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 Some SFA Marriages Alabama
 SFA  Spouse 2.   Date   By   Mb.Pg  Remarks
 Cherokee Co.
 Johnathan Mills Sarratt  Dililia (Cherokee)   __ Oct 1840   NdRcd    See: SFA-MILLS #2
 Cleburne Co.
 Wm. R. Surrett  Emily Bolton   19 Oct 1874   A.COM    
 DeKalb Co.
 Hannah Surratt  John Busbee   07 Aug 1850   J. P.   6  See: SFA-Profile!
 Elmore Co.
 Lizzie Surrett  John Busbee   05 Jan 1879   A.COM    
 Jackson Co.
 Boston E. Surratt  Marcilla A. WISE   __ ___ 1862     NdRcd  [See SFA-FG 3]
 Daniel J. Surratt  Rachael Hass   26 Dec 1867   J. P.   569  [See SFA-FG 6]
 Nancy E. Surratt  John A.J. Clifton   01 Jan 1871     NdRcd  [See SFA-FG 2,#3.
 Randal P. Surratt  A. M. Stanfield   15 Apr 1872   J.P.   B-111  [See SFA-FG 2,#5.
 Arsenny M. Surratt  John Glass Rawlings   15 Jun 1876   J. P.   32  
 Emeline Surratt  Alfred Mayer   21 Jul 1878   M. G.   C-262  
 Rosamond D. P. D. Surratt  Joseph S. Johnson   20 Jul 1882   M. G.   141  
 Martha J. (HALE) SARRATT  Wm. F. BARR   03 Sep 1882     NdRcd  [See SFA-FG 4#0]
 Elizabeth C. Surratt  J. H. Tinker   18 Nov 1888   M. G.   356  [See SFA-FG 6#1]
 Jonathan Surratt  Susan C. Wilson   14 Feb 1898   J.P.   533  [See SFA-FG 6#2]
 Lamar Co.
 Margarett Surratt  John M. Hester   06 May 1879   M. G.   150  
 St Clair Co.
 John Sarratt  Selena A. Cooper   20 Dec 1842     151    

Baldwin Co.
Janet Cottrell
Dated: Date: 17 Jul 2002 8:27:22 PM Pacific Daylight Time
Hello, I found your email on Rootsweb. I have been doing research on a family of Kernons in the Cleburne and Calhoun Co.'s. of Ala and Carroll Co.,Ga.
I found Mary Jane Kernon who married in Cleburne Co.,Ala to Henry Surratt on 10 Nov 1883.
Parents are listed as Daniel Kernon and Sarah Carmichael Kernon of Carroll Co.,Ga. I also found her sister, Josephine,(shown as Josie P. on her headstone) Kernon who married J.H.Hammonds at Rabbittown, Calhoun Co., Ala. Same parents listed as Mary Jane.
My gggrandmother was Julie Rebecca Kernon who also married in Cleburne Co.,Ala in 1882. I still have not found actual documentation that she is their sister, but would love to make this connection. Do you have any further information on this family? Would appreciate any help.
Janet Cottrell, [email protected]
Thanks for the E-Mail, We have Henry J. SURRETT (Note spelling) 4th s/o of Cicero "Green" SURRETT & Mother: Sarah Jane CLAY Married Miss Mary Jane KERMAN/KERMON;
They had at least 3 Children born to this Union:
1. 1st Dau: Eulia P., SURRETT, b. c1889 Clebourne Co., AL. (Had 2 Dau)
2. 2nd Dau: Myrtle L., SURRETT, b. c1894 Unknown Co., TX. m. KELLY, 1 Son
3. 1st Son: Alvin C. SURRETT, b. c1906 Baldwin AL. (Not Traced!)
See: Henry J. SURRETT Baldwin Co., AL.
This is all the info. we have on this family. We would like to exchang info. (addition/corrections) on this "Branch" .prs

Date: 19 Jul 2002 9:27:08 PM Pacific Daylight Time
Thanks for the reply. I have also seen Mary Jane listed as Kerman. If you will go to the LDS family search and type in Mary Jane Kernon and Josephine Kernon, you will find both as being daughters of Daniel Kernon and Sarah Carmichael of Carroll Co.,Ga.
They show Mary Jane Kernon as having married your Surrett relative in Cleburne Co.,Ala. They show Josephene as marrying in Calhoun County, Ala and they show my gggrandparents marrying in Cleburne Co.Ala., all within a very few years of each other. My gggrandmother, Julie Rebecca, must have been related to your Mary Jane!
Note: I have also seen their last name spelled as Kiernan. It seems people couldn't spell very well in those days. Since both girls are listed in LDS as Kernons with a Daniel Kernon as their father, I believe this must have been the correct spelling.
Julie Rebecca and husband moved from Alabama to Arkansas. I wonder if Mary Jane stopped here on her way to Texas?? Interesting.
Janet Cottrell, [email protected]
Sam F. Woodhall, Sr.
Henry J. Surrett
Date: 27 Feb 2003 2:56:49 AM Pacific Standard Time
Hi. Paul
Just ran across you info posted on Roots Webb about the Surrett family. I was delighted to find the info. Its apparent you have done a lot of research and it is well documented.
I'm a descendant of Cisero and Sarah through their son Henry J. SURRETT who married Mary Jane Kerrnon. Their daughter Eulla Pearl is my grand mother. She had two daus. Thelma and Rosella. I'm son of Thelma who married Sam Woodall. Mary Jane, Eulla and my mother were from Baldwin Co. AL. I remember going to Mrs. Mary Jane (Kermon) SURRETT's funeral many years ago I was about 6 or 7 yrs. old. Think she was buried in Mobile, AL.
I was wondering if you had found out anything about the Kerrnon family, I'm not having much luck. My mother talked about Cicero, to the extent she knew his name and that he was her great grand father. She did not however remember Sarah. I think Mary Jane's father may have been David Kerrnon but don't know.
I would like very much to include the info you have on the site in my family history if I have your permission. I will of course give you the credit for the research.
I'm in Cataula Ga. a little community about 20 miles No. of Columbus.
Thanks for the info. It is of a tremendous value because I had none, other than a same.
Sam F Woodall [email protected]
Thanks for the E-Mail, & kind words
If you can send me info on the family of Henry J. & Mary Jane (KERRNON) SURRETT we would like to add that information the this "branch" profile.
See: Henry J. SURRETT SFA Profile!
As you can see we don't have the death, buried or the two daughters info. ...prs

Date: 02 Mar 2003 5:58:50 AM Pacific Standard Time
The info you have on the death of above person is incorrect.
Henry was my ggrand father. He died Feb. 1946 in Bay Minette, Baldwin Co. AL.
I was at his home with my mother when he died.
You show that he died in Cleburne Co. AL.
His wife Mary Jane died Jan 1942 I was at her funeral also. She died in Mobile AL.
Sam F Woodall [email protected]
Thanks Sam,
I have made corrections.
See: Henry J. SURRETT SFA Profile!
We still would like to exchange info. on this Family. ...prs

Date: 22 Nov 2004 8:34:20 PM Pacific Standard Time
Hi Paul!!!
I cant believe that I found your email, I have been researching on Ancestry .com and guess what, I found where my great grandmother, Myrtle Surrett,’s father was Henry J Surrett, (who was William R. Surretts brother)
I was SO interested in what you had written.!!! I would love to talk with you.
Henry J married Mary Jane kerman, and they had two children, one which is Myrtle. Myrtle had my grandfather, and another son, but the problem is, I cant find ANYTHING about my grandfathers brother….
He was murdered in a bar fight, but it was really vicious… I don’t even know his name… for some reason they never talked about it.
Email me back, I am sure we can help each other with some interesting details
Chapman Promotional Products, [email protected]
"APTCO" Business Forms 251-645-0692 Office 251-645-9987 Fax
Henry J. & Mary J. (Kermon) SURRETT, had three Children
2nd Dau Myrtle SURRETT, b. c1895 TX. married Mr. KELLY, 1Ch.
See: Henry J. SURRETT SFA Profile!
We would like to exchange info. on this Family. ...prs

Calhoun Co.
Submitter: Kathy Gregory SURRETT, William R.
Dated: May 10, 1998
Families: BOLTON, KENNEDY, STEPHENSON, JENNINGS, SURRETT James BOLTON born ca. 1806 and his wife Nancy COOK came from S.C. to settle in Benton [Calhoun) Co.,] Ala. I am trying to find out where they are buried. They were in the Rabbittown area. They had seven children
1. Manerva, m. James KENNEDY,
2. John Edwin, m. Martha STEPHENSON,
3. Aramilla,
4. Emily, m. William R. SURRETT,
5. Amanda, m. Christopher STEPHENSON,
6. Adolphus, m. Martha JENNINGS
7. Madison, m. Elizabeth McWHORTER. (my Line)
Any help with these families would be appreciated.
Kathy Gregory, E-Mail: [email protected]
Rev. William R. SURRETT, b. c1855, d. c1926, a76y at Antlers, (See: Pushmataha Co., OK. and Emily BOLTON, had 3 Children.
he is the 1st son of See Cicero Green SURRETT & Sara Jane CLAY.
Charles Surrett
Date: 25 Jun 2001 11:14 AM GMT
SFA-Surrett Board
HI my name is chuck surrett my fathers name was Jimmy L Surrett from anniston [Calhoun Co.] Alabama
I was told my grandfathers name was Benjamin Noah Surrett all i know is that he went by B surrett looking for anything thanks for any help.
Not in the 1920 or 1930 Census for Calhoun Co. ..prs
Jason Surrett
SURRETT, Clarence
Date: 25 Mar 2003 9:58:10 AM Pacific Standard Time
hey im Jason Surrett im 18 years old and i know nothing of the surrett family i cant trace it any further than my GrandPa who is Clerance Surrett and my Father Who is Bruce Surrett Sr....i would much like to know that i have a Great Family out there
Jason Surrett, [email protected]
  Jason, Thanks for the E-Mail.
Your Grandfather may be [SFA-] Clarence SURRETT,
(Only s/o Martin L. & Lena E. (Knight) SURRETT
b. 27 May 1904, AL. [SSD# 422-33-6378, AL] d. __ May 1974, a70y at Piedmont, Calhoun Co., AL. Buried: Cemetery Location Unknown (to me)
Was a06y living w/p in 1910 Census Cave Springs, Floyd Co., GA.
Was a16y living w/p in 1920 Census Cave Springs, Floyd Co., GA.
Was a27y living with own family in 1930 Census, Cleburne Co., AL.
We would like to exchange information on this Family.
See: Martin L. SURRETT SFA-Profile!
See: Clarence L. SURRETT SFA-Profile! ..prs
Jessica (Surrett) Hicks
Date:22 Jul 2004 5:19:28 PM Pacific Daylight Time
Hi, my name is Jessica Surrett and I am told to ask you for help! (ha)
I am looking for info on my father's mother's side. His name was Jess Surrett born in Cleburne Co. Spring Garden [Cherokee Co., AL. 36275] I am told and died in 1975.
His mother was Mottle (Surrett) Nabors, father unknown on birth record.
I know Mottle had a brother named Clarence who married Annie and lived in Piedmont [Calhoun Co.] Al. That's the extent of my knowledge.
I hope I didn't confuse you. :) Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!
Sincerely, JSH, [email protected]
Thanks for the E-Mail, Jessica
We feel you are part of Martin L. SURRETT family (2nd s/o Green B. & Nancy DODD)
Mottle SURRETT, was their 5th Daughter. For more info. on this family see:
See: Martin L. SURRETT SFA-Profile! <--Click Here!
As the story goes, Martin L. SURRETT, first married Miss Lena E. KNIGHT and had 6 Children:
2.1 1st Dau: Rebecca E., b. c1896 Not Traced!
2.2 2nd Dau: Pearl M. b. c1901 Not Traced!
2.3 1st Son: Clarence, *1904-1974 a70y m. Annie Unk., 2Ch.
2.4 3rd Dau: Plumar L., b. c1907 Not Traced!
2.5 4th Dau: Eula M., b. c1909 Not Traced!
2.6 5th Dau: Mottle, b. c1912 1 Son m. Mr. NABORS
Martin L. & Lena E. KNIGHT, Div. & he married 2nd Maude MAUDE, 1Ch.
2.7 1st Dau: Gladys, b. c1919. m. Unknown!
We would like any additions/corections on these families!
See: Mottle SURRETT SFA-Profile! <--Click Here! ..prs

