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  Some Crawford & Washington Co's Marriage
 County  Date  Spouse1  Spouse2  My Remarks
 Crawford  27 Nov 1870  Samuel SERATT  Cindearilla EATON  2nd s/o John,15 & 2w Nancy A. LANE
 Wash. Co.  30 Oct 1887  Adeline SERATT  W. H. WILLIAMS  1st d/o Samuel & Cindy (EATON)
 Wash. Co.  04 Nov 1894  J.F. SERATT  Rosetta REED  1st s/o Jeremiah & Marg (NAIL)
 Crawford  27 Jan 1895  Melissa SERATT  George H. SHEPHERD  2nd d/o Samuel & Cindy (EATON)
 Crawford  14 Nov 1895  Lillie SERATT  Lane BARRAM,  1st d/o Jeremiah & Marg (NAIL)
 Crawford  22 Sep 1897  George R. SERATT Melissa G. TAYLOR  1st s/o John C. & Susan (CRAVENS)
 Crawford  22 Jan 1899  James SURRATT  Laura Ann RATLIFF  s/o Unknown Parents?
 Crawford  24 Dec 1899  Calvin SERATT  Lucy SMALLIE  2nd s/o Jeremiah & Marg (NAIL)
 Crawford  23 Dec 1900  William SERATT  Minerva E. LANE  2nd s/o John C. & Susan (CRAVENS)

Paul R. Sarrett, Jr.
John,15 SERAT "the Bell Maker"
Dated: Dec 06, 1996
See: John,15 SERATT "The Bell Maker"
See: Son of Tyre SERATT of "Cherokee Nation East"
See: Son of Allen,2 SERATT "ARW Soldier""
We would like to exchange Info. on these families! ..prs
Mrs. Karen Harvey
SERATT, Tirey Dated: Jun 08, 1993
Karen (SFA) Reference Note #165
To: Mrs. (Karen) Clyde L. Harvey
7120 Cabin Ct. NW Albq., NM 87120
Dear Karen,
In reviewing your Ancestral File Submission AF91-100515 at the (LDS) Salt Lake City, UT. regarding TIREY SERAT and Wife SUSANNAH (MILLER) SERAT.
I to am interested in this family, although I have different dates and Family Groups. My records indicate:
TYRE SARRETT, b. c1788 (Tyron Co., NC. later Spartanburg, SC.) d. c1835, Grainger, TN. Mar: c1814 NC. (Son of ALLEN, 2 & DELILAH (Unknown) SARRETT) SUSANNAH MILLER, b. C1790 Tyron Co., NC; d. c1860 Sevier Co., TN. (Daughter of Unknown Parents)
1st Dau: Unknown; b. c1815 Grainger Co., TN.
1st Son: JAMES D. SARRETT; b. c1819 Grainger Co., TN.
2nd Son: JOHN I. SARRETT; b. c1823 Grainger Co, TN.
2nd Dau: ELIZABETH SARRETT; b. c1824 Grainger Co., TN.
3rd Dau: MARTHA SARRATT; b. c1829 Grainger Co., TN.
3rd Son: GEORGE SARRETT; b. c1831 Grainger Co., TN.
4th Dau: Unknown; b. c1832 Grainger Co., TN.
I would be interested in sharing any information you may have on this Family, Let me know what you are interested in and I will do the same.
Sincerely, Paul R. Sarrett, Jr. ...prs

