-May 20,1899 d-Apr.2,1982
Eleby,  Jessie b-Oct.10,1898 d-May 12,1963 (4/4/1964 scratched on stone)
Eleby, Mrs. Jessie Lee b-Feb.9,1894 d-Feb.17,2000
Eleby, Jethro b-Mar.6,1919 d-July 29,2000 US Army
Eleby, June b-Mar.27,1892 d-Apr.27,1981 US Army
Eleby, Limus b-July 3,1851 d-Sept.13,1908
Eleby, Minnie V. b-Feb.14,1890 d-Dec.25,1957
Eleby, Sadie Fern E.  b-Nov.18,1899 d-July 24,1992
Eleby, Urlis  b-Feb.2,1920 d-Jan.26,1974
Eliby, Owen b-Apr.24,1896 d-Jan.1,1918 US Army
Elleby, Sylvia b-1803 d-May __,1891
Franklin, Eveline b-Dec.20,1904 d-Feb.22,1922
Gray, ______   No dates
Gray,  Thelma b-Aug.1,1941 d-Feb.12,1992
Grice, Lester III b-Oct.19,1947 d-July 28,1991
H_ilton?, Emma “Aunt Tina” b-Dec.25,18_3 d-Mar.5,1978
Hamilton, Thelma b-July 4,1916 d-July 2,1994
Hardy, Ardie Mae b-1910 d-1989
Harris, Jessie Lee Jr.   (dates buried)  US Navy WWII
Harris, Lillar b-1896 d-1974
Harrison, Baby Rosilyn Dennise b-Aug.18,1987 d-Aug.18,1987
Harrison, Bessie M.  b-Mar.30, 1922 d-Nov.22,1998 DS w/ Curtis Sr.
Harrison, Curtis Sr. “Clyde” b-Aug.19,1917 d-_____ DS w/ Bessie M.
Harrison, Emaline b-Dec.25,1898 d-Sept.26,1976
Hayes, Alice Eleby b-Apr.27,1898 d-Mar.16,1993
Hayes, Harley b-Jan.3,1895 d-Feb.18,1982 US Army WW I
Hayes, Lillie Mae b-? d-? Buried Stone under cedar tree
Haynes, Ethel Lee b-Oct.15,1927 d-Jan.2,1977
Henderson, Herman b-? d-? Partly buried stoneUS Army
Hill, Carrie b-Mar.28,1885 d-Oct.9,1934
Hill, Carrie P. b-Oct.15,1907 d-Sept.5,1988 DS w/ Henderson Sr.
Hill, Mrs. Cetta b- Nov.16,1914 d-Sept.8,1979
Hill,  Edd b-Jan.6,1882 d-May 19,1968
Hill, Henderson Sr. b-Mar.11,1900 d-Feb.16,1987 DS w/ Carrie P.
Hill,  James A.  b-Feb.15,1940 d-Feb.2,1971 US Marines Vietnam
Hill, Ran? Jr. b-Oct.15,1900 d-June 26,1959
Hill, Romie b-Feb.23,1914 d-Feb.18,1997 US Army WW II
Hillborn, Beaula b-Oct.__,1850? d-_____
Hines, Dorothy L. b-Sept.13,1924 d-May 20,1997
Hines, Mattie b-1903 d-1929
Hines, Rev. J. L.  b-Feb.25,1898 d-Feb.5,1976
Hobbs, Mamie b-Oct.5,1870 d-Feb.8,1920
Holland, Jonah b-Jan.2,1889 d-Oct.14,1973
Holland, Semon b-1887 d-1977
Hollands, Amanda single date Sept.17,1943
Hooey, Bunyan b-June 2,1889 d-Nov.14,1961
Hooey, Litha Churchwell b-Jan.18,1891 d-Sept.20,1990
Hooey, Raymond L. b-Jan.16,1942 d-Nov.18,1977 US Army Vietnam
Hooey, Sol M. b-Mar.8,1920 d-June 29,1993
Jackson, Mrs. Everett b-Dec.4,1936 d-July 25,1998
Jernigan, Kelvin D.  b-1978 d-1978
Johnson, Ada b-July 1,1901 d-July 9,1964
Johnson, Beulah b-__.__,1872 d-__.__,1922
Johnson, Fannie Mae b-May 22,1906 d-Mar.8,1948
Johnson,  Jessie   Cement Slab near fence
Johnson, Johnnie b-Dec.22,1922 d-Jan.20,1963
Johnson, Little Boy b-Aug.18,1917 d-Jul.7,1918
Johnson,  Ola Qualls Peterson  Died- Sept.1985
Johnson, William Cesar b-1894 d-1942
Johnson, Willie b-Nov.6,1947 d-Apr.7,1992
Jones, Cora Bell b-Apr.17,1925 d-Jul.5,1979 DS w/ Tommie
