Waldrep Cemetery
Early Settlers Of Woods Creek
Submitted by Mary McNiel Payne
Off Hwy. 190 East, take a left onto Midway Center Rd. There is also a sign that
says it is Jas Turner Cemetery Rd. Go 2 miles, take a right at the fork with sign
that says Waldrep Cemetery. Make the next left onto Leon Dickens Rd.
Go 1 3/10 mile, take a left onto Patsy Dickens Rd. At the top of the hill is the
cemetery, at the edge of the woods, hunting leases adjoin the property. It has a
large wood sign at the entrance that says Waldrep Cemetery, Early Settlers of
Woods Creek. It is fenced with a locked gate. Per my phone conversation with
Mrs. Collis Waldrep, these are the names of graves that are known to be buried there.
A few have headstones, most are marked by a single brick, or metal marker that is
unreadable, or piece of pvc pipe.

Baxter, Mary Jane Waldrep  b-Oct. 18, 1849  d-Feb. 24, 1886
Matthews, Mary Jane (Sarah) Waldrep b-1829  d-1895
Nelson, Jesse  b-March 16, 1900   d-Aug.5, 1900
Nelson, Rebecca A. Waldrep b-March 14, 1876   d-Aug. 6, 1900
Waldrep, Ada Victoria Matthews  b-Feb. 29, 1860   d-Jan. 10, 1918
        DS w/ Mark Anthony Waldrep
Waldrep, Elihu (Little Elihu)   No Dates
Waldrep, Elihu H.  b-March 29, 1881   d-June 4, 1959
Waldrep, Elihu Nelson  b-Dec. 11, 1853   d-Feb. 26, 1936
Waldrep, Frances Elizabeth  b-Jan. 11, 1887   d-Oct. 23, 1897
Waldrep, Iola  b-Dec. 1, 1893   d-March 12, 1906
Waldrep, John   1826   {only 1 date}
Waldrep, John Henry   b-1847   d-1915
        Co F 22 Texas Inf. CSA
Waldrep, Jno.  No Dates
Waldrep, Lizra Mary Dodwell  No Dates
Waldrep, Mark Anthony  b-June 22, 1860   d-Oct. 4, 1936;
        DS w/ Ada Victoria Matthews Waldrep
Waldrep, Mary Matilda Dodwell  b-Nov. 10, 1887  d-April 18, 1918
Waldrep, Pinckney Jackson  (Jack) b-April 9, 1873   d-Nov. 19, 1913
Waldrep, Sarah Jane Bush  b-March 29, 1827    d-April 1, 1900
Waldrep, Searcy D. b-1821   d-1870
        Co K 5 Texas Inf. CSA
Waldrep, Thomas  b-April 1, 1887   d-Nov. 3, 1913
Waldrep,  William Henderson   b-Sept. 22, 1827    d-March 30, 1895
        Pvt. Co. C  2 Brig  Texas State Trp. CSA

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