[Letter: Jun 14, 1993
Hi Paul,
We have a lot to discuss. I would appreciate recieving detailed group sheets on Tire and his parents as well as his children.
Much of your dates on this family need to be looked at considering Cortz Claims? works in Ark.
Thank You, Karen Harvey
Jun. 8, 1993 Dear Karen,
Thank you, for your packet of June 14th. It seams we have two different family units for TYRE & SUSANNAH (MILLER) SARRETT.
My records indicate they are connected to the Spartanburg, SC. ALLEN, 2 SARRETT's which he and family relocated to Eastern Tenn. in the early 1800's.
Please review Chapters 19 to 22, Reference and Documantation Notes, along with Family Number Identification package of my TYRE SARRETT Family. I also included a 2,893 alphabetized Name Index. I have some 11,894 SARRETT / SERRATT / SURRATT database records, which I have been told is the largest ever on this family.
Based on the information you sent, this has brought up some questions or rechecking of information.
     1. You indicate on your Individual Data Sheet that SUSANNAH (MILLER) SERRATT also known as STELLA (WAITE) SERRATT. a. was on the "Trail of Tears" and settled on the Oklahoma Reservation. (This tragic march was in 1838-39) b. was listed in the 1851 Census, for Cherokee Nation, Oklahoma c. My SUSANNAH (MILLER) SARRETT, can be found in the 1830, Federal Census for Grainger Co., TN.; 1840 Federal Census for Sevier Co., TN. (doubtful if she went to Oklahoma Indian Territory 1838-9 then returned to Tennessee by 1840) d. 1850 Federal Census for Sevier Co. TN. (doubtful she left Tennessee, year later to be listed in 1851 Cherokee Nation Census, when she had 4 children and family in Sevier Co., TN.)
     2. Your GEORGE SERATT - 61, Family Group Record #173, 1st Son of Tyre & Susannah (Miller) Seratt a. b. abt 1800-05 Grainger, TN (Note: Tyre would have been only about 12 or 17 years old at that time? Other records indicate Tyre was still single in the 1810 Grainger Co. TN? b. I have a completly different family for your George Seratt - 61. He was a son of JOHN SERTT and Wife Unknown of Spartanburg Co., SC. later Bedford Co., TN. (See attached Family ID Sheet)
     2. Your JOHN SERATT - 31, Family Group Record #60, 2nd Son of Tyre & Susannah (Miller) Seratt a. b. abt 1810, Georgia? (My records indicAte Tyre and Susannah were never in Georgia. In the 1840 Census records for Sevier Co., TN show a first child as Unknown Daughter (20 to 30) abt 1815. b. I have your JOHN SERATT as being born in Fayette Co., KY. as he indicated on the 1860 Census for Washington Co., AK (M-653, State Reel 31, Page 309, F.G. 052) c. He is not a son of Tyre Sarrett, nor a brother of your George Seratt, but the fith Son of WILIAM & MARTHA (Unknown) SURRETT of Prince George Co., MA. Then later of Lincoln Co., NC., then later of Fayette Co., KY. (See Attached Family ID Sheet) c. I have very little information on SARRETT / SERRATT / SURRATT of Indiana, except for "Pappy" JAMES SURRATT information. I will make a point to cover this area in the near future.
     3. Your JOHN SERATT - 31, Family Group Record #60, Siblings: As you will notice from the attached Family ID. Sheet on John Seratt, I have some additional sibling information as well as some different dates and locations, i.e.:
a. WILLIAM M. SERATT, married abt 1842 (this would make him 6 years old at the time of this marriage, should be 1867 Mo.)
b. MARTIN SERATT, married abt 1865 (should be c1859 as per Census and his siblings birth) etc, etc.
c. On your DECENDANCY CHART, Page 1 you list 9 siblings of second wife NANCY ANN (LANE) SERATT. This would make 17 children from this household? I believe the last three were siblings of 1st Son GEORGE SERATT. Plus the last sibling JOSEPH S. SERATT, b. 1857 would be the 2nd JOSEPH in the same family.
Do you have any Family Bible Records on any of these families?
I would be most interested in receiving copies of NANCY (SERATT) LANE Cherokee Nation citizenship application # 22231 of 1906 or any other documentation you may have on the SARRETT / SERRATT / SURRATT Let me know what you are interested in and I will do the same. Pleas keep in touch.
Sincerely, Paul R. Sarrett, Jr.

[Letter Jun 27, 1993]
Dear Paul,
I received your very large packet of information on the SARRETT/SERAT Family and was truley impressed. The time you have deicated to this family goes without description. It will take me a long, long, time to digest all this data.
I just wanted to ley you know that I will be sending copies of the family data to you within the week. After studying your material and what was filed in the courts, it appears there is a great descrepancy as to the identity of everyone on the family group of TIREY SERAT. The two major conflicting material are:
     1. The Bible record of a grandson of John SERAT, in which it states that John Serat, b. 1810 was the sone of Tirey SERAT and Susan MILLER.
     2. Testimony of A.J. NORDIN of Crawford County, Ark. b. 1854 in Crawford Co., that he knew Susanna MILLER, and that she was Cherokee Indian on the Reservation.
     3. Cherokee Court of Claims by Nancy SERAT LANE stating that she was the grandaughter of Tirey SERAT and Susan MILLER., There is other historical biographies in the records which outlines the movement of the family from Tenn., Ind., MO. and KY. I have located John SERAT in the "Gold Fields" of Calif. where daughter Polly said he was located in her deposition. This explains why wife Nancy was alone with some children in 1850 Census, Washington County, Ark.
     4. There is a conflict as to where John SERAT was actually born. I am not sure anyone knew where he was from. I have found KY., IN., IL. and "Old Cherokee Nation" mentioned several times. With the absence of Census Records, it is difficult to locate the family 1810-1820.
     5. Children listed on the two groups sheets, totally 17 for John SERAT, come from the Cherokee Court of Claims ...and... then some additional family records have provided dates.
     6. Stella STANWAITE - is a name which Uncle George NORDIN, recalled being the name of his Great-Grandmother Susan (MILLER) SERAT. I have never confirmed this being a part of the family, but Stan WAITE was Cherokee Chief widley written about ..Suspect all Cherokees want to be related to him.

