How to contribute to the Early Via web page
How To Help These Pages Grow

These pages are dedicated to the early Vias.  Our goal, over time, is to collect the primary, original records of all Via/Viar/Viers (and other believable spellings) that were born before 1800.

How can I contribute?  If you have original records not on these pages, or better abstracts of wills or deeds, please share them with others.  Send them to me, and I will try to get them posted on this site within a week or so.  If you have evidence that links the early generations together, share it--we'll put it on our discussion and analysis or family charts pages.

Which Via records will you post?  Why are some of your original records after 1800?  The intent is to publish records of individuals born before 1800, so if a Via was born in 1795, but not married until 1820, we'll still be glad to post the marriage.  But if your ancestor was born in 1802, and married at an early age in 1820, we would not accept that.  That's why our later census record abstracts appear sparse--we're only listing the households that have a Via in that was born by 1800.
So... if the record is before 1800, we'll take it; or, if it's about a person born before 1800, we'll take it; otherwise, try sharing it with others on the Via mail list.

Why an arbitrary cutoff date of 1800?  The arbitrary cutoff of 1800 is to keep this project from becoming too large (I have 6 kids to keep me busy)  and maintain a focus of data that eventually will be useful to every Via researcher.  Also, by focussing on the early Vias, we can hopefully gather together a critical mass of data to begin to identify their relationships.