2nd E-Mail: Date: 23 Jul 2004 6:04:01 PM Pacific Daylight Time
Subj:Re: Mottle SURRETT, b. c1912 AL
Wow! that was quick! Thank you so much for that info!!.
I had come to the conclusion that great uncle Clarence was from the Martin Surrett he dumped his family and found another...just great!!!
FYI Mottle(my granny) by the way was the confusing part as the census listed her as Mattie, and I have her being born 8 Aug 1911.
Mottle also has a daughter Ruth Surrett Phillips who lives in Weaver [Calhoun Co.] AL if she is still living (again born out of wedlock by a different man.)
I wish I could find out where she is buried. There are no obits so far in my research. Again I appreciate you information. This will certainly get me started.
Sincerely, Jessica Surrett Hicks [email protected]
3rd E-Mail: Date: 23 Jul 2004 6:19:33 PM Pacific Daylight Time
Subj:info as requested
2.3 Clarence and Annie had William "Jim" died in 2002 age 69, Lillian Motes and Betty Ballew, daughters, Johnny, Bobby and Tommy sons, in addition to the deceased Thelma Williams, and WIlliard Surrett. Verified by obit in The Anniston Star 2002.
Johnny Charles Surrett Jr. age 39, body was found in a creek near Mill Branch Road in Webster's Chapel Community with apparent stab or puncture wounds. News listed in The Anniston Star 7/10/99.
I am only assuming at this point that jr. was Johnny, son of Clarence and Annie.
I have alot of old pictures from my father's and white... I hope to one day figure out who these people are.
Hope this helps. JSH [email protected]
4th E-Mail: Date: 27 Jul 2004 12:14:02 PM Pacific Daylight Time
Subj: Cleburne News - Obituaries
( s/2000/cn-deaths-0914-0-uj141133.htm)
See: Daisy Geneva Parker obit.
I believe this to be Green Surrett 1849-1908 granddaughter.
Jessica [email protected]
Date: 16 Jul 2005 6:47:47 AM Pacific Daylight Time
Subj:Surrett Update In Alabama
I sent you some information last year regarding the Martin L. Surrett line and I have since obtained a little more.
I just wanted to send a little memo because I noticed that the website hasn't been updated in a year. I hope everything is well with you. Hope to hear from you soon.
Jessica Hicks; [email protected]
We have not received any info, on this family since Jul 2004, so we have NOT up-dated it.
We would like any additions/corections on these families!
See: Mottle SURRETT SFA-Profile! <--Click Here! ..prs


Cherokee Co., Queries
Patty Sims
BARR, Martha J. (HALE)
Wed, 21 Mar 2001 1:25:51 PM Eastern Standard Time
The following is a copy of the online death record for the state of CA. This Martha Jane Hale Barr was the daughter of an unk Hale and unk Sarratt, born in Cherokee, Co, AL. I would like to keep in touch re this family and am looking for relatives who are still in AL. I live in Quincy, CA, not too far from you, have a sister who lives in Applegate. Hope to hear from you. Patty Sims, [email protected]
Connected family surnames are HALE/BARR/CHISLER
Patty, Thanks for the E-Mail We believe that Martha J. HALE, b. 27 Mar 1864, in Cherokee Co., AL. was a daughter of Mr. HALE & Elizabeth (Unknown) HALE. (She was living in the SARRATT 1880 hosehold as HALE)
The Widow or Div Mrs. Elizabeth (Unknown) HALE, married 2nd to Simon Peter SARRATT bfr 1868 in Cherokee Co., AL.
Martha J. HALE, was raised in the SARRATT houshold and later 03 Sep 1882, in Cherokee Co., AL. she married W.F. BARR.
See: Peter S, SARRATT Family Prifile!
We would like to exchange any info. on this family. ..prs

2nd E-Mail: Date: Wed, 21 Mar 2001 8:25:47 PM Eastern Standard Time
I am so pleased to receive your response to my email. I certainly believed there was a connection somewhere in these families.The Sarratt children must have been special too, as you will see Martha Jane and William named some of their children after her siblings. Martha Jane was my great grandmother. She was a beautiful and kind woman. She died in Willowbrook, LA Co CA on 02/13/1961. She had the most beautiful, long white hair and had the aura of an angel about her. She was well loved by her children and by my mother and her siblings. She also was strong shelter in a very changing community. My brother, sisters and I knew all of the children who came to CA. This is my mother's family.
Attached: Hale/Barr Children Found on CA Death Index
I believe Maggie and John stayed in AL when the rest of the family moved west. I truly look forward to hearing from you again. I will revisit your website. Oh, yes, Quincy is in Plumas Co. It is located on hwy 70, about halfway between Chico, CA and Reno, NV. My brother lives in Sacramento (Rio Linda) and two sisters in Reno. Nice to meet you, Patty Sims, [email protected]
Thanks for the Info.
You can see your Great-Grandfather W.F. BARR at rootsweb URL: Family FG I647
And your Gr-GrGrandfather Simmon Peter SARRATT at URL: Family Simon P. SARRATT SFA-Profile!
Would like any corrections/additions to these families.
Do you know if Martha J. (Hale) SARRATT had any contact with her half-sisters Nadia, Hessie, Veny, or Rosa or half-brother Daniel Booth SARRATT? they all died in the late 1950's 60's
Do you know if her mother Elizabeth HALE, SARRATT every married the mysterious Mr. HALE, or was that her maiden name? Who are her parents?
Don't think I have ever visited Quincy CA. and I have lived here since 1959.

3rd E-Mail: Date: Wed, 21 Mar 2001 8:31:15 PM Eastern Standard Time
Hi again,
I am sorry, I forgot to say my grandmother was Victoria Elrey Barr, and Fitzhugh L was Uncle Lee.
Patty Sims, [email protected]
4th E-Mail: Date: Mon, 18 Jun 2001 11:57:53 PM Eastern Daylight Time
Hi Paul, I was just browsing today and found that Nadia Dollie Sarratt [MILLS-73 had a daughter Mamie Vance who married a John M Barr. If you remember, my great grandfather was William Franklin Barr. I am wondering if there is a relationship.
My great grandmother, Martha Jane Hale, [MILLs-213] would have been an aunt of Mamie Vance. I am following a lead from TN Hales, there sure are a lot of them. I am also looking for the family of William Franklin Barr. I have found a family that appears could be his in Lauderdale Co AL, but dates just don't quite fit.
Please keep me posted. My phone number is 530 283 3307. You asked if Martha Jane ever communicated with her half sisters and brother. I wish I knew. She stayed very close to her children. I would be surprised if she did not stay in touch. She could read, but was blind all of her later years. She had me read to her anytime Iwas around. I don't know about macular degeneration, but she was apparentlywas not an Sarratt offspring. A question just popped into my mind. Is thereany sign that Elizabeth could have been with the Sarratt family before Martha Jane was born?
It is all very interesting to me. Bye for now, Patty Sims, [email protected]
    Ans: Thanks, Patty, we have corrected the GEDCON
We will up-load later this month
Most of my connection to the Johanthan Mills SARRATT family, can be seen on Rootsweb World-Connection
Check it out! Goto SURRATT/SARRATT/SARRETT Families of America GEDCOM On-Line!
Use the "Search" window, type in Surname, to see list of these family members.
SFA - GEDCOM On-Line! or URL: Johnathan Mills SARRATT, Profile ..prs

5th E-Mail: Date: Tue, 25 Sep 2001 10:14:47 PM Eastern Daylight Time
Subj: Sarratt/Hale/Barr
Hi Paul,
Since I wrote you last I have found that the son of Martha Jane Hale and William Franklin Barr, whom I did not know, married the daughter of Nadia Dollie and James Vance. You asked if Martha had any communication with her siblings after she left AL. I don't know, but I would certainly hope so since one was her son.
Mamie Vance and John M Barr had children; Van, Dorothy Marie, Jack, Horace, Gene, Jarry, James and Bobby. I don't have any proof of any of this, but one cousin remembers "Aunt Dollie" and Jack. I think her aunt must have been the sister of Mamie Vance Barr.
While I am at it, you might check your website for Wm F Barr (not Wn) and please change my email address to [email protected] because no matter if I change isp that addy will remain valid.
Have a good one, Patty Sims, [email protected]
6th E-Mail: Date: 29 Jul 2002 9:22:04 PM Pacific Daylight Time
Subj: RE: William F Barr Martha J Hale
Paul, I was looking for my great grandmother and found my grandmother twice. One of the entries was by john-m and the other by me.
The first one opened to your website. I have no idea who
john m is unless it is an alias. It looks like John M as in Barr family to me.
Maybe that was not intentional. Maybe it was not you, but if so I didn't appreciate it.

