Winn Creek Cemetery
By Cannon Pritchard (April 2002)

   This cemetery is  about two acres in size from the fence poles that are still standing located
on private property. There is no gate or entrance to the area. Cemetery markers are scattered
over the area. Some are standing and others are sunken in the ground.  It appears there were
many markers in this cemetery at one time. Most were probably wooden or are buried under
the fallen trees and ground.  It is partially fenced on a high hill in a grove of  pine trees near
the Pruitt and Rice homesites east of  Leggett, Texas.   It is located within a large fenced-in
section of  land with livestock all over the area.

Location:  At the intersection of  U. S. Highway 59 and  FR942 in Leggett, Texas go East
   on FR 942 for one mile to a private residence (log house) on the right. A private road
   behind the residence leads to the cemetery. It is located 3 miles down the road and the
   cemetery is on the left side of  the road in a grove of  pine trees above Winn Creek.
   Permission from resident is required to enter the private property and visit the cemetery.

Banks,  Roy,  born  Dec 25, 1909  died  Jun 10, 1945,
        PFC, 3877 OM Gas Supply Company, Texas, U. S. Army
Berry,  Mrs. Fedie,  born  1890  died  Jan 12, 1938
Burrell,  Mary,  born  Feb 9, 1904  died  Feb 13, 1925,  "Darling,  We Miss Thee"
Dalip,  Haygood,  born  Feb 20, 1870  died  Apr 2, 1942
Davis,  Anna,  born  Jul 2, 1890  died  Aug 13, 1940  "At Rest"
Davis,  Burnice,  born  Feb 17, 1907  died  Jan 18, 1908,  infant son of  J. W. & A. Davis
Davis,  Mariah,  born  Jul 1, 1866  died  Oct 21, 1927
Davis,  Peora,  born  Jul 11, 1896  died  Sep 23, 1914, daughter of  J. W. & A. Davis,
        "Come Unto Me"
Flake,  Lester D.,  born  Nov 8, 1864  died  Aug 22, 1866,  "Our Little Lester"
        youngest son of  A. J. &  L. C. Flake
Hudson,  Flerida,  The Wife of  Jno. Hudson,   (No dates)
Mays,  Nettie,  born  1852  died  1925
Shields,  D. S.,  born  Jul 20, 1854  died  Dec 12, 1911
Shields,  Maggie,  born  Aug 4, 1860  died  Feb 4, 1942
Williams,  Hope,  born  May 18, 1846  died  May 16, 1919,  "Father"

The following are known burials (without markers) of the Winn Family in this cemetery:
Winn,  Demetrius,   born  1849   died  1853
Winn,  Emily Catherine,  born 1844  died  prior to 1855
Winn,  James C.  born  1801 Ky.  died  Feb. 1, 1856
Winn,  Josephine   born  1846   died   prior 1856

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