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Queries Lincoln Conspirators
The following is a series of Queries we have received with reference to Mrs. Mary E. (JENKINS) SURRATT or John H. SURRATT or Lincoln's Assassination
Any corrections or comments, Please E-Mail Paul R. Sarrett, Jr., prsjr@aol.com
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Adeline (Cranford) Surratt
Dated: Monday, August 09, 1999 11:21 PM
To: CRANFORD-L@rootsweb.com
Subject: Re: [CRANFORD-L] Claudie Chranford Marriage
Adeline (Cranford) Surratt listed on this marriage license as the daughter of Lorenzo Dow Cranford, my gr-gr-gr grandfather. Lorenzo's daughter, Mary married Lawson Loflin, a brother to Emannuel Loflin listed on this certificate.
I have a picture of Adeline (Cranford) SURRATT.
George, E-Mail: PastWalker@aol.com
Adeline (Cranford) SURRATT, has No connection to See: Mrs. Mary E. (Jenkins) SURRATT, (1st Women Hanged U.S.)
Adeline Cranford, married bfr 1860 in Davidson Co., NC. to See: Wm. "Morton" SURRATT,
as his 2nd Wife, they had 8 Children born to this 2nd Union:
We would like to exchange Info. on this Family....prs

Dated: Tuesday, August 10, 1999 3:43 PM
To: CRANFORD-L@rootsweb.com
Subject: Re: [CRANFORD] RE: [CRANFORD-L] Claudie Chranford Marriage
This is the story on Mary Surratt.
It seems Mary was approached in the local pub near Ford's Theater. She was "a lady of the night" so to speak and she had access to all the men who held important jobs in the city.
She made a great spy during the war years. This particular incident, Mary was approached by an acquaintence of John Booth who wanted to know where an actor could purchase a revolver. Mary also sold weapons as a side trade. She immediately brandish a small caliber, short barreled pistol which the person bought.
Upon presenting the weapon to Mr. Booth, he immediately went to Mary and they enjoyed a night of bliss. Due to the President's declaration that all hand guns be registered, the weapon was later traced back to Mary. She hastily headed west to meet up with her sister, Lucille. However, she was caught and later hanged in the tall pine tree behind the pub. She was sorely missed by the local gentry.

Of course, this story is absurd and untrue. I don't know anything about Mary Surratt but it would be interesting to find out that she may be related to our Surratts of Davidson County.
George, PastWalker@aol.com
If you realize this story is "absurd and untrue" why would even post it on this list?
See: Mrs. Mary E. (Jenkins) SURRATT, the 1st Woman hanged, (U.S.) was blamed as one of the Assassination Conspirators. ...prs
Greg Cranford
Date Tue, 10 Aug 1999 15:47:56 -0400
To CRANFORD-L@rootsweb.com
From what my cousin tells me Mary's son was actually a conspirator and brought the group to her boarding house in Maryland after the assassination. She was supposdly clueless as was Dr. Mudd who helped Booth with his ankle. I understand there are Surratts around trying to have her exonerated. I assume the Maryland Surratts are related in much the same way the Maryland Cranfords are related to the NC Cranfords. Greg Cranford, E-Mali: GregC@bbg-bbgm.com
If you can give me some information on your "NC. SURRATT's" I can help you make the "Connection" to the Maryland SURRATTS. ..prs

2nd E-Mail: Date Tue, 10 Aug 1999 10:26:01 -0400
Subject [CRANFORD] RE: [CRANFORD-L] Claudie Chranford Marriage
Old-To "'CRANFORD-L@rootsweb.com'"
I thought you would find it interesting that I am also related to the Surratts. My ggg Grandfather was Spencer Surratt. I believe he was acousin -somewhat removed iassume - of Mary Surratt who was hanged as aconspirator in the Lincoln assassination. Do you know anything about this?
Greg Cranford, E-Mail: GregC@bbg-bbgm.com
Sorry to disapoint you, Your Gr-Gr-Gr-Grandfather Spencer SURRATT, was not a cousin to:
Mrs. Mary E. (Jenkins) SURRATT ..prs

Donald P Cranford
Interest in Surratt Family.
Date: Tue, 10 Aug 1999 18:11:56
To: CRANFORD-L@rootsweb.com
Subject: [CRANFORD] [CRANFORD-L] Interest in Surratt Family.
There is a book at the Davidson county Library in Lexington, NC about the Surratt Family in America. This is where I located a lot of the info concerning mine and George's Surratt connection as well as those married to other Cranfords. The authors of the book were descendants of the Davidson county Surratts. Never bothered to look in that book regarding this Mary Surratt involved in the Lincoln assination. Could be there could be something in that book.
Don P. Cranford, E-Mail: wahoo2@NorthState.Net
Don, the I believe the "book" you are refering to is the SURRATT/SARRATT Families in the United States, 1750-1980, by Laura & Norman SARRATT, pub. 1980. See: Our SFA- [REF:#90,]
See: Mrs. Mary E. (Jenkins) SURRATT, the 1st Woman hanged, (U.S.) was blamed as one of the Assassination Conspirators.
See: Davidson Co., NC. for that branch of SARRATT's (NOT SURRATT)
We would like to exchange info. on these family! ..prs
Greg Cranford
Date: Tue, 10 Aug 1999 10:26:01
To: CRANFORD-L@rootsweb.com
Subject: [CRANFORD] RE: [CRANFORD-L] Claudie Chranford Marriage
I thought you would find it interesting that I am also related to the Surratts. My ggg Grandfather was Spencer Surratt. I believe he was a cousin -somewhat removed iassume - of Mary Surratt who was hanged as aconspirator in the Lincoln assassination. Do you know anything about this?
Greg Cranford, E-Mail: GregC@bbg-bbgm.com
We have several "Spencer SARRATT's" from Davidson Co., NC. See:
See: Mrs. Mary E. (Jenkins) SURRATT, the 1st Woman hanged, (U.S.) was blamed as one of the Assassination Conspirators.
See: Rev. William SURRATT, SFA-Profile!
We would like to exchange Info. on this Family....prs
See: Greg's 1st E-Mail


