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April 2011 - I joined GENI - please also join Geni and "our family group" - it's All relative :)

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Bohm-Bach Family TreeWelcome to Peter (Pete, Petr) ROHEL *paternal (male) Y: R-M198 *also on, maternal (female) mt: T2e1b genealogy (genealogie, rodokmen, family tree) site started Oct. 2004, now with abt. 57, 000 names - on 252 web pages. Under Names tab, Bold Surname =family web page, Given name =1st one of the Surname on web page. *Anyone born after 1918 and "Living" has "private" after their name. Clicking on a Picture will usually provide a larger size. Flags represent some of the families Origins, locations. Family tree (right), painted by my great-grandmother Leonie (nee Böhm) Friedmann.

Geni project - Šternberk (Sternberg), Olomouc, Moravia, Czech republic Šternbersko napříč časem 1850-1945 Šternbersko napříč časem 1850-1945 (page-32) Šternbersko napříč časem 1850-1945 (page-46)
See our Šternberk (Sternberg), Moravia, Czech rep. History (1850-1969) OR Geni project Šternberk (many names, images, etc.) OR pre-WW-2 Šternberk youtube video OR Rohel name OR on Pinterest "architecture, furniture, etc. owned by relatives" OR YouTube videos 1936+ Sternberg, Miroslav Rohel, my Sand skiing OR Heidi (nee Klimesch) Rohel 90th birthday (on Google drive)

On behalf of all the families, contributors, etc. - thank you for your help. *** I can be contacted via: Geni, Facebook, email ***

1947 Captain Miroslav Rohel19xx Adele Heidi (nee Klimesch) RohelThis site is dedicated to our parents Miroslav Rohel + Adele Heidi (nee Klimesch), as well as all of our relatives. *Special thanks goes to my late aunt Šternberk collageLottie (nee Böhm) MACKAY, her daughter Kathryn and mother Gertrude (nee RIE) Böhm. After the 1968 Soviet-Bloc occupation of Czechoslovakia /Czech Republic, we were able to escape summer of 1969 from communist ČSA 20 (prev. street names)Šternberk, Moravia. Above mentioned* and uncle Donald, cousins Alastair, Ann and Janet helped my parents and invited me to live with them in Pleasantville N.Y. for 18 months (1970-1971). Thank you all for your support and generosity.

Heidi (Klimesch) Rohel > MaHaRal of Prague - 12th great-grandfather Path
Heidi (Klimesch) Rohel > Sinai Loew - 12th great-grandfather Path
Images (right) are of Geni path between Heidi (nee Klimesch) Rohel 12th great-grandfather Rabbi MaHaRal of Prague *path *wikipedia (via Morawetz & Oberlander), as well as with his older brother Rabbi Sinai Loew, also a 12th great-grandfather *path (via Bach & Grünhut). Maharal's statue has been in front of Prague’s city hall since 1917, he was a well known scholar, leader, mystic, associated with the creation of a Golem and other legends.

**Need HELP finding siblings & parents of my 3rd great-grandmother Charlotte (nee DIAMANT) Friedmann (abt 1793 in unknown - Mar 29, 1867 in Budapest, Hungary, Buried: in old Jewish cemetery on Waitzner strasse, exhumed and reburied in Budapest New Public cemetery / Rákoskeresztúr loc. 19/19/2)

(X) = Line of former Textile Factory: “Heeg & Friedmann” in Sternberg(now Šternberk). Built 1886, confiscated 1946,  demolished 1948. Owners: *Arthur + Leonie (nee Bohm) Friedmann, later Johann + Anne (nee Friedmann) Klimesch Property line of our 1886-1946 Friedmann-Klimesch Factory Properety in Šternberk, Moravia, Czech Republic Planned renovations on our: 1886-1946 Friedmann-Klimesch Factory Property in Šternberk, Moravia, Czech Republic

**Can we recieve compensation, etc. (can you assist in any way?) from the town of Šternberk - for Heeg & Friedmann Textile? "Heeg & Friedmann" registered 1/1/1853 ref. (9/22/1863). Leonie (nee BöhmFriedmann in Vienna owned the Factory, etc., only signing ownership "under duress for 1 Koruna" to her son-in-law widower Johann Klimesch  during her WW-II escape to USA, along with relatives & her siblings, owners of Brüder Böhm hats. All of the Friedmann-Klimesch assets were "stolen" by communists in Šternberk, the: 1) Heeg & Friedmann Factory-Home 2) large Garden 3) Field leased to a Farmer on both sides of Sitka 4) Employee building at Nádražní & U Střelnice total (64,700 m² =16 acres) worth +/- $8 million in 2021 - and in Vienna, Nazis stole their Head office Home.

*See our Šternberk history (1850-1969) web page, Friedmann, Klimesch, Rohel families, their business and residential history in Šternberk (facebook official Šternberk & user Š OR my Geni project: Šternberk (Mährisch-Sternberg), Olomouc, Moravia, Czech Republic (history, textile businesses, Jewish families, famous people, source & web site links)

*see Beneš decrees (wikipedia) "..As a result, almost all ethnic Germans and Hungarians whose ancestors had lived in Czechoslovakia for centuries prior to World War II or those who had settled there during the German occupation of Czechoslovakia lost their Czechoslovakian citizenship and property and were expelled from their homes.." OR "..The decrees stated that the state should pay compensation for the expropriated companies.. ..According to him, the first wave of nationalization from 1945 affected about 3,000 largest companies, which at that time represented about two thirds of the Czechoslovak industrial potential.. Some people then received compensation on the basis of so-called replacement agreements with some Western states. These were Britain, the United States, Switzerland or Canada. In this case, according to Kuklík, the money was raised not only by foreign owners of Czech companies, but also by some Czechoslovak emigrants.." OR Rybná 9, Praha 1: Restitution and Memory in International Human Rights Law by; Patrick Macklem OR Restitution of Jewish property in the Czech Republic, by Jan Kuklik 2008 "..Although it may seem that the issue of Jewish property restitution is a closed historical chapter, in the areas of research, education, and remembrance of the horrors of the Holocaust, it is still a very vivid and relevant matter that deserves our attention.."

