Via Family Traditions
Via Family Traditions
(Where did we come from?)

This page will accumulate stories, traditions, and folklore concerning where the Via family came from overseas.

The original Viers family came from Alsace-Lorraine which is in France. It borders Germany and Switzerland. The area was ruled sometimes by France and sometimes by Germany. The French spelled it V'ah, and the Germans spelled it Viers.
--from Wanda Viers Snyder, as told by Ezra Viers, born 1898

I have heard from an elderly aunt who said the Vier family had lived in Germany before going to England.
--from Jewell Via Smith

William Via and John Via were brothers, both coming from Southampton, England where their father, Job Via was a minister who had established places of worship along the route to London. Job was allowed to hold nightly meetings but his church was not acknowledged as the only Church in England was the Episcopal Church headed by the Archbishop of Canterberry.
--from papers in the possession of Harold H. Via