Wilson County, Tennessee - Henry D. Harper To P. & P. H. Anderson, 1850


Henry D. Harper To P. & P. H. Anderson, 1850

Source: Wilson County, TN - Deed Book Y, pages 110 & 111

Transcribed by Linda Carpenter

(Page 110)

I Henry D. Harper, have this day bargained & sold & do hereby transfer & convey to P. & P. H. Anderson & their heirs & assigns forever for the sum of Twelve hundred dollars to me paid, three tracts of land in the State of Tennessee Wilson County, District No. 5 containing in all two hundred and four acres & 80 poles be the same more or less. The first tract is bounded as follows: Beginning at a Walnut, the beginning corner of land belonging to the heirs of Green Tucker deceased, running 26 poles to an Elm & Oak in Benjamin H. Hobson's East boundary line; thence South 68 poles to a swamp Oak; thence East crossing the Lebanon Road to two Cedars; thence South ten poles to a Cedar, supposed to be Thomas P. Holman's North West corner; thence East with his line 66 poles to a Hickory; thence North to an Elm in Lewis Sutton' s heirs line; thence West with said line to the said road to an Oak; thence with said road a North course 90 poles to a stake in Thomas Bradley's West boundary line; thence West to the East boundary line of the said Tucker tract; thence with the said line South to the beginning, containing one hundred & forty acres. The second tract beginning 4 poles East of the Elm marked as a corner being the South West corner of a tract conveyed by Thomas Bradley to John Hearn; thence East 130 poles to a stake; thence South 40 poles to a stake; thence West 130 poles to a stake in the road leading from Lebanon to Belotes Ferry; thence nearly North with said road to the beginning containing by estimation 32 acres. The third tract beginning at a Walnut 120 poles East of the road leading from Lebanon to Belotes Ferry in Paskel P. Hudson's South boundary line running East 88 poles to a Cedar said Hudson's South East corner; thence South 78 poles to two Ashes; thence West 25 degrees North 96 poles to a post Oak; thence North 40 poles to the beginning containing thirty two acres. To have & to hold the same to the said P. & P. H. Anderson & their heirs & assigns forever. I do covenant with the said P. & P. H. Anderson that

(Page 111)

I am lawfully seized of said land have a good right to convey it and that the same is un encumbered. I do further covenant & bind myself my heirs & representatives to warrant & forever defend the title of said land & every part thereof to the said P. & P. H. Anderson their heirs & assigns against the lawful claims of all persons whatsoever. This  28th day of December 1850. Henry D. Harper (Seal)


B. Tarver

J. R. Billingsley

State of Tennessee, Wilson County - Personally appeared before me Josiah S. McCain, Clerk of the County Court of said County of Wilson, B. Tarver & J. R. Billingsley subscribing witnesses to the within deed being sworn depose & say they are acquainted with H. D. Harper the within named bargainor & that he acknowledged the same to be his act &  deed in their presence upon the day it bears date. Witness my hand at office this 28th day of December 1850. J. S. McCain, Clerk

Registered December 28th 1850.

fee $ 1.50 - Rec'd for Registration December 28th 1850 at 3 o'clock PM - A. W. Vick, Register of Wilson County


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