Parentage analysis for Robert Via/Patsey Lane

Parentage analysis for Robert Via md. Patsey Lane

I would respectfully like to submit the following information to support my supposition that Robert Via, who married Patsey Lane, was a son of William & Phebe Via of Nelson County, Va.
      Deed Book I, p. 328 (Amherst Co., Va.)
      22 Oct. 1801. George Hilton, AC, to Jesse Allen, AC, for L400, 195 acres Elk Island Creek where Wilson Penn lives in addition, an exchange of two tracts of Allen's and "for superiority" of the soil. Wit: Henley Drummond, ROBT. VIA, Chas. A. Lewis, Jno. Scruggs, Lewis Tindall, Jesse Jopling.
      22 Oct. 1801. Jesse Allen & wife Nancy, AC, to Geo. Hilton, AC, 350 acres both sides Rich Branch. Lines: William Horsley's orphans. Consideration- tract where Wilson Penn lives of 195 acres. Wit: Jno. Scruggs, Henley Drummond, RO. VIA, Chas. A. Lewis.
       Deed Book K, p. 5 (Amherst Co., Va.)
      5 Dec. 1803. George Hylton, AC, to Jno. Hager, AC, for 110 acres S. side Buffalo Ridge. Lines: Jas. Peter, S. fork Owen's Creek. Wit: Sam'l Arrington, RO. VIA, Jordan Arrington, Jno. Hager Jr. Orig. del. to J.H. 27 May 1805.
       p. 18.
      10 Aug. 1803. Geo. Hylton, AC, to Ro. Horsley, AC, for L58, 58 acres Elk Island Creek. Part of 217 acres. Lines: Jas. Pamplin, Wm. Horsley. Wit: Saml. Franklin, RO. VIA.

               The above seems to show that Robert Via was, at least, acquainted with George Hilton in the above land records for him to be listed as a witness.
               The following shows that George Hilton was a neighbor of William & Pheby Via.
       26 Nov. 1808. Thomas Spradling and wife, Nancy, to William Jordan...L65 Elk Island Creek-65 acres. Lines: WILLIAM VIA, GEORGE HYLTON, Grantee. Wit: William Horsley, Ro. Horsley, Sally Horsley.
        9 Sep. 1808. WILLIAM VIA and wife PHEABY, to William Camden...L100 72 1/2 acres--Left to William Via by father. Lines: Susannah Spradling, George Shrader, GEORGE HYLTON, Webster heirs. Wit: Leroy Camden, Micajah Pendleton, Hiram McGinnis, Jno. Whitehead.
                       The 72 1/2 acres bequeathed to John Via, brother of the above William, by their father, was eventually purchased by the father of Patsey Lane, who married Robert Via. This shows that Patsey Lane was living next to William & Phebe Via when she married Robert Via on 26 Jul. 1804.
        Deed Book F (Amherst Co., Va.) p.117
        25 Apr. 1786. Jno. Via (Vie) & wife Mary, AC, to Absalom Stinchcomb, AC, for L10-17-6, 72 1/2 acres both sides N. fork Elk Island Creek. Lines: Jno. Via. Wit: Joel Walker, Chas. Wingfield, Wm. Via.
         Deed Book H. (Amherst Co., Va.) p.422.
        9 Dec. 1793. Absolom Stinchcomb, "Albert Co., Ga." to WM. LAYNE, AC. (orig. del. to Saml. P. Lain (Patsey's brother) per order 8 May 1810) for L20, 72 1/2 acres both sides Elk Island, N. Fork; part of tract of Jno. Via. Lines of Via. Wit: Henry Arrington, Thos. Johns, Rich. Gatewood. Final Proof 15 Oct. 1798, and noted that Gatewood has died.
          Deed Book L. (Amherst Co., Va.) p.12.
         15 Aug. 1807. William Lane, Waggoner, Amherst Co., to Samuel Porter Lane, Amherst Co...6sh. 72 1/2 acres survey of 25 Apr. 1786. Lines: Jonathan Via; North Fork Elk Island Creek.
          William & Phebe Via were neighbors of William (Waggoner) Lane from 9 Dec. 1793 to 15 Aug. 1807. Robert Via married Patsey Lane within that time period. Given that all William Via's brothers had moved from the area and Robert remained close to William & Pheby until he married in 1804, makes the possibility that he was their child greater.
           Another thing I would like to point out is that Rowland Via, a known child of William & Phebe Via, named a son Robert, who was born about 1812. Possibly, named after a deceased brother. This Robert Via married Martha Carter in Amherst County, Va. on 6 Nov. 1838.
            All these circumstances piled together gives good reason to suspect that Robert Via was a son of William & Phebe Via.

Jeffery A. Viar