Kathy Master
Spooky Facts About LINCOLN & KENNEDY
Date: Tue, 25 Jan 2000 11:37:16 PM Eastern Standard Time
Unanswered Questions????
How much of it was a coincidence? I refer to the assassinations of Abraham Lincoln and John F. Kennedy.
1. Both Lincoln and Kennedy were concerned with civil rights.
2. Lincoln was elected president in 1860; Kennedy in 1960.
3.Both were slain on a Friday and in the presence of their wives.
4. Both were shot from behind and in the head.
5. Their successors, both named Johnson, were Southern Democrats, and both were in the Senate.
6. Andrew Johnson was born in 1808 and Lyndon B. Johnson was born in 1908.
7. John Wilkes Booth was born in 1839 and Lee Harvey Oswald was born in 1939.
8. Booth and Oswald were Southerners who favored unpopular ideas.
9. Both presidents' wives lost children through death while in the White House.
10. Lincoln's secretary, whose name was Kennedy, advised him not to go to the theater.
11. Kennedy's secretary, whose name was Lincoln, advised him not to go to Dallas.
12. John Wilkes Booth shot Lincoln in a theater and ran to a warehouse.
13. Lee Harvey Oswald shot Kennedy from a warehouse and ran to a theater.
14. The names Lincoln and Kennedy each contain seven letters.
15. The names Andrew Johnson and Lyndon Johnson each contain 13 letters.
16. The names John Wilkes Booth and Lee Harvey Oswald each contain 15 letters.
17. Both assassins were killed before being brought to trial.
18. Both Johnsons were opposed for re-election by men whose names started with "G".
Jessica Surratt
SURRATT, Mary E. (Jenkins)
Dated: Feb 28, 2000
The Surratt Surname Message Board - Message #46
Has anyone found a tie to Mary or John surratt in their ancestory? Mary Surratt was hung around the time of Abraham Lincoln's assination in Maryland. She was supsect of housing John Wilkes Booth and her son, John Surratt. John Surratt was suspected accomplince to Booth. Has anyone found out anything about this? Please email me if you have info or might be related to me!
Thanks, Jessica Surratt email: princesslvsbubby@yahoo.com
See URL: Mary E. (Jenkins) SURRATT & Conspirators
Brett Offutt
Surratt / Lincoln Assassination
Date: Fri, 23 Jun 2000 7:31:42 AM Eastern Daylight Time
Hi Paul,
I visited your SFA site and was very impressed with the amount of information you've amassed. I'm hoping to compile similar volumes of information on my geneology. I'm particularly interested in your research and articles surrounding the Lincoln assassination. An Emma Offutt testified at the trial of Mary Surratt. I'm trying to determine who this Emma Offutt was. My information so far tells me that Emma was John Lloyd's sister-in-law, the sister of Lloyd's wife. Offutt was Emma's married name. Emma and John Lloyd were "close" -- they apparently lived together at the Surratt house. Do you have any information that would shed additional light on Emma? I appreciate any guidance you may provide. Thank you.
S. Brett Offutt, a href="mailto:aglawyer@excite.com ">aglawyer@excite.com
Thanks for the E-Mail, but we have no "Connection" of SURRATT/OFFUTT ..prs
Jennifer Peterson
Date: Wed, 26 Jul 2000 11:48:47 AM Eastern Daylight Time
Source: WashingtonDC-L@rootsweb.com
Subject: [WashingtonDC] RE: Family Stories
Hello All,
I've been listening to the recent thread regarding family stories and thought I would share my most recent experience.
I have been sorting through a mystery for a few years now, after I discovered an unusual listing in my Ogden Family Bible (which unfortunately was the bone of much contention in that family, and since they spent so much time fighting over it, nobody wrote in it but it's original owner).
This bible listed a James Archibald JENKINS, and I had never heard of this name before. I began searching for this person, but I was starting to think he was invisible. When I was doing some research in Salt Lake City, I discovered a wonderful book called "Stones & Bones - Small Cemeteries of Prince George's County Maryland". In this book was the same James A. Jenkins, but with a different d.o.d., however, he was listed in the same cememtery where most of the Ogden family was buried.
From this book, I was able to find out who this man was. He was the youngest brother of Mrs. Mary (Jenkins) Surratt. Well, this sparked my memory back to a conversationI had with my mother when I was doing an American History paper in school. Coincidentally, I had been given the topic of the Lincoln Assassination as my topic for my final paper, and while discussing this with my mother, she told me about her Grandmother's reaction to newspaper article about the Surratt's back in the 1960's.
She told me her Grandmother was very upset that anyone would consider Mrs Surratt guilty and that it was a horrible crime she was hung. This always stuck in my mind because my GGrandmother never had an unkind word for anyone, and I mean anyone.
With this much information I decided to start digging through the multitude of books about the assassination and the Surratt's themselves. Although this was a great source education about the time and the people, I wasn't any closer to solving the riddle, only creating more questions. I found pictures of the Surratt's (but not James Jenkins) which led me to a friend who was studying Forensic Science and had him do a comparison study of those pictures as well as some photos of my GGrandmother, Grandmother and Mother. He came up with the conclusion that there could be a genetic link, and some of the points were close enough for sibling relationships.
Okay, now I was getting frustrated and excited at the same time. And it was at this point I found some census records listing my Ogden Family in 1860 and 1870. In between that time period the father John disappeared. I have not been able to find a death record for him as yet, but with the time period it is likely he is one of the many nameless men who died in the Civil War. With that info however, the 1870 census records brought another mystery, how could the widow Isabella Ogden have two children not of school age during the 1870 census.
During my reading about the assassination I found reference to a place called The Surratt House in Clinton, MD, on the site of the Postmaster John Surratt, Sr.'s office and tavern. I sent my information to the curator there and she sent to me the brief information she possessed about James A. Jenkins. In this letter she stated that James A. Jenkins had taken up with a widow woman who had several children, and though the two youngest children had her husband's name, that they were born after his death and were most likely James A. Jenkins' children. He left his few possessions to these children in his will. Also, he was buried in the Ogden family plot by a Bertie Ogden, an paid for by the by the Ogden Family as well (the bible was present to Alberta Jenkins Ogden by her mother on her 21st birthday).
This was as far as I got with this mystery for 5 years, until this Spring, when I found three of my Ogden Cousins. I pieced together a few of their family stories about similar events and made another breakthrough. They had their stories all mixed together across two generations, but because I had done a lot of research already we were able to take their legends and find the rest of what we needed to fill in the blanks of my research. I'm still working on solvong the whole riddle, but when you bang your head on a brick wall for 5 years, anything is an improvement. So, always listen to those stories, but also research them throughly, and never be afraid to dig further and go on faith when you have a hunch. I hope this story helps another story collector in their family mystery solving.
Jennifer Peterson, PtrsonsZOO@aol.com
Follow-up: Date: Thu, 27 Jul 2000 1:46:33 PM Eastern Daylight Time
Source: WashingtonDC-L@rootsweb.com
Subject: RE: [WashingtonDC] RE: Family Stories
That was my whole point. I didn't mean to totally discount family stories, as there usually is a grain of truth to them, but research is crucial to back them up. If I hadn't found an abstract of the marriage of my gggggrandparents in Washington DC purely by accident many things would still be a mystery. There may be some truth that they did exchange portraits with the Washington family as some Washington family lived in DC and the surrounding areas. My grandmother swore to it till her dying day. She stated she saw them. I have not, and she is dead, so I have no way to prove it. But I have to commend you on your perseverance. It inspires me to keep on plugging away.
Robert Aufderheide, E-Mail: robert.aufderheide@telecorp1.com
For more info, on Mrs. Mary E. (Jenkins) SURRATT, 1st Woman Hung in U.S.
We would like any corrections/additions to this family. ..prs