    Ans: Patty, the JOHN-M GEDCOM, is part of the SFA Family.
    This is the same URL I sent you 21st Mar 2001 ..prs

I am not concerned with any other part of what you post, but this is my family and I believe I gave you correct dates, possibly not. New info comes up all the time. Any addition or correction I make will be in red so it will be clear.     Ans: We have corrected/added as per your 29 Jul 2002 E-Mail
Sorry Paul, I got hot for a minute, then remembered this is sometimes a shot in the dark or slip of the finger that turns a fact to fiction.
Patty Sims, [email protected]
[email protected]
You still live near my sister Linda in Applegate I guess.
    Ans: Yep, still live in Aburn, CA.,,prs     
7th E-Mail:Date: 30 Jul 2002 11:54:38 AM Pacific Daylight Time
Subj: Jack and Gene Barr
This is Patty Sims again. I have a picture of Jack and Gene Vance/Barr. They are two of the children of John M. and Mamie Vance Barr. I would like to find theri family. John M Barr's mother was Martha J Hale, step daughter of Simon Peter Sarratt of Cherokee Co AL. [JOHM-M FG 4] ID: I266
Do you know how to get in touch with anyone in this family?
I have found very surprising information about the offspring of Martha J Hale since I wrote yesterday. I have a second cousin I did not know existed. Son of Daniel Bert Barr.
Patty Sims, [email protected]
    Ans: Sorry, Patty I don't know of any family members of Jack and Gene Vance/Barr, but we get several hundred "hits" per day on the SFA site, may be some one will respond. ..prs
8th E-Mail: Date: 04 Aug 2002 6:06:17 PM Pacific Daylight Time
Subj: Hale/Barr Family
I am sorry I gave you any information.!!!!!!!!!!
Please remove this ID # and any connected with it ID: I652 . Patricia A. Sims, [email protected]
216 Nugget Lane Quincy, CA 95971 ; 530-283-3307
    Ans: Sorry, Patty we can't remove this ID:# family from our database, but we can make your contribution as "Anomymous" .prs
9th E-Mail: Date: 26 Jan 2003; 8:36:50 AM Pacific Standard Time
To: [email protected]; Source: [email protected]
Subject: [31] Re: BROTHERS/JENKINS/HALE/FINCH Surnames: Hale/Sarratt/Barr/Vance/Crisler
Message Board URL: Message: 445.621.1.1.1
I am also looking for a Hale from Gadsden AL. My g grandmother was Martha Jane Hale, b. 3 Sep 1864; her mother was Elizabeth Hale who later married Simon Peter Sarratt.
They lived out their lives in the Gadsden area. Either there was a husband ? Hale or Elizabeth was unwed when Martha Jane was born.
Perhaps there is a tie between our Hale lines. I know this doesn't help but maybe someone has info to help both of us.
Patty Sims, E-Mail: [email protected]
Peggy McMakin
Date: Sat, 17 Nov 2001 9:34:28 PM Eastern Standard Time
Hello Paul
Just found your website while trying to locate more Sarratts. Hester Celia Sarratt was my great-grandmother. She first married a Mayben. He left home one day and never returned. Don't know just when, but she then married a Smith. Don't know his first name because my first memories are of her living with her daughter, Nellie (Mayben) Lenning.
My sister and I just found the cemetery a couple of weeks ago where she is buried. By the time we found it, it was dark so didn't get into the graveyard. My uncle (by marriage) lives a short distance away and is friend with the son-in-law of Dollie Vance. we are going back to Alabama about the middle of January.
I live in Tryon, North Carolina, about 45 miles south of Asheville, North Carolina. My sister lives in Marietta, Georgia.
The Maybens have been almost impossible to find since we don't know his name or where he came from. I am going to look at the census next week and see if I can get a name and a birth place for him.
I am corresponding with a Patty Sims (lives in California) who also traces back to Simon Peter Sarratt. His wife's name was Elizabeth Hale, but at the time that she married Simon Peter, she already had a daughter. Don't know if Hale was her maiden name or another married name. Hope to find that out when we go back in January.
Looking forward to corresponding with you.
Peggy (Tidwell) McMakin, [email protected]
Thanks for the E-Mail, we don't have much on Hester C. (SARRATT), MAYBEN but would like to exchange info. on this family.
See: Simon Peter SARRATT, Profile ..prs

2nd E-Mail: Date: 30 Jul 2002 8:41:52 AM Pacific Daylight Time
Subj: Sarratts
Hi Paul
My name is Peggy McMakin and I live in Tryon, North Carolina. I am related to the Sarratts through Simon Peter Sarratt (born 1844).
My great grandmother was a child of his, Hester Celia Sarratt. She married a Mayben (think is first name was John) and we have been told that one day he left going to the store and never came back. We have nothing more on him. She then married a Smith (wonderful name that every Tom, Dick and Harry has!) and we don't know his first name nor anything about him.
I think that I found your name in Spartanburg, SC, when helping a friend do some research.
Would appreciate hearing from you if you have anything more on the Sarratt in my tree.
Thanks for taking the time to share.
Peggy (Tidwell) McMakin, [email protected]
Thanks for the E-Mail, we don't have much more than your 17 Nov 2001 E-Mail on Hester C. (SARRATT), MAYBEN but would like to exchange info. on this family.
See: Simon Peter SARRATT, Profile ..prs

3rd E-Mail: Date: 21 Aug 2002 1:11:36 PM Pacific Daylight Time
My sister and I just returned from Gadsden, [Etowah] Alabama. We found a couple of Sarratt cousins and were told of Pluma Eunice (Sarratt) Tommie who is 95 years old and still alive. At the present time she has penumonia and also has had a pace maker put in. She is a grand daughter of Simon Peter Sarratt.
She said is he buried in the Yellow Creek Cemetery, Leesburg (Etowah County), Alabama.
We had visited the cemetery eariler this year and did not find a marker for him, but of course that does not mean he is not there. We had searched everywhere we knew to locate his grave.
This is first hand information, so I am accepting it as fact. My gr-grandmother, Hester Celia Sarratt is burried there but she is buried as Hester Smith.
Still searching for more info. Thanks Peggy (Tidwell) McMakin, [email protected]
Thanks for the Cemetery location for Simon P. SARRATT, If you find a marker, please take a photo on the stone, we would love to post the .JPG file on the Simon P. Profile Site. or any ofther SARRATT related members buried there. Do you assume the his wife Elizabeth (Unk) HALE is buried their also? We still do not have any children listed for Hester C. (Sarratt) Mayben, Smith.

Nikki Bass
Looking for info on Peter Hass from Alabama
Dated April 21, 2002 at 20:12:56
Genforum Hass Family Genealogy Forum Message #203
Looking for any information on Peter Hass. Born to John and Elizabeth Hass, who were married in 1822. Peter is buried in Jackson County, Alabama. John HASS was Cherokee Indian.
This line of the Hass family migrated to Texas in 1906. Any information would be helpful.
Thanks, Nikki [email protected]
Msg: 211 Re: Looking for info on Peter Hass from Alabama Alfreda Hass 7/29/02
Msg: 239 Re: Looking for info on Peter Hass from Alabama Connie Taylor Schults 4/05/04
Msg: 208 Re: Looking for info on Peter Hass from Alabama SYLVIA DOWNEY 6/28/02
Nikki, We believe tht Peter HASS, b. c1836 NC. was the 3rd Son See: John & Sarah/Sally HASS fo Cherokee Co., AL.
What "Proof" do you have that John HASS (1798-1860) was a "Native American"
We would like to exchange Info. on this Family....prs


Cleburne Co.
Carole Applegate
Re: Cicero Surrett of Clebourne Co., AL.
Dated: March 18, 2000 at 10:11:58
Surratt Family Genealogy Forum Message #272
In Reply to: Re: Surretts of Cleburne Co. Ala. by Inez Bush Message #261
Inez -- Saw your message just last night & it caught my eye because of Cisero. I come thru his line, but do not have much info about him. I have in my possession pages from an Ezzell/Surrett Bible. It gives birth, death, & marriage dates of some of these two families (mostly Ezzell's).
Ciceroe Anderson Sanford Surrett & Cynthia Adeline Ezzell were married in Cleburne Co. 23 Nov 1882.
The 1880 census for Cleburne Co. lists him as a child with siblings and a widowed mother --
Sarah J. Surrett (age 44). Census shows mother & father born in Georgia, as well as
Cisero (18),
Henry J. (15),
James O. (13),
Mary (11), &
Arfay Naoma (9).
Says a younger sister, Sarah (4), was born in Alabama. I don't know if the father, Cicero, died in Alabama or in Georgia, prior to coming. However, I'm leaning towards Alabama. Are there any printed materials regarding cemeteries in that area?
In the 1870 census of Floyd Co., Geaogia, I found the father, Cicsero (35), and the mother, Sarah J. (34) and their children, Willam R. (13), Francis M. (12), Cicero A. (8), Henry J. (6), James O. (3), and Mary T. (1).
I have also found in DeKalb Co., Georgia, the record of a marriage on 1 May 1854 between a Green Surrets and Sarah Jane Clay. I don't understand the "Green" Surrets, but feel certain this is Cicero. He could possible be Cicero Green or Green Cicero, or maybe Green is a father or brother, and the recorder put down the wrong name. Any ideas?
I also have record of Sanford Serit marriage to Tabathia Clay. Haven't tied them to my family, but felt like Sanford was a brother to Cicero and Tabathia (Delitha) was a sister to Sarah Jane, especially since the Sanford name appears 2 other times in my family line. Do you have additional information on this?
You mention a Henry Sanford, changed to Henry Washington, is buried in Mt. Creek Cem. Where is this located? You also state that Cisero was in Cedar Town, Ga. What Co. is this located in? Have not been able to find Cicero & Sarah Jane in a 1860 census, but will search for Mt. Creek and Paulding Co. that you mentioned. It is right below Floyd! Have not found any 1850 census' that have helped me find the parents of Cicero or Sarah Jane Clay. Any suggestions?
Hope I haven't confused you too much and that this is of some help. If you have anything to add, I would apprciate hearing from you. You can E-mail me direct at Carole Applegate [email protected] if you like. I look forward to hearing from you.
See: Carole's E-Mail Dated: Jun 13, 2000
See: Carole's E-Mail Dated: Apr 24, 2001