Jones, Mary M.   died-___ 1940
Jones, Mrs. Nen b-Feb.9,1891 d-Dec.7,1952
Jones, Tommie b-Feb.29,1916 d-Dec.2,1982 DS w/ Cora Bell
Jordin, Bettie b-Jul.20,1882 d-May 8,1969
Jordin, Robert b-Apr.2,1888 d-Jun.23,1975
King,  Annie Eleby b-Sept.6,1895 d-May 24,1989 “Age 93”
King, Charles N. b-Aug.6,1926 d-Oct.1,1954 WW II Veteran
King, Earl Nathaniel b-May 12,1949 d-Sept.15,1998
King, Rev. John L.  b-1863 d-1934
King, John Lee b-Jan.29,1918 d-Sept.15,1993
King, John Wesley b-Dec.31,1896 d-Sept.9,1954
King, Juanita b-1920 d-1934
King, Julia b-? d-? Buried Stone
King, Lilia A. b-July 24,1899 d-Apr.6,1983
King, Lottie May b-Jan.29,1915 d-Aug.23,1917
King,  Virginia b-Apr.29,1867 d-Aug.5,1925 (“King, R.S. & D.” written on top)
King,  Willie b-Feb.27,1888 d-Aug.11,1965
Landry, Faye Smith b-May 27,1940 d-Oct.2,1996
Lewers?, Mr. Elly Jr. b-Dec.2,1923 d-_____1995 “Age  71”
Linear,  Jimmie b-Dec.21,1942 d-Oct.14,1996
Mason, G. A. b-Aug.22,1857 d-Oct.24,1912
McDaniel,  Ola b-Feb.14,1897 d-Sept.30,1984
McElroy, Maggie b-1881 d-1960
McFadden,  Jimmie Lee b-June 7,1935  d-Sept.6,1994 “Age 59”
McGathon, Horace b-Feb.6,1896 d-Aug.4,1959 WW I Veteran
Mitchell, Hazel b-Apr.15,1892 d-May 7,1979
Moore, Kathrine b-Sept.20,1926 d-May 14,1993
Morris,  Falba b-May 1,1913 d-May 30,1939
Morris, Walter Lee  Died-Apr.5,1944
Morris, Willie D. Jr. b-Apr.28,1932 d-Nov.25,1983
Myers, Alberta M.  Brown b-Sept.8,1896 d-July 8,1980 Mar-Nov.28,1915  DS w/ Willie Sr.
Myers, Willie Jr. b-June 11, 1923 d-June 17,1969
Myers, Willie Sr.  b-Feb.7,1894 d-Sept.17,1982 Mar-Nov.28,1915  DS w/ Alberta
Myers, Wilson b-May 17,1917 d-Jan.14,1966
Parker, Fannie b-May 5,1904 d-Oct.1,1890
Parker, George b-Mar.14,1893 d-June 30,1969 US Army WW I
Parker,  James b-Feb.15,1950 d-Jan.28,1994
Parker, Kelvin L.  b-Nov.11,1958 d-Oct.18,1997
Parker,  Nathan b-Sept.25,1897 d-Jan.4,1969
Parker, Nathan Jr. b-Sept.23,1936 d-June 23, 1982
Parker, Novella b-Mar.11,1901 d-Jan.21,1976
Payton, Ruby Peterson b-Sept.25,1914 d-Feb.16,1994
Perkins, Keetsie b-Oct.7,1893 d-Nov.15,1966 US Army WW I
Phillips, Ann  died-Dec.22,1902 “Age 50”
Phillips, Annie b-Sept.19,1899 d-Feb.23,1928
Phillips,  Bertha Lee b-June 13,1910 d-Nov.17,1993
Phillips, Carter b-1900 d-1966
Phillips, Daniel Webster b-Dec.6,1914 d-Apr.20,1968 WW II Veteran
Phillips, George Jr. b-1898 d-Apr.30,1926
Phillips, George Sr. b-1863 d-Apr.29,1925
Phillips, James b-1886 d-1975 US Army WW I
Phillips, Lucinta b-? d-? Buried stone
Phillips, Luther b-Mar.29,1912 d-Oct.15,1970
Phillips,  Pauline b-1940 d-1953
Phillips, Savannah b-Mar.7,1880 d-Mar.7,1920
Phillips, Simon b-Aug.5,1870 d-May 28,1954
Phillips, Vivian b-May 21,1933 d-July 17,1948
Phillips,  W---- b-? d-? Partly buried stone
Phillips,  Will 
Pickens, Almer C. Jr.  b-July 22,1971 d-Feb.20,1974
Pickens, Arlee b-Nov.11,1897 d-Feb.16,1979 Mar-Dec.15,1919 DS w/ R.C.
