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Slaves Named in Wills, Deeds and other Documents

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Our research on Charles Powell Sr. (b. 1740 Stafford Co. VA, to Halifax Co. VA 1779, to Mercer Co. KY 1790, d. 1810 Mercer Co. KY) has led The Three Sisters to conclude that he fathered one or more children by one or more of his black slaves in Mercer Co. KY. His wife, Sarah Gholson Powell, in a suit in Mercer Co. in 1807 "…charges that he[Charles Powell Sr.] has given her every reason to believe and she does believe that he has long lived in a state of fornication with Negroess slaves, that he has indulged himself in her presence with every dalliance short of fornication with her female salves for more than eight months now…"

Slaves named in Charles Powell documents are Tom, Dorah, Tony, and Lid and her children: Jeff, Jordain, and Mirah. Tom and Dorah were freed by Charles Powell in his will in 1810 and Tony, Lid and her children were sold to Jeremiah Briscoe in 1807. Surnames for Black Slaves associated with our Powell family could carry any number of surnames including: Powell, Gholson, Prewitt, and Birscoe. The Three Sisters are interested in locating present day descendants of the above named persons.

Presented by The Three Sisters

Fleta Aday, Betty Renfroe, Patsy Arkansas

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