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 About This Site


Welcome to the PRENTICE UK website.

This website has been long coming....with the very much needed, help of my old matey John Kent who very patiently taught me ..........how to research my family history...a few years ago...... to teaching me from scratch, using only emails HOW TO BUILD A WEBSITE..........and with all his undying enthusiasum..........here we have it. !....Cheers matey...............

I decided that a website would be a brilliant tool for people researching the surname PRENTICE here in the UK. 

Over the past few years Joe Dewald,  Ian Prentice (both of PRENTICENET)  and I have  gathered mountains information and data regarding various PRENTICE lines Worldwide. However I  felt that it would benefit UK researchers to have all this info in one place on a UK site, but with links to PRENTICENET, for those whose families set sail across the seas . 

So here it is !..............you will find basic research information on the "Genealogy for Beginners" page. This will give the basics on how to research your family and offers advice and links of where to look.........together with some of John's "do's and don'ts" antidotes 

On the "Researchers" page you will find a list of PRENTICE researchers with Email addresses, together with any other names connected to their line of PRENTICEs , and area's, for you to contact personally !  If you'd like your details added to this page.........Just Email me ....... click on the "Email Webmaster" at the bottom of each page.

If you like to view the "Rootsweb" message board, just click on the "Message Board" link on the "Home Page" this will take you directly to the "Rootsweb" message board for the surname PRENTICE.........Ps, don't forget to comeback and sign my "Guestbook" !

Lastly, but by no mean least...........the "Mailing List" and "Mailing List Archives". The "Mailing list" link will take you directly to the Subscribe page. Just send the email with the word "subscribe" in the subject line and you will be automatically subscribed to  the Rootsweb"  "PrenticeUK" mailing list, where you can post any queries regarding your Prentice's, or just post your Prentice lines............maybe someone else is looking for you !  The Mailing list Archives will take you to our list archives , these show all messages posted since we started, which you can view at you leisure.

I would now like to take the opportunity to thank John Kent, Joe Dewald and Ian Prentice for all their hard work and commitment to the name PRENTICE, a name which I am very proud to have.   .

Copyright ...Kerry Prentice.2003