Shaw Bible Records

James Logan Shaw and
Marinda Harder
Family Bible

Contributed by Tom Law


My grandfather was James "Jim" Logan Kelly, son of Albert Kelly and Jane Maria Shaw. My mother was Mabel Jane Kelly Law (Dec.17, 1917 - Jan.8, 2005). She was a teacher in Sumner County,Tn. for 30 years. Jim Kelly had the Shaw Bible.  It is now in my possession. (Tom)

Marinda Harder was Born Feb. 3rd 1811
Elvis Harder was Born August 6 1813
Mary Harder was Born Feb 11th 1816
George Harder was Born Oct 28th 1819
Louisa Harder was Born Nov 16th 1822
Jacob L. Harder was Born Nov 3rd 1827
Wm. N. Link was Born Dec 25 1828
Monroe Link was born April 14th 1852
M. J. H. Link was Born March 10 1854
F. L. Link was Born June 23rd 1856
Victoria Shaw was Born Apr. 11th 1856
James R. Kerby was Born January the 2 1860
James D. Shaw was born Aug the 1 1861
Inman Monroe Biggs Born August the 10 1889
Thomas Taylor Shaw October the 18 1849
Albert Kelly Born Sept the 8 1831
Florsece A. Kelly Born June 9 1866
Carrie E. Kelly Born Nov 6 1868
J. L. Kelly Borned Oct. 10th 1870
William J. Kelly borned March 12th 1873
Mary Marinda Kelly   Oct. 16th 1875   Minnie
Oliver Goldsmith Shaw   April 2 1858
Fred W. Shaw   Nov 3rd 1876
Ora Ola McLary   Oct the 16 1881
Daisy Biggs Borned Nov 18 1891 

Jas. Walter Kelly   Jan the 13 1911  (James Walter Kelly died August 16, 1995)
James L. Shaw   November the 10, 1808
Marinda Shaw   February the 3 1811
Luvelon Monroe Shaw   February the 23 1831
Jane Maria Shaw   November the 4 1832
Susan Elizabeth Shaw   February the 4 1835
James Logan Shaw Jr.   September the 7 1837
Mary Louisa Shaw   December the 10 1839
Sarah Marinda Shaw   December the 22 1841
Tennessee Ann Shaw   February the 1 1844
George Washington Shaw   February the 6 1846
Thomas Taylor Shaw   October the 18 1848
William Lafayette Shaw   April the 11, 1851
Jasper Shaw   October 21, 1853
Samatha Miller Shaw June 25, 1836
Jacob Harder was born Oct 12 1772
Elizabeth Sarver was B June 4th 1786
Maria Harder was Born Oct 29th 1806
Henry Harder was Born Feb 19th 1809
Dora Pitts Shaw March 31 1865

James L. Shaw to Marind Harder   May the 6 1830
William N. Link to Susan Elizabeth Shaw   May the 15 1851
Luevelon Monroe Shaw to Semantha Miller Allen  Feb the 1st 1855
Jacob Harder & Miss Elizabeth Sarver, Married Oct. 10th A. D. 1805
James L. Shaw Jr. To Sarah Elisabeth Marlin(g)  (Mary? Marr?)  Febuary the 2th 1860
Albert Kelly to J. M. Shaw   Nov 19 1863

Mary Louisa Shaw departed October the 28, 1854
Monroe Inman Link, Infant son of William and Susan Elizabeth departed April the 13, 1853
William Lafayett Shaw departed Jan 7th 1856
Marida Shaw departed May the 5 1861
James Logan Shaw Sr. Departed Dec. 6th 1878
J. L. Shaw Jun. Departed Jan 15 1890

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