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Rindskopf Family Genealogy

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RINDSKOPF Glass web siteRINDSKOPF Glass web siteRelated to Rohel via: Klimesch + Friedmann + Morawetz + Pollak + Fluss + Moser + Benedikt - Last update: February 3, 2011

*see also 2nd page Beer RINDSKOPF - searching relationship OR Rindskopf Glass factories & family site OR Rindskopf on Jewishgen Teplice /wiki (Teplitz, Teplicz, Teplice-Shonau), Bohemia, Czech Rep OR Judengasse Frankfurt Main "The Rindskopf family, originally known as Rindsfuss, took their name from a house they occupied at a later period, the Rindskopf. They were descendants of Salomon Sacke and his wife Gutlin, who were expelled of Nuremberg in 1498. In the 18th century, the three sons of the broker Josef Alexander, who lived in the Ampel, founded three family branches who occupied several houses in the Judengasse. Two of the brothers, Simon Rindskopf and Beer Nehm Rindskopf of the Ampel, founded a bank which quickly established business contacts throughout the German Empire. Their business connections included the court factor Samson Isaac Werthiemer in Vienna. At the registration in the 19th century, many members of the family adopted new names such as Rütten, Roberth, Rino, Ricard, Rüttenau, Rikoff to get away from a name they felt to be unattractive." see also Note bottom of page - Center for Jewish History digital collections OR Kurt Moser - Memoirs under Stories tab *There are (96) Rindskopf entries on, (8) buried in Vienna cemetery, (2) so far on Prague Conscription (1850 -1914) db

Luben/Ruben? had a son Berl/Beer? source familianten book for Teplice (Teplitz) hbf 92 pg. 47 + (?)

Note: Center for Jewish History (CJH) digital collections - Stanton Collection: Connection between several German branches of the Rindskopf family (for example to the Rindskopf families in Fuerth) but not to the Rindskopf in Bohemia. All Rindskopf branches in the voluminous Stanton Collection are descendants of Joel (here: Josel) Rindskopf, son of the first Beer (Isachar Weil) Rindfuss which changed his name in Rindskopf and of the sons of this Joel/Josel Rindskopf. But unfortunately the known sons of Joel/Josel Rindskopf could not be ancestors of the Rindskopf from Teplice/Teplitz and from Milikov/Miltigau. In accordance with the Stanton Collection the first Beer Rindskopf have had 2 sons and 3 daughters. First son was Joel/Josel and the second son was Mosche Rindskopf who died young Oct 29, 1626. The Stanton Collection shows no children of Mosche Rindskopf. That does not mean that Mosche had no children. His father married around 1595. Mosche was therefore probable 1626 old enough to have kids. Mosche could be ancestor of Bohemian Rindskopf. The next possibility would be that both Beer, as well as his son Joel/Josel had more sons, as listed in the Stanton Collection -- Hanuš Grab
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