William Boswell
Mount Olivet Cemetery, Mrs Mary SURRATT
Date: Mon, 16 Apr 2001 9:56:08 AM Eastern Daylight Time
Source: WashingtonDC-L@rootsweb.com
Subject: RE: [WashingtonDC'' ] Re: WashingtonDC-D Digest V01 #71
Another thing about Mount Olivet Cemetery is that many of the ground stones are now underground and they don't make much effort in bringing them back up even when you ask several times. I had a problem locating graves on my own when the office staff was reluctant in giving me the information. Fortunately, I had gotten copies of their index cards earlier for my family members, but when requesting additional locations they seemed to get nervous.
Several years ago, many of the stones (including headstones) were moved while landscaping work was done. When the grave markers were put back in place, many were not set in the same place which I believe is why many of the markers can't be found. When cutting the grass, the cemetery's tractors drive right over the ground stones pushing them further into the ground.
Since it is a very large cemetery, walking around looking for family members can be quite tedious and exhausting. If you are looking for older graves, the older section appears to be to the right of the office extending to the fence. Along the fence you will also find older graves such as that of Mary Surratt and others from the 19th century. There also appears to be quite a group of Irish immigrants also on the right side near the top of the sloping hill. William Boswell, E-Mail: whbos@worldnet.att.net
See: Mrs. Mary E. (Jenkins) SURRATT, 1st Woman Hanged in U.S. ..prs
Linda Surratt-White
Date: 07 Nov 2001 3:36:07 PM Pacific Standard Time
Subject: [BS-L] Re: Lincoln Assination
Hi Group,
I joined the Blacksheep in January just after the list started. I don't remember the year. I was on this list for a long time. I enjoyed it very much. I started doing volunteer work for the police department and got off the list, to do genealogy and volunteer work. I thought I would get back on for a while. I also thought this would be a good time to tell the new members how I qualified.
I am a direct descendant of Mary E. (Jenkins) Surratt 1817 - 1865. Mother of John H. Surratt, Jr., arrested for Conspiring to kill President LINCOLN; she was alleged to have provided JOHN WILKES BOOTH and HEROLD CARBINES, a rope and whiskey on Friday, April 14, 1865, at about 11:00 am at her Surrattville Tavern. (one and one half hour after the shooting of President LINCOLN)
Mrs. Surratt was "accused of having thought of the original scheme to abduct LINCOLN and his top cabinet members. However, the plot thickened, and progressed to kidnapping to murder."
Mrs. Surratt was captured Monday evening, April 17, 1865, at about 11:30 pm a representative of the war department and 4 or 5 officers arrived at Mrs. Surratt's Boarding house to arrest her, her sister, and her daughter Annie Surratt, and one young woman boarder, who were the only persons left under Mrs. Surratt's roof.
Mrs. Surratt 48 was brought to trial, arrived muffled in black, striving to hide her person behind a palm leaf fan, her heavy black veil, her black mitted hands, was said to be a very pretty woman.
Mrs. Surratt was sentenced by the Military Commission who met in secret on June 28, 1865, and voted the Death by Hanging penalty for "Conspiring to Murder"; The sentence was not read until July 6, 1865. The next day at 1:00 p.m., July 7, 1865, Mrs. Surratt was hanged. She was buried in the yard of the old penitentiary, Washington D. C.
There is tons of history on the death of Lincoln and Mary Surratt, I try to read all I can. It is my heritage. One I have mixed emotions about. Things cannot always be left way back in history. Sometimes they follow us to the future.
I do have others I could also qualify for. Salem Witch Trials, Royalty. I am sure I have a lot in my back ground.
Linda Surratt-White, IBSSG, LinWhite42@aol.com
The "quotes" you listed above are exactly quoted from our Mrs. Mary E. (Jenkins) SURRATT, The Conspirator (Our Source: Our SFA [REF:#5] Pages' 187 to 189
On the otherhand you are the Tenth Generation! of:
(d/o Charnel H. & Anner F. (LEWIS) SURRATT) [FG 1400]
(1Gd/o Andrew N. & Eula M. (GLEGHORN) SURRATT) [FG 210]
(2Gd/o James L. & Marinda R. (PARKER) SERRATT) [FG 209]
(3Gd/o John R., & Millicent (WARRINGTON) SERRATT) [FG 191]
(4Gd/o John,9 & Wife (Unknown) SERRATT) [FG 189]
(5Gd/o James,1 & Wife (Unknown) SARRATT) [FG 187]
(6Gd/o Samuel,2 & Elizabeth SARRATT) [FG 8]
(7Gd/o Samuel,1 & 1st w Anna SARRATT) [FG 9]
(8Gd/0 Joseph & Katherine SARRAT of France [FG 10]
Your "Branch" is NOT the same "branch" of Mrs. Mary E. (Jenkins) SURRATT
Her husband John H. SURRATT, Sr. was the "Out-of-Wedlock" child of Sarah TALBERT
A Grandson of Alphonsus "Francis" SURRATT (1740-1800)
A Gr-Grandson of Joseph,2 & Mary SARRATT, (1710-1772)
A Gr-Gr-Grandson of Joseph & Katherine SARRAT of France [FG 10] ..prs
Connie D. Hurley
Mary Surratt: the first woman executed by the US
Date: 22 Dec 2001 10:35:49 AM Pacific Standard Time
Source: CRF-L@rootsweb.com
Mary Surratt: the first woman executed by the US
On July 7 1865, Mary Surratt began the long walk through the house that had been her prison for more than two months. Although the day was oppressively hot she wore the same clothing she'd worn throughout her trial, a long-sleeved black dress that fell to the top of her high black shoes. Two guards supported her elbows as she struggled to remain upright against the sedative drugs she had mercifully been given. They were a small comfort, but she was grateful.
They reached the door leading to the courtyard and the guards gripped her arms tighter as if afraid she would slip from their grasp to fall or run. Mary did neither. Her dark eyes firmly fixed to the toes of her shoes, she slowly descended the wooden steps to the ground, stumbling only slightly at the change in slope. Shadows of the spectators rolled over her shoes as she walked by and she wondered briefly how many belonged to familiar forms. She didn't look up to search out the faces of casual acquaintances, people who had once tipped their hats or smiled at her, she knew there would be no solicitous nods now.
Mary hesitated only slightly when she reached the bottom step to the gallows. The terror was still only a low rumble in her chest as the reality of her situation had yet to completely slip past the drugs. She knew if she continued to watch her shoes, if she refused to set her eyes on the looped and knotted rope, she could keep the fear from crawling into her throat and cutting off her breath. The noose would do that soon enough.
The walk from her room/cell to the gallows had seemed to Mary endlessly brief. Now, standing on the platform, her hands and feet bound, Mary finally knew beyond doubt that she had only moments left to live. She swayed slightly as a small breeze brushed her face in a last caress. Above the din of her heart, she listened to the murmuring of the crowd and the intonations of the preacher. A small beetle crawled over the tip of her shoe and she focused on the progress of the tiny body with such intensity that at the sound of a voice asking if she had any last words, she started and gasped. Tears slipped down her pale cheeks and she whispered softly, "Please don't let me fall." [REF:#*]
A black hood was placed over her head and Mary thought she could smell the lingering fear of those condemned before her. A shudder ran through her as the rope was tightened around her neck, the hangman making certain that the knot was securely under her left ear so death would be quick. Lastly, another rope was wrapped around her dress at the calves to maintain modesty.
At a signal from the general, the executioner pulled the lever and sent Mrs. Mary Elizabeth Jenkins Surratt into history as the first woman to be hanged by the United States government.
She was 42 years old.
Mary Elizabeth Jenkins was born in Waterloo, Maryland in the spring of 1823. At the age of twelve Mary's mother chose to give her daughter a better education than most of the farm girls in her day received. To accomplish this, Mary was taken across the Potomac River to Alexandria, Virginia and enrolled in a school operated by St Mary's Catholic Church. There, she converted to Catholicism and chose Eugenia [REF:#**] as her confirmation name, after St Eugenia whose feast day falls on Christmas.
In 1840 at the tender age of 17, Mary was married to 28 year old John Harrison Surratt. 3 children arrived in quick succession: Isaac, Elizabeth, & John Jr. The family of 5 lived on a farm near Oxon Hill, Maryland until the early 1850's.
In 1852, John Surratt purchased and began to develop 287 acres of farmland in Prince George's County, Maryland. He built a two-story house that became - in addition to the family home - a tavern, polling place, and post office. The small local community, now Clinton, was then known as Surrattsville. During the Civil War the Surratt House served as part of the Confederate underground network.
The Surratt family lived in Surrattsville for ten years until the sudden death of John Sr. in 1862. Mary struggled valiantly to survive the mountain of debts left her by her husband, but the war made it virtually impossible to collect on debts owed to the tavern. Finally, in 1864, Mary was forced to rent the Surratt house to ex-policeman, John Lloyd. (His testimony during her trial would ensure her conviction.) She and her daughter, Anne, now twenty, moved into a townhouse the family owned on 541 H Street in Washington City. There she began a respectable boardinghouse business and met the man who would ultimately lead to her inglorious place in history – John Wilkes Booth.
Mary Surratt's son, John Harrison Surratt Jr., continuing the Confederate sympathies of his father, began allowing southern sympathizers to use the boardinghouse for surreptitious meetings. The leader of this group of insurgents was a popular theatre actor named John Wilkes Booth.
It is not clear if Mary knew of Booth's involvement in the assassination plot of President Lincoln or if she was merely running errands for a man with whom she had become infatuated. According to John Lloyd - the man renting her tavern in Surrattsville - she did deliver messages to him on two separate occasions from Booth. The first communication, on April 11, 1865, was to relay that Booth wanted Lloyd to have the "shooting irons" ready and again on April 14, the day of Lincoln's assassination, Mary told Lloyd to have the escape gear prepared.
Lewis Paine, one of the three conspirators executed along with Mary, insisted throughout the trial on her innocence. Although the jury found her guilty of conspiracy and voted for the death penalty, they recommended life in prison in deference to her "sex and age". President Andrew Johnson refused to consider a plea for mercy declaring that Mrs. Surratt had "…supplied the nest…" for the conspirators.
To this day the consensus of many people is that the government committed a judicial murder by hanging Mary Surratt.
[REF:#*] Mary Surratt's last words as reported by J.R.Norton
[REF:#**]Mary Surratt's often use of her confirmation name has led many to the mistaken belief that Eugenia was her middle name. per (Surratt Historical Museum)
Have A Beautiful Day. Connie D. Hurley, E-Mail: conniepoolehurley@hotmail.com
" In Beautiful Western Kentucky"
Connie's Links Page to All Family Pages and Other's as well. http://www.angelfire.com/ky2/connie/Links.html


