Samuel,6 SURRATT c1785-1840
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Samuel,6 SURRATT c1785-1840 age 55yrs
 Fourth Generation!
Need Photo! of Samuel,6 SURRATT Samuel,6 SURRATT, [SFA©-FG# 1723], [SFA©-ID#] & [AL 1]
5th s/o Thomas,1 & Wife Unknown SARRATT, of Person & Rowan Co. NC.)
1Gs/o.. SAMUEL,1 & 2nd wife Honour SARRATT, of Prince George's Co., MD.
2Gs/o.. JOSEPH,1 & KATHERINE SARRATT, of France "The American Progenitor!"
b. c1785, Flat Swamp area, of the old Rowan Co., NC.
d. c1840, age 55 in Madison Co., Al; (Cause Unknown to me)
Buried Location Unknown (to me) Madison Co.? AL.
At the age of 18yrs he married about 1804, Rowan Co. NC to the
21 year old Miss Martha RICE;
(d/o John and Edy (Unknown to me) RICE; [FG 1724]
b. c1783, Rowan Co? NC. (Problem See Parents FGS)
d. c1862, age 77yrs in DeKalb Co., AL.
Buried "Towncreek Cemetery", Chavies, Dekalb Co., AL.
 They had at least 7 Children born to this Union, Click on Redball for Source Info.  [REF:#90, Pg179]
 Son/Dau  Click on Name for More Inf.  b.-d.  Married/Info.  Ch.  FG#
 AL 1.1 1st Dau:  Marg. "Peggy" SURRATT,  NC. c1805-18?? a??yrs ??.  m. *1824 AL. James C. FURGERSON,   ?Ch.  1725
 AL 1.2 1st Son:  Riley Thompson SURRATT,  NC. c1806-18?? a??yrs ??.  m. *1842 AL. Elizabeth Ann WILEY,   6Ch.  1726
 AL 1.4 2nd Son:  Isaac,4 SURRATT,  NC. *1808-1879 a70yrs TN.  m. c1832 TN. 1st Rebecca Unknown,   7Ch.  2774
 "  2nd m.  "  "  2nd m.  "  "  2nd m.  "  m. c1848 2nd Lizzie A. Unk.,   2Ch.  2775
 "  3rd m.  "  "  3rd m.  "  "  3rd m.  "  m. c1854 3rd Falissa A. Unk.  10Ch.  2777
 AL 1.3 2nd Dau:  Jane ?. SURRATT,  AL. *1808-1888 a79yrs CO.  m. *1830 AL. Robert SELLERS,  11Ch.  1727
 AL 1.5 3rd Dau:  Lydia SURRATT,  AL. c1811-18?? a??yrs ??.  m. *1831 AL. William BRYAN,   ?Ch.  1728
 AL 1.6 3rd Son:  John R. SURRATT,  AL. c1813-18?? a??yrs ??.  Not Traced!,    
 AL 1.7 4th Dau:  Hannah SURRATT,  AL. c1816-18?? a??yrs ??.  m. *1850 AL. John BUSBY,   ?Ch.  1738
 AL 1.8 4th Son:  Oliver Brown SURRATT,  AL. c1819-1856 a37yrs AL.  m. c1849 AL. 1st Caroline CURTIS,   1Ch.  1730
 "  2nd m.  "  "  2nd m.  "  "  2nd m.  "  m. c1850 2nd Tabitha CUNNINGHAM,   0Ch.  1731
38 Known Grandchildren/1st Cousins! 

   Possible Record Problem! #1.
Laura & Normans' 1980 book It is "Assumed" that Samuel SURRATT, of Madison Co., AL. was the "Brother" of Jacob SURRATT of Morgan Co., AL. Samuel SURRATT was probably born about 1785 in Person Co., North Carolina. He married Martha RICE around 1804 and according to researchers had these Children. Click on RedBall for Source Info. [REF:pg179]

 Chronological Time Line
 Samuel,6 SURRATT
 Type  Date  Age  Remarks  (Click on Date for more Info.)  Liv'g in Co.
 Born 1785     on the Plantation of his Parents & 7 Siblings,  Flat Swamp area  Rowan Co., NC.
 Census 1790    5yrs  on the Plantion of his Parents & 8 Siblings  Flat Swamp area  Rowan Co., NC.
 Census 1800   15yrs  on the Plantion of his Parents & 6 Siblings  Flat Swamp area  Rowan Co., NC.
 Married 1804   19yrs  at the Home of Bride Miss Martha RICE, age 21yrs  Flat Swamp area  Rowan Co., NC.
 Moved 1808   23yrs  prior Dec, based on birth 2nd Dau Jane in   Madison Co., AL.
 Census 1810   25yrs  No Census Available untill 1830 in Alabama   Madison Co., AL.
 TaxRoll 1811   26yrs  On Tax Roll for    Madison Co., AL.
 TaxRoll 1812   27yrs  On Tax Roll for    Madison Co., AL.
 Census 1820   35yrs  No Census Available untill 1830 in Alabama   Madison Co., AL.
 Problem 1822   37yrs  Uncle Jacob SURRATT deeded property to his Nephew Riley SURRATT  Madison Co., AL.
 Census 1830   45yrs  with Wife & 6 Children with Father & Mother-In Law  Range 5  Madison Co., AL.