On most sources, the "Old Cherokee Nation" is referred to as the place of birth for both John & George SERAT, sons of Tirey SERAT. The "Old Cherokee Nation" was in both Tenn. and GA. If Tirey was married on the tribal lands, a marriage certificate possible would not exist. It is also interesting that John SERAT left Tenn. about the same time Andrew JACKSON was taking the lands from the Indians as well as their rights.
There does exist a list of Cheorkees in the time period - you might find Tirey SARET living with the tribe. .. there were a number of "renegade whites" listed amoung the tribe. I think this is an area which needs to be checked. I really do believe the SERATS in Ar. and Tenn. are kin, but for the life of me I cant straighten it out!
I will be sending you a copy of Susan MILLER appearing on the rolls in 1851, where she received money, as well as the Court of Claims. On the Court of Claims doc, it appears that John was the first born.
Thank you ! I'll let you unravel this mess!
Sincerely, Karen Harvey
p.s. If you can give me any doc wheir list the connection between Tyrey and his wife and children, I would appreicate it.
also could we be talking about 2 different Susan MILLERS? Thank you!
[Letter: Jul. 03, 1993]
Dear Karen,
Just a note to thank you, for your packet of June 27th. This is what makes Genealogy research so interesting, (and some times frustrating) Just when you think you have it all together, someone comes along with a complete different story.
This is not a science, but based on assumptions, logic and with very little bit of fact or proof. One must keep an open mind and be able to switch thoughts as additional information is discovered.
I to will be reviewing your New information and try to make the right connections or assumptions.
Keep in touch.
Sincerely, Paul R. Sarrett, Jr.

[Letter: Jul. 26, 1993]
Dear Karen,
I trust our Indian Grandmother's soul, where she now Dances in the Light, on the other side of the river. That our research is getting closer to the truth. Just maybe she will see her place in the Serat family circle.
Enclosed please find the revised:
Chapter 19 on ALLEN,2 SARRETT,
Chapter 21 on JOHN,15 SERAT,
Chapter 21 on JAMES D. SARRETT,
Chapter 33 on Notes & Reference
Please review, make any corrections, addition as you feel necessary. Note some of my requests or comments.
I am also sending this same packet to your Cousin Mz. Virginia Nordin, Vista. CA.
Keep in touch.
Sincerely, Paul R. Sarrett, Jr.

Date: 28 Jul 2001 4:30 PM
Subj: SERATT - DNA SERATT-DNA Surnames: Seratt, Lane, Nordin
Hi Cousins
I have uploaded the descendents of Allen Seratt of about 1610. His descendents include Tirey Seratt and Cherokee Susannah Miller of NW Arkansas.
The Molecular Genealogy Project came to our local Genealogical Society mid July and we presented our 6 generation family group sheet - and donated DNA samples. We are joining the local Cherokee Township here in NM to see if we can find the ancestry of Susannah Miller and to confirm or not the Dawes enrollment of Nancy Seratt Lane,gg daughter of Susannah Miller Seratt.
Anyone interested in the on going research let us know and we will put you on the cousin mailing list. Family history suggests a link via our Miller to Conferderate General Stan Watie of Indian Territory. Serats resided early in Cherokee County, North Carolina abt 1800.
Update should be available for download in a few days. Always anxious to hear from family
The New Mexico Branch of the Tree.
You have NO Proof that Tyre SARETT is a son of Allen SARRETT, ARW
You have NO Proof that Susan (MILLER) is "connected" to See: Stan WAITE

Virginia Desmond Nordin
SERATT, Louisa J.
Dated: Jul 11, 1993
Dear Mr. Sarrett, Jr.
Karen Harvey, my first cousin by marriage, has suggested I contact you for help concerning my ancestors, Tirey SERATT who was married to Sus An Ah MILLER, (Cherokee, Tennessee, about 1800.
I have most of the Serat(t) Cherokee Claims filed in 1907.
My connection comes from Louisa Jane (Seratt) Lane, who married Andrew Jackson NORDIN.
Have you been able to find Tirey SERATT and Sus An Ah, with any documentation?
Please let me know what costs might be involved, and perhaps if I may be of any assistance to you.
Yours truley,
Virginia Desmond Nordin
1206 Mariposa Court
Vista, CA 92084-344
(619) 941-4315
Virginia, thanks for the letter,
attached is the Genealogy Profile on Tyre SARRETT would like any corrections/additions to this family. ...prs