Roger Wiggins
Subject: Booth-Sirratt
Dated: Friday, January 11, 2002 7:55 PM
To: ALLAMAR-L@rootsweb.com
In response to the person sho has the John Wilkes Booth photo, how did the photo come to be in Fayette/Lamar County? In her trial for the assasination of Lincoln, Mary Surratt stated she corresponded with a rebel Capt Samuel Surratt.
Is this the same Samuel Surratt who lived in Vernon in 1850 ? Or a son ? My ancestor, William Surratt died in Vernon after 1850 and was the father of Capt. Samuel Surratt. I suspect him to be buried in Furnace Hill Cem or there abouts. Mary Surrat was hung by the yanks. The Lamar Surratts are the same family back to colonial Maryland, but I didn't know they corresponded with their Maryland kin. Any info appreciated.
Roger Wiggins, E-Mail: wiggins@telapex.com
CSA Capt. Samuel SARRATT, is a 5th Generation SFA
3rd s/o Wm.,1 SARRATT & Miss COLE, of the old Spartanburg Dist., SC.
GrSon/o Samuel,2 & Elizabeth SARRATT, of Prince George's Co., MD.
Gr-GrandSon/o Samuel,1 & Anna SARRATT, of Prince George's Co., MD.
Gr-Gr-GrandSon of Joseph,1 & Katherine SARRATT of France.
Your "Branch" is NOT the same "branch" of Mrs. Mary E. (Jenkins) SURRATT
Her husband John H. SURRATT, Sr. was the "Out-of-Wedlock" child of Sarah TALBERT
A Grandson of Alphonsus "Francis" SURRATT (1740-1800)
A Gr-Grandson of Joseph,2 & Mary SARRATT, (1710-1772)
A Gr-Gr-Grandson of Joseph & Katherine SARRAT of France [FG 10] ..prs
Joel Mize
Subject: Re: Booth-Sirratt
Date: Fri, 11 Jan 2002 8:49:28 PM Eastern Standard Time
Source: ALMARION-L@rootsweb.com
Roger Wiggins & Surratt researchers,
In addition to this link with the Pres. Lincoln assisination, there is also a Union Army link; your Capt. Samuel Surratt (CSA, regiment ?) married abt 1836 to Nancy Pennington.
Her youngest brother (Ervin/Irwin Pennington) joined the 1st Alabama Cavalry (USV), Pvt, Co H; other brothers were Unionists, thus her nephew, Franklin Pennington Jr. also served 1st Alabama Cavalry, Pvt, Co H; as did nephew Abner Pennington (Pvt, Co H); same for Joseph Pennington (Missouri Cavalry unit); Newton Pennington (Missouri Cavalry unit); probably others for whom I don't have records.
Just thought you might want this info in case you don't have it.
Joel Mize - North Alabama Family Research, CW vintage, E-Mail: jmize@attbi.com
See: CSA Capt. Samuel SARRATT, SFA-Profile!
We would like to exchange info. on this family! ..prs
Robert Welch
Subj: Mary E Surratt
Date: 20 May 2002 10:22:56 AM Pacific Daylight Time
Hello Paul,
I am looking for quality photos of Mrs. Surratt....could you help?
Robert Welch, E-Mail: bobby@timeparadox.com
Robert, Thanks for the E-Mail,
We have a few photos at: Mrs. Mary E. (Jenkins) SURRATT Genealogy!
For more information on the "Conspirators & Assassination" See: Assassination Index
We would like to exchange info. on this family! ..prs
Dated: 24 Jun 2002 8:39:23 AM Pacific Daylight Time,
Source: BlackSheep-L@rootsweb.com
Subject: [BS-L] Re: {not a subscriber} Qualification Request
I am the 8th great grandaughter of the second great grand aunt of Mary E. Jenkins Surratt, the first woman hung by the US government in connection with the Assassination of President Lincoln by John Wilkes Booth.
I believe her conviction was due to a criminal act, but to me the genealogy is considered a social embarrassment.
Does that qualify? Nancie, raggdollynmb@yahoo.com
How are you "connected" to this family? ..prs
Date: 24 Jun 2002 9:24:57 AM Pacific Daylight Time
Source: BlackSheep-L@rootsweb.com
Subject: [BS-L] Re: {not a subscriber} Qualification Request
She would be your Cousin, and therefor out of range for membership. A direct descendant could claim her for membership. (I think she got a BUM deal anyway).
(One of our early members would be one of your cousins, I would search our archives for 1999.)
Jeff, ScismGenie@aol.com
Kenneth Roland Peirce
Subj: Surratt
Date: 18 Oct 2002 8:58:40 PM Pacific Daylight Time
Mr. Serratt, We are decendants of the known, Mary Surratt,
If you are connected to that Surratt and the spelling is different by mistake, Please let us know if there is a connection.
We got the information from the genology history on the computer of cherokee ansestors.
Thank you Kenneth Roland Peirce, E-Mail: gnk@hourone.net
Thanks for the E-Mail.
Sorry, I am not "connected" to Mrs. Mary E. (Jenkins) SURRATT, 1st woman hung in U.S.
How are you "Connected" to this family?
We would like to exchange info. on this family! ..prs

