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Bohm-Bach Family TreeBöhm Family Genealogy

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Included are Under ConstructionGroup-A "Böhm relatives", Group-1 with unknown links & no Surnames under Names tab and Group2 - 3 with links to other pages on this web site -- Last update: May 16, 2011 - one of my other direct lines

BÖHM or BÖEHM derives from the tribal name Baii + heim ‘homeland’ the Baii or Boii were a tribe, probably Celtic, who inhabited the region in the 1st century AD and were gradually displaced by Slavic settlers in the period up to the 5th century. German (Böhm), Dutch and Jewish (Ashkenazic) ethnic name for a native or inhabitant of Bohemia (part of the Czech Republic) from Böhmen, German name of Bohemia (middle high German Böheim, Bēheim)
  • 7/26/1819 - Josua Beer Boehm - birth record - son of Ab (=Abraham) Isaac + Gella (?) 1901 - Bernhard Böhm - obituary
    Bernhard Böhm - obituary Bernrnhard Böhm, Katharina (nee Eisler) and Sofie (nee Böhm) Bing grave
    Bernhard (=Josua Ber Bernat?) BÖHM Born: Sept 19 or Jul 26, 1819 in Mikulov, Moravia. occupation: Owner of Hats Factory Brüder Böhm (Hutfabrik Fabriksbesitzer) #3 or 30 Schottenfeldgasse, Vienna-7. Residence 1901: #97 Mariahilferstrasse, siehe HG, Vienna-6. Died: Sep 19, 1901 in Vienna age 81 NFP, NFP-2 obituary + Katharina (see EISLER family Born: abt 1818 Married: 1847 in Mikulov. Died: Aug 8, 1899 in Vienna age 81 NFP *geni-more Siblings: Marie Eisler & Abraham Pollak *geni <brother of Pepi Pollak & Aron Böhm *below>, see more siblings on Eisler page Father: Aron Eisler (from Mikulov - Mikulov) Mother: Eva unknown *geni

Note: see Guide to the Brüder Böhm Company Collection 1910-1979, bulk (1938-1965) AND under Stories ".. Around 1840, widowed (?) Böhm with her children moved to Vienna and opened a business trading in hares skins for 1848 - Brüder BÖHM Klobouky Factories in Vienna and Czechoslovakiathe manufacture of felt hats. The premises were located on the Fischer Stiege, a still existing thoroughfare near the Danube Canal.. In the 1850's a shop for the cleaning and carrotting of the skins and for cutting the fur was established in Vienna's Gumpendorfer Strasse (Vienna-6); the product represented the fully prepared raw material for the hatters. In 1862 a complete, new hat factory was established at Schottenfeldgasse, Vienna. In 1881 a considerably larger factory was added in Prag-Bubna.." *see Stories for further details, 1819+ family tree drawn by great grandmother Leonie (Bohm) Friedmann or Brüder Böhm Hats -TextileEnglish/Český history OR Leo Beck collection Brueder Boehm company 1934-1972 by Henry Bohm below" OR germanaustrianhats.invisionzone - Brüder Böhm Hutfabrik with great pictures of Hats

Note: Last will of Bernhard Böhm mentiones his sons as heirs, as well as Ernst (see Bing family) {son of daughter Sofie}, Ludwig & Sigmund (see Pollak family) {sons of Marie Eisler}, Bernhard's aunt Rebeka (see Hirschler family) Handl and relatives Leopold (see Hollitscher family) and Nathan Abeles below

Group-1a *most names already added on Geni - Isak Böhm is your fourth great uncle's sister's husband's grandfather - source Bob Lenk, MyHeritage

Isak BÖHM Died: 1808 in Mikulov (Nikolsburg), Moravia, Czech + Gütl unknown Died: 1813 in Mikulov, Moravia, Czech

Group-A: *information already added on Geni


Note: any relation to Aron Abeles (abt 1809 res. Nikolsburg - Aug 6-10, 1871 Vienna Israel. Spital) kleinhändler & unknown OR in newspaper Die Neuzeit (12/2/1870): Aron Abeles (abt 1809 res. Nikolsburg - 9/14/1870 Vienna Allgemeinem Krankenhaus) servant & unknown *records not availbale, as documents were not collected for the 9th district at that time OR Jakob Abeles ( - 9/9/1921 Vienna) Pester Lloyd of firma Herm. Polack's Söhne ?