See: Cicero Green SURRETT Polk Co., GA.
See: C.A.S. SURRETT Lamar Co., TX.
We would like to exchange information on this Family. ..prs
Linda Potts
Subj: William & Williams Jasper Potts
Date: Mon, 20 Aug 2001 1:39:46 PM Eastern Daylight Time
I'm researching this same William Potts, father of William J. Potts. He is listed in DeKalb, GA in 1840, 1850 and in Fayette in 1860. His wife was listed as Nancy whom I believe is Nancy Langford. If you'd like the listing, I'll be glad to pull my file and give you the info. This William (the elder) is in Wilson County, TN in 1880 and married to E.J.Terry who was living with William and Nancy in 1860 Fayette, GA. According to the 1880 census, they would have moved to TN abt 1865 as the first child listed born in TN was born abt 1866. I've found William's eldest child married to a Richardson(who also was living with William & Nancy in 1860) living in Bradley County, TN. William J and Samuel J, his borother, had service records placing them in TN during civil war. If you'd like to have my information and sources of the info, please let me know.
Linda Potts [email protected]
  Linda, Thanks for the E-Mail! Yes, we would like info. on the William POTTS (the Elder)
Grandaughter LuElla POTTS, m. 26 Apr 1884 James Oscar SURRETT
Grandaughter: M.E. Minnie POTTS, m. c1896 John William SURRETT
See FGS on Rootsweb GEDCOM at URL: [prsFG 2708] Wm. J. POTTS Profile! ..prs
Mary Faith Hatley
Wm. Jasper POTTS
Date: 11 Mar 2004 9:06:26 PM Pacific Standard Time
Subj:Rootsweb Sarrat/ Fmilies of America info.
Dear Paul,
After having read through your posted information several times, at various times, my intentions have been to correspond with you, but for very legitimate reasons, have simply not done so.
My great-grandfather Potts, father of my paternal grandmother, was a brother of William Jasper Potts, so I'm quite familiar with much of the information you have posted. Genealogical research is a love of mine, and I've researched for several years, documenting everything possible about all lines of my families. It's rare that I've ever seen any researched information regarding children of the William Foster Potts and Nancy T. Langford Potts family, William and Nancy being my great great grandparents, so enjoyed reading what you have posted about their son William Jasper Potts and Martha Matilda Regan.
At this point in time, I do not wish my researched informtion to be placed on the internet for all the world to see, so am very wary about sharing a great deal. I've been burned by someone who I believed to be trustworthy to the nth degree, someone with whom I shared some of my mother's maternal line of descent. He has been guilty of taking my information, word for word, and placing his name on it, then claiming it as his own research. It has been a struggle to attempt undoing the harm he has caused.
I've been in the process for a long time, of compiling a book of sorts containing all my research about the William Foster Potts family. This will include his first and second marriages and all children from both marriages, plus other generations of descendents. I'm still some time away from having everything at a completed totally organized stage for printing. I do still live in Texas and was born and reared in Fannin Co., TX, still having a brother and other relatives living there who I visit, the same area where William F. Potts and 2nd wife, along with their children, moved. He died one month after having moved to TX. My great grandfather had moved to TX a few years earlier, with my grandmother and two of her siblings being born in Fannin Co.
It seems that I've rambled on and on to reach the point for my writing, but hopefully you will forgive me for such. My main reason for writing is in reference to some information on your site. LuElla Potts, eldest child of William Jasper and Martha Potts, who married James Oscar Surrett, is listed on your information as having died 1899 in Delta Co.,TX. I have the 1900 Federal Census of Delta Co.,TX, on which James Oscar and Luella, along with their 6 children, are enumerated. The census was enumerated 11 June 1900, so Luella must have died afer the census was enumerated 1900, rather than 1899. The 1900 census also lists slightly different years of birth for 4 of the 6 children, to waht is shown on your site. Oscar is enumerated with his 2nd wife on the 1910 Census of Farris TWP, Atoka Co.,OK.
I've not written about the 1900 census to criticize, for I would never do that, but only write to help clarify the information, since I'm fortunate enough to have easy access to these census records.
I look forward to hearing from you in the near future. Do you mind telling me where you live?
Probably a cousin far down the descendency line,
Mary Faith Hatley, E-Mail: [email protected]
Thanks for the E-Mail Mary
I live in Aburn, CA. (Placer County.
Sorry you have had a bad experince in sharing your info.
If you would like to make any additional corrections or additions to at Wm. J. POTTS SFA Profile! ..prs

2nd E-Mail: Date: 12 Mar 2004 3:20:02 PM Pacific Standard Time
Thank you for your very quick response regarding my e-mail. By informing me of the location of much of your information, it's immediately evident the expanse of your research and the dedication you have given and continue to give for the enjoyment and extensive use by others. I commend you for such wonderful endeavors.
Thank you once again.
Mary Faith Hatley E-Mail: [email protected]

DeKalb Co.

 Plunkett Cemetery, DeKalb Co., Alabama
[Source: Plunkett Cem.
  LName   FName   Born   Died   Age  Remarks
 SARRATT  Major Daniel  Aug 02 1901  Feb 02 1971  a70yrs  1s/o Danile B. & Maggie;
m. 1st Valdora BEARD, 0Ch.
m. 2nd Mattie D. BRYANT, 6Ch.
m. 3rd Vada OLIVER, 2Ch.
 SARRATT  Mattie D. (BRYANT)  ___ __ 1896  ___ __ 1953  a57yrs  2nd w/o Major D. SARRATT, 6Ch.
 SARRATT  Vada O. (OLIVER)  Jan 02 1918  Feb 28 1989  a71yrs  3rd w/o Major D. SARRATT, 2Ch.
 SARRATT  Burt Appleton  Jul 10 1933  Jun 08 1995  a62yrs  2nd s/o Major D. & 2nd Mattie D.
m. 25 Jun 1955 Katherine A. DUPREE,
 SARRATT  Katherine A. (DUPREE)  Jan 09 1937  ___ __ ____    w/o Bert SARRATT, 4Ch.
 SARRATT  Douglas Macarthur  Mar 10 1942  Aug 21 1966  a24yrs  3rd s/o Major D. & 2nd Mattie D.
m. *1965 Priscilla F. HURLEY, 1Ch.

Submitter: Glenda Willoughby Hannah (Surratt) Busby
Dated: Oct 21, 1998
Paul: Art told me that you were on our line.
My line is Hannah Surratt (AL 1.6) m. John Busby, Dad, Samuel Surratt, buried around Nashville,Tn. area, Mother, Martha Rice, buried Towncreek cemetery, Chavies, Alabama, Dekalb county. Location is between Fort Payne & Rainsville, Alabama. Glenda Willoughby,
Glenda, would love to have Hannah (Surratt) Busby Family Group Sheet (FGS 1723)
See Samuel,6 & Martha (RICE) SURRATT Profile ..prs
Submitter: Glenda Willoughby Hannah (Surratt) Busby
Dated: Feb 15, 2000
Do you have a Hannah Surratt Busby from Madison county Alabama? She is buried in DeKalb county Alabama. Thanks! Glenda
Busby Family Homepage:
Listowner: Barbara Peddicord E-Mail
Glenda, yes Hannah SURRATT, is 3rd Dau of Samuel,6 & Martha (RICE) SURRATT of Rowan Co., NC. later Madison Co., AL. I would still like your FGS as per Oct 21, 1998 above ..prs
Submitter: Glenda Willoughby Hannah (Surratt) Busby
Dated: Feb 20, 2000
Source: [email protected] Subject: Re: New Data
The John Busby that I need info on is the one who married in DeKalb county Alabama in aug. 1850 to Hannah Surratt. I'm also looking for the date that John married his first wife, Eveline Sims. Thank you! Sincerely, Glenda Willoughby ggranddaughter of John & Hannah Busby
Submitter: Glenda Willoughby Hannah (Surratt) Busby,
Dated: Jan 28, 2000
Can you email me our line,please? It's Samuel Surratt and Martha Rice,generations down to please?
I don't know of a Nellie Sarratt, as a child of See: Samuel,6 & Martha (Rice) Surratt.
Submitter: Glenda Willoughby Hannah (Surratt) Busby
Dated: Aug 17, 2000
How did you come up with the names of Joseph and Kathryn Sarrett for my Samuel Surratt's parents?
I'm off Samuel Surratt and Martha Rice's line,I'm the ggranddaughter of them.
Our line is indian and they are not french.

Glenda, the Crawford SURRATT, of Brown Co., IL. has nothing to do with your Pearson Co., NC. & Madison Co., AL. Surratt Branch.
Sorry, Samuel,6 & Martha (RICE) SURRATT, are NOT of Native American stock, both parents were from North Carolina. ..prs
Beverly Smith
Question re the Surretts
Date: 05 Jul 2002 3:41:01 PM Pacific Daylight Time
I am interested in your entry cited below. My name is Bev Hart and Sarah Elizabeth Surrett, Cicero Surrett's daughter was my great, great grandmother. I would be very much interested in information about Cicero's parents, which you have here listed as William Sanford Sarrett1 and Mary Leney Prator. Have you any primary documents on either of these two (census records, marriage cetificiates, etc.) Can you tell me where you got their names.
SURRETT, Cicero Anderson Sanford, 29 Jan 1862 ,Cherokee Co.,GA d. 2 Feb 1901 a39y by Tornando,Lamar Co.,TX prsjr
Father: Cicero Green SURRETT 2 Mother: Sarah Jane CLAY
Spouse: Cynthia Adeline EZELL
SURRETT, Cicero G. 229 Sep 1849 ,Carroll Co.,GA 27 Jan 1908 a58y,Cleburne Co.,AL prsjr
Father: Sanford SURRETT 1 Mother: Tabitha A. CLAY Spouse: Nancy DODD 2
SURRETT, Cicero Green 21835 ,DeKalb Co?,GA 1 Nov 1875 a40y Killed in Cedartown,Polk Co.,GA prsjr
Father: William Sanford SARRETT 1 Mother: Mary Leney PRATOR Spouse: Sarah Jane CLAY

I thank you in advance for your help and look forward to your reply.
Bev Hart [email protected] "
Thanks for the E-Mail, We have No Proof, as to the parents of Sanford, (c1829-1887) & Brother Cicero G., (c1835-1875) See: William S. SURRETT Family Profile for More information on this SFA Branch, We would like to exchange info. on this family. ..prs

