Aycock Bible Records

Aycock Bible Records

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Revolutionary War Pension number: W 9710 Abner Aycock (Sarah) Service NC

Signing the same one of the acting....

State of North Carolina - Warren County

This day personally appeared before me a Justice of the Peace for the County and State above written. Ransom AYCOCK of the said County who being first duly sworn according to Law, testifies and says -That the ages of the children of his father Abner AYCOCK & his mother Sarah AYCOCK were registered in the family Bible by his brother Henry AYCOCK who is now dead. This affiant further testifies that the family Bible with the entries of the ages of the children was after the death of his father sold by this affiant as his executor and was purchased by John SHAW husband of my sister Mary and has been in her posesion from the time of the sale in 1823. until a few days since when it was delivered to this affiant by his sister for the purpose of establishing the ages of the children of his father & mother. this affiant knows that the entries are in the proper hand writing of his Brother Henry AYCOCK and were made he is confident as much as forty years since. The reason why the entries were made by my Brother was that neither my father or mother could write and after my Brother was taught to write he made the entries according to the direction of my father. Given under my hand this 15th. day of Nov. 1838.   Ransom Aycock

State of North Carolina - Warren County

This day personally appearing before me Mr. Ransom AYCOCK and subscribed and sworn to the foregoing affidavit in due forms of Law--I also certify that the family Bible of Abner AYCOCK mentioned in the foregoing affidavit has been produced to me and I have taken from it the leaf upon which the entries of the ages and births of the children of Abner AYCOCK are registered and appended the same to this certificate with three seals -- I also certify that Mr. Ransom AYCOCK is well Known to me, and I have every confidence in any statement he may make. Given under My hand & Seal this 15 day of Nov. AD 1838.  C. J. Judkins, J.P.

------Page torn from AYCOCK Family BIBLE------

Henry son was born the 30th. day of July 1780 was 15 years 1795. . . . .
Temperance was Born'd the 12 day of July 1782
Ransom Aycock was born'd on the 7 ..... in the year 1785
Polly was Born'd on the 14th. day of November 1790
Richard was born'd the 12 day of June 1788
Claibourne was born'd on the 22 day of August 17 1791
Sussy was born'd the 23rd. day of February 1792
Sarah was born on the 12 day of Nov. 1794

* This page from the Family Bible was and is very difficult to read. All the records on the Revolutionary War Pension were obtained from the USA National Archives and transcribed from a Xerographic copy, April 25, 1994.  

The Daughter Sussy/Sassy etc is a nickname for Suzan AYCOCK LANCASTER.

* See Abner & Sarah Harper Aycock Lineage

* See Samuel Harper Lineage

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