 Marriage Mr SURRATT & Miss RICE
 Mr. Samuel SURRATT, age 18yrs 5th Son of Mr. & Mrs. Thomas SURRATT, of Davidson Co., NC. and
 Miss Martha RICE, age 21yrs Daughter of John & Eddy RICE, of this County were married here today, at Home of the Brides' in Rowan Co., North Carolia on __th ___ 1804.
[Need Marriage Bk.,#, & Page No..prs] Click on RedBall for Source Info. [REF:pg179]

   Possible Record Problem! #2, 1822
In Click on RedBall for Source Info. [REF:pg177], states " In 1822, Jacob SURRATT deeded some property to his Nephew Riley SURRATT, as a gift. Riley lived in Madison Co., AL., not far away."
  I have not seen this "Deed" but our Riley T. SURRATT, 1st s/o Samuel & Martha (RICE) SURRATT was only 16 years old in 1822, this seems quite young for his "Uncle" to be giving him property. Why only Riley T.? what about the other 7 Nephews & Nieces?. ..prs

 Samuel,6  (40to50) SURRATT  can be found with Family
1830 Census Madison Co. Co.,AL
 Living in: Range 5
Fed. #, Reel#M019-0004,  E.D. Page,144  Line:22
 Pg.  Line  FName  MName  LName  Age  b.St.  b.Yr.  My Comments!
  Range 5 -  SFA-ID# AL 1
  144  22  Samuel,6  (40to50)  SURRATT   45  NC  1785  H/H 1300001001-10112101
  144  22  Martha R.  (30to40)  SURRATT   40  NC  1790  w/o Saml,6 c1804 NC 8Ch.
  144  22  Riley T.  (20to30)  SURRATT   24  NC  1806  Son 1st, m. Elizab. A. WILEY *1842
  144  22  Isaac,4  (20to30)  SURRATT   22  NC  1808  Son 2nd, Not Listed? m. 3 Times!
  144  22  Lydia  (15to20)  SURRATT   19  AL  1811  Dau 3rd, m. Wm. BRYAN, *1831 AL
  144  22  John R.  (15to20)  SURRATT   17  AL  1813  Son 3rd, Not Traced!
  144  22  Hannah  (10to15)  SURRATT   14  AL  1816  Dau 4th m. John BUSBY, *1850 AL
  144  22  Oliver B.  (10to15)  SURRATT   11  AL  1819  Son 4th, m.1)C.CURTIS, 2)T.CUNNINGHAM
  144  22  John  (70to80)  RICE   66  NC  1764  Father-In-Law
  144  22  Edna  (50to60)  RICE   66  NC  1764  Mother-In-Law
 Possible Record Problem
 Enumerator listed in (13) 6 Males & 7 Females we can only account for (10) 6 Males & 4 Females?
 Children Not living with the family Unit in 1830
      1. 1st Dau: M. "Peggy" b. c1805 NC age 25 m. *1824
      3. 2nd Dau: Jane, b. *1808 NC age 22 m. *1830

 Martha  (50to60) SERRAT  can be found with Family
1840 Census Madison Co. Co.,AL
 Living in: South Half
Fed. #, Reel#M704-0013,  E.D. Page,149  Line: 7
 Pg.  Line  FName  MName  LName  Age  b.St.  b.Yr.  My Comments!
  South Half  -  SFA-ID# AL 1.
  149   7  Martha  (50to60)  SERRAT   55  NC  1785  H/H 10002001-11002001
  149   7  Samuel,6  (50to60)  SERRAT   55  NC  1785  Husb., Invalaid
  149   7  Riley T.    SERRAT   34  NC  1806  Son 1st, Farm Hand!
  149   7  Eliza A.W.    SERRAT   30  AL  1810  D-I-Law, m. Riley T.
  149   7  GDau    SERRAT  9  AL  1831  Grandaughter, Not Traced!
  149   7  GDau    SERRAT  5  AL  1835  Grandaughter, Not Traced!
  149   7  GSon    SERRAT  3  AL  1837  GranSon, Not Traced!
  149   7  Hannah    SERRAT   24  AL  1816  Dau 4th, m. John BUSBY, *1850
  149   7  Oliver B.    SERRAT   21  AL  1819  Son 4th, m.1)CURTIS m.2)CUNNINGHAM
 Not living with the 1840 Family Unit!
 4. 3rd Dau: Lydia, b. c1811 AL age 29 m. *1831
 5. 2nd Son: John, b. c1813 AL age 27 m. c1840

