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The Depression artwork of Voyle Oliver Brunner | Envelopes to his daughter at school

Mary Alice Brunner Cottingham Talbott, March 6, 1915-Nov. 4, 2001

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[Telegram received upon the birth of Mary Alice Brunner, March 6, 1915.]
Telegram received upon the birth of
Mary Alice Brunner, March 6, 1915.

We are researching the history of several of our families, from Perkins to Hottois to Brunner to Burdette to Tygart to Sabin and more.

Pat's Perkins family does not come from New Hampshire, but rather through Virginia. The Perkins family started there, migrated to Kentucky and then Missouri. Families that married in include the Griffins, Tygarts and Hambys. Other families on his mother's side include Cottingham, Brunner, Stuart and Startin.

Jo-Elle is researching several families, nearly all of which are from New York and the Northeast. These include Hottois, Burdette, Sabin and Wood.

We've included a variety of information here, and will continue to add to this site. Our view of genealogy is more than just a list of names and dates and places. We're striving to understand what our forebears experienced as they helped develop this nation of ours. Not just where they lived, but how did they live? We want to know where they went to school, if they did at all. We want to know what their communities looked like, what their country looked like. We want to know how hard their living was, what kind of crops they grew, even why they migrated east or stayed put. As time goes by, we'll try to answer these questions, and include those answers on this website. Keep your bookmarks handy. ;)

If you have any questions or comments, e-mail me.

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