2nd E-Mail: Date: 21 Oct 2002 6:22:25 PM Pacific Daylight Time
Thank You For the reply, As I, Ken Pierce was looking forward to research the Surratts, the first story we heard from mother was not confirmed: saying no, they were not kin to her, but when she was found guilty of conspiracy, the family respelled their name, not to be a part of the story. We are sorry and would still like information on names to connect us to the real relatives.
Sincerely Kenneth Roland Pierce (Gaylene & Kenny Peirce) gnk@hourone.net
You need to give me info. on names, b., m., d., county, State etc. and I can help you make a "connection" to these SURRATT's. ..prs


David Morrison
Subj: Request for information
Date: 07 Mar 2003 11:26:34 PM Pacific Standard Time
Dear Mr. Sarrett,
Hello. My name is David Morrison.
I am a freshman in high school at North Tama Community School in Traer, Iowa. I am doing a documentary for the National History Day program.
History Day is a national program that helps kids learn about history by doing papers, project boards for documentaries. This year's theme is "Rights and Responsibilities". My documentary is about Mary Surratt and whether she was given a fair trial for the assassination of President Lincoln. Could you tell me whether you think Mary Surratt was innocent or guilty and why?
The sources I have seen so far are evenly split on her guilt or innocence. I plan to concentrate on her being tried by a military tribunal and the request for writ of habeas corpus not being honored.
Thank you for any information you would be able to send me and for your time. You can reach me by my home e-mail address: brucemor@traer.net, or my school address: dmorriso@redhawk.n-tama.k12.ia.us.
Sincerely, David Morrison
Thanks for the E-Mail.
See: Mrs. Mary E. (Jenkins) SURRATT, SFA-Profile!
I am sure she was guilty, of something, but I think everybody was caught up in the moment. I don't think she should have been hanged. ..prs
Pat Lawrence
Subj: Surratt
Date: 13 Jul 2003 12:02:19 AM Pacific Daylight Time
Hi Paul,
I'm so impressed with your extensive information on the Surratt family. Could you explain the connection between John Harrison Surratt and John B. Surratt (husband of Catherine Castleberry)? I'm researching both of these families. Hope you can help.
Thanks! Pat Lawrence, E-Mail: PLawrence8@aol.com
Thanks for the E-Mail, & kind words
Both of these "branches" are in the SFA-Database.
John B. SARRATT, would be 3rd Cousin, Once Renoved to John H. SURRATT, Sr.
1. Joseph,1 & Katherine SARRAT of France
2. Joseph,2                        
<- Brothers ->   Samuel,1
3. Alphonsus                     
<- 1st Cousin -> Samuel,2
4. Jacob & Sarah Talbert
<- 2nd Cousin -> John,2
5. John H., Sr.                   
<- 3rd Cousin -> John,6
6. John H., Jr.                   
<- 4th Cousins -> John B.
We would like to exchange info. on these families! For more information on the "Conspirators & Assassination"
See "Assassination" Index
For more information on John B. SURRATT See: John B. SURRATT Family Profile!
How are you "Connected" to these families? ..prs

2nd E-Mail: Date: 14 Jul 2003 4:30:17 AM Pacific Daylight Time
Thanks for your reply! A while back I discovered quite a few 'cousins' in Arkansas who are related to Catherine Castleberry and all of her husbands. One of her sons, John T. Williams married the exwife of James C. Casharago (an ancestor), who was the last man hung in Fort Smith Ar, sentenced by Judge Isaac Parker. There are many other connections.
I have no connection to John H. Surratt Jr. other than my interest in the Lincoln assassination.
My great great uncle was Louis J. Weichman. I've compiled much info over the years on this man and the trial.
Thanks again for writing.
Pat Lawrence, E-Mail: PLawrence8@aol.com
Mrs. Mary E. (Jenkins) SURRATT
Date: 01 Oct 2003 11:13:03 AM Pacific Daylight Time
Saw your data at Ancestry and wonder if you have the names of the parents of Mary Jenkins who married John Surratt.
If you don't have the names, do you have any ideas of who may have that info?
Thanks so much, Sarah, E-Mail: srose@rosenet.net
She is the daughter of Arichabald JENKINS & Mother: Elizabeth WEBESTER
See: Mrs. Sarah E. (Jenkins) SURRATT,
We would like to exchange info. on this family! ..prs
Avanell and Bob
John H. SURRATT, & the Assassination
Dated: Saturday, December 13, 2003 5:19 PM
To: MO-CW-L@rootsweb.com
I am looking for information a John Surratt, he and his mother lived in Washington, D.C. during the civil war, and was thought to have maybe taken part in the assassination of President Lincoln. He was a confederate.
Avanell and Bob bahutton@iland.net
See: John H. SURRATT, Jr. SFA-Profile!
We would like to exchange info. on this family! ..prs
Rhonda Houston
John H. SURRATT, & the Assassination
Date: 14 Dec 2003 9:25:02 AM Pacific Standard Time
Source: MO-CW-L@rootsweb.com
Subject: RE: [MO-CW] Re:information
I'm inclinde to believe there has been some dark veils lifted from the plan and assassination of a president from what I have found. John Surratt was found to be a co-conspirator of this historical event and his mother was supposed to have supported his political feelings and ultimately, was one of those who lost her life because of his/her actions.
According to John T. Marck's website below and my source from which I have been able to gain further information below and a book which you might consider getting via interlibrary loan shows that Surratt was very much a part of planning and performing (indirectly)the assassination of President Lincoln. My source came from a book printed by
John M. Wearmouth Stones Throw Publishing, Port Tobacco, Maryland 20677 (2000)
Rose Hill Rd. Box 296, Port Tobacco, Maryland 20677 (301) 934-8827

