Short Family Bible

Short Family Bible

Contributed by Jan Barnes

"This Bible is owned by Margaret Short Jones who lives in Portland, Tennessee. (She passed away in April 1999). Margaret wrote this: I'm sure a lot of these names are misspelled but this is exactly the way Grandma Jennetty recorded them in her Bible. She also recorded that Grandpa Mulloy died August 29, 1901. Possibly Grandpa Short's mother was a Mulloy before her marriage because his name is Issac "M" Short.

Martha Lamberths death was recorded also. This is Grandma Short's sister."

Issac Martin Short b Mar 19, 1824 d Dec. 9, 1878

+ Jennetty White b Nov 15, 1832 d May 14, 1895

Isaac and Jennetty were married Aug 16, 1846.

Their children:

Jane Catherine Short b July 25, 1847 + James White Griffin (married) Oct 22, 1868

Their children: J.M., Paul, and Steve Griffin

Robert Wilson Short b Aug 29, 1849 married Lizabeth Lamberth

Their children: Frank, Gus, Daniel, Arthur, and Lee

Bennetter Harriett Short b Jul 11, 1851 married John Shackleford Dec 25, 1873

No children

James W. Short (William) b Mar 1, 1853, married Anne White Dec 22, 1874

Their children: Cleon, Hugh, Clarence, Odell, Oscar, Maude

Louisa Vera Short b Jan 31, 1855, married Davis Dickens

Their children: Joe, Lennie, Nettie, Annie, William, Lucy

July Ann Short b Aug 10, 1857 married George Huffines

Their children: Pearl, Eula, Della, Lark, Frank - - - they had about 10 children, but they lived in Texas and no one remembers the rest of their names.

Joseph Walton Short b Nov 19, 1859 married Ida M. McQuistan

Their children: Claude, Ethel, Ruth

Andrew Jackson Short Nov 15, 1861 married Allie Lucas

Their children: Andrew, Bessie

Emmeline Francis Short b Oct 29, 1863 d Jul 4, 1928 married Cornelius S. Johnson b March 3, 1865 d July 17, 1897.

Their children: Belle, Bennie, Richard, Louvie, and Cornelius

(Notes from Jan Barnes "Cornelius (who married Della Ray) was born on July 16, 1897, the day before his father died. In the Bible records, it only lists Francis Short's b-date and marriage date to Cornelius. I added her death date, his birth and death date. Bible records show spelling Francis, but cemetary shows Frances.)

Merrica Drucilla Short b Oct 6, 1865 d Feb. 10, 1960 (This is the way it was spelled in the Bible records) married Davis Johnson b Oct 29, 1861 d Oct 8, 1944.

They were married Sept 20, 1883.

Their child: Martin Luther Johnson b Oct 13, 1884 d Apr 1, 1979

(Notes from Jan Barnes: "I added Merica's death date, also added Davis' birth and death date. Martin Luther was listed only as Luther in the Bible records. I added his birth and death date.)

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