List of the Polls at the Precinct in District No. 15, Sumner County, Tennessee - 1848

A List of Votes Polled on the 6th of November 1848

Sumner County, Tennessee District No. 15

by E. James & Cathe L. Keen

Source:  TSLA, Sumner County, Tennessee,
Microfilm Roll No. AS174B, # 30

Voters Name Voters Name
S. R. Gilliam William Meador
Lewis Martin James Coats
Joseph Gilmore Litle Adcock
James Carter William Parish, Jr.
Robert Duffer James Parish
T. S. Austin Yancy Turner
Samuel Morris Johnathan Escue
William Parish, Sr. Matha Hutcherson
James Spears Wilkerson Sutton
Barnet Gillam Jacob Trout
R. J. Pike William Perry
Thomas Key T. B. Mason
John Perry E. W. Spears
Marcus Keen H. J. Wetherford
Benjamin Carter, Jr. William Keen
Alfred Graves James Harris
Willis Perry William Gains
J. C. Morris James Thompson
James Witham Harmon Carter
Jarret Carter William Tuttle
C. T. Hawkins E. S. Nedom
George Black Andrew Graves
Soloman Mandrel James Fillips (Phillips)
James Hunt, Sr. Thomas Rippy
David Mandrel Henry Mandrel
David Alsup John Doss
Charles Tooley Wiley Perry
Henry Gains Benjamin Pike
Harris Carter Joshua Doss
Lemuel Boyacan (Boykin) James West
J. A. Conyers Noah Fillips (Phillips)
James Durham Richard Mandrel
Edward Fillips (Phillips)
James Hunt Peter Borders
David Graves Dans (Dance) Brown
Obiah (Obediah) Conyers William Graves, Jr.
Harboard (Harvard) Perry Asa Duffer
Jesse Perry J. C. Sloan
J. R. Wolf William Grissom
Isaac Durham Richard Martin
Robert Angel John Barber
Quinton Perry Maston Keen
Henry Harris John Conyers
B. Y. Turner Henry Carter
Maclen (Macklin) Key Miles Durham
Elita (Elisha) Keen James Rippy, Sr.
James Angel A. S. Simpson
William Clyn (Cline) Robert Dorris
Phillips Mabery (Mayberry-Mabry) Moses McQuirter (McWhirter)
James Brown Benjamin Maberry (Mayberry-Mabry)
Andrew Clyn (Cline) Thomas Carter
Jerrymiah (Jeremiah) Alsup Wiley O'Neal
R. C. House Wiley Graves
William Borders Elvis Graves
William Graves James Perry
Level Wootten William J. Fleming
Jesse Rippy Gilam Perry
Wiley Rippy J. A. Rippy
Drury Perry James Pike
Jackson Harrison A. G. Sarver
Daniel Alsup Anderson Keen
Quninton Rippy A. G. Homes (Holmes)
Daniel Weeks John Maguier
Thomas Creecy (Creasy)
John Rippy James Morris
Isam (Isom-Isham) Gant A. W. Hunter
Hayslet Black Jacob Staley
William Mason R. E. Johnson
Anderson Rippy John Dennen (Denning)
Squire Brown John Morris
Benjamin Gant Byrd Trout
John Gillam (Gilliam) Freman Senter
William Culwell (Caldwell) Benjamin Carter, Sr.
Wiley Brackin Levi Richmond
R. R. Heeth (Heath) James Escue
J. W. Barr Henry Morris
S. C. Taylor William Morris
George Morris Henry Carter
B. H. Brackin Calvin Brackin
Josiah Dorris Richard Bostick
S. J. Edmunds Daniel Sullivan
James Dunn Ananias Epperson
J. G. Hawkins James Hoskins
W. D. Turner C. W. Bonner
J. S. Tucker Thomas Colyer
Hardy Culwell (Caldwell)

Total 168

We the undersigned clerks do certify that the above is a true list of the voters names in District No. 15 taken on the 7th day of November 1848.
Test: J.W. Barr, returning officer
S. C. Taylor, Clerk
C. W. Bonner

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