1871 census



1871 census

Here you will find all the 1871 census entries I have found so far..............they are not in any particular order as yet, but I will put them in order of Town/County very soon.

This page will be updated as I find/receive more entries.

PLEASE NOTE.......though every effort has been made to transcribe the above 1871 census entries correctly........mistakes can be made. Please always check the originals for verification. Piece and Folio's are given where possible.

Area Parish Street Name Surname Relation Condition Age Occupation Where Born Peice & folio Living With
Hackney St John 6 Sanford Cottages William PRENTICE Head Married 28 Master Shoemaker Southwark, Surrey
Eliza PRENTICE Wife Married 27 Boot Binder Hangingwood, Herts
Elizabeth PRENTICE Dau Unmarried 3 Ware, Herts
Rebecca PRENTICE Dau Unmarried 2 Stoke Newington,Middlesex
Hackney St Johns 423,Kingsland High Road John L PRENTICE Head Married 56 Butter ? Dealer Middlesex
Sarah PRENTICE Wife Married 52 Suffolk/Sussex
Eliza A D PRENTICE Dau Unmarried 30 Middlesex
Alice PRENTICE Dau Unmarried 26 Middlesex
Emma Bray Servant Unmarried 16 Gen Servant Middlesex
Hackney Stamford Hill Elizabeth Place William PRENTICE Head Married 38 Labourer Baddow, Essex
Elinor PRENTICE Wife Married 39 Baddow, Essex
Elinor PRENTICE Dau Unmarried 12 Scholar Baddow, Essex
James PRENTICE Son Unmarried 10 Scholar Baddow, Essex
George PRENTICE Son Unmarried 8 Scholar Poplar, Middlesex
Eliza  PRENTICE Dau Unmarried 5 Scholar Poplar, Middlesex
Hackney St Johns 7 Grove Terrace William F PRENTICE Head Married 27 Gardener Southgate. Middlesex
Sarah PRENTICE Wife Married 23 Edmonton, Middlesex
Florence PRENTICE Dau Unmarried 4 Edmonton, Middlesex
Annie PRENTICE Dau Unmarried 7 mths Edmonton, Middlesex
Hackney St Johns 8 Ellis Terrace George PRENTICE Head Married 43 Assistant Warehouseman Horsleydown, Surrey
Eliza PRENTICE Wife Married 41 Southwark, Surrey
Rose E PRENTICE Dau Unmarried 14 Hackney, Middlesex
Anne PRENTICE Dau Unmarried 12 Hackney, Middlesex
Alfred S PRENTICE son Unmarried 9 Hackney, Middlesex
Jessie PRENTICE Dau Unmarried 7 Hackney, Middlesex
Alexander PRENTICE Son Unmarried 5 Hackney, Middlesex
Hackney St John Baden Villa, Linden Rd, Frederick Wortley Head Widower 60 Ilford, Essex
Marianne Wortley Dau Unmarried 31 Seamstress Hackney, Middlesex
Jemima Wortley Dau Unmarried 28 Seamstress Hackney, Middlesex
Emma  Eve Wortley Dau Unmarried 26 Hackney, Middlesex
Sarah Ann Wortley Dau Unmarried 20 Needleworker Hackney, Middlesex
Henry Wortley Son Unmarried 17 Clerk Hackney, Middlesex
Mary Ann PRENTICE Aunt Unmarried 47 Ilford, Essex
Hackney Stamford Hill Sexons Nook, Providene Terr David PRENTICE Head Married 29 Labourer Chelmsford, Essex
Emma  PRENTICE Wife Married 32 Chelmsford, Essex
John PRENTICE Son Unmarried 8 Scholar Peckham, Surrey
Sarah PRENTICE Dau Unmarried 3 Scholar Clapton, Middlesex
Jane PRENTICE Dau Unmarried 2 Scholar Walthamstow, Essex
Lambeth St Andrews 1 Prince's Square ? H PRENTICE Head Married 25 Carman Grays , Essex RG10/648/58
Catherine PRENTICE Wife Married 22 Holborn, London
Marion PRENTICE Dau Unmarried 5 St Georges, Bow, London
Bermondsey St Mary Mag 88 Albert Road James PRENTICE Head Married 46 Fishmonger Edinborough, Scotland RG10/630/55
Mary PRENTICE Wife Married 43 Southwark,Surrey
Frederick PRENTICE Son Unmarried 21 Porks ? Southwark,Surrey
Joseph PRENTICE Son Unmarried 19 Porks ? Southwark,Surrey
Charles PRENTICE Son Unmarried 16 James ? Southwark,Surrey
Robert PRENTICE Son Unmarried 14 James ? Southwark,Surrey
Mary PRENTICE Dau Unmarried 9 Scholar Bermondsey, Surrey
Walter PRENTICE Son Unmarried 3 Bermondsey, Surrey
Bermondsey St Mary Mag James PRENTICE Head Married 34 Salesman Winchester, Herts ? RG10/628/117b
Mary PRENTICE Wife Married 35 Winchester, Herts ?
Bermondsey St Mary Mag 1 South House William PRENTICE Lodger Unknown 57 ? Carman Petersfeild, Kent RG10/628/76b
Langley, Essex William PRENTICE Head Married 49 Blacksmith  Glemsford, Suffolk
Mary A PRENTICE Wife Married 41 Elmdon , Essex
James H PRENTICE Son Unmarried 14 Ag Lab  Langley, Essex
Alice M PRENTICE Dau Unmarried 11 Scholar Langley, Essex
Pernetta PRENTICE Dau Unmarried 9
Southwark Christchurch 86 Blackfriars Rd Sarah PRENTISE Servant Unmarried 26 House Servant Bermondsey, Surrey RG10/592/31/16 Desborough