Dated: Sat Aug 25 17:04:38 2001
RootsWeb's WorldConnect Project: Entries: 150 of Desmond, Nordin, Seratt
Desmond, Nordin, Seratt Families, Contact: Ginny Nordin [email protected]
Name: John SERATT ID# 102
Date: Wed, 20 Mar 2002 2:13:16 PM Eastern Standard Time
From: Ginny Nordin [email protected]
Hello Paul;
It has been a while, since I have worked on Nordin/Seratt. Have been trying to get my Desmond out of Ontario, Canada and back to Ireland. Difficult, & may be impossible, due to the early date (1767) & earliest record found is 1802 referring to 1792.
Anyway, came across this web site at while I was checking where I might find my name on the internet! Realize a lot of the information here, is what you have previously sent me. I laugh when I read about Karen Harvey & her Stella Standwaite claims. Please don't put that on the web site!
I believe SusAnAh Miller was Cherokee, but, blended into the white community, before there were any Trail of Tears! They were referred to as "old Settlers". Going to Arkansas long before the removal. I have not found much on Seratt.
I also have bumped heads with someone related to the Desmond's. They have their own little stories already compiled to fit their reality. Difficult when there is an absence of records.
I appreciate your diligence & ethics for the truth!
Virginia Desmond Nordin, [email protected]
Thanks for the E-Mail, long time no here! Yes, I have sent several records, to Karen Harvey, but she will not change her incorrect information! ..prs
Don R. Seratte
Re: Leonard Seratte, b. 1898 m. 1920 Fanny BUSBY
Date: 07 Mar 1997 02:24:14 EDT
Looks like you've done a lot of work on your genie page. Didn't get to view it all, AOL kicked me off before I could get very deep into it.
I share some of names you list in your references and notes. Maybe I'll be able to get back in and do some more looking.
You've got some info in there that has eluded me for along time.
I've only been working on genealogy for about 7 years. I'll write more later, after I'm able to get back in. BTW, if your interested, I linked from family tree makers web through there new internet search.
Thanks again, Good Job.
Don Seratte, [email protected]
Thanks for the kind words! Leonard SERATTE is a s/o John C. & Susan (CRAVENS) SERATT, of Wash., Ca. AR. [FG 8]
We would like to exchange info. on this Family!
See Query Date: 03 Jul 2000 Crystal Seratte
See: Grandfather: John,15 SERATT "The Bell Maker" ...prs

2nd E-Mail: Date: Jul 04, 1997 02:37:52 EDT
Subj: wondering
On your contents page you mention a Family profile and then list several chapters.
Is this something that is for sale? I see in chaper 2 and 3 some of the people that I havein my tree.
I do have some family group sheets, and I'm supposed to be getting some more from a cousin I just found.
Don't know how many names on the seratte side I have. Will make this short and chat later
Don Seratte,
[email protected]
In the later 1980's and early 1990 I published a "Family Profile" of Sarratt/Serratt/Surratt (146 various spellings) families in America. (3,335 records)
I did BIO's on some 6 Volumes, you didn't say above, but I think (based on your surname) You mean:
Volume IV - Tennessee
Vol. IV, Chap. 2 Tyre SERRATT/SERRATT (c1788-c1835)
Vol. IV, Chap. 3 John,15 SERATT (c1810-c1861)
I can make copies from the Profile (7 cents per page) or send a .TXT (ASCII) file of these chapters.
Attached is Tyre, profile which can be read or printed with a Text Editor, such as Windows "Note Pad."
I would like any additions/corrections to these families! ..prs

3rd E-Mail Date: Jul 06, 1997 08:37:19 EDT
Paul ,
You are right on track. I have not been able to link John to Tyre, (your John 15).
Just a breif rundown on where I come in the tree.