Pickens, Bigy b-June 19,1885 d-Nov.26,1966
Pickens, Bozie b-1906 d-1974
Pickens, Clisbia Blakes b-Sept.20,1888 d-Mar.18,1993
Pickens, Howard Jr. b-1934 d-1990 DS w/ Louise
Pickens, Johnnie Lee b-Mar.12,1929 d-Nov.1,1996 US Army Korea
Pickens, Louise b-1934 d-_____ DS w/ Howard Jr.
Pickens, Malachi b-Mar.9,1883 d-__.__,1919
Pickens,  Ocie b-Jun.23,1912 d-Jul.27,1979
Pickens, Ocie Jr. b-Aug.28,1932 d-Feb.5,1998
Pickens, R. C. b-Oct.30,1891 d-Dec.24,1960 Mar-Dec.15,1919  DS w/ Arlee
Pickens, Richard W. b-Mar.18,1923 d-Sept.26,1970 US Marines WW II
Pickens, Roy James Jr.  b-Oct.11,1939 d-Sept.9,1983
Pickens, Roy Lee b-Dec.7,1918 d-Dec.18,1982
Pittman, Eva Lee b-Sept.10,1885 d-Aug.2,1962
Pittman, Joe Larry b-June 11,1948 d-Mar.3,1949
Pittman, Malachi b-Apr.16,1882 d-Oct.9,1979
Plattenburg, Richard b-Sept.30,1960 d-May 6,1977
Prescott,  Artye A. b-Nov.18,1940 d-May 25,1988
Prescott, Baby Arvetta b-Jul.29,1945 d-Oct.3,1948
Prescott, Clarence b-Aug.17,1888 d-Oct.28,1965 DS w/ Ella
Prescott, Ella b-Mar.4,1894 d-______ DS w/ Clarence
Prescott, Ella b-Feb.15,1880 d-June 2, 1966
Prescott, Lang A. Sr. b-Aug.26,1900 d-July 1,1978
Prescott, Lang Alfred Jr. b-Jul.11,1939 d-Jul.8,1999
Prescott, Oliver b-Dec.12,1883 d-Feb.7,1960
Prescott, Rannie b-Dec.25,1861 d-Jun.25,1933
Qualls, Atimer b-Oct.14,1897 d-Feb.9,1943 DS w/ Fred
Qualls, Fred b-Nov.4,1890 d-July 10,1936 DS w/ Atimer
Qualls, George W. b-Jul.12,1852 d-May 9,1951
Qualls, George W. b-Jul.12,1848 d-May 9,1951 (same person?-newer stone)
Qualls,  Granville b-Jan.27,1864 d-May 5,1915
Qualls, Ladonna b-Dec.11,1903 d-Sept.16,1908
Qualls, Pete b-Nov.7,1897 d-Apr.23,1975
Ratcliff, A. J.  b-May 25,1891 d-July 26,1960
Ratcliff, Clairette Vivian b-Nov.5,1912 d-Mar.2,1997 mar-June 12,1937  DS w/ John Wesley
Ratcliff, Collis Elmo b-Apr.16,1915 d-Feb.19,1994
Ratcliff, Elijah b-July 20,1869 d-May 28,1961 DS w/ Katie C.