*Reference article: Hungary’s Famed Tokaji Winery Pays Tribute to Dispossessed Jewish Owners — Finally.".More than seven decades after losing their beloved Hungarian winery to the Nazis, the Zimmerman family is celebrating a small, if belated, victory..." (by Nathan Guttman 7/1/2016)

LOEW line: Bezalel *geni + unknown, Chaim + unknown, Betzalel ben Chaim (abt 1480 Prague - abt 1550 Poznań, Poland) + unknown ISSENHEIMER (abt 1480 Issenheim, France - ) daughter of Chaim *geni, Sinai ben Bezalel, ABD Nikolsburg (1535 Poznań, Poland -1600 Mikulov, Czech) Šternberk, Moravia and Rohel family, with ancestor's Morawetz-Friedmann-Bach-Bohm-Klimesch + Hanna Enokh WEISELS / WESSELS *Sinai is brother of the MaHaRaL of Prague *geni both 13th great grandfathers of Peter Rohel, Chaim ben Sinai of Kolin (ca. 1565-1614 Kolín, Czech ) + Krassna unknown daughter of Gabriel, Yehudit Judith + Eliezer TODROS / TODRES (abt 1568 Prague - 1635), Pessel Perl TODROS (1624 Prague - 1681 or 1698) + Michal Yechiel WIENER-SPIRA (1620-1691 Prague), David Michl WIENER-SPIRA + Mirl SCHLACKENWERTH ( -1681), Salman WIEN + Gutel AUSTERLITZ ( - 1722) *geni, Beile WIEN ( - 1740) + Falk Markus PRESSBURG ( - 1740), Chaya Cheyle PRESSBURG + Joseph Wolf GRÄTZ, Bejle GRÄTZ (1737-1818) + Joseph OBERLÄNDER (1725 -1787), Jakob OBERLÄNDER (1774 Náchod - 1862) + Anna LEWIT (1791-1883), Babette OBERLÄNDER (1818-1875) of Upice + Philip MORAWETZ (1810-1870), Auguste MORAWETZ (1845 Upice-1923 Vienna) + Bernhard FRIEDMANN (1855 Budapest -1900 Vienna) son of rabbi Israel Friedmann (1793 ?Senica - 1881 Budapest) & Charlotte (Schendel) DIAMANT *geni and grandson of rabbi Yitzchak Yehuda Katz Friedmann & Chana (?), Arthur FRIEDMANN (1877-1929) + Leonie BÖHM (1884-1966) both of Vienna daughter of Heinrich Böhm below, Anne FRIEDMANN (1907 Vienna - 1939 Šternberk) + Johann KLIMESCH (1888 Písařov - 1972 Montreal) *geni, Adele Heidi KLIMESCH (1927 Šternberk - ) + Miroslav ROHEL (1914 Paskov - 2002 Toronto) *geni *some possible relatives (1600-1700's) from J. Bohemiae doc.
Left to right: Henry + Maria Bohm, Heidi (our mother) Klimesch, Lottie Bohm, Rudolf + Arthur Klimesch - children 1930's in Sternberg (now Šternberk), Moravia, Czech Republic BACH-BÖHM line: Sigmund /Samuel LÖBL "aka BRUMML" (bef 1660 Švihov? -) + unknown <parents of Samuel PINKAS (bef 1690 Svihov -) [father of Wolf PINKAS ( - abt 1782) of Svihov> + Mirl unknown <parents of Elias STERN (Svihov - bef 1793 Jindřichův Hradec) + Franciska unknown> ( - aft 1793) <parents of Anna STERN (1782 Prague -1861) + Markus GRÜNHUT (1781 Prague - 1858)>] <parents of Sophie GRÜNHUT (1807 Prague -) + Markus BAUCH (1805 Prague- )> [parents of Josef BACH (1827 Prague -1892 Vienna) + Francisca GRÜNFELD (1833 Prague - 1915 Vienna) daughter of Heinrich Grünfeld (1792 Prague - 1865) & Magdalena GÜNZBURG (1802 Prague - 1873 Vienna) {parents of Clara BACH (1860 - 1940 London) + Heinrich BÖHM (1843 Novy Jicin - 1922 Vienna) son of Bernhard BÖEHM (1819 Mikulov - 1901 Vienna) + Katharina EISLER (1818 Mikulov? -1899 Vienna) <parents of *above Leonie BÖHM (1884-1966) + Arthur FRIEDMANN (1877-1929) both of Vienna>] *more under Names tab *right children picture: left > right: Henry Böhm, Maria Böhm, Heidi (nee Klimesch) Rohel, Lottie Böhm, Rudolf Klimesch, Arthur Klimesch - 1930's in Šternberk (Sternberg), Moravia, Czech Republic and also in 1936+ Sternberg
History: Austro-Hungarian Monarchy, Austria, Vienna, Bohemia, Moravia, Moravian-Silesian Region, Jews in South MoraviaGerman, Prague, Czech Sudetenland, 1938 Nazi occupation, 1968 Soviet-Bloc occupation, Disappeared Sudetenland, Czech World War II - 65 years on Radio Prague category I requested, Czechs in Canada & Toronto, America - Chronology, US Czech historic places & monuments, Texas 1823+, Chicago 1850s Sand Skiing - on the Nottawasaga river - in Wasaga Beach, Ontario

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