Note: any relation to Wessely's on Genteam's 95 pages OR the 64 Wessely's buried in Vienna OR the 2981 Wessely's on Prague conscription db OR on Spira page & *geni descendants of Joseph Abraham (ca. 1621 Sydrusland, Russia - 1702 Amsterdam, Netherlands) OR on geni Efraim Wesseli /Wessely & Hanny Anna Grünwald parents of Moritz Wessely (?/16/1850 of Mikulov m. 3/7/1875 Mikulov? - ) & Josefine Peppi Toch (12/14/1848 from Mikulov - 1893) also *above {parents of Elsa Wessely (1878 - ) genteam Ottakring volume} OR Max Wessely (1829 - bur 6/18/1908 #2 Josefineng. 2, Vienna-1020 ) NFP gew.kaufmann genteam & Rosa (see Pollak family) (1833 - 11/22/1918 bur Vienna) NFP "ch. Fanni Wessely & dr. med Hermann Mandl, Henriette Wessely & Gustav Oplat, Emil Wessely (abt 1866 res. #19 Unt.Augartenstr., Vienna-1020 - 3/6/1932 Park Sanatorium, Vienna-1130) NFP privat genteam & Bertha (Berta) Siebenschein, Karl Wessely" OR Mr. Wessely ( residence Brno /Brünn, Moravia - ) *geni & Josefine (see Subak family) OR Markus Wessely (abt 1836 m. 1868 - bur. 7/24/1887 #13 Breitenfurterstr., Rodaun) produktenhändler genteam1, genteam2 & Josefine (Josefa) Rachel (Rahel) Stockmann (abt 1845 - 5/20/1912 Vienna) NFP parents of Therese Wessely (1869 - ) genteam & Jacob Regenstreif same? (1867 - 10/26/1928 Vienna) genteam? NFP "ch. Paula & Hans Löffler {parent of Marion}, Fridl ( - 4/21/1934 Vienna) NFP" <brother of Leo Regenstreif, Cilli Regenstreif & (?) Teidel>, Berthold Israel Wessely (1875 - 11/1/1941 bur Vianna) genteam & Cäcilie Cilli (?) (abt 1877 - 1/28/1938 #10 Obere Weißgärberstraße, Vienna-1030) genteam, Robert Wessely (1877 - ) genteam & ?Else Steiner sister of Fritz NFP?, Pauline Wessely (1881 - ) genteam & Otto Auspitz ( m. 1904 - ) genteam, Ludwig Wessely (1884 - ) genteam, Louise (Luise) Wessely (1884 - ) genteam & Lazar (Leo) Regenstreif ( m. 1907 - ) genteam OR Sigmund Wessely & Carolina Mahler "ch. Elsa Wessely (1877 Vienna? - ) genteam" OR Moritz Wessely & Maria Falusy "ch. Elsa Wessely (1889 Vienna? - )" genteam OR Johann Wessely & Jeanette (Sofie) Klinger "ch. Elsa Wessely (1891 Vienna? - )" genteam OR Katherina Wessely (11/18/1882 - ) & Moritz Abeles (source; Sally Goodman ) ??

Group-1: *already added on Geni - Gabriel Böhm is Peter Rohel (c)'s 7th cousin 8 times removed's husband's father

Rabbi Meir BÖHM Born: of in Mikulov (Nikolsburg), Moravia, Czech

Rabbi Gabriel BÖHM + Chai Sara (see BACHRACH family) Died: 1774 in Mikulov (Nikolsburg), Moravia *ref. "Arthur Ellis Franklin Records of the Franklin family and collaterals", Records of the Franklin family and collaterals  *geni Father: Itzek Isaac Bachrach ( - 1756 Mikulov, Moravia)

Note: same as?? Kojetin history & rabbi Gabriel Böhm of Mikulov/Nikolsburg in 1785 OR (paid serv.) from the Book "Die Rabbiner der Emanzipationszeit in den deutschen, böhmischen und großpolnischen Ländern 1781-1871'' Gabriel Böhm ( - 1817 Strážnice /Straßnitz, Moravia ) son of Meir. B. aus Mikulov (Nikolsburg) 1785 Rb. in Kojetín (Kojetein). Nachdem er in der Kontroverse um Lasi Ko- hen, ein des Krypto-Sabbatianismus verdächtigtes Gemeindeglied, eine „schwankende“ Haltung bewies, trat er 1794 aus dem Amt und zog sich in den Ruhestand nach Strážnice zurück. Lit. Gold (Hrsg.), Judengemeinden Mährens, 1929, S. 282, 520 and Hugo Gold and; Gabriel Böhm ( - 1817 Strážnice /Straßnitz) is recorded in Memorbuche the son of mhrr Meir Nikolsburg, as is evident from his epitaph, he worked in other communities and his calm verleht Strassnitz years OR any relation to ?? Rabbi Gabriel Böhm in 1795 Šaštín-Stráže (Schoßberg-Strascha /Sasvár-Morvaőr, Senica district), Slovakia ??