Ratcliff, Helen Lois b-Sept.15,1920 d-Oct.22,1983
Ratcliff, Houston b-June 30,1912 d-Dec.17,1985 US Army WW II
Ratcliff, John Wesley b-Dec.1,1908 d-_______ mar-June 12,1937  DS w/ Clairette
Ratcliff, Katie C.  b-Oct.16,1870 d-May 23,1968 DS w/ Elijah
Ratcliff, Lorenzo b-Feb.24,1906 d-Apr.28,1994
Ratcliff, Loulea b-Jul.18,1891 d-Aug.17,1910
Ratcliff, Martin Lorenzo b-Apr.28,1941 d-June 20,1989
Ratcliff, Nealie b-Aug.8,1877 d-Nov.5,1951
Ratcliff, Pete b-Nov.25,1865 d-Mar.19,1954
Rhoden,  Susan b-1882 d-1926
Riddley, Alberta b-Sept.16,1905 d-May 29,1964
Robinett, Dan Sr.  b-Nov.28,1910 d-Oct.2,1994
Robinett, Kenneth Dale b-Feb.11,1952 d-Oct.13,1984
Robinett, Lula Mae Bean b-Aug.23,1925 d-Sept.28,1975
Robnett, George b-May 2,1890 d-Feb.2,1941
Ryans, Marie P.  b-Oct.19,1919 d-Mar.6,1996
Shine, James E.  b-Mar.4,1962 d-Jan.11,1999
Simmons, Doris Faye Hill b-Aug.26,1945 d-Jan.15,1998
Sloan, Hortense Davis b-June 27,1908 d-Nov.22,1999 “Age 91”
Smith , Doris
Smith, Alma Luces b-Oct.__,1940 d-Sept._,1941
Smith, Emma b-1887 d-1947 DS w/ Solan
Smith, Joeander b-Mar.20,1863 d-Aug.3,1947
Smith, Marcus b-Mar.7,1922 d-Dec.3,1989 US Army
Smith, Solan b-1871 d-1950  DS w/ Emma
Smith, Trula Pickens b-Sept.1,1908 d-Oct.3,1984
Stanley, Clint b-? d-? (marker buried) WW I Veteran
Stanley, Joe b-1869 d-1952
Stanley, Odell b-1925 d-1957
Stanley, W. D.  b-1919 d-1957 WW II Veteran
Stapilton, Daniel b-May 24,1890 d-Oct.18,1950 WW I Veteran
Stephens, Addie Mae b-Mar.7,1945 d-Apr.26,1984
Stephens, Andrew b-Feb.3,1919 d-Nov.21,1986 US Army WW II
Stephens, Andrew L.  b-Dec.31,1949 d-Nov.21,1966
Stephens, Bell b-1889 d-1970
Stephens,  Herman b-Feb.29,1920 d-Nov.10,1977 US Army WW II
Stephens, James Albert b-Aug.12,1948 d-Jan.7,1976
Stephens, Willie Jr. b-July 28,1918 d-Sept.10,1973
Sterling, Jewel D.  b-Sept.25,1919 d-Dec.28,1961
Stevenson,  Vennela b-Sept.29,1922 d-June 16,1951
Sumner, O. B. b-Sept.6,1882 d-July 5,1923 In edge of thick woods
Swanson, J. R.  b-July 11,1918 d-Nov.18,1992 US Navy WW II
Sykes, Author b-1881 d-1932
Sykes, Howard b-June 5,1924 d-Mar.27,1957
Sykes, Lewis b-1910 d-1935
Sykes, Oscar b-May 18,1919 d-Jan.18,1988
Tatum, Melody Danielle b-Mar.28,1977 d-July 6,1990 “Age 13”
Taylor, Lucinda b-Oct.30,1906 d-Oct.18,1997
Thomas, Deborah b-Sept.11,1956 d-Oct.4,1978
Unknown- 81 with no marker or unreadable markers
Unknown, (Letters Missing) b-1907 d-1975
Vaughn, Ina b-1890 d-1942
Wagner, D. W. b-June 29,1894 d-Aug.12,1962 DS w/ Lucy
Wagner, Lucy b-Aug.29,1878 d-Mar.15,1966 DS w/ D. W.
Walker, Anderson b-May 26,1912 d-______
Walker, Creed b-1909 d-1962
Walker, Henderson  Died Dec.27,1966 “Age 82”
Wanza, Verna b-Aug.2,1906 d-Nov.26,1978
White, ______
White, Dorthia   (unmarked, next to Jerry Wayne Jr.)
White,  Edd b-???? d-1943? Hard to read
White, George b-June 3,1892 d-Dec.29,1966
White, James b-Mar.31,1941 d-Dec.1,1994
White, James Jr. b-Oct.27,1967 d-Jan.30,1997
White, Jerry Wayne Jr. b-Dec.25,1988 d-July 11,1999
White, Jessie Lynn b-Oct.12,1960 d-Jan.13,1982
White, Leonia b-1885 d-1941
White, Lina Lee b-Jan.9,1922 d-Aug.23,1980
White, Otis Sr. b-Oct.17,1919 d-July 20,1996
Whittaker, Annie b-Nov.8,1923 d-May 9,1944
Williams, Clearance b-Mar.20,1923 d-Apr.8,1997 US Army WW II
Williams, Queen Ollie b-July 22, 1904 d-Nov.26,1988
Wilson, Rosie b-1895 d-1956
Wiser, Juanita b-Oct.19,1930 d-Sept.24,1937
Wyatt, Jessie b-1898 d-May 11,1932

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