NAME of CONVICT   ARRIVAL     SHIP                     TRIAL              SENTENCE    AGE        NOTES  

William PRENTICE          1790         Scarborough 2        Essex 1788                14 yrs              -                -


William PRENTICE          9/11/1828         Manlius                   Aberdeen 1828          16 yrs              -             see below  

William PRENTICE was imprisoned in Scotland once for "miscalling the Postmaster at Aberdeen - Mr Patterson (i.e. name-calling). His last employment in 1828 was in the William Mars Ropewalk. He was later arrested for "housebreaking," tried at "Aberdeen Court of Justiciary" on 15 Apr 1828 and sentenced to 14 years transportation to Tasmania for housebreaking. His prosecutor was Provost Robinson. After his arrival in Tasmania, records indicate he was unable to keep out of trouble and was punished for various offenses.In September, 1836, he received a Conditional Pardon and he apparently went to work for the Constable.On 6 Jan 1841, William Prentice received a "Free Certificate," which apparently ended his period of servitude.On 8 Nov 1843, at the age of about 39, he m. Elizabeth Woodland, spinster, at St. David's Church of England. She was b. 1819 and was then 24. His occupation at that time was given as Sawyer; the record indicates he was able to write and that Elizabeth signed with a mark. for more info contact   Brett William Prentice

Adam PRENTICE            1854         Sea Park               Glasgow 15/01/1850    10 yrs             46yrs   Married, Stonemason, 3 children,Height; 5' 11 1/2", Hair ;sandy, Eyes ;grey , Face; round, Complexion; fair , Build ;stout ,Marks; Burn on breast; two moles on neck.





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