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Fränkel (Fräenkel) Family Genealogy

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JE: A family of scholars and Talmudists, the earliest known member of which was Koppel Fränkel (1650), the richest Viennese Jew of his time. In 1670, when the Jews were banished from Vienna, Koppel Fränkel's children settled at Fürth; only one of his four daughters was married - Esther bottom to Benjamin Wolf b. Asher Anschel Spiro, preacher and head of the yeshibah of Prague, and a descendant of Jehiel Michael Spiro, who flourished about 1560. The children from this alliance, the first of whom was Simon, chief rabbi of the community of Prague, bore the compound name of Fränkel-Spiro. A short time later another alliance was made between these two families: Jacob Benjamin Wolf Fränkel, of Fürth, a descendant of Koppel Fränkel on the male side, married Rebekah, daughter of Elijah Spiro, a cousin of Benjamin Wolf, the founder of the Fränkel-Spiro branch. This latter branch also subsequently married into the main Fränkel branch, and from this triple alliance descended the well-known scholar Zechariah Frankel, whose father adoptedthe name of "Frankel." The pedigree of Zechariah Frankel may therefore be constructed as on the preceding page OR see Frankel, Frankel-Teomin on Goldschmidt genealogy site

Rabbi Jeremia (Seckel?) Isak Halevi ירמיהו יצחק סג"ל FRÄNKEL /BAIERSDORF Born: 1565? Died: 1635 or 1650 in Vienna + Ritchel (?) *geni, see also Alain Farhi genealogy, J.K. Loren rootsweb

*2nd wife of Yakov Koppel: Zortel LAZARUS Born: abt 1600 Died: 1661 in Vienna. *any relation to Eleaser Lazar Lazarus (1759 - 1847 Eisenstadt) on Spira page?

*3rd wife of Yakov Koppel: Ella HOLLESCHAU

*2nd wife of Jeremiah Seckel Isak: (?)

Note: see Tree of Koppel Fränkel: David Isaac Seckel of Furth, Issachar Bärmann, Jacob Benjamin Wolf & Rebekah bat Elijah Spiro ( -1470), Simon Fränkel, Issachar Bärmann ( -1811), Jacob Koppel Frankel & Esther Fischel, Zechariah Frankel OR Fränkel-Spira on Olivier Giroud-Fliegner google translation
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