Etowah Co., AL.
  Yellow Creek Cemetery, Leesburg, Alabama
[N.M.] = No Marker Found!
 LName  FName  Born  Died  Age  Remarks
 SARRATT  Simon Peter  08 Apr 1845  31 Dec 1914  a69y  [See SFA-MILLS 4] (N.M.)
 SARRATT  Elizabeth (HASS)  __ ___ 1830  __ ___ 1923  a93y  [See SFA-MILLS 4] (N.M.)
Etowah Co., AL. Queries
Paul R. Sarrett, Jr.
SARRATT, Dellivan "Tyrone"
Dated: Dec 29, 1999
Gadsden, Etowah County, Alabama Obituaries and Funeral Announcements appearing in the print edition of The Messenger on December 29, 1999. Online Edition
Funeral services were held at 11 a.m. Monday, December 27, 1999 at Village Chapel for Dellivan Tyrone Sarratt, age 49, native and life-long resident of Attalla in the Ivalee Community, [Etowah Co., AL.] who passed away Christmas Eve, December 24, 1999, at home. Rev. Mel Johnson officiated. Burial at Rainbow Memorial Park. Village Chapel Funeral Home was in charge.
Tyrone was a member of Ivalee Baptist Church. He was the loving son of Mrs. Garnita (Harris) Sarratt. Tyrone has been a quadriplegic for 30 years, after having broken his neck in a driving accident at the age of 19. He was preceded in death by his father, Gordon Sarratt, [1920-1973] and nephew, Brandon Yaikow.
He is survived by his mother, Garnita Harris Sarratt;
Bill (Sharon) Sarratt, of Attalla, AL. [1st s/o Gordon W. & Garnetta (HARRIS) SARRATT]
Jim (Glenda) Sarratt, of Attalla, AL. [2nd s/o Gordon W. & Garnetta (HARRIS) SARRATT]
Mary Jo (Bobby) Norris, of Attalla, AL. [1st d/o Gordon W. & Garnetta (HARRIS) SARRATT]
Cathy (Craig) Nelson, of Attalla, AL. [2nd d/o Gordon W. & Garnetta (HARRIS) SARRATT]
Cindy (James) Owen, of Attalla, AL. [3rd d/o Gordon W. & Garnetta (HARRIS) SARRATT]
He was a special uncle to:
Drema (Mark) Holley, [1st d/o Bill & Sharon SARRATT]
Marlana (Derek) Bone, [2nd d/o Bill & Sharon SARRATT]
Lorri (Lane) Taylor, [d/o James R. & Glenda SARRATT)
Brandy (Terry) Benefield, [d/o Bobby & Mary Jo (SARRATT) NORRIS)
Jody (Shannon) Norris, [s/o Bobby & Mary Jo (SARRATT) NORRIS)
Josh Yaikow, [2nd s/o Cathy D. (SARRATT) & 1st m. Thomas YAIKOW]
Amanda Nelson, [1st d/o Cathy D. (SARRATT) & 2nd m. Craig NELSON]
Jeremy Nelson, [1st s/o Cathy D. (SARRATT) & 2nd m. Craig NELSON]
Stephen (April) Siemens, [ Only s/o Cynthia J. (SARRATT) & 1st m. Mike SEIMRNS]
He was a special great-uncle to
Zachary Taylor, [1st s/o Lane & Lorri L. (SARRATT) TAYLOR]
Cody Taylor, [2nd s/o Lane & Lorri L. (SARRATT) TAYLOR]
Hailey Siemens, [1st d/o Stephen M. & April SEIMENS]
Stephanie Siemens, [2nd d/o Stephen M. & April SEIMENS]
Wesley Norris, [1st s/o Joseph T. & Shannon (GRANT) NORRIS)
Caitlin Norris. [2nd s/o Joseph T. & Shannon (GRANT) NORRIS)
He was also survived by his special uncle, Butch Harris.
Pallbearers were Jody Norris, Stephens Siemens, Terry Benefield, Jeff Steele, Ronnie Sarratt, Ollie Smith and Renny Owen. Honorary pallbearers were all personal friends and a special thank you to Olsten Health Services.
3rd s/o Gordon Wm. SARRATT, Sr. & Mother: Garnetta HARRIS, [SFA-MILL #164]
(1Gs/o Delevin,1 SARRATT & Henrietta HOLLOWAY, [SFA-MILL #158 ]
(2Gs/o Miss Rachell H. SARRATT,
(3Gs/o Johnathan,2 SARRATT & Dillia (Cherokee) ..prs
Ruth Jordan Deason
JORDAN, Elizabeth Elvira (SARRATT) Mrs
Date: 30 Jan 2003 8:40:12 AM Pacific Standard Time
Source: [email protected]
Subject: Re: [JORDAN] Listowner Post - ROLL CALL!!
I am looking for Joseph Henry Jordan born Dec. 1875. and died in Sylacauga, AL. Aug. 1942. He married Elizabeth Elvira Sarrat (not sure of spelling) She was daughter of Simon Peter Sarrat and Georgianne Fair.<------ Do not have the dates. Joseph Henry Jordon's father was William Jasper Jordan. I do know that Joseph Henry at one time lived up near Gadsden, [Etowah Co.] AL. and also in Milstead, [Rockdale Co.] Ga. Do not have any dates for this. This is some of Joseph Henry Jordon's children-----
Sanford Newton, Joe, David or Geet, Viola who married Amon C. (BUD) Moore, Lennie who married Amos Lowe,
Joseph Henry Jordon and E. Elvira (Sarratt) are buried at Whites Chapel Baptist Church up near Gadsden, AL.
Any help you could give me would be greatly appreciated. My dad, Sanford died when I was only 6 and this is all the info I have on his family.
Thanks, Ruth Jordan Deason, [email protected]
We have Mrs. Elizabeth Elvira (SARRATT) JORDAN as the 3rd dau of Simon Peter SARRATT and Elizabeth (Hass) HALE ---?
You have her as daughter of Simon Peter Sarrat and Georgianne Fair ---?
Could you shed some light on this for us?
We would like to exchange info on this family. See URL: Simon P. SARRATT SFA - Profile! ..prs

Date: 30 Jan 2003 9:01:54 PM Pacific Standard Time
I am thrilled beyond words at your response. I have searched and searched and could find nothing on my family. Thank you so much for responding. I cannot tell you how much this means to me. I have shed tears of joy today.
I made an error in my posting. I am in Birmingham, AL. at my daughter's house and I was posting from memory. I called my husband after I got your email and he read my notes to me.
Joseph Henry Jordan ----my grandfather
married Elizabeth Elvira Sarratt who was b. Jan. 22, 1882 and died Oct. 9, 1935.
She was the daughter of Simon Peter Sarratt and Elizabeth Hass Sarratt.
Joseph Henry Jordan was son of William Jasper Jordan and Georgianne Fair Jordan.
Do you have any photos of Simon Peter or Elizabeth Sarratt or any of the relatives? I have a photo of Elizabeth Elvira. Would be glad to share if you are interested.
Thank you once again for your response. I am new to genealogy but love it. I have been to my grandparents grave at Whites Chapel Baptist Church. Are you familar with this area?
I am looking forward to hearing from you. Any help I can give you I will be glad to research and do, if you will guide me. Sincerely, Ruth [email protected]
Thanks for the kind words. Isn't the internet marvelous!
We would love to put the photo of Elvira on the Simon P. Profile site.
Was Mrs. Elizabeth (HASS) SARRATT, married 1st to a Mr. HALL/HALE? Do you have a marriage book, page number etc?
See: Simon P. SARRATT. SFA Profile©
See: Mrs. Elvira (Sarratt) JORDAN. SFA Profile©

Patty Sims, [email protected] Wrote to us on 10th E-Mail Date: 05 Aug 2003 8:10:59 PM Pacific Standard Time
and was irate that we told Ruth, her descendant was a "3rd Daughter"
The following is the complete post, so there is no confusion:
You wrote the following, which is BLATANTLY UNTRUE!
We have Mrs. Elizabeth Elvira (SARRATT) JORDAN as the 3rd dau of Simon Peter SARRATT and Mrs. Elizabeth (Unk) HALE?

The third daughter of Simon Peter Sarratt and Mrs. Elizabeth Hale was Hester Celia Sarratt, born in 1870, who first married a Mr. Mayben and then a Mr. Smith. She is buried in Yellow Creek Cemetery in Leesburg, Etowah Co, AL where my g grandmother, Martha Jane Hale/Sarratt, Hester's older ½ sister was married in 1882 and where Simon Peter and possibly Elizabeth are buried.
I do wish you would quit fabricating things. Please post this letter to your "undesirables" as you usually do when one writes you a letter of contradiction.
Patty Sims [email protected]
Thanks, Patty,
I am sorry, we made a mistake, she was probably the 5th Dau not the 3rd, but you don't half to be so rude! ...prs