It was written as a genealogical view of the family of Thomas A. Jones who was the Chief Agent of the Confederate Secret Service who lived also in Maryland, hence the title "Thomas A. Jones: Chief Agent of the Confederate Secret Service in Maryland". It came out in 2000, as the final chapter in the Lincoln assassination saga and spotlighted on one of its central figures Thomas A. Jones. The author and authoress was John M. Wearmouth and Roberta J. Wearmouth who copywrited this information in 1995, after their ten years of personal research. If you want to look at this book, I'd ask your librarian if she/he could find this book within the Maryland library system where it should be perhaps...I hate dealing with should be's since these individuals went to the trouble to copywrite, but there is a chance...I don't have an ISBN number to give you but within the local Maryland library system this book must be on one of their shelves by now. The bibliography at the end of the book is awesome.

Amanzon.com in Jun 2007, had 1 Used Copy for $45.000:
Thomas A. Jones: Chief agent of the Confederate Secret Service in Maryland
by John M Wearmouth (Author)
Unknown Binding: 175 pages
Publisher: Stones Throw Publishing (2000)
Language: English; ASIN: B0006RL1W8.

Mr. Marck's information (just below) says that as David Herold and Booth, crossed the Navy Yard Bridge into Maryland, on their escape after the shooting of the President traveled together enroute to Lloyd's Tavern which was leased and operated by Mary Surrantt in Surrattsville, Maryland. (According to my source John and Mary Surrant owned and operated Lloyd's Traven) At this time the town's name was Surrattsville and then, later changed to Robeytown on 3 May 1865, and then, again on 10 October 1878, to the name it is today, Clinton, Maryland.
Mr. Marck remarks within his website that that Surratt House and Museum operates today which assisted him with invaluable information about Booth, who had also been born in Maryland, and other relatives within that state's area and many other works on Maryland and its history to which his book (which I will include) have been included.
http://www.thatharfordsite.com/history/harford/john_wilkes_booth.htm (This site does NOT work per Jun 2007)
From my source there is an article on John H. Surratt taken from Harper's Weekly March 9, 1867, within which was given to the maazine, Harper's Weekly, which published this statement of the state department at that time:

"Among the most interesting events of the last month was the arrival at Washington of the United States steamer 'Swatara" having on board John H. Surratt, the alleged accomplice of John Wilkes Booth in the assassination of President Lincoln on April 14, 1865. After a flight to Europe and Africa, occupying nearly two years of time, the wretched criminal has been brought to the scene of the assassination for (civilian) trial. The trial of the Conspirators at Washington in 1865, developed the fact that Surratt was the principal accomplice and dependence of Booth in carrying out his infamous designs; and a large reward was offered in the hope of securing his arrest. Surrantt had, however fled; he was probably in Canada, when the murder had taken place which the Government received of his whereabouts was by a letter, dated September 27, 1865, written to Secretary Seward by A. Wilding, Vice-Consul at Liverpool. Surratt, it seems, had remained in Canada four month, having been secreted most of the time by a Roman Catholic priest at Three Rivers. He was disguised having dyed his hair, eyebrows and mustache, stained his face, and put on glasses. It appears that Surratt had manifested no sign of penitence, but had told his friends that, if he could live two years longer, he would serve Johnson as he had Lincoln. Surratt arrived in Liverpool on Septmenber 25, 1865. On the passage from Quebec to Liverpool he traveled under the name of "M'Carty", and was introduced to several persons as a 'Confederate who had compromised himself.' To one fellow pasenger he became quite confidential and spoke of having great difficulty in escaping from the United States to Canada; smiled when some connection with the assassination of Lincoln was imputed to him. He admitted that he had been in the rebel service, engaged in conveying intelligence between Washington, which Richmond, and that he was concerned in a plan for carrying off Lincoln from Washington, which was entirely concocted by Booth and himself, and that he came to Canada just before the assassination and there was more..."

as well as a sketch of John H. Surratt within the 1865 March 9th edition of 'Harper's Weekly' article as well. From John M. Wearmouth and Roberta J. Wearmouth's book, " Thomas A. Jones: Chief Agent of the Confederate Secret Service in Maryland".

Source: Surratt House and Museum
http://www.surratt.org/genealogy/su_gen1.html Genealogy of Mrs. Mary E. (Jenkins) SURRATT

The information on this and related pages is derived from "The Surratt Family & John Wilkes Booth--Compiled from the Research of James O. Hall," published and copyrighted by the Surratt Society, P. O. Box 427, Clinton MD 20735; and "The Geneology, Sarratt/Surratt Families 1715-1980" which was prepared by Dr. and Mrs. Norman Sarratt of Capitola, California.
We would like to expand the information provided here about Mrs. Surratt's descendants. If you are able to share verifiable information about the family, we invite you to contact the Surratt Society via e-mail to clwspoon@wam.umd.edu.

From "Spartacus Educational" site.
( - interestingly, this website is from Canada! Rhonda Houston)

John Surratt was born in Congress Heights, Washington, on 13th April, 1844. His father John Harrison Surratt ran a tavern and boarding house in Surrattsville. This was taken over by his mother, Mary Surratt, after the death of her husband.
Surratt wanted to be a priest and while studying at St. Charles College, Maryland, met Louis Weichmann. On the outbreak of the American Civil War he returned home and worked as the postmaster of Surrattsville. He also acted as a Confederate agent. This including carrying messages along the Potomac River to the Confederate Army.
In December, 1864, Dr. Samuel Mudd, another Confederate agent, introduced Surratt to John Wilkes Booth. Soon afterwards Surratt agreed to join Booth's scheme to kidnap Abraham Lincoln in Washington. The plan was to take Lincoln to Richmond and hold him until he could be exchanged for Confederate Army prisoners of war. Others involved included George Atzerodt, Lewis Paine, Michael O'Laughlin, David Herold and Samuel Arnold.
John Wilkes Booth decided to carry out the deed on 17th March, 1865 when Lincoln was planning to attend a play at the Seventh Street Hospital that was situated on the outskirts of Washington. The kidnap attempt was abandoned when Lincoln decided at the last moment to cancel his visit.
Surratt later claimed that after the failed kidnap attempt, he broke contact with John Wilkes Booth. He travelled to Elmira, New York on a spying mission for General Edwin Lee. Surratt's task was to provide information about the Federal prison in Elmira. He was still in Elmira when Abraham Lincoln was assassinated on 14th April, 1865. Fearing that he would be implicated in the plot, he fled to Canada.
His mother Mary Surratt, and three of those that had been involved in the original kidnap plot, Lewis Powell, George Atzerodt and David Herold, were arrested, tried and hanged at Washington Penitentiary on 7th July, 1865.
In September, 1865, Surratt moved to England and later lived in Italy and Egypt. He was arrested in Alexandria on 27th November, 1866. Unlike his fellow conspirators, Surratt obtained a civil rather than a military trial. After hearing 170 witnesses between 10th June, and 11th August, 1867, the jury voted 8-4 that he was not guilty of the charge of conspiring to assassinate Abraham Lincoln.
After his release from prison Surratt worked as a teacher in St. Joseph Catholic School in Emmitsburg, Maryland. It was during this period he gave public lectures on his role in the conspiracy to kidnap Abraham Lincoln.
In 1872 Surratt joined the Baltimore Steam Packet Company and eventually became its treasurer. He married Mary Hunter and the couple had seven children. John Surratt died in his Baltimore home on 21st April, 1916.