Tyre Serat
 Susannah Miller
   John Serat
     Nancy Ann Lane (Buried Freedom Cem. Chester Ark. this
                    started as a Seratt fam Cem)
        John C. Seratt (I beleive you haveJohn J. don't know
                        which is right.)
           Susan Cravens (May be buried at Freedom Cem) 
             Leonard Seratte (number nine child, last
                              child)Buried Comanche Ok  (Grandfather)
     	         Fannie Busby (Buried Duncan Ok)
                                 Jesse   Joe Seratte (fourth child of
                                         eleven)   (Dad)
                                     Florene Genese Jones
                                            Donald Ray Seratte (2nd of 2
						ME***************b. 1954
                                                   Angela Darlene Williams 
                                                               Rayna Dawn
								Seratte b.1980
								Don Seratte 
							(2and last child)b. 1985
The few group sheets I have are 3sets on brothers of Leonard. Fouth set coming from a cousinI just located. (I sent her your link on aol) 9 of 11of Leonards children, one and two child died at birth and shortly after. And then just a couple of my generations. Not too many of my kin are interested in it. But every once in a while I get suprised. How was the best way that you got info from them? Can I pass you a gedcom file on this info? Not to good at the internet yet, got a lot to learn.
And if you can send the ascii file on John.
The software I'm currently using for my genie is PAF and I'm also looking at Family Tree maker. Going to have to decide what to use.
I really like the ways you've done your work. I think I'll pattern mine after your's. I don't have the organization that you do, and it causes me to cover areas that I have already researched.
Got to get ready for church chat later. Don Seratte, [email protected]
P.S. Send me your postal address so I can get you what I have. I'll talk to my ISP and see if he know's how to send the group files.
We have no "Proof" that John15 was a son of Tyre, just the census & locations of the two as well as no other family unit fits. As I said in the heading.
Attached is the Text file on John15 and family. I have "Zipped-Up" this 85KB file and it will need "Un-Zipped" before it can be read, printed, etc.
I have very little on your Leonard & Fannie (BUSBY) SERATTE family would like to share info.
My Snail-Mail address is: ..prs

The Cherry's
Tyre & Susannah SERATT Family
Date: 24 Jul 1998 02:32:36 EDT
Thank you for responding. I do believe your Tyre and Susannah are the ones I am looking for. My family descended from their 1st son, John. Our dates are a little off from yours. It is hard to believe how the spelling has changed over the years. Tyre was my ggggggrandfather. My mother's maiden name is Seratte.
1. Tyre
2. John
3. George
4. John
5. James C.- great-grandpa
6. Floyd Grant Seratte-grandpa
7. Loretta Jane (Seratte) Shellenbarger -mother
8. Rebecca Jane (Shellenbarger)Cherry-me
How do I go about getting a copy of the family history you have?
I would be glad to send you our line back from Tyre. The file you sent me on Tyre & Susannah Family, had some kind of default, I couldn't get it to open properly. I'm kinda new at this computer stuff. Thanks again for all of help.
Rebecca Cherry, ([email protected]
We would like to exchange info. on this Family!
The book is now on line, see: John,15 SERATT "The Bell Maker"
Patricia Sutton
Date: 22 Jan 1999 2:08:06 AM Pacific Standard Time
Subj: Re: Mather SERATT m. c1916 David J. BUNWARD
(2nd d/o Joseph S. & Phoebe R. (BELDEN) SARRETT) Paul, I am from the line of John Serat and Nancy Ann Lane who lived in Washington Co., AR. I have been told that John was the son of Tyre Serat and Susannah Miller.
I have been searching for Tyre's father. Do you have any information on this family?
Pat Sutton, [email protected]
Pat thanks for the E-Mail on this family!
We have No Proof, but believe it's (See Allen SARRETT
We have studied, this family also, see "attached" Text File JOHN15.TXT this (A.S.C.I.I.) file can be read, edited, printed with a Text Editor. Please correct, or make additions as necessary We would like to exchange info. on this Family! See: John,15 SERATT "The Bell Maker" ...prs

Date: 29 Jan 1999 1:49:49 AM Pacific Standard Time
Thank you,Paul, for sending me your information on the John Serat line. Yes, I would be glad to share information with you. I will have to send copies by snail mail and the only address I have is the one at the end of you e-mail that said Auburn, CA. I believe I would need more than that for it to reach you. I can not access your Home page as it is on aol and my worldnet.att service says it can not access service to your server. I do have information that you don't have.
My grandmother Martha Seratt Bunyard was daughter of Joseph Street Seratt who was the youngest son of John, the bellmaker, and second wife Nancy Ann Lane.
Martha died in 1980 but I was able to get a lot of information from her and my mother. Mama remembered Joseph,Aunt Polly Ann Serat Poor and Mary Adeline Serat Williams Grimes (daughter of Samuel). Adeline's son Claud Williams was the pitcher that was kicked out of baseball because of the black sox's scandal in the world series in the 1920's.
Do you have the military records of the civil war for George, Samuel, William and Samuel P. Lane? I do have them. I have been told that I am the only one to have the military records of George. Several people thought he and Arbella Nordin died when their son William Henry died but I have military records that show that isn't true. If you will send me you address I will send you what I have. Thanks, Pat [email protected]
Thanks, Pat for the large packet of FGS, Civil War records, etc. ..prs
Susan O.
John,15 Searatts "The Bell Maker"
Date: 16 Feb 1999 10:54:25 PM Pacific Standard Time
I found your web site. We are desc. from Tyree Searatt (pick your favorite spelling) who married Susan Miller and had a son named John. I have 19 Seratts in my fmaily tree altogether. Our family names that go along with Seratt are Lane and Ridennour and a few others. I am so astounded to find someone else who knows this name!
How may I purchase your book?
Thank you, Susan O., [email protected]
All of my books are on-line!
We would like to exchange info. on this Family! See: John,15 SERATT "The Bell Maker" ...prs

