Early Sumner County Marriage Records: Index

Sumner County Marriage Records Through 1850

Transcribed by Linda Carpenter with Additions and Edits

Copyright ©1998 - 2008

Following is an index of the transcription for the surviving Sumner County, Tennessee original bonds and licenses through 1850.  Unfortunately, not all the bonds and or License survived.  The years which are missing consist of those for: 1797, 1798, 1799, 1801, 1802, 1807 and 1815.  For additional information one should consult with the archives or county clerk of Sumner County in Gallatin or TSLA in Nashville, Tennessee.  


A     Ba     Bl     Bri     Ca     Cl     Da     Do     E     F     Ga     Gi     Gr     Hac
    Har     He     Ho     Hu     I     J     K     La     Li     Ma     Mc     Mi     N     O     Pa     Ph     Q
    Ra     Ro     Sa     Si     St     T     U     V     Wa     We     Wi     Wo     X     Y     Z


Ab     Am     Ba     Be     Bi     Bra     Bro     Bu     Ca     Ce     Co     Cr     Da     De     Dr     E    
F     Ga     Go     Hac     Har     He     Ho     Hu     I     J     K     La     Li     Ma     Mc     Me
    Mo     N     O     Pa     Pe     Pi     Q     Ra     Ro     Sa     Si     St     Ta     To
    U     V     Wa     We     Wi     Wo     X     Y     Z

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