Spanish American War Veterans
Buried in Polk County
Submitted by Cannon Pritchard

     In 1898 there was a struggle of  U.S. and Cuban revolutionists against Spain with the chief
object of liberating Cuba from Spanish control. With the sinking of the U.S. battleship Maine,
the U.S. demanded Spain's withdrawal from Cuba. On April 24, 1898 Spain declared war.
On May 1st the U.S. Navy defeated a Spanish fleet at Manila, Phillipine Islands and the Spanish
fleet at Santiago de Cuba was destroyed on July 3rd. The U.S. secured surrender of Santiago
and Armistice was signed on Aug. 12th. The Treaty of  Paris was signed on Dec. 10, 1898
freeing  Cuba.

The following known soldiers of the Spanish American War are buried in Polk County:

Ballard, Leland  b. July 7, 1873  d. May 21, 1944,
    Unit/Rank: Private, Tx 11th  Co. Coast Artillery,    Buried: Turner Cemetery
Bethea, Cade   b. Oct 10, 1877  d. Apr 8, 1955,
    Unit/Rank: Private, Co.L,  First Texas Cavalry,  Buried: Forest Hill Cemetery
Butler, Hardy H.  b. Mar 9, 1865,  d. Sept 22, 1940,
    Unit/Rank: Private,  Co. B, 2nd Texas Infantry,  Buried:   Forest Hill Cemetery
Broaddus, Edward K.   b. Dec 13, 1887  d. June 10, 1951,
    Unit/Rank: Private,  Co. K, First U.S. Volunteer Infantry,  Buried: Union Springs Cemetery
Canon, Edward F. Jr.  b. 1872   d. 1898,
    Unit/Rank:  Private,  Co. F, 2nd Texas Infantry,  Buried: Canon Cemetery
Canon, Marshall C.   b. 13 Apr 1876  d. 25 Aug 1910,
    Unit/Rank: Private,  Co. G, First Texas Artillery,  Buried: Center Grove Cemetery
Coats, Samuel Thomas "S.T."  b.  Feb 10, 1878  d. Nov 4, 1975,
    Unit/Rank: Private-Musician, Co. G, 2nd U.S. Volunteer Infantry, Buried: Forest Hill Cemetery
Dahl, Julius Tilmer  b. Jan 28, 1878  d. Mar 20, 1958,
    Unit/Rank: Private,  Co. C, 4th Wisconsin Infantry,  Buried: Magnolia Cemetery
Hon, Alva M.   b. Jun 22, 1875  d.  Jan 10, 1949,
    Unit/Rank: Corporal, Co. A., First Regiment Texas Infantry,   Buried:  Center Grove Cemetery
Little, James Walker   b. Jan. 17, 1875   d. June 23, 1941
     Unit/Rank: Pvt. Co. H,  33rd US Infantry,  Buried: Jones Prairie Cemetery
Martin, Read L.  b-Oct 19, 1874  d-Jan 20, 1951
    Unit/Rank: Private, Artificer  Co. F 33 Texas Vol. Inf. in the Philippine Insurrection,
    Buried: Peebles Cemetery (Providence)
Moore, Don D.   b-1874   d-1952,
    Unit/Rank: Private, Co C 1st Regt. Tennesse Inf.,  Buried: Forest Hill Cemetery
Moore, Zovalda  b. Mar 7, 1878  d.  Oct 18, 1917,
    Unit/Rank: Private,  U.S. Infantry in the Philippines,  Buried: Moore Cemetery
Peavy, John Powell  b. Apr 21, 1874  d.  July 1, 1964,
    Unit/Rank: Private, Co. G,  First Georgia Infantry,   Buried: Restland Memorial Cemetery

The following soldiers were from Polk County and served in the war, burial location unknown:
Owens, Charlie
Towns, Dr. J. T.

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