Date: 17 Feb. 1999 5:52:10 PM Pacific Standard Time
John Serett who married Eliz. Delilah Ridennour and
John Seratt who married Nancy Ann Lane are the same person!!!!!
That means he's my ?th great granfather and my ?th great uncle! Part of what you sent me says--- Soon after his first wife's death JOHN, 15 SERAT at the age of 35 years, married a second time, 27 Aug. 1845 in Adair Co. MO. (MBK, A, pg31), to the 26 year old Miss NANCY ANN LANE; b. about 1819, in Franklin Co., IN; d. about 1868, at the age of 49 years in Crawford Co., AK; [REF: #165 Buried Location Unknown; She was the Daughter of JAMES LANE and Wife Unknown; They had at least Eight Children born to this second Union,
Nancy Ann Lane was the dau of James Buchanan LANE who was born July 11, 1789 and Lucinda _______ who was born July 4, 1794. Nancy Ann had at least 2 brothers ---- Joseph Samuel Lane and Samuel Phillip Lane.
I only had 14 children beteween both wives, instead of the 17 you had. But I had no idea that they were half-siblings.
Thanks for the information. How may I get a copy of your book? Susan O., [email protected]
All of my books are on-line! ..prs

Date: 27 Jul 1999 12:41:34 PM Pacific Daylight Time
I think I may have asked this before, but I know I didn't get a reply so it may not have gone through properly or something.
How may I get a copy of your book, or the chapters which would contain my family anyway. I am descended from Tyree Serett and John the Bellmaker. Thank you, Susan O., [email protected]
All of my books are on-line! ..prs