Romford Barking, St Margts 4a Union Street, Barking William PRENTICE Head Married 43 Ag Labourer Stanford, Essex RG10/1649/164
Mary Ann PRENTICE Wife Married 42 Barking, Essex
William PRENTICE Son Unmarried 14 Factory Hand Barking, Essex
Southwark St Geo the Martyr 277, Old Kent Rd Josiah PRENTICE Head Married 34 Zinc Worker Southwark, Surrey RG10/600/79
Kate PRENTICE Wife Married 29 Middlesex
Kate PRENTICE Dau Unmarried 2/9. Southwark, Surrey
Bethnal Green East Hackney 10 Wellington Road Charles PRENTICE Head Unknown 23 Carman Bethnal Green, London RG10/489/7
Mary Turner/Twiner Unknown Unknown 22 Bethnal Green, London
James Turner/Twiner Unknown Unmarried 5 Bethnal Green, London
Alice Turner/Twiner Unknown Unmarried 2 Bethnal Green, London
Charles Turner/Twiner Unknown Unmarried 3 mths Bethnal Green, London
Poplar St Matthews 155 East India Dock Rd Jane E PRENTICE Servant Unmarried 19 General Servant Flowton ?, Suffolk RG10/580/85
Poplar St Matthews 72 Augusta Street Thomas PRENTICE Head Married 68 Labourer Barking, Essex RG10/581/76
Ann PRENTICE Wife Married 80 Barking, Essex
Leytonstone Harrow Green George PRENTICE Head Married 25 Butcher Clerkenwell, London
Harriet PRENTICE Wife Married 26 Clerkenwell, London
Harriet M PRENTICE Dau Unmarried 8 mths Leytonestone, Essex
Bethnal Green 11 Half Nichols ? St James PRENTICE Head Widower 52 No Occupation St Lukes, London RG10/474/44b
Betsey PRENTICE Dau Unmarried 28 Button Maker St Lukes, London
Harriette PRENTICE Dau Unmarried 23 Button Maker St Lukes, London
Daniel PRENTICE Son Unmarried 18 Porter St Lukes, London
Joseph PRENTICE Son Unmarried 16 Errand Boy St Lukes, London
George PRENTICE Son Unmarried 13 Scholar St Lukes, London
Jane Lo/edger Neice Unmarried 17 Button Maker Hoxton, London
Jemima Lo/edger Neice Unmarried 14 Servant Hoxton, London
Sarah Lo/edger Neice Unmarried 8 Hoxton, London
Limehouse Stepney 45 Carr Street James PRENTICE Head Married 28 Fishmonger Bishopsgate, London RG10/549/90b
Rosina PRENTICE Wife Married 29 Limehouse, London
Limehouse Stepney 82 Salmon Lane, South Side George PRENTICE Head Married 49 Master Shoemaker Northampton RG10/550/103b
Agnes PRENTICE Wife Married 43 Housewife Surrey
Emma A PRENTICE Dau Unmarried 19 Dressmaker Mile End Old Town, London
Frederick G PRENTICE Son Unmarried 15 Clerk to G ? Mile End Old Town, London
Agnes A PRENTICE Dau Unmarried 13 Scholar Limehouse, London
Jane M PRENTICE Dau Unmarried 10 Scholar Limehouse, London
Alice E PRENTICE Dau Unmarried 8 Scholar Limehouse, London
Helena E PRENTICE Dau Unmarried 4 Scholar Limehouse, London
Elizabeth E PRENTICE Dau Unmarried 2 Limehouse, London
Thomas Stockley Apprentice Unmarried 16 Shoemakers Apprentice Mile End Old Town, London
Holborn Finsbury 76 Grays Inn Road Charles PRENTICE Head Married 52 Warehouseman Marylebone, London Rg10/375/43a
Mary Ann PRENTICE Wife Married 50 Tailoress Marylebone, London
Poplar Bow 14 Arthelstone Road Eliza PRENTICE Servant Unmarried 21 General Servant Limehouse, London RG10/577/50
Poplar Bow, St Marys 344 Roman Road Emma  PRENTICE Sister in Law Unmarried 19 General Servant Linton, Cambridgeshire RG10/577/82
Charles Cozens Head Married 26 Labourer Wanstead, Essex
Amy Cozens Wife Married 26 Linton, Cambridgeshire
Sarah A Cozens Dau Unmarried 2 Bow, London
Poplar Bow, St Marys 38 Sutherland Cott, Sutherland Rd George W PRENTICE Boarder Unmarried 19 Clerk , G E Railway Brentwood, Essex RG10/577/28
Cripplegate St Giles 39 Barbican George PRENTICE Head Married 38 Eating House Keeper Essex RG10/417/ 47b
Elizabeth PRENTICE Wife Married 35 Bloomsbury, London
Ann PRENTICE Mother Widow 58 No Profession Essex
Mary Ann PRENTICE Dau Unmarried 17 Bloomsbury, London
Elizabeth PRENTICE Dau Unmarried 14 Bloomsbury, London
Emily F PRENTICE Dau Unmarried 8 Scholar St Anns , Soho, London
Edward PRENTICE Son Unmarried 7 Blackfriars, London
Maria J PRENTICE Dau Unmarried 4 Blackfriars, London
William PRENTICE Son Unmarried 19 mths Bloomsbury, London
Bethnal Green St Peters 786 Barnet Grove Francis PRENTICE Lodger Widow 61 Needlewoman Colesbrook,Buckingham RG10/479/32b Mary Ann Healing
Eliza PRENTICE Lodger Dau 33 Needlewoman St Lukes, London
Paddington St Marylebone Gloucester Square Hannah PRENTICE Servant Unmarried 20 Under Housemaid Hitcham, Suffolk RG10/23/30a Maria Ewart




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