List of the Polls at the Precinct in District No. 3, Sumner County, Tennessee - 1866

A List of the Polls at the Precinct in District No. 3, Sumner County, Tennessee 1866

Transcribed by Linda Carpenter

Source:  TSLA, Sumner County, Tennessee,
Microfilm Roll No. AS174B, # 33

© 2003

*Note: (?)=Blurred, Faint, Illegible or could not decipher information.


Voter's Name                     

Voter's Name                      

Williamson Martin William Compton
Nimrod Harrison B. P. Swaney
Charles B. Rogan J. W. Sanders
Archibald Gregory A. C. Armstrong
Baliss House Henry Hallum
C. H. Hatcher M. L. Shaver
James B. Vance W. A. Gregory
A. R. Wynne Edward Walton
Wm. H. Hall S. M. Wilkes
G. W. Young I. F. Mansker
B. P. Harrison High Wylie
J. L. Bentley R. C. Reeves
John L. Swaney John Cox
William. Lockett H. L. Wilson
J. N. Mitchner R. H. Baskerville
A. J. Charlton David Chenault, Jr.
Isaac Thompson William Tyree
William. Ramsey T. H. Bentley
David Rice William Webb
E. N. Mitchener C. D. Armstrong
Volentine Ramsey R. Jones
Samuel Smith N. D. Smith
H. I. Lockett B. W. Thompson
Jim R. Young S. C. Johnson
Lewis Grantham Albert Jones
Henry Cox Cyrus W. Roberts
George W. Johnson Martin Belisle
George W. Etheridge Eli Lockett
T. S. Youree Eli Wilson
Thomas Glenn W. H. Biggers
W. W. Lockett Arch. Cannon
W. S. Young J. M. Anglea
Ben Templeton F. T. Caldwell
W. T. Saunders James Cunningham
H. W. Williams Moses A.Walker
Fleming Cox A. C. Youree
J. M. Shaver Colby Chenault
William Patterson William Corum
J. C. Jourdan William Anglea
Calvin Cunningham G. B. Biggers
Jesse Holt J. J. Hibbett
Jacob Webb D. B. Anglea
James Henry Morris S. S. Wilkes
William H. Cloar George Bryson
H. M. Jennings B. F. Jamison
Newton Richardson J. M. Bryson
Henry Webb J. W. Moss
Ben Compton William T. Barr
J. L. Hamilton B. B. Barr
I. B. Echols -

State of Tennessee, Sumner County - We the undersigned clerks and judges of Castalian Springs, District No. 3, for Constable certify that Balie P. Harrison received (sixty-one votes) 61 and James Vance received (thirty-eight) 38. Given under our hands this 25th day of August 1866.

Baliss House (Seal)
D. Rice (Seal)
B. F. Jamison (Seal)

N. B. Harrison
J. L. Bentley

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