Earl & Becky Yamagami
Re: John Seratt b. c1805 GA m. c1826 Elizabeth Ridenour
Date: 27 Feb 1999 10:49:22 AM Pacific Standard Time
I have a few SERATT folks with various spellings that married into my LANE line. They are
Nancy Elizabeth Serat/Cerat b. ca. 1830 IND
Henry Cerat/Serat b. ca. 1840 MO
George Cerat b. ca. 1825 MO
wife: Isabella b. ca. 1827 TN
CH: Cabin (?Male) b. ca. 1843 MO
Jeremiah b. ca. 1845 MO
Anna Cerat (widow?) b. ca. 1820 ILL
CH: Jackson b. ca. 1842 MO
Melissa b. ca. 1844 MO
Samuel 5 b. ca. 1845 MO
Polly b. ca. 1849 MO
John Seratt b. ca. 1805 GA wife: Elizabeth Ridenour b. ca. 1807 CH:
George b. ca. 1826 TN
Nancy E. b. ca. 1829 IN
Mahaley b. ca. 1832
John b. ca. 1834
William b. ca. 1836 Adair Co., MO
Martin b. ca. 1837 MO
Henry b. ca. 1838 MO
Calven b. ca. 1840
Jeremiah b. ca. 1842
Samuel b. ca. 1843
I think that some of John and Elizabeth's children are shown in homes of his children, George and Nancy E. (Henry, Calvin, and Jeremiah).
The first two lists are from census records. The one of John and his wife, Elizabeth Ridenour is taken from an I.G.I. record.
I do not have much information on my Serratt line. I was trying to search the lists that you have on your Saratt family lines, but I couldn't figure our how to do it.
Do you have any suggestions on how I can do so?
I am also interested in reading info on the orgins of the name. I am glad to have confirmation of it being of French ancestry. I would appreciate any help! Thanks so much.
Becky, [email protected]
We have this family, but different, dates, Counties & State
See: John,15 SERATT "The Bell Maker"
We would like to exchange info. on this Family! ...prs
Crystal Seratte
Date: Sun, 2 Jul 2000 10:44:12 PM Eastern Daylight Time
You posted a GEDCOM File #110134 on the - Looking for info on Jackie SERRATTE I believe your Jackie" is: Jack Dale SERATTE "Jackie" (18) [FG 16]
(7th s/o Leonard & 1st wife Fanmie L. (BUSBY) SERATTE, [FGS 6]
(Gs/o John C. & Susan (CRAVENS) SERATT, of Wash., Ca. AR. [FG 8]
(Gs/o Tom & Betty (SHELBY) BUSBY, FG 386]
(GGs/o John,15 & 2nd Wife Nancy Ann (LANE) SERATT, of Cherokee Nation East. [FG 114]
b. 17-Mar-1933* At: Duncan, Stephens Co., OK d. 25-Sep-1993 At: Vetrans Hosp, Oklahoma City, OK Buried: 27-Sep-1993* At: Duncan Cemetery, Stephens Co., OK Married on: 02-Jul-1955 At: Wichita Falls, Wichita Co., TX
Miss Vera DUVALL; (d/o Mr. & Pearl (Unknown) DUVALL b.--1933A At: d. Unknown (to me) They had at least 3 Childenn born to this Union:
1. 1st Dau: Debra Denise SERATTE (201) b. 28-Apr-1956 Married: bfr 1976 to Chris FRENCH
2. 1st Son: Terry Lynn SERATTE (202) b. 25-Mar-1958 At: Married: Cynthia UNKNOWN (1245) Issue Unknown.
3. 2nd Dau: Pamela Sue SERATTE "Pam" (203) b. 19-Jun-1962 At: f. 1993 At: a30y near Baytown, Harris Co., TX Buried:--1993C At: Baytown Cemetery, Harris Co., TX Married: Anthony WALTERS "Tony" (1244)
Would like to exchang Info. on these families! Paul R. Sarrett, Jr. ([email protected])
Date: Mon, 3 Jul 2000 9:22:16 PM Eastern Daylight Time
From: "guess who" ([email protected])
Hello Paul
I just got your inquiry and yes you are correct about Jackie Dale Seratte. He is my grandfather. Your info was all correct (except a couple spelling errors) and i would be very happy to give you any info that i can. Are you a relative? i havent gotten very far in my research yet. i am very new to all of this and i am just getting started so i dont have much info. my name is crystal and write me back and i will help if i can. okay? Crystal Seratte, [email protected]
We would like any additions/corrections on this Family!
See Query Date: 07 Mar 1997 Don R. Seratte
See: John,15 SERATT "The Bell Maker" ...prs
Michael Wayne Seratt
Serat Seratt Surratt Surat Cerat etc.
Date:17 Jul 2000
SFA Guest Book
My Line of the Family- MICHAEL WAYNE SERATT
Joseph Sarratt and Katherine (Unknown surname)
Samuel Sarratt and Ann (Unknown surname)
Samuel Sarratt and (Unknown name)
Allen Surratt and Delilah (Unknown surname)
Tyre Serat and Susannah I. Miller
John Serat and Nancy Ann Lane (2nd wife)
Joseph Streets Seratt and Phoebe Roxanne Belden
John Franklin Seratt and Flora Ann Ewing
Floyd Seratt and Florence Thinnie Tucker
Wallace Wayne Seratt and Mary Lee Coffman
Michael Wayne Seratt (me)
Michael Wayne Seratt, [email protected]
8530 Wilshire Boulevard Suite 404 Beverly Hills, California 90211
Thanks for the E-Mail, what "Proof" do you have that Tyre is a son of ARW Allen SARRETT, we show Allen m. a Elizabeth Not Delilah?
We would like to exchange info. on this Family!
See: John,15 SERATT "The Bell Maker"
See: Tyre SERATT of "Cherokee Nation East"
See: Allen,2 SERATT "ARW Soldier""
Rod Brassfield
Date: Thu, 11 Jan 2001 4:21:42 PM Eastern Standard Time
I am a grandson of Charlie M. Brassfield. I live in Oklahoma, and have seen the Serratt name on many of the papers that I have. I also remember seeing Mary Ann (Lane) Brassfield when I was a small boy. Rod Brassfield, e-mail [email protected]
Thanks for the E-Mail.
Mary Ann (Lane) BRASSFIELD (1856-1918) d/o Samuel P. & Nancy E. (Seratt) LANE
Was a Granddaughter of John,15 & 1st Wife E. (RIDENOUR) SERATT "The Bell Maker".
This family can be found at the Rootsweb "World Connectiom" GEDCOM At URL
Use the "Search Engine" at this site for more information about these families.
We would like any additions/corrections to this family profile.
See: John,15 SERATT "The Bell Maker" ...prs

