Usher Cemetery
Submitted May 30, 2000 by R. D. Hendrix

Small fenced cemetery in good condition.
Located in the woods east of FM 2500 Near Center Grove
Inscriptions / Comments
Parrish Charles C.  Jan.21,1895 Mar.11,1983 .
Parrish Isom Shearls Dec.15,1897 Sept.17,1983 .
Parrish Jesse Handley June 2,1847 Apr.16,1925 Civil War Veteran
Parrish Nina Elizabeth Nov.17,1916 Nov.27,1916 .
Parrish Norman Allen Mar.31,1932 July 23,1985 Korean War Veteran
Parrish Pruddie E.  Aug.26,1897 Oct.6,1901 .
Parrish Timney E.  Oct.16,1854 Aug.7,1928 .
Unknown . . . .
Unknown . . . .
Usher John Aug.2,1859 Mar.23,1889 Son of Robert & Nancy Usher
Usher Nancy Jan.11,1830 Jan.1,1924 .
Usher Robert Dec.25,1824 July 17,1889 Son of George & Hanner Usher
Civil War Veteran

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