Group-2: *already added to Geni -- Abraham Isak Böhm is your 4th great uncle's nephew's wife's sister's husband's brother's wife's 1st cousin's wife's sister's husband's brother's wife's great uncle's wife's father

Abraham Isak BÖHM Residence: from Mikulov (Nikolsburg), Moravia, Czech. Died: bef. 1856 + Karoline unknown Died: aft. 1856

1885 - Franziska (nee Böhm) Weiss - obituary


*geni - unknown Place holder Böhm is your 2nd great uncle's uncle's wife's sister's husband's 1st cousin once removed's husband's father

unknown BÖHM

Group-3a: previous Group-5: already on geni

(?) BÖHM + unknown

Group-4: *already added on Geni

Salomon BÖHM Born: abt 1826 Died: Jun 30, 1901 buried in Vienna, Austria + Rosalie BRUCKNER Born: abt 1836 Residence: Sterneckplatz, Vienna-1020. Died: Mar 7, 1919 bur. in Vianna *genteam

Note: any relation to ?? Salomon Böhm marriage witness at son of Julie Böhm & Jonas Sensky <ch. Moritz Sensky (9/12/1828 Ivančice /Eibenschütz, Moravia - 10/22/1884 #2 Messenhausergasse, Vienna-3) beamter der Niederösterr. escompte-gesellschaft NFP, genteam & Fanny (Fanni) Berl (2/22/1884 Vienna-13 Hietzing /Unter St. Veit, Austria m. 5/23/1866 - 8/27/1914 Vienna) NFP {daughter of Abraham Berl (abt 1803 Wischerau bei Bečov nad Teplou /Petschau, Bohemia - 8/21/1888 Baden by Vienna /Weikersdorf) NFP privatier, hausbesitzer in Wien, begrunder der späteren firma Oberösterr. decken-, korzen- un wollwarenfabrik A. Berl's söhne & Elisabeth Hirsch / Hersch (abt 1809 Bečov nad Teplou /Petschau - 12/13/1893 #9 Hintere Zollamtsstrasse, Vienna-3) NFP}> *more Berl info. in "Wer Einmal War" book pg. 187> OR 1848 census in Hódmezõvásárhely /Vásárhely, Hungary; Móricz Böhm (abt 1807 Ivančice /Eibenschütz, Moravia - ) & Johanna Politzer (abt 1817 P. Makó, Hungary? - ) "ch. Sámuel Böhm (abt 1836 Vásárhely - ), Albert Böhm (abt 1842 Vásárhely - ), Béla Böhm (abt 1847 Vásárhely - )" OR on wikipediaGerman Jakub Böhm (11/21/1820 Ivančice /Eibenschütz, Moravia - 4/12/1886 Budapest, Hungary) surgeon /főtörzsorvos ??

Note: information from Bob Lenk above:
Name Birth Date Presumed name in Vienna
Josua Ber Bernat 1820 Bernhard
David 1822  
Katti 1824 Katharine
Güetl (Gütl) 1826  
Naftali 1828 Naphtali
Resl (perhaps Resi?) 1831 Theresia

Name Death Date Presumed name in birth records
David, son of Hersch 1826  
Bella, daughter of Herschl 1826 Gutl
Herman 1837 Herschl
Tombstones 1) Left: Lea Böhm wife of Joshua Ber, and the daughter of Aharon"1st row: [guess]: yom yud-dalet-?, 2nd row: [guess]: month & year (Nisan tav-kuf-ayin-tzade lamed-pey-kuf) - tav-kuf-ayin-tet would be 5579/1819, 3rd row, [[NOT Leah isha]] ?-?-?-? yod-?-nun-ayin-? hey? resh? yud-hey-vav-shin-ayin (Joshua), 4th row: bet-ayin-resh? bat? Aharon PYHM / BYHM, Left to right, Lea, Hirsch and Woegele Boehm of Nikolsburg5th row: nun-tet-ayin tzade-shin-? p'ri?? tzade?-nun-?-yod-mem-sofit [plant ... fruit ...], 6th row: ayin-?-?  ?-?-?-tet b'emuna?, 7th row: gemilut hasadim? ?-mem-tav, 8th row: ?-?-alef ?-?-shin-mem-sofit ?-bet-ayin-?, 9th row: tav-nun-tzade-bet-hey [acronym]" 2) Center: Hirsch [slant up] Tzvi [near top]shin-mem-?-? [slant down] bet-tav?-vav-kav-vav? (inside / in him) "1st row:  pey?-yod?-ayin-lamed-yod? [space] bet-alef-bet-?, 2nd row: ?-tzade-alef ???  ?-mem-pey?-?[or shin-pey-? - shefa, ...], 3rd row: b'yom???? [could be bet,hey,chet,or kav] b'tamuz???? tav-kuf-tzade-vav(zion)? lamed-pey-kuf [Tamuz 5596[7] / June 1836 / July 1837], 4th row:  pey-hey yod?-shin-pey?-vav?-nun-sofit? ??-shin-? mem-ayin-?-vav b'shalom, 5th row: ?? ?-shin-lamed-? ??? ??-shin[Hirsch??] bet[maybe worn nun for ben] ?-mem-tzade?-?, 6th row: [harav]??? yud-hey-vav-shin-ayin(Joshua) bet-ayin-resh?(Ber) PYHM / BYHM z"l (?), 7th row: tav-nun-tzade-bet-hey [acronym]" 3) Right: Voegle /Woegele "1st row: Shabbat??, 2nd row: pey-tet  hey-alef-shin-[edge of break], 3rd row: ayin-tet-resh-tav bet-ayin-lamed-hey (her husban's crown) [edge of break], 4th row: marat (Mrs.) fey-vav?/yod?-gimel-lamed-alef(Voegle?) bat h.r.(?), 5th row: Klerl??? Tritsch z"l ishah, 6th row: harav? yud-hey-vav-shin-ayin(Joshua) bet-ayin-resh?(Ber) PYHM / BYHM, 7th row: zion-lamed??? tav-nun-tzade-bet-hey [acronym]"

