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Porges Family Genealogy

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Rabbi Moses ben (Israel) Naphtaly Hirsch PORGES Born: ca 1600 in Prague, Bohemia, Czech. Died: 1670 in Jerusalem. Chairman of the congregation, Rabbi of the Prague Pinkas Synagogue *geni

Note: JE: Rabbinical author; lived at Jerusalem at the beginning of the seventeenth century. He was the author of "Darke Ẓiyyon" (Amsterdam, 1650), written, in Judæo-German, after he had removed to Prague. The work is in four parts and is illustrated. Part 1 deals with the return to Palestine; part 2 with prayer; part 3 with teaching; and part 4 with the commemoration of the dead

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Placeholder PORGES Born: abt 1540 *geni > son of Placeholder PORGES (abt 1500 - ) brother of Abraham Porges, Yehoshua Falk Porges > children of Placeholder PORGES (abt 1470 - ) *geni brother of Natan Porges > children of Placeholder PORGES (abt 1450 - ) *geni


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Note: any relation to on JE: Rabbi Aaron ben Benjamin Porges (Porjes) in Prague in the 17th century. Under the title "Zikron Aharon" he wrote an introduction to the "Ḳiẓẓur Ma'abar Yabboḳ," concerning the ancient Jewish customs relating to death and the dead, and containing also counsel for persons suffering from venereal disease. This work, published first at Prague in 1682, has been often reprinted OR on JE Elsa Porges Edler von Portheim born in Vienna, dramatist & Max Bernstein Married: 1892
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