One way to verify and read for yourself what actually went on during Surratt's civilian trial is to obtain information from here:
National Archives II, College Park, Maryland, (RG 59) "General Records of the Department of State, Civil War Papers 1861 and 1862."
Rhonda Houston, E-Mail: rfhouston@mindspring.com

We would like to exchange info. on this family! ..prs

Cathy Bell
Subj: Mary and John Surratt
Date: 12 Jan 2004 9:24:33 AM Pacific Standard Time
Hi, are you related to Mary and John Surratt?
I've read lots of books regarding the Lincoln assassination. I don't know why she was executed. It's too bad she can't be cleared of her supposed role in this crime.
I think Dr. Mudd's family are still fighting to get their ancestor cleared, which he should be.
Cathy Bell, E-Mail: cjbell@inebraska.com
Thanks for the E-Mail. I am NOT related to this family.
See: Mrs. Mary E. (Jenkins) SURRATT, SFA-Profile!
We would like to exchange info. on this family! ..prs
Richard Stilling
Date: 05 Feb 2004 6:06:00 PM Pacific Standard Time
Message Board URL: Message # 262
Richard Stilling, E-Mail REDGMAN2@aol.com
Thanks for the E-Mail, we have a littlebit of information on this "branch"
See: John H. SURRATT, Jr. the Conspirator,
See: John H. SURRATT, Jr. and his Lecture's,
See: John H. SURRATT, Jr. and his Familey,
We would like to exchange info. on this family! ..prs

2nd E-Mail: 05 Feb 2004, 3:57:39 PM Pacific Standard Time
Mr. Sarrett
Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Richard Stilling. I have been very interested in the Lincoln assassination for many years. I am currently attempting to gather information concern the flight and capture of John Surratt, one of the Lincoln conspirators.
As I am certain you are aware, He was able to flee the U.S. through Canada, to Rome. In Rome he became a member of the Papal Zouaves. When the American authorities discovered where he was located he then fled to Alexander, Egypt, where he was captured.
To date, I have been limited in the amount of information concerning his flight and capture in Egypt.
The purpose of the E-mail is to request your guidance in locating material about this episode. Any information you could suggest, books I could either read or purchase, and/or sources available to you would be greatly appreciated.
Richard Stilling, E-Mail REDGMAN2@aol.com
Have you read our [REF:#21] Travels, Arrest and Trial of John H. Surratt, 2003

by: by Alfred Isacsson
ISBN: 0971019746; ISBN-13: 9780971019744;
Format: Paperback; Publisher: Vestigium Press;
Pub. Date: February 2003

Steve Lassiter
Subj:Surratt family
Date: 06 Mar 2004 1:06:49 PM Pacific Standard Time
I am trying to find information on how Margaret Surratt who maried John Allen Lassiter is related to John H. Surratt Jr. who conspirator in the Lincoln death.
Thank you Steve Lassiter, E-Mail: stance2@cox.net
Margaret E. SURRATT, age 18yrs married on 04 May 1853, in Tishomingo Co., MS. to John Allen LASSITER.
She is the 2nd Daughter of George W. SURRETT, & Mother Lucinda BRASHERS
1Gd/o William,1 SURRATT & Wife Unknown.
2Gd/o Joseph,2 & Mary SARRATT,
3Gd/o Joseph,1 & Katherine SARRATT,
Your "Branch" is NOT the same "branch" of Mrs. Mary E. (Jenkins) SURRATT
Her husband John H. SURRATT, Sr. was the "Out-of-Wedlock" child of Sarah TALBERT
A Grandson of Alphonsus "Francis" SURRATT (1740-1800)
A Gr-Grandson of Joseph,2 & Mary SARRATT, (1710-1772)
A Gr-Gr-Grandson of Joseph & Katherine SARRAT of France [FG 10] We would like to exchange info. on this family! ..prs
Dennis Woods
Subj:Lincoln Assassination
Dated: 24 Jun 2004 11:38:06 AM Pacific Daylight Time
Mr. Sarrett,
Nice job on your web site. You left out tons of more damning evidence of the complicity of Dr. Mudd. It almost seems that you side with HIS descendants whom are trying to completely vindicate his name against all facts establishing his willing involvement.
I am sure that you are very well read on the subject, however if you will allow me to recommend a book (that you probably have read already) I will list it below. I would be delighted to get from you a recommendation of a book that you feel is the most interesting on the whole subject of the Lincoln assassination and the following trials.
           The Suppressed Truth about the Assassination of Abraham Lincoln
          B. McCarty (author)

I have not read all of your web site, but I thank you in advance for taking the time to compile all this information and display it in a manner that is easy to read and navigate.
Dennis Woods, E-Mail: denandsofia@cox.net
Thanks for the kind words, are you refering to:
"The Suppressed Truth about the Assassination of Abraham Lincoln" by Burke McCarty ISBN: 0787305952; ISBN-13: 9780787305956; Format: Paperback, 272pp Publisher: Health Research Pub. Date: December 1993
This is a "SURRATT" site, were more interested in See:Mrs. Mary E. (Jenkins) SURRATT ....prs


