List of the Polls at the Precinct in District No. 19, Sumner County, Tennessee - 1867

A List of the Polls at the Precinct in District No. 19, Sumner County, Tennessee 1867

Transcribed by Linda Carpenter

Source:  TSLA, Sumner County, Tennessee,
Microfilm Roll No. AS174B, # 36

© 2003

*Note: (?)=Blurred, Faint, Illegible or could not decipher information.

The following is a list of votes taken in District No. 19, for the purpose of changing the Voting Place to B. Bradley's or Mitchelleville Station, this April 27th 1867. Held by M. L. Moore, Constable of said District. 

Voter's Name                     

Voter's Name                      

W. C. Evans  A. M. McGlothlin 
J. M. Pearson Ellis Harper
John Hinton G. T. Wright
Jacob Shawb R. W. Turner
Richard Pearson W. T. McGlothlin
M. Cummings A. B. Thompson
A. Goostree J. H. Blackburn
William Bell Sam Buntin
Alfred Hammons Benjamin Groves
Alfred Groves Redman Franklin
H. M. Williams Austin Pond
J. E. Moore D. D. Cardwell
J. S. Hinton James McGlothlin
J. T. Buntin John A. Groves
J. A. Moore W. E. Hudson
W. T. Moore Z. Bowles
James Mitchell Abner Baskerville
B. P. Dye R. Baskerville
W. P. Cummings Sam Groves
Charley Shawb E. Fulgram
I. W. Berry A. W. Bradley
J. W. Berry Andy Berry
T. B. Moore Joseph McGlothlin, Sr.
J. C. Payne Joseph McGlothlin, Jr.
Hutson Groves J. P. McGlothlin
B. V. Berryman William Chism
E. Harper Patrick Lovell
John G. Duval Robert Buntin
John D. Roney J. M. McGlothlin
Isaac Groves Brook Duvall
E. Bryant T. A. Dorris
J. B. McGlothlin B. F. Atchison
Granville McGlothlin D. F. Groves
J. C. Buntin T. G. Cardwell
J. H. Harper Haywood Dye
A. M. Bradley Lewis Dye
W. Hinsly W. S. Payne
H. Simpson R. Falden
Ezekiel Harper  -


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