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Samuel Oppenheimer Family Genealogy

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Samuel "Wolf" (see OPPENHEIM/ER family) "aka. Samuel Heidelberg" Born: Jun 21, 1630. Died: May 3, 1703 in Vienna + (?) Died: Mar 11, 1673 *2nd wife: Sandela Sentille CARCASSONE or CARCASSONNE Father: Manoach Carcassone (1610 Avignon, France - Apr 8, 1667 Mannheim) *geni *1st husband of Sandela: Moses Abraham ASTROQUE or (ASTRUCK, AMSTRUCK) Died: 1668

Note: Wikipedia: "Samuel was a banker, imperial court factor, diplomat, and military supplier for the Holy Roman Emperor. He enjoyed special favor of Emperor Leopold I, to whom he advanced considerable sums of money for the Great Turkish War. Prince Eugene of Savoy brought him a large number of valuable Hebrew manuscripts from Turkey, which became the nucleus of the famous David Oppenheimer Library, now comprised in the Bodleian Library at Oxford.."

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