Date: Mon, 15 Jan 2001 7:24:17 PM Eastern Standard Time
We, for sure have the same family members. Charles M. was my grandfather and he and wife Zadie had 13 children. I am "Rod" Rodney Brassfield. My dad was Vernon and we live here and around Muskogee. My grandfather lived in Eufaula and Wagoner I.T. a part of his life and in the Muskogee area the remainder of his life. My family has been trying to find a connection with Susannah Miller to obtain a CDIB card and have been unable. I have copies of the same applications that you have on your web. Could you, and would you tell me if you have a card and if it is through the family members that I can find a roll number and that would have a connection to my family?
    Ans: Sorry, I do not have a CDIB card for Susan (MILLER) SARRETT Only reference to the Cherokee nation were the 1907 Application which all were denied.
Thank you, [email protected] or [email protected] Thanks again and I love your site. I have been reading everything! I noticed something about Francis Scott Key and can't find it again, where please? Thanks!
     Ans: See John H. SURRATT, Jr. Profile! at URL:
Date: 18 Jan 2001 11:46:22 AM Pacific Standard Time
I don't know if you know or not, but I am a school teacher and we recieved a flyer on new books available for the library. The books are called Headline Court Cases. There is one titled THE MARY SURRATT "Lincoln Assassination Trial by Bryan J. Fireside. [email protected] or [email protected] Thanks!
Yes, we have a copy in our Library. ..prs
Judy (Easter) HARRINGTON
Seratt heritage...
Date: Sun, 29 Apr 2001 7:17:26 PM Eastern Daylight Time
Hi Paul,. You don't know me, but I've been privileged to your work on the SERATT heritage for quite some time. My mother got me started in this about 6 years ago, when she allowed me to copy a copy of a family profile...Volume - VI Sarrett Family Tennessee which you put together somewhere around 1993. Thank you so much for all your hard work...We've enjoyed knowing all the info you've gathered and documented so well.
This said I'll try to tell you who I am...beginning with Tyre (Tirey) SERAT c.1788 -1835 I branch off on his 1st son John,15 SERAT c. 1810-1865 line...then to
John J. SERAT b. 1852 married to Susan Cravens...
from there to William Willis SERATT c.1879-1957 married to Minerva Elizabeth (Lizzie ) LANE... [FG 94]
then to William Clarence SERATT c. 1908-1998
married to Rosie (Rosa ?) Lou PACE b. 1908 (My grandparents)...
then to Stella Mae SERATT b.1934 married to Ray EASTER (my parents)...
I'm the 1st born of their kids... Judy Raylene (EASTER) (KENNEDY) HARRINGTON b. 1955... I have one sister Jo Ann (EASTER) (SPEARMAN) JOHNSTON b. 1957 and one brother Clarence Ray EASTER b.1961.
This may be stuff you all ready have or don't need, but I have a lot of info on my son, my siblings & their kids, my parents, grandparents & most of their kids (my aunts & uncles & their kids). Some info on my great-grandparents & their kids...I don't know if you need any of this stuff or not. I'll just let you contact me if there is anything I can pass along...My mother Stella thought, that at the time you passed her this info that I described earlier, you were needing information on my great-grandparents, my grandparents and all their kids & grandkids...I mailed to the address on the info bookllet. Then was told by my aunt, Linda (SMITH) SERATT married to Kenneth Dale SERATT...William Clarence SERATT's son, that you had moved and she didn't remember your current address but she'd give it to me when she recieved your next Christmas card...well, to make a long story short...I never got it. I happened across your web site quite by accident (blessing !!) It's wonderful...I'm new to the internet and totally illiterate to computers...but obviously I'm a bit too windy; so I'm going to hush for now...if I can return the favor of giving back some of the great info that you've rewarded my family with please let me know.... Thanks...Judy. ([email protected]
Thanks for the E-Mail, We moved from Orange Co., CA. to here in ABURN, in 1996 when I retired.
Would love to have your information on Wm. Clarence SERATT's family. My info. on your "branch" from Wm. & Minerva E. (LANE) SERATT is pretty skimpy.
See the "Bell Maker" John,15 SERRATT GEDCOM at URL: Use the "Search Engine" at this site for more information about these families.
Or See: John,15 SERATT "The Bell Maker" We would like any additions/corrections to this family profile. ...prs
Barbara Lovett
Pace,Burgett in crawford co.,Ar.
Date: Tue, 10 Apr 2001, Message #12226
in response to GREGORY search, posted by D.Armstrong on Mon, 12 Jul 1999
Surname: Pace, Burgett, Seratt, Friddle, Tomlinson, Mugley I to am researching the Pace and Burgett in Crawford Co., Ar Florence Pace's father Joseph is my Great Grandfather. Please contact me at my E-mail address.
Barblov ([email protected])
We would like to exchange info. on the SERATT Family!
See: John,