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From Franklin, C.B. "An 87-year Reminiscence: Flight of the Portuguese from Madeira in 1846." An address delivered at St. Ann's Church of Scotland, Port-of-Spain, 17th September 1933.

The following is a list of some of the earliest Portuguese Presbyterian refugees in Trinidad. This list gives the names of some members of the St. Ann's Church of Scotland whose contributions to a Patriotic Fund were collected by the Reverend Mr. Henrique Vieira. It was recorded in the Trinidad Royal Gazette (2 May 1855, 9 years after the arrival of the first refugees 1846, and 1 year after the church was built), and republished by C.B. Franklin in 1933.

Maria de Abreo
Anna d'Andrade
Anna d'Andrade
Antonio d'Andrade
Francisco d'Anrade
Maria d'Andrade
João Baptista
João Baptista
Joaquina Baptista
Johny Baptista
Lucia Batista
Querino Baptista
João Cabral
Maria Carvalha
José da Castra
Antonio Correa
Francisca Correa
Joaquim Correa
Joaquim Correa
Manoel Correa
Francisco de Costa
Marcial da Costa
Maria da Costa
Augusta de Esperança
José Antonio da Esperança
Margarida de Esperança
José Fernandes
José Fernandes
Anna Ferreira
Jezuina Ferreira
Joaquim Ferreira
Ludevina Ferreira
Manoel Ferreira
Maria Ferreira
Antonio de Freitas
Antonio de Freitas
Antonio M. de Freitas
Jetudes de Freitas
Joaquim de Freitas
Marcelino de Freitas
Sebastiano de Freitas
Antonio Franco
Benefacio Gomes
José Gomes
Maria Gomes
Manoel Gonzalves
Manoel Jardim
Fernando Joaquim
Anna Marques
Luiza Marques
Manoel Marques
João Martins
João Martins
Antonio Mendes
Joaquim Mendes
Manoel Mendes
Domingos de Mendonça
João de Mendonça
Manoel Fernandes Neves
Antonio Gomes Nogueira
Francisco Marques Pereira
Antonio Pires
Antonia dos Santos
Francisca dos Santos
Joaquim dos Santos
Antonio da Silva
Jezuina da Silva
Vicente Silveira
Antonio de Sousa
Antonio José Souza
Francisco Souza
Julia de Souza
Margarita de Souza
Manoel José de Sousa
Martinho José de Sousa
Thereza de Souza
Vicente Telles
Manoel Vieira
Maria Vieira
Henrique Vieira
Antonia Jacinta
Claudino Alexandra
Francisco M.
Maria Francisca
Carolina Roza
João Christina
No Name
no name
No Name
No Name
No Name
No Name
No Name

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