List of Enumeration in Captain Smith's District, 1826

List of Free Males in Captain Smith's Company, 1826

Transcribed by Linda Carpenter

Source:  TSLA, Sumner County, Tennessee,
Microfilm Roll No. AS174B, # 1

© 2003

*Note: (?)=Blurred, Faint, Illegible or could not decipher information.




Linsey Kelly Robert Shaw
Seaton H. Turner Daniel Dillon
John Payne Joseph Inng
E. Morgan Hunter Wright
William Smith Joseph Inng, Jr.
John Brinkly Samuel Dorris
James Roney Joseph Itson
A. Cavitt Wiley Cook
Thomas Cavitt Moses M. Dorris
William Weatt A. Summers
William Novel Smith Webb
Abner Wilson James Guthrie
James Collier Joseph Guthrie
David Leffer Samuel Itson
William Lefler Thomas White
William Wright Joel Cook
Francis Wright T. Hamilton
George Barot B. Martin
Levi Summers H. White
P. Bandy Andy Martin
Joseph Bandy William Martin
Hugh Eager ? Cages? Thomas Hamilton, Jr.
Solomon Suet B. Cook
William Suet J. ? Dodd ?
B. Suette A. Jackson
James Adams J. Armfield
Thomas C. Fulkes T. Herron
B. Minter Robert Guthrie
J. Minter Thomas Summers
Robert Pitt M. Inng
Thomas Potts Samuel Staley
George Watwood George Martin
Sam Hall William Gaps ?
Marley Hall William Liley
Levi Hall Mathew Payne
James Hall Joseph Biggs
Isaac Donoho Daniel Latermore
Samuel Johtson Wilson Jackson
Andrew Johtson A. Summers
Jacob Parks W. Jackson
Rueben Parks William Hogan
William Shaw A. Hinton ?
Eli Guthrie -

I hereby certify that the above list is the number of  free male inhabitants over the age of twenty one taken by me. Seaton W. Denning. 

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