 John   BUSBY  can be found with Family
1850 Census De Kalb Co. Co.,AL
 Living in: Civil Dist. #25
Fed. #, Reel#M432-0005,  E.D. Page,343a  F.Visit:232
 Pg.  F.V.  FName  MName  LName  Age  b.St.  b.Yr.  My Comments!
  Civil Dist. #25 -  SFA-ID# AL 1.7
  343a   232  John    BUSBY   54  SC  1796  H/H m.2 Merchant $700
  343a   232  Hannah  (SURRATT)  BUSBY   31  AL  1819  2nd w/o John BUSBY, *1850 No R&W
  343a   232  Martha    BUSBY   17  AL  1833  Dau of 1st Wife, Not Traced!
  343a   232  Carolina    BUSBY   15  AL  1835  Dau of 1st Wife, Not Traced!
  343a   232  Jane    BUSBY   13  AL  1837  Dau of 1st Wife, Not Traced!
  343a   232  Louisa    BUSBY   11  AL  1839  Dau of 1st Wife, Not Traced!
  343a   232  Harriett    BUSBY  7  AL  1843  Dau of 1st Wife, Not Traced!
  343a   232  Pleasant    CHATWOOD   19  TN  1831  Farm Hand!
  Civil Dist. #25 -  SFA-ID# AL 1.8
  343a   233  O.B.  (Olvier B.)  SURRATT   30  AL  1820  H/H Widower, Farmer $0
  343a   233  Carloina  Jr.  SURRATT  1  AL  1849  Dau 1st, 1st Wife, Not Traced!
  343a   233  Martha  (RICE)  SURRATT   65  Unk  1785  Mother, Wid/o Saml.6 c1803

This was the last record found of this Family. ..prs
The Following are the Children of:
Samuel,6 & Martha (Rice) SURRATT

 Fifth Generation!

 SFA© - Source and Reference Notes:
 [REF:#001]  Paul R. Sarrett, Jr.   [email protected]
Sarratt/Sarrett/Surratt Families of America (SFA)©
Bibliography County Histories
"Early History of Madison County, Alabama 1800-1840"
In Alabama Hist. Quarterly, 1930, Vol.I, pp101-11, 439-505. {No more Pub.]
"A Dream Come True: the Story of Madison County"
by: James Record, 2 Vols. Huntsville, AL. N.p. 1970-76
"A History of Madison County and Incidentally of North Alabama 1732-1840"
by: Judge Thomas J. Taylor, ed. by: W.S. Hoole and A.S. Hoole, University; Confederate Pub. Co. 1976
 [REF:#002]  Lillian Herrin   [email protected]
Date: 07 Jan 1998, 13:11:47 EST
Samuel Surratt born abt 1784, died 1840,AL,md abt 1804 Martha Rice, dau of John and Edy Rice, born abt 1783, died 1862 Their Children;
1. Peggy, b. c1805 2. Riley T, b. c1806 m. E A Wiley 11 Jun 1842, Madison Co, AL
3. Jane b. 27 Dec 1808, AL, d 16 Nov 1888 Manassa, Conejos Co, CO.
m. Robert Sellers 25 Feb 1830., Madison Co, AL
4. Lydia b. c1811, m. William Bryan 5 May 1831, Madison Co, AL
5. John, b. c1813
6. Hannah b. c1816, m. John Busby 3 Aug 1850, DeKalb Co, AL
7. Oliver Brown b. c1819, AL, died abt 1856, m. 1) Caroline Countris, and 2) Tabitha Cunningham.
I received this info from: Eugene WATSON, 1730 Emogene Place, Escondido, CA, 92026-1043,
Phone 760-746-8880. Info received in Dec 1997. He did not give me an email address,and my name was sent him by someone else. I hope his info will be a help to you
 [REF:#003]  Darla Hardage   [email protected]
Date: 04 Mar 1998, 22:15:22 EST
Hello Mr. Sarrett,
My friend sent me your email address and a brief list of families in SC that you are researching. I too have Sarratts in SC. My most recent SURRATT is Jane who was b. 27 Dec 1808 in either AL or TN. She d. in Manassa, Conejos, CO ,16 Nov 1888.
She married Robert SELLERS in Madison AL, 25 Feb 1830.
Her father was Samuel SURRATT b abt 1784/1786, (of Madison Co., AL), md 1803 to Martha RICE , he d. 1840. His spouse, Martha was b. in 1785 (of AL) and her father John RICE was of SC.
I think Samuel's grandfather was Joseph SARRAT, but I have not documented Samuel's father and mother.
I would be pleased to share what information I have.
 [REF:#004]  Glenda   Subj: Surratt Family History
Date: 21 Oct 1998, 7:32:37 AM Pacific Daylight Time
Art told me that you were on our line.My line is Hannah Surratt (AL 1.6) (4d/o Samuel,6 & Martha RICE) SARRATT [b. 1816, Madison? Co., AL] m. John Busby,
Dad, Samuel Surratt, buried around Nashville,Tn. area,
Mother, Martha Rice, buried Towncreek cemetery, Chavies, Alabama, Dekalb county.
Location is between Fort Payne & Rainsville, Alabama.

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