Ruth Jordan Deason
Subj:Eliz. Elvira Sarratt
3rd E-Mail Date: 07 Aug 2003 1:54:00 PM Pacific Standard Time
I just received an email from Patty Sims and she says that she is a gg grandaughter of Elizabeth Hale Sarratt and that she could guarantee me that she had no daughter named Eliz. Elvira.
She says that Elvira is younger than any of Simon Peter and Elizabeth Hale Sarratts children could have been. I have found several different ages for her. She is listed in the 1930 Carroll Co. Gerogia Census as Vira age 48 [b. 1882] and in the 1920 Cherokee County AL census as Vira age 37 [b. 1883]. These ages could be right. I don't know what time of yr. they were taken. This would have made her born in 1882 or 1883. However in the 1920 census they have my Dad listed as 6 but it should have been 4 or 5 as he was born in 1916. In the 1930 census they have Daddy listed as 14 and that would have been correct. It also says that Vira married when she was thirteen but I do not know when or where.
Please let me hear from you about all this. I did not have these census dates when I last talked to you. I believe that Elvira was their daughter. What do you think?
Can't wait to hear from you,
Ruth [email protected]
We agree with you. See: Facts
We can not "guarantee" this is correct, but as per our
Mission Statement We have used without absolute proof, circumstantial evidence, both legally and genealogically, has been allowed in certain conclusion that and we will conceded when any other proof of the opposite is provided, which is both logical and reasonable and not opposed by any other evidence.
There is no need for Patty Sims, to be belligerent if she disagrees, just simply provide us with evidence to the contrary.
p.s. I have the 1920, 1930 Census in .JPG format if you want a copy, let me know, ..prs
Patricia L. (Taylor) Barr
BARR, Martha J. (HALE) Mrs.
Date: 07 Jan 2005 7:07:21 PM Pacific Standard Time
From: [email protected]
Hello Paul,
I m looking for any info on Martha J Hale who was her mother & Father. I do know she lived with family Sarratt, said as stepdoughter
I also have a picture of the son`s of a Elizabeth Elvira Sarratt.
Can you help me in finding Martha J Hale (Barr) Her Father & Mother . ?
My husbend is Daniel BARR, Grand son to Daniel Bert Barr His Father william franklin Barr Wife Martha J Hale .
thank you & God Bless You , cool site you have here. Patricia L Taylor Barr E- Mail Me At [email protected]
Thanks for the E-Mail, & kind words Patricia
We belive Mrs. Martha J. (HALE) BARR (1864-1961)
was daughter of Elizabeth HASS/HAAS & a Mr. HALE or Out-of-Wedlock
She married Wm. Franklin BARR, on Sep 03, 1882, Jackson Co., AL. (They had 8 Children)
Her mother Elizabeth HASS, (1839-1923)
(2nd d/o John & Sarah (Unk) HASS of NC & Cherokee Co., AL.
She later in 1868, Cherokee Co., AL. married Simon Peter SARRATT, (1845-1914)
(2nd s/o Jonathan Mills SARRATT & Cherokee lady Dillila)
Simon P. Lizzie (Hass) SARRATT had 6 or 7 more Children.
The Elizabeth Elvira SARRATT (1882-1935) (Above)
Was the 4th d/o Simon P. & Elizabeth (HASS) SARRATT
She married Joseph H. JORDAN, in c1904
They had at least 6 Children born to this Union.
We would love to exchange info. on this branch.
Please review: URL:Simon P. SARRATT, Profile
Any additions/corrections would be appreciated. ..prs

2nd E-Mail: Date: 11 Jan 2005 8:34:18 AM Pacific Standard Time
Hello Paul
I thank you so Very Much On all the good stuff you have found On this Family , you do not know what a big sweet heart you are in doing all this work , Thank you , And the Picture was the best to see what she looked like . I came on your site the outher Day and i bookmarked it so i could come back any time .. Bless you and your hard work , I would say you have a nack for this stuff .
Ho Yes By the way Patty Sims is A Cousin to to my husbend. THANK YOU , Again. if you would like a copy of Daniels Family side I will be more than happy to copy off and send to you.
Patricia Lynn Taylor Barr, E-Mail: [email protected]
Thanks for the E-Mail, & kind Words.
We would love to see your info.
Send to my Snail Mail address, ..prs

Paul R. Sarrett, Jr.
BEARD, Callie (SARRATT) Mrs.
Dated: March 13, 2002
3/13/2002 Obituaries & Funeral Announcements - The Messenger
Obituaries and Funeral Announcements appearing in the print edition of The Messenger on March 13, 2002.
BEARD, CALLIE SARRATT [prs#] [JOHN-M 160] Graveside services were held March 7, 2002, at Snead Chapel Cemetery, formerly Cove Church Cemetery, for Callie Sarratt Beard, 95, of Attalla Healthcare, who died March 5, 2002. [Etowah Co., AL.] The Rev. Danny Freeman officiated.
Burial was at Snead Chapel Cemetery. Village Chapel Funeral Home, Alabama City, was in charge.
She was a member of Stovers Hill Baptist Church. She was a loyal caregiver to her widowed mother and younger siblings and especially her invalid sister, Elease "Jane" Sarratt. She was preceded in death by he husband, Edward F. Beard;
her parents, Delivan [1878-1928] and Etta Sarratt; [1884-1978
01. Roy, [b. *1907
04. Seidell .B., [b. *1913
07. Gordon, [b. *1920
08. Dan, [b. *1922
09. Robt. L. [b. c1925] and
11. James, [b. c1930
03. Mary C. Womack, [b. c1910]
06. Elease Sarratt [b. c1918] and
10. Estelle Ward. [b. c1925]
She is survived by her brother, 05. Paul Sarratt [b. c1916] of Attalla.
In lieu of flowers donations may be made to Snead Chapel Cemetery Fund. Pallbearers were nephews. Honorary pallbearers were Kenneth Beason and Jeanette Sarratt.
Special thanks to Attalla Health Care employees, especially to Cheryl Densmore, Debra Adair and Theresa Brooks.
(She 1st d/o Delevin,1 SARRATT & Henrietta HOLLOWAY, [SFA-MILL #158 ]
(2Gs/o Miss Rachell H. SARRATT,
(3Gs/o Johnathan,2 SARRATT & Dillia (Cherokee)
Would like to exchange Info. on this family. ..prs

Jackson Co., AL.
Contributed to ALGENWEB by Jane Nichols [email protected] (Old No Good URL) [URL: Revised 2008, Sarratt Cemetery, Jackson Co., AL.]
 LName  FName  Born  Died  Age  Remarks
 SARRATT  Johnathan Millis  __ ___ 1821  23 Jan 1893  a74y  [See SFA-FG 2] (N.M.)
 SARRATT  Dillila (Cherokee)  __ ___ 1820  __ ___ 18??  a74y  [See SFA-FG 2] (N.M.)
  Ch.#3 1st Dau: of Johnathan M. & Dillila SARRATT
 CLIFTON  John A.  17 Apr 1851  16 Nov 1916  a65y  [See SFA-FG 2]
 CLIFTON  Nancy E. (SARRATT)  08 Aug 1845  09 Apr 1919  a74y  [See SFA-FG 2]
 CLIFTON  Vada  27 Sep 1882  20 Nov 1964  a82y  [See SFA-FG 2]
 CLIFTON  Zander P.  02 Aug 1872  05 Jan 1896  a24y  [See SFA-FG 2]
 JOHNSON  Deddy L.  27 Apr 1893  25 Nov 1894  a 1y  
 JOHNSON  Ira B.  06 Jun 1890  03 Sep 1908  a18y  [See SFA-FG 2]
 PHILLIPS  Carrie  19 Mar 1895  30 Aug 1895  a 5m  
 SARRATT  Daniel J.  05 Sep 1847  29 Mar 1907  a60y  [See SFA-FG 6]
 SARRATT  Rachel I. (HASS)  25 Dec 1850  01 Jun 1912  a62y  [See SFA-FG 6]
 SARRATT  Gussie D.  16 Jan 1876  16 Aug 1893  a17y  [See SFA-FG 6]
 SARRATT  Ranel P.  10 Oct 1885  15 Jan 1897  a12y  [See SFA-FG 6]
  Unknown (to me)
 CORNEY  M.  13 Aug 1879  24 Sep 1919  a40y  w/o T.O. LISTER

Queries - Jackson Co., AL.
Paul R. Sarrett, Jr.
Johnathan Mills SARRATT; (a.k.a. Jonathan) [john-m FG 2]
Dated: 17, Jun 1996;
(1s/o Johnthan,1 & Hanna (MILLS) SARRATT, of Rowan/Randolph Co., NC.)
(1Gs/o Thomas,1 & Wife Unknown SARRATT, of Rowan Co. NC.)
(2Gs/o SAMUEL,1 & 2nd w Honour SARRATT, of Prince George's Co., MD.
(3Gs/0 JOSEPH,1 & KATHERINE SARRATT, of France "The American Progenitor!" was born about 1821, in Rowan/Randolph Co., NC. died on 23 Jan 1894, a73y in Jackson Co., AL. At the age of 20 years (bfr 1841) he married in Cherokee Co., AL. to the 18 year old Cherokee Indian Maiden "Dill-Ila'" (a.k.a Delila, Dilila, Dillila)
(Daughter of Unknown (to me) Cherokee Parents) b. c1820-03 in the Cherokee Indian Nation, North Carolina d. Unknown (to me) in Jackson Co., AL. They had at least 8 Children born to this Union:
+1. 1st Son: Boston E., *1841-1922 a81y m. c1861 Mercella A. WISE, 10Ch.
+2. 2nd Son: Simon P., *1845-1914 a69y m. c1864 Mrs. Elizabeth HALE, 6Ch.
+3. 1st Dau: Nancy E., *1845-1919 a74y m. *1871 John A.J. CLIFTON, 2Ch.
+4. 3rd Son: Daniel J., *1846-1907 a61y m. *1867 Rachel L. HASS, 10Ch.
5. 4th Son: Randell P.,c1849-1876 a27y m. *1872 Arsena M. STANFIELD, 0Ch.
6. 2nd Dau: Elvira J., c1852- Not Traced!
+7. 3rd Dau: Rachel H., *1854-1931 a77y m. 1) Unknown, 2) Mr. CHIZENHALL
+8. 4th Dau: Rosie D., *1856-1898 a42y m. c1873 Joseph R. JOHNSON, 7Ch.
Would like to exchange info. on these families. ..prs
Beverly Elrod
Subject: SARRATT Johnathan M; AL,USA / AR,USA; 1821
Dated: Thu, 28 Mar 1996 23:52:54 -0600
A friend, who does not have online service, asked me to post some of her elusive ancestors, hoping to link or exchange info with someone.
Johnathan M. Sarratt b. 1821 where? m. Dillila, supposedly a full blooded American Indian. Johnthan died 23-Jan-1894. children;
Boston Eli, Simon Peter, Nancy E., Samuel J., Randell, Elvira J., Rachael H., and Delila R. All moved to AR by 1870 except Simon Peter and Samuel J.
Please contact; [email protected]
Beverly Elrod, 1004 Mallard Dr. NE., Fort Payne, AL 35967
Jonathan Sarratt b. 1821 m. Dillila
Date: July 30, 1999 at 20:31:22
Surratt Family Genealogy Forum Message # 165
Searching for info. on Jonathan Sarratt. He was born in VA (I think). Not sure if he came farther west through NC or SC or both, but he raised his family in Jackson Co, AL. His childre were:
1. Boston Eli b. 1841,
2. Simon Peter b. 1844,
3. Nancy Elizabeth b. 1845,
4. Daniel J. b. 1846,
5. Randell b. 1849,
6. Elivra b. 1852,
7. Rachel H b. 1853, and
8. Rosie Delia b. 1856.