Kees van den Berg
Subj:Dr. Mudd
Date: 03 Jan 2005 4:07:15 AM Pacific Standard Time
You wrote at:
(quote) "He died in 1933, age 100 years old." (unquote)
However, Dr. Mudd pässed away on Jan 10, 1883, age 49. Cause of death pneumonia or pleurisy. He was buried at the cemetery of St. Mary's Church, Bryantown, Md. (the same church where he first met Booth on Nov. 13, 1864).
Sincerely, Kees van den Berg, The Netherlands, E-Mail: bergcvd@zonnet.nl
Thanks for the E-Mail & Correction. ..prs
Mike Goad
Pursuit and Death of John Wilkes Booth
Date: 27 Feb 2005 5:57:13 PM Pacific Standard Time
Source: ROOTS-M@rootsweb.com
Subject: [ROOTS-L] OOPS - Link to "Pursuit and Death of John Wilkes Booth"
- with accounts by Ruggles, Bainbridge, and Doherty
I forgot to save the index, so the link was not there. Here is the link to the actual file:
The link is also on the site index page as described below.
Mike Goad, E-Mail: mike@pddoc.com
Hi all,
I have just published an 1890 article on-line at http://www.pddoc.com/skedaddle/articles/index.html titled "Pursuit and Death of John Wilkes Booth."
or http://www.pddoc.com/skedaddle/articles/Pursuit_and_Death_of_John_Wilkes_Booth.htm
It includes the accounts of three individuals involved in the last part of Booth's pursuit and in his death: Confederate Major M.B. Ruggles, Confederate Lieutenant A. R. Bainbridge, and Union Captain E.P. Doherty. (Bainbridge's account is in the endnotes.)
Surnames in this article: Allen, Atzerodt, Augur, Bainbridge, Baker, Booth, Boyd, Conger, Corbett, Doherty, Garrett, Goldman, Grant, Hancock, Herold, Ingraham, Jett, Johnston, Lincoln, Lucas, Mosby, Payne, Rathbone, Robb, Rollins, Ruggles, Seward, Sewell, Stanton, Stewart, Surratt, Switzer, Washington, Wilson
See for http://www.pddoc.com/skedaddle/articles/index.html for other Civil War related works that I have published on-line.
Please feel free to share this post with others. Linking to any of my pages is welcomed.
Mike Goad, E-Mail: mike@pddoc.com

Julie Schrader
Subj:The Lincoln Conspirators
Date: 28 Feb 2005 7:34:06 AM Pacific Standard Time
File: LincolnCover.zip (5467464 bytes) DL Time (28800 bps): < 52 minutes
Dear Mr. Sarrett,
I am working with an author on the publication of "Lincoln for the Stages" playbook. We wish to print pictures of the real people involved in Lincoln's life and assassination. For those who will be using this book as a character in the play, it will be beneficial for them to see a picture of the character they will be portraying. In searching the internet for pictures of the "real life" characters, I came across your web pages of the Lincoln Conspirators.
I'd like to request your permission to use the images of George T. Atzerodt, David Herold, Lewis Thornton Powell for this publication? We plan to print 500 copies of this playbook. For more information concerning the book, see attached preface and image of the book cover.
Thank you for your consideration. Julie Schrader,
Minnesota Heritage Publishing
email: julie@mnheritage.com
web site: www.mnheritage.com
web site: www.festivalofauthorsandbooks.com

Sure Julie, these are all "public-domain" photos. ..prs
Wm. Flem
Mrs. Mary SURRATT, Hanged!
Date: 07 Jul 2005 2:17:44 PM Pacific Daylight Time
Source: QUEBEC-RESEARCH-L@rootsweb.com
Subject: July 7, 1865
July 7 1865 Mrs. Mary Surratt becomes the first woman to be executed in the United States.
Mary Surratt is executed for her alleged role as a conspirator in Abraham Lincoln's assassination, although ample evidence of her innocence exists.
Surratt, who owned a tavern in Surrattsville (now Clinton), Maryland, had to convert her row house in Washington, D.C., into a boardinghouse as a result of financial difficulties. Located a few blocks from Ford's Theatre, where Lincoln was murdered, this house served as the place where a group of Confederate supporters, including John Wilkes Booth, conspired to assassinate the president. It was Surratt's association with Booth that ultimately led to her conviction. On the day of the assassination, Booth asked Surratt to deliver a package, which was later discovered to contain firearms, to her old tavern in Maryland. On her way home, Surratt ran into John Lloyd, the former Washington chief of police who currently leased the tavern. When authorities first questioned Lloyd about their encounter, he did not mention anything significant and denied that Booth and David Herold had visited his tavern. Yet when questioned later, he claimed that Surratt had told him to have whiskey and weapons ready for Booth and Herold, who would be stopping by that night.
Louis Weichman, one of the alleged conspirators who delivered the package with Surratt, was released after he testified against her. He later claimed that the government had forced him to testify, and that it plagued his conscience for the rest of his life. Furthermore, Lewis Powell, a conspirator who was hanged with Surratt, proclaimed her innocence to his executioner minutes before his death.
Many expected President Andrew Johnson to pardon Surratt because the U.S. government had never hanged a woman. The execution was delayed until the afternoon, and soldiers were stationed on every block between the White House and Fort McNair, the execution site, to relay the expected pardon. But the order never came.
Ever since her death, numerous sightings of Mary Surratt's ghost and other strange occurrences have been reported around Fort McNair. A hooded figure in black, bound at the hands and feet as Surratt had been at the time of her execution, has allegedly been seen moving about. Several children of soldiers have reported a "lady in black" who plays with them.
Since Mary Surratt's execution, many convicted criminals have been sentenced to death, despite questionable guilt. A study of U.S. courts released in June 2000 found that 68 percent of capital cases reviewed between 1973 and 1995 were overturned due to "serious, reversible error" in the judicial process.
W. Flem, E-Mail:

Joseph Geringer
Subj: The Surratts of Maryland
Date: 13 Mar 2006 6:19:38 PM Pacific Standard Time
Mr. Paul R. Sarrett, Jr.
RE: The Lincoln Conspirators website
As a student and author of the Assassination of Lincoln—who has focused his 30 years’ research on Mary, John and Anna Surratt—let me congratulate you on an excellent site.
(Are you related to the Maryland family?) Throughout, I have maintained Mrs. Surratt’s innocence, a viewpoint which I staunchly maintain in a novel I have completed and which is now with an agent. (While it is a “novel,” a publisher has called it “an historical historical” because of its attention to the facts.)
It is the first of its kind to take the reader so deeply into the domestic life of the Surratts at 541 H Street, a factor that so many other authors fail to accomplish. Understanding the daily activities of Mary and the attention she gave to her family and her God one realizes that that heart could not house a “wicked woman,” a portrayal that War Minister Stanton tried so hard to paint for the nation.
I had the privilege of meeting Anna Surratt’s grandson, one of the Tonrys, on a visit to the Surratt Society in 1995. I believe his name was William(?) TONRY. Even though he was up in his years, I was amazed to be looking into a face that I thought resembled Mary so closely. He was a cordial gentleman and a scholar. But, before I get long winded here, let me again underscore how much I am impressed by your site and the research that compiled it.
Sincerely, Joseph Geringer, E-Mail: Thewriteway333@aol.com
Thanks for the E-Mail & kind words.
Did not find "Assassination of Lincoln" by Joseph Geringer in Barnes & Noble or Amozion.com/books. Let us know when it is published.
We have no record of a "Grandson" Wm. TONRY, living in MD. in 1994
Anna (Surratt) TONRY, only had 3 Grandchildren:
Mathalida TONRY, (1907-2000)
Reginald S. TONRY, (1910-1990) and
Mary G. (Tonry) WALSH, (1913-19??)
See: Wm. TONRY SFA-Profile! ..prs


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