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Bohm-Bach Family Tree

Bach / Bauch Family Genealogy

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unknown BAUCH - below Markus Bauch is your (Peter Rohel) 6th great grandfather

Group-1: (25 names)

Josef BAUCH + unknown *geni

Group-1a: Diane Miller's Rootsweb tree Bauch families of Sobědruhy (now part of Teplice /Teplitz) , Ústí nad Labem, Czech, which may be the same as in the Bohemian Jewish Census 1793: (5 volumes excluding Prague) has 3 Bauch families, all in Leitmeritz county (vol 2, p 322, 356 and 358): 322-Lewi BAUCH teacher, unmarried from Teplice/Toeplitz in houshold of David Kramer with his 6 unmarried children and one married daughter, place: Krzemusch. 356-Abraham BAUCH (family No 18), house owner, 4 unmarried children Isak, David, Barbara, Rebekka place: Soborten, Teplice/Toeplitz district. 358-Marcus BAUCH (family No 45), owner of part of a house, sons Isak, Markus, Elias place: same like 356. Essechiel Bach (family No 38) vol 5 p 43 in Czaslau county:, married, from Sedletz, in Goltsch Jenikau, occupation: "Baendergeselle, Baender from Band= string, ribbon, Geselle=journeyman? in textile manufacturing

Isak BAUCH / WEHLE *geni - Isak Bauch (Wehle) is your third great uncle's sister's husband's aunt's husband's great grandfather


unknown BAUCH *geni

*2nd wife of Johann Bauch: Anna FRIEDMANN Born: 1814 in Tuppau? Married: 1838? in Horažďovice (Horazdiowitz), Klatovy, Plzeň, Czech *geni *see 2nd card (, 3rd card both without 1st wife


  1. Valentin BAUCH who bought a house in 1618 Rybářská No. 1, Český Krumlov (Böhmisch Krumau), south Bohemia, Czech
  2. Anton BAUCH organist in Panny Marie, Opava church, Moravia, Czech since 1745
  3. Anna Maria BAUCH Born: 1725 + Peter Meese VROMAN Married Apr 13, 1758
  4. Markus Hersch BAUCH + Rebekka Naftali HEIT Married: May 26, 1796 in Prague, Bohemia, Czech *geni *genteam
  5. unknown BAUCH
    1. Rachel BAUCH Born: 1778 in Prague, Bohemia + unknown
      1. Anna? BAUCH Born: 1804
  6. Adolf BAUCH Born: 1862 in Koledej near Pardubice (Pardubitz), Bohemia + Anna? unknown Born: 1870
    1. Johann BAUCH Born: 1898 in Rimkov?
    2. Anna BAUCH Born: 1900
  7. Klara BAUCH Born: abt 1872 Died: 7/13/1917 buried Vienna
  8. Barbara BAUCH Born: abt 1885 Pasohlávky, Moravia on
  9. other BACH names on Prague conscription db (1850-1914)
  10. BACH's on site

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