If you are descended from any of these children, I would love to hear from you. I will be glad to share any info. I have.
Beverly Elrod, [email protected]
Msg# Re: Jonathan Sarratt b. 1821 m. Dillila Ron Adams 3/21/00
Msg#192 Re: Jonathan Sarratt b. 1821 m. Dillila Lois Baker 8/30/99
Msg# Re: Jonathan Sarratt b. 1821 m. Dillila Louis Larson 9/01/99
Msg# Re: Jonathan Sarratt b. 1821 m. Dillila Deanna Sarratt-Hunt 9/02/99
Msg# Re: Jonathan Sarratt b. 1821 m. Dillila Beverly Elrod 9/04/99
Msg# Re: Jonathan Sarratt b. 1821 m. Dillila Deanna Sarratt-Hunt 8/07/00
Msg# Re: Jonathan Sarratt b. 1821 m. Dillila Beverly Elrod 8/07/00
Msg# Re: Jonathan Sarratt b. 1821 m. Dillila Ron Adams 9/01/00
Msg# Re: Jonathan Sarratt b. 1821 m. Dillila Beverly Elrod 9/04/00
Msg# Re: Jonathan Sarratt b. 1821 m. Dillila Beverly Elrod 9/01/99
Msg# Re: Jonathan Sarratt b. 1821 m. Dillila Yvonne Cannon 10/15/99
See: Johnathan Mills SARRATT; SFA-Profile! ..prs
Ron Adams
Rachel Hass-Daniel Sarratt Alabama
Dated: April 02, 2000 at 04:05:07
Hass Family Genealogy Forum: Message #60

I wonder if anyone has any information on Rachel Hass who married Daniel Sarratt in Jackson County, AL. They are both buried along with 2 children in "Sarratt Cemetery-Pleasant View area of Jackson County, AL"
This cemetery is online at Al Gen Web under cemteries.
Rachel and Daniel are my wifes gr grandparents and no one seems to know anything about them.
Daniel's father was Jonathan Sarratt md Dillia (?)
Any information or clues about the family would be appreciated. Nothing is known about Rachel at this point.
Ron Adams, E-Mail: [email protected] No followups yet (2008)
We would like to ecchange info. on this Family! ..prs
Subj: sarratt
Dated: 25 Sep 2002; 3:13:45 PM Pacific Daylight Time
hey, my name is isaac sarratt i was wondering how to get the next generation on the list, i am in line of dillila and johnathan mills.
isaac sarratt, E-Mail: [email protected]
Thanks for the E-Mail,
Just "Click" on the hot links on the Generation page you are at!
We would like to exchange info. on this Family!
Goto Alabama, Goto Jackson Co.
Johnathan M. SARRATT, SFA-Profile! ..prs
Diana (Long) Zink
Subj: Sarratt and Long connection
Date: 07 Oct 2002 2:12:30 PM Pacific Daylight Time
I think you need to make some changes in your information on your database on Rootsweb. I think you left some things out. I don't know if you knew the information I'm about to give you but it is very important.
First of all, my name is Diane (LONG) Zink. My father is Willis Daniel LONG, my Grandparents were Willis Clifford LONG and Manilla Cornelia SARRATT. [SFA-MILLS 145]
My Father Willis Daniel LONG was first married to my mother, Ogla Corine JENKINS and they had 2 children, Diane LONG (myself) and Connie Lee LONG. Connie died shortly after birth. After they divorced he then married Ruby Jo Unknown and they had 3 children, Michael JONES, Sherrie JONES, Mary Nell JONES. (You left Mary Nell off the list.)
I never even knew Manilla SARRATT's last name, birthday, or death date.
I don't keep in touch with my Dad or Michael, Sherrie or Mary Nell. Long story.
I have been searching for ancestors on the LONG side of my tree and haven't had much luck till now. Could I please download your GEDCOM file to add to my tree? My tree right now has over 20,000 names in it and I still have more names to add from the Holcomb side and it's still work in progress. The other Willis Clifford LONG database from J. R. Davis is my cousins that he downloaded from me a couple of years ago before I added so many more names. Right now, I live in Mesa, Arizona (just outside Phoenix). You can contact me at home (480) 610-2509 or E-Mail me at:
[email protected] if you are interested. Please contact me.
Thank you, Diane (Long) Zink, E-Mail:
Thanks for the E-Mail & the corrections/additions.
Manilla C. (Sarratt) LONG, is the 3rd Daughter of
Johnathan A. & Susan C. (Wilson) SARRATT of Jackson Co., AL.
Gd/o See: Daniel J. & Rachael I. (Hass) SARRATT, of Cherokee Co., AL.
We would like to exchange Info. on this Family....prs

Brenda Lillard
McCloud, James
Date: 20 Nov 2002 2:18:34 PM Pacific Standard Time
Hello, looking for information on a James McCloud [12y] living in Daniel Suratt home in 1870 Census, Jackson Co., AL.
It show's Daniel wife maybe is Mary Gay 35 we are trying to find out why he was living in there house whole..
Any information or help would be appreciated
Thank You Brenda Lillard, [email protected]
We don't think Mrs. Mary GAY is the Wife of See: Daniel J. SARRATT.
He married per (MBk 569) on 26 Dec. 1867 Jackson Co., AL. to Miss Rachel I. HASS and listed in this 1870 Census
1870 Census, Bellefonte Twp., Jackson Co., AL.
(M-593, St. Reel 20, Page 60, F.Visit: 16)
Daniel J. SERRATT, a23y b. 1847 AL "Farmer"
Wife: Rachel I. (HASS), a20y b. 1850 AL. "Keeping House"
1. 1st Dau: Elizabeth C., a 1y b. 1869 AL. "At Home"
Mary, GAY, a35y b. 1835 NC. "Occup Weaving"
Sally GAY, a 3y b. 1867 AL. "At Home"
Jas. McCLOUD, a12y b. 1858 AL. "At School"
We don't know what the relationship of "McCLOUD" if any to the SARRETT Family ..prs
Dawnelle (Giles) LOISELLE
Jimmie L "Lula" SARRATT, daughter of Daniel and Rachel (HASS) SARRATT
Dated: Fri, 14 Nov 2008 2:42 pm
Paul, I'm Dawnelle GILES LOISELLE. I hope I've written before and thanked you for all the great work you've done for us SARRATT descendants. If I haven't, I'm thanking you now.
I'm writing today to send you some links to data for Jimmie L "Lula" SARRATT PHILLIPS, daughter of Daniel J SARRATT and Rachel HASS. Lula was my great-grandmother.
I descend from Jimmie L. "Lula" SARRATT through her daughter Clara PHILLIPS MAJORS (i.e. Clara is my grandmother). My mother, Clara's daughter, was Lula Emma Genevieve MAJORS GILES, the Lula and Emma given names were for each of her grandmothers. Many family connections, including some photos, can be found at my following web sites:
Clara PHILLIPS MAJORS' last will and testament with narrative:
Willard Park Cemetery, Harriman, Roane County, Tennessee - MAJORS and PHILLIPS family data with headstone photos:
My mother Genevieve's grave: Genevieve MAJORS GILES - tombstone photograph -
Dawnelle (Giles) LOISELLE, E-Mail: [email protected]
Thanks for the E-Mail, & hot links to your PHILLIPS/GILES families.
See: Mrs. Jimmie Lulu (SARRATT) PHILLIPS SFA-Profile!
We would like to ecchange info. on this Family! ..prs

Limestone Co., AL.
Jane Routt Power;
SCIRRATT, William C.
E-Mail to this writer on May 05, 1996;
About my Scirratts: (I'm sure you have had the same problem with spelling I have had.)
My grandmother was Mrs. Emma Jane (SCIRRATT) SCOTT
her father was William Curtis SCIRRATT
his father was William C. SURRATT,( b. ca. 1846 in TN per 1880 census
with parents born in TN and AL/ think he died in AR)
with the following children:
1st Son: John, b. ca 1867, m. Rosella ______
1st Dau: Minnie, b. ca 1869, m. Ike Coulson
2nd Son: *William Curtis, b. 21 July 1874, m. Ida Jane Manahan - ?Aug 1897, d. 4 Mar 1959
3rd Son: *Willis Crate, b. 21 July 1874, m. Henrietta Austill - 2 June 1896, d. 19 Sep 1942 *twins
William C.3 was m. #1 to Nancy A. Weatherford 24 Mar 1868 Nancy is daughter of Leroy and Malinda (Lappington) Weatherford of Limestone Co., AL and Married second: #2 to Nancy Clarindatine Austill (sister of Henrietta who m. Willis Crate, above. I may have a little info on her from a wild goose chase, but will have to dig it out if you are interested.) CHILDREN by this wife are:
5th Son: Emmett SCIRRATT- never married, was an honest to goodness hobo, have no idea where he died or what happened to him after Granddaddy (who used to try to stay in touch with him and make sure he had a square meal now and then) died.
2nd Dau: Mary - b. 12 Jan 1894 in Carlisle, Lonoke, AK, Married: James P. Litchfield - 22 July 1910, She d. 28 July 1978 in Malakoff, TX.
On Social Security apps 2nd Dau: Mary says her dad's name was William Cartis; 2nd Son: William Curtis says his dad's name was William Compton; 3rd Son: Willis Crate says his dad's name was William Aaron!! Census says William C.
I think I'm going with Mary. All this SS research came about because the twins are listed on the 1880 Federal Census as "James and Henry!!!!" So the only way I could prove the census wrong was Social Security applications giving dates birth, names of parents. Then the names of fathers didn't match!! These people were CRAZY.
Jane Routt Power, E-Mail: [email protected]
Jane, Thanks for the E-Mail, we have William C. SIRRATT as a son of John,27 SURRATT Family Profile. We would like to exchange information on this family. ..prs
2nd Query: Date: March 25, 1999 at 19:56:14
Surnames: Surratt Family Genealogy Forum Message #92
William C. Surratt of Limestone Co., AL m. Nancy Weatherford 24 Mar 1866. They had John, Minnie and twin boys: William Curtis and Willis Crate. Who was William C.'s father? What line of Surratts does he come from? Did they migrate to AL from TN? Are they part of the McNairy Co., TN families? HELP!!!
Jane Routt Power, E-Mail: [email protected] (New address) Followups:
Msg# 99 Re: SCIRRATT/SURRATT- Limestone Co., AL Mona Knight 4/01/99
Jane, Thanks for the E-Mail, we still have William C. SIRRATT as a son of
John,27 SURRATT Family Profile.
See your Query May 5th, 1996
We would like to exchange any addition/corrections on this family. ..prs

