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Fluss Family Genealogy

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Last update: November 25, 2010

Related to Rohel via Klimesch + Friedmann + Morawetz + Pollak families. see also Kurt Moser - Memoirs under Stories tab

    • Otto FLUSS Born: Sep 16, 1884 in Příbor. Died: Dec 18, 1943 in Auschwitz, Poland age 59. occupation: Kaufmann, Wien 3 + Stella SASS *2nd wife of Otto Fluss: Emilie MARBURG Born: unknown Died: unknown

      Note: Otto was Deported1: 04.12.1941 Prag-Theresienstadt J or Deported2: 18.12.1943 Auschwitz Ds

    • Friderika "Fritzi" FLUSS Born: May 27, 1890 in Příbor. Died: 1944 age 54 est + Odon "Edmund" von ULLMANN BARANYAVAR Born: May 23, 1885 in Budapest, Hungary. Married: Nov 5, 1912 in Budapest. Died: 1944 in Budapest age 59 est

      Note: any relation to Moritz George Ullmann von Baranyavar & Julie Leon (1827 - 1/23/1908 Budapest) NFPmore OR Peter Ullmann de Baranyavar on N.Y. Times online obituary

      • Daisy Maria Juliane von ULLMANN BARANYAVAR Born: Dec 4, 1913 in Budapest, Hungary + Gyorgy "George or Gyuri" DeWALDER Born: 1904 in Budapest. Died: 1994 in New York, NY USA age 90 est

        • George "Tapsi" DeWALDER Born: private + Georgeanne HAYBACH Born: private

          • Camille DeWALDER Born: private
          • Justin DeWALDER Born: private

      • Stefania Emilia von ULLMANN BARANYAVAR Born: Apr 9, 1916 in Budapest, Hungary + Rudolf Herman MOGYOROSY Born: 1906 in Vienna, Austria. Died: 1993 in Newark N.J. USA age 87 est

        • Annamaria MOGYOROSY Born: private

    • Karl FLUSS Born: Aug 11, 1895 in Příbor occupation: Beamter
    • Robert FLUSS Born: Sep 14, 1897 in Příbor occupation: Privatbeamter
    • Egon FLUSS Born: Nov 10, 1901 in Příbor occupation: 1920 Student
    • Wilhelm FLUSS Born: Oct 1, 1903 in Příbor
    • Olga "Gigi" FLUSS Born: in Příbor

  • Emil FLUSS Born: Oct 8, 1856 in Příbor. Died: 1927 occupation: Fabriksleiter, Moravia. age 71 est + Ottilie (see MANDL family) Father: Ignaz Mandl (1823 - 6/8/1902 Vienna) senior chef der firma M & J Mandl NFP

    Emil FLUSS house in 1870s, since 2003 a Restaurant & Bowling 1970 picture of Emil FLUSS House - 1870sNote: the 1970 picture is the house where Emil Fluss lived, when his childhood friend Sigmund Freud visited him in August & September 1872. Prior to being Emil's residence, it was a post office, followed by several owners. Since 2003, the house at Místecká 287, Příbor is a restaurant and a 4 lane bowling alley named U Zlaté hvězdyČeský - pizzerie - restaurace - bowling. The translated name is "At Golden star", named after the Fluss Hats Textile trade mark

    • Lille (Lily) FLUSS + Italo ZINGARELLI occupation: Journalist in Italy wiki

      • Laetitia ZINGARELLI Died: age 8
      • Lolo ZINGARELLI + Ralph WOLFE occupation: American Concert Pianist

  • Richard FLUSS Born: May 5, 1858 in Karlovy Vary /Karlsbad. Died: 1940 in Příbor /Freiberg age 82 est + see Helene (see FISCHER family) Born: Nov 17, 1863 in Příbor age 79 est

    • Paul FLUSS Born: Jul 6, 1897 in Příbor. Died: 1976 in Buffalo, N.Y. USA age 79 est
    • Julia FLUSS Born: Jul 14, 1900 in Příbor + (?)

      • Lolo or Lola FLUSS + (?)

        • Wolf FLUSS

    • Erich FLUSS Born: Jan 10, 1903 in Příbor. Died: Dec 14, 1986 in London, UK age 83 + Elfrieda RICHTER Born: Nov 16, 1914 in Butovice /Botenwald (okr. Nový Jičín) Moravia. Married: Jun 27, 1938 in Nový Jičín. Died: Jan 8, 2004 in London, UK age 89. occupation: Milliner and Antiques dealer. *any relation to Jan Richter, painter mentioned in Příbor history?

      Note: *see Elfrieda's page under Stories: "As Milliner to the Queen from the early 1940s to the 1980s, Elfrieda Fluss was responsible for the distinctive tricorn hat worn every year by the Queen for Trooping the Colour. It guarantees her place in the royal fashion history books..Her special talents in hat design were recognised when, aged 24, she became director of the company. Just as her hats turned heads, so too did she: by 1939 the young Elfrieda had married the factory owner Eric Fluss.."

  • Gisela FLUSS Born: Jun 29, 1859 in Příbor. Died: 1927 age 68 est + Emil (see POPPER family) Born: 1859 Bratislava /Presburg, Slovakia. Married: Feb 27, 1881 Father: Simon Popper (abt 1822 - 12/21/1900 Pressburg) NFP Mother: Mina Leitersdorf

    Note: article Fluss Gisela, señora de Popper and "Gisela Fluss (9/26/1859 - ) daughter of Ignaz and Eleonora Fluss friendly with Jakob and Amalia Freud after the Freuds left Freiberg, Moravia. She was the sister of Emil Fluss *see article, who became a friend and correspondent of Freud during his adolescence. She is known as Freud's first "love experience." The date of her death is not known. Gisela met Freud when he was staying with the family in 1871. Gisela appears to have been associated with the romantic infatuation that had gripped the 15 old Freud. Gisela was only 12 during his return to his birthplace, an infatuation that Freud cryptically referred to in "Screen Memories" (1899a). When he was again in Freiberg the following year, Freud mentioned Gisela in letters describing his vacation written to his friend Eduard Silberstein (1989a [1871-1881, 1910]). On 8/17/1872, he wrote, "So let me just say that I took a fancy to the...". Another article: "..of Gisela, Freud writes to his fiancée in his (unpublished) letter of 10/28/1883: Did I ever tell you that Gisela was my first love when I was but 16 years old? No? Well, then you can have a good laugh at me, firstly on account of my taste and also because I never spoke a meaningful, much less an amiable word to the child. Looking back, I would say that seeing my old home-town again had made me feel sentimental.."

  • Sidonia FLUSS Born: Dec 22, 1860 in Příbor. Died: 1927 age 67 est + (?) SCHWAB

  • Viktor FLUSS Born: Dec 29, 1864 in Příbor. Died: 1927 age 63 est + Bertha KNEZEK Married: Jan 29, 1904 in Opava (Troppau), Moravia

    • Walter FLUSS Born: Oct 19, 1911
    • Rudi FLUSS

  • Paula FLUSS Born: Jun 12, 1868 in Příbor /Freiberg. Died: 1927 age 59 est + (?) ASCHER

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