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Rohel-Bach-Bohm-Loew + Associates Stories

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ADLER's & relatives - related via Friedmann + Mayer families (includes Eisenschitz, Poppy, Rocca spouses)

1931-Clara Bach w/Arthur Klimesch, daughter Leonie (Bohm) Friedmann right, granddaughter Anne (Friedmann) Klimesch left

BOHM, Clara (nee BACH) - doctor also treated the Royal family - by Arthur Klimes *1931 picture Clara Bach with great-grandson Arthur Klimesch, daughter Leonie (Bohm) Friedmann right and granddaughter Anne (Friedmann) Klimesch left

BOHM, Joseph "Joele" - About my Family - 1969, includes BOHM, BACH and related families history, including their escape from Europe during WW-II

BOHM, Joseph "Joele" - interesting WW-1 Story- by Pat Bohm TROSTLE

1848 - Brüder BÖHM Klobouky Factories in Vienna and Czechoslovakia

Brüder BÖHM Hats (=klobouky) TextileEnglish, ČeskýČeský - Czechoslovakia & Vienna

BOHM, Henry obituary - (1929-2011) Detroit Free Press News

Victor BÖHM

BOHM, Victor obituary - (1889-1955) Poughkeepsie & New York Times

BOHM, Lucy (nee COONS) obituary - (1927-2003)

DOEMENY, Paul - (1911-1997) became the 7th in a long lineage of Dömény Austro-Hungarian physicians, including his grandfather and father who were physicians in the court of emperor Franz-Joseph

FLUSS, Elfrieda (nee RICHTER) obituary - (1914-2004) Milliner (hats) for the Queen 1940's-1980's, relatives of the MOSER glass, BENEDIKT porcelain, RINDSKOPF glass families

FOGES, Ernst - (1862 Prague - 1949 London, UK) - "Napoleon and the Jews"

Leonie (nee Bohm) FriedmannFRIEDMANN, Leonie (nee BÖHM) - sister Hedl FISHEL & STERN, WOLF families 300 mile, 4 month Escape via France in 1940. *top left, see family tree drawn by our great-grandmother Leonie Heeg & Friedmann Textile in Sternberk(Sternberg), Moravia, Czech. on Nadrazni 6 (1800's)

FRIEDMANN Textile - stolen by communists 1) Heeg & Friedmann Factory-Home, 2) large Garden, 3) Field leased to a farmer on both sides of Sitka, 4) Employee building at Nádražní & U Střelnice (64,700 m² =16 acres) worth +/- $8 million in 2021. Vienna office stolen by the Nazis

HONIG, Margaret (nee Robitschek) - (1899-1984) "Autobiographical Sketches"

Ishier Jacobson

JACOBSON, Ishier obituary - (1922-2005) StamfordAdvocate, Connecticut

KANTOR private Bank - In 1908, one of the biggest in Austria. Founder Ludwig KANTOR married Bertha FRIEDMANN

Anne (nee Friedmann) Klimesch resting in her Sternberg, Czechoslovakia Factory home garden

KLIMESCH, Anne (nee FRIEDMANN) eulogy - (1907-1939) in Toronto by Adele Heidi (b. Klimesch) ROHEL on Nov 27, 2004 *on Geni

Lottie (nee Böhm) Mackay Kathryn Mackay

MACKAY, Lottie Elizabeth (nee BÖHM) obituary - (1927-2001) The Journal News Obituaries Pleasantville, NY

MACKAY, Kathryn Fraser obituary - (1955 - 1979)

MOSER glassworks of Karlovy Vary 

MOSER, Kurt - memoirs

Our dad Miroslav Rohel

ROHEL, Miroslav - (1914 - 2002) few details about our Dad - and All about the ROHEL name

ROHEL (nee KLIMESCH), Heidi and Habsburg Princess - 1941 Vienna, Austria

Geni project - Šternberk (Sternberg), Olomouc, Moravia, Czech republic Šternbersko napříč časem 1850-1945 Šternbersko napříč časem 1850-1945 (page-32) Šternbersko napříč časem 1850-1945 (page-46)

Town ŠTERNBERK (Sternberg) - our birth place, Moravia, Czech - (1850-1969) Families: FRIEDMANN-KLIMESCH-ROHEL

Šternberk (Sternberg), Olomouc, Moravia, Czech republic - Geni Project (by Peter Rohel: many Names, Images, etc.)

Jews in Šternberk google translation of Židé ve ŠternberkuCzech by Vlasta Hlůzová, Šternberk 2011©

WINTER private Bank - Founded 1892 in Vienna. Karl WINTER married Alice KANTORHenry Wolf

WOLF, Henry obituary  - (1925-2005) New York Times

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