3rd Query: Date: Mon, 25 Sep 2000 9:35:12 AM Eastern Daylight Time
Source: [email protected]
With all this talk about South Carolina and Alabama, thought it prudent to post my "lost souls" again. Does anybody recognize these folks?
Leroy Weatherford and his brother, A. J./Jack/Andrew Jackson Weatherford married Lappington/Sappington girls - Malinda and Mary. They may have had another brother, Jessie, but I'm not sure.
On their Indian War Pension claims they state they were born in East Tennessee, but their father was born in GA/SC -- some records indicate they may have been in Edgefield District.
Leroy (15 Jan 1816 - 3 Aug 1896) lived in Limestone County, AL, as did A. J. There is also a Barzilla Weatherford in that area, but can't match him to this group except by geography. Leroy and Malinda had several children among whom is Nancy Weatherford who m. William Surratt/Serratt/Scirratt in Limestone Co. in 1866.
I will be happy to share what information I have. Hope these names are "familiar" to somebody!
Jane Routt Power, E-Mail: [email protected] (New address)
Jane, Thanks for the E-Mail, we still have William C. SCIRRATT as a son of
See: John,27 SURRATT Family Profile.
We still would like to exchange information on this family.
See your 1st Query May 5th, 1996
See your 2nd Query Mar 25th, 1999
4th Query: Date: Sun, 14 Oct 2001 10:18:26 AM Eastern Daylight Time
Source: [email protected]
In a message dated 10/14/2001 12:04:21 AM, [email protected] writes:
I am researching the Weatherford,s and have run into a brick wall with Edward Weatherford married to Sarah Curry about 1829 in Conecuh Co.Al.
Well, guess it's time to put my Alabama plea back on the list! I am still scratching trying to find the parents of my Leroy and Andrew Jackson WEATHERFORD m. Lappington (Sappington) girls in Limestone Co., AL. Leroy's daughter, Nancy, m. into my SURRATT line. Here's what I know about the family from census and deed records:
Name: Leroy WEATHERFORD Birth Date: 17 Sep 1811 Birth Place: Edgefield District, SC or GA (census says SC; pension papers say GA; family tradition is Edgefield!) Residence Date: 1880 Residence Place: Limestone County, Alabama Death Date: 10 Jun 1900 Death Place: Limestone County, Alabama Burial Place: Berea Cemetery, Limestone County, Alabama Occupation: Preacher Father: WEATHERFORD (1799-) Mother: UNNAMED Spouse: Malinda LAPPINGTON Marriage Date: 4 Oct 1837 Marriage Place: Limestone County, Alabama Children:
1. William I.
2. Nancy A. (Direct Line) m. John Surratt <--Wrong!!!
3. James W.
4. Sarah E.
5. Mary I.
6. Emily D.
7. Melinda F.
8. Lucinda E. A.
Jane Routt Power, E-Mail: [email protected] (New address)
Jane, Thanks for the E-Mail, we still have Nancy A. WEATHERFORD married William C. SCIRRATT as his 1st Wife, noth his father John?
See: William C. SURRATT Family Profile.
We still would like to exchange information on this family.
See your 1st Query May 5th, 1996
See your 2nd Query Mar 25th, 1999
See your 3rd Query Mar 25th, 2000
#5 E-Mail: Date: 19 May 2002 11:01:31 AM Pacific Daylight Time
Subj: Information on the Website
I am curious to know when you recieved my permission to display my family information on your website on
Most especially the pieces that violate the Privacy Act in regard to dates.
This would be information regarding William Curtis Scirratt, his twin, Willis Crate Scirratt and their descendants.
Please remove the information that is not at least 25 years old for death date and 50 years for birth date, i.e. Emma Jane Scirratt SCOTT.
Jane Routt Power, E-Mail: [email protected]
Jane, Fact 1, We do NOT need your permission for our research.
Fact 2, None of our information is in violation of the Privacy Act.
The John,27 SURRATT Family Profile! has been on-line since Dec. 01, 1996.
If there are any "Living" persons, in this family group, that does not want vital dates included, please have then send us a E-Mail regarding same.
Never received a response from Jane (Routt) Power!!!!..prs ...prs
Mona (Sarratt) Knight
SCIRRATT, William C.
Date: April 01, 1999 at 18:37:56
Surratt Family Genealogy Forum Mrssage # 99
In Reply to: SCIRRATT/SURRATT- Limestone Co., AL by Jane R. Power of Msg#92
From Page 176 of the Surratt/Sarratt family genealogy book, it states that in McNairy Co, Tennessee, in 1823, there is record of a JAMES SCIRRATT buying 42 acres, and this James apparently had a son William SURRATT living in McNairy County. William appears on the 1830 census for McNairy County, a man between 20-30 years of age. His father died the summer of 1830 because William began buying shares of the property from his sister and brother. Late in his life,t he book states, this William moved to Alcorn Co, Mississippi, where he lived next to a George T. Surratt, apparently his son. There is also on page 177 record of a JACOB SURRATT born 21 Nov 1790 in NC but moved to Alabama where he lived for some time. Jacob had a son WILLIAM WRIGHT SURRATT born in Alabama, who served in the Confederate Army in Mississippi, and died at the home of his son in Ft Smith Arkansas after 1900. There is extensive data on miscellaneous Sirratt, Surratt, lines in the book. No followups yet
Mona, We have William C. SIRRATT as a son of
John,27 SURRATT Family Profile.
The William SURRATT above is Wiliam,9 SURRATT (1806-1870) of Alcorn Co., MS. and
William Wright SURRATT is son of Jacob,1 SARRATT of Tishomingo Co., MS. ..prs


Submitter: Lillian Herrin Samuel Surratt, 1784-1840
Dated: Jan 07, 1998
Samuel Surratt born abt 1784, died 1840,AL,md abt 1804 Martha Rice, dau of John and Edy Rice, born abt 1783, died 1862 they had 7 Children;
1. Peggy, b. c1805
2. Riley T, b. c1806 m. E A Wiley 11 Jun 1842, Madison Co, AL
3. Jane b. 27 Dec 1808, AL, d 16 Nov 1888 Manassa, Conejos Co, CO.
m. Robert Sellers 25 Feb 1830., Madison Co, AL
4. Lydia b. c1811, m. William Bryan 5 May 1831, Madison Co, AL
5. John, b. c1813
6. Hannah b. c1816, m. John Busby 3 Aug 1850, DeKalb Co, AL
7. Oliver Brown b. c1819, AL, died abt 1856, m.
1) Caroline Countris, and 2) Tabitha Cunningham.
I received this info from Eugene WATSON, 1730 Emogene Place, Escondido, CA, 92026-1043, Phone 760-746-8880. Info received in Dec 1997
He did not give me an email address,and my name was sent him by someone else. I hope his info will be a help to you.
Lillian Herrin, E-Mail: [email protected]
Lillian, Thanks for the information. See Samuel,6 & Martha (RICE) SURRATT Profile ..prs
Submitter: Darla Hardage Jane (SURRATT) SELLERS
Dated: Mar 04, 1998
Hello Mr. Sarrett,
My friend sent me your email address and a brief list of families in SC that you are researching. I too have Sarratts in SC. My most recent SURRATT is Jane who was b. 27 Dec 1808 in either AL or TN. She d. in Manassa, Conejos, CO ,16 Nov 1888. She married Robert SELLERS in Madison AL, 25 Feb 1830. Her father was Samuel SURRATT b abt 1784/1786, (of Madison Co., AL), md 1803 to Martha RICE , he d. 1840. His spouse, Martha was b. in 1785 (of AL) and her father John RICE was of SC. I think Samuel's grandfather was Joseph SARRAT, but I have not documented Samuel's father and mother. I would be pleased to share what information I have.
Darla, See Samuel,6 & Martha (RICE) SURRATT Profile ..prs

Montgomery Co., AL.
Paul R. Sarrett, Jr.
Samuel T. SURRATT, Sr.
Looking for the Parents of Samuel T. SURRATT, Sr. b. Dec. 1858, Unknown Co., in TN., AL. or LA.?
S.T., Sr. first shows up in the 1900 Census, for Montgomery, Ward 3, with Wife & 2 Children:
(Living with M-I-Law Mrs. Minnie R. BARNETT)
Alita (BARNETT) SURRATT, b. Nov 1867, AL.
1. 1st Dau: Minnie R. SURRATT, b. Nov. 1896, AL.
2. 1st Son: Sam T. Jr. SURRATT, b. 23 Feb 1899, Montgomery Co., AL. - d. Feb 1973, age 74yrs, Brandon, FL.
3. 2nd Son: Nicholas B. SURRATT, b. 06 Jun 1904, Montgomery Co., AL. - d. Aug 1974, age 70yrs, Atlanta, GA.

1900 Census, b. TN. (Ticket Agent, RR.) list, Father born TN., Mother b. TN. Could R&W.
1910 Census, b. LA. (Ticket Agent, RR. Depot) list, Father born AL., Mother b. AL. Could R&W.
1920 Census, b. LA. (Mgr. Union Ticket Office) list, Father born MS., Mother b. TN. Could R&W.
1930 Census, b. LA. (No Occupation) list, Father born AL., Mother b. AL. Could R&W.
We would like to exchange Info. on this Family....prs


St Clair Co., AL.
Margaret Green
Subj: Jacob Green & Fanny (Acker) GREEN
Date: 31 Jul 2002 5:56:12 PM PDT
I have more detailed information about Jacob and Fanny Acker Green. I show 9 children born to this couple. If you are interested, contact me at [email protected]
Margaret Green
Thanks for the E-Mail, we would like to exchange info. on this family.
See: Jacob,1 GREEN SFA-Profile!


Tallapoosa Co., AL.
Bob Parker
Date: 25 Dec 2002 2:28:18 PM Pacific Standard Time
Source: [email protected]
Subject: [AL-CEN] Look up please
THURBUSH,BRADSHAW 1840,thru 1880 Tallapoosa CO., Al.
Looking for James Thurbush and Eliza Bradshaw. They were married in the city of Tallapoosa or Tallapoosa CO., Al. 1842. James and Eliza had a child named Thomas. Thomas THURBUSH married Nancy SURRATT on 06 Jan 1867. They had a child named Mary Elizabeth THURBUSH 10 May 1869.
Thank You, Bob Parker, [email protected]
Bob, We would like to exchange infomation on this Family. ..prs

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