In summary, the State Central Archives in Prague have birth, marriage and death records back only as far as 1850. Earlier ones were destroyed. Luckily, in 1913 rabbi Moritz Levin decided to compile a "Familien-Register", a complete index of the birth, marriage and death registers up until that year, and this massive tome has survived in the Nikolsburg collection of the Jewish Museum Archive. The index contains useful information in addition to the family names, according to which it is organized. The birth index starts in 1767 and gives first name, family name and year of birth as well as the names of father and mother. The marriage index starts in 1798 and gives first and family names of the marriage parties and the year in which the marriage took place. The death index starts in 1798 and gives year of death and age as well as often the name of father, mother or spouse, or else profession. When Bob was in Prague, he transcribed all of the BÖHM entries from the Familien-Register (abt. 72 births, 43 deaths, 13 marriages)
  1. Hermann BÖHM + Theresia (see WURMFELD family) Married: 1877 in Stadttempel, Vienna, Austria *Jewishgen Vienna marriages (D, 297) *genteam

1754 - Nikolsburg
1880 - Gabriel Bohm - obituary
Note: any relation to ?? Hugo Gold's Nikolsburg history: "Josef Behmisch Erben (heirs), owners of 1 of the houses on the "kleine Gasse" in Nikolsburg upon the fire of 1719.. ..1754 there were 107 houses, including parish houses and the hospital.. ..Berl Böhm"; Adolf Böhm (abt 1822 - 10/29/1851) hdlfim. Nikolsburg, TP, Böhm aus Nikolsburg, 47 Moh. (B. in Nikolsburg: Wachst., ein Gottl. B. (=Gottlieb Böhm): Mayer, 243); Franz Böhm (abt 1823 - 7/6/1842) Magd, Nikolsburg TP OR Simon Berl Böhm *ref. Nikolsburg 6/20/1775 Wiener Zeitung OR ref., ano-search - 13/30/1861 Brüder Böhm lithographische #36 Mariahilfestrasse, Vienna chef der firma Theodor Böhm *anno-search *anno-search or Neustadt a. d. Mettan =Náchod? and same anno-search mentions Ferdinand Böhm, Moritz J. Oberländer, Philipp Morawetz, anno-search (or Schmiedeberg or Levoča /Leutscha or Reichenberg), gesellschafer Ignaz Böhm on *anno-search and possibly same as on geni OR wikipedia's Johann Heinrich Böhm (1740 upper Austria - 1792 Aachen, Germany) actor, singer, theater director & Marianne Jacobs (1750 of Strasbourg =France? - ) actress "ch. Johann Böhm  (1777 - ) director, Franz Böhm (1776-1698) violist, conductor, Nannette Böhm (1771 - ) actresses, Jeanette Böhm" OR Simon Böhm (abt 1749 - 10/18/1821) blumenmahler in der k. k. Porzellan-Manifactur. Jn der Alservorstadt nr. 102. - in book: Wiens lebende Schriftsteller, Künstler, und Dilettanten im Kunstfache: Dann ... OR Hirsch Moses Boehm (1761 Bohemia - 1851) & Finhe Flehinger (1756-1823) on Loeb site OR wikipedia's Joseph (József) Böhm (4/41795 Pest, Hungary - 3/28/1876 Vienna) jewish violinist, director of Vienna conseratory brother of Franz Böhm (1788-1846) maternal grandfather of mathematician Georg Cantor (1845 Russia - 1918 Germany) OR the 29 Bohm's in Nikolsburg cemetery OR Mikulov - Radio Prague article OR the 864 Bohm's on Prague registry (1850-1914) ??

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