Wolf Family Genealogy

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Wolf Family Genealogy

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*Most information already on GENI-more -- Last update: December 7, 2010

*see Ancestors on AUSTERLITZ page -- descendants of Vögele daughter of Rabbi Jehuda Loew "Maharal of Prague" (1525 Posen, Poland or 1512 Worms, Germany - 8/1609 or 9/17/1609 Prague, Bohemia, Czech) & Perla Schmelkes (1528 Prague - 5/5/1610 Prague) *also Die familie WolfGerman page or geocities.com Kittsee (bef. Schlesinger) descendants page

Joachim "Chaim" WOLF ben Meir KITTSEE *took Wolf surname Born: 1750 Died: Jan 6, 1823 in Eisenstadt, Austria + Francisca "Frumet" (see BRILIN family) Born: 1770 in Eisenstadt, Austria. Died: Jun 6, 1849 in Eisenstadt, Austria *geni-more *1st wife of Joachim: Roesel (see ha-levi TROPPAU LAZARUS family) *Frumet's cousin's daughter *geni

1910 Wertheimerhaus - Weinhandlung, Leopold Wolf's Söhne
Note: article on: House of Wolf in Eisenstadt & Samson Wertheimer (1658-1724)Samson Wertheimer (1658 Worms - 1724 Wien)  *Samson (JewishEncyclopedia), is the father in-law of Bernard Eekeles "..Chaim Joachim Wolf ben Meir Kittsee, pioneered the sale of Eisenstadt’s kosher wine to non-wine-producing areas. Taking Wolf as his surname, he settled down to business in 1784. The Wolf wine business became the most important one of its kind in the Austrian empire. In 1982, the old Wertheimer-Wolf mansion was rededicated as the Austrian Jewish Museum, which includes much of Sandor Wolf’s Judaica. Wolf’s son Leopold and grandsons Adolf and Ignaz expanded the business. In 1875, they bought the Wertheimer mansion, converted the lower floors to house the central offices of the wholesale wine business and hung a sign on thefront, Weingrosshandlung Leopold Wolfs Sohne (Leopold Wolf’s Sons, Wholesale Wines). Sandor Wolf, who succeeded his father Ignaz at the helm, was an ardent collector of art and Judaica. In 40 years, he amassed a 26,000-item collection, displayed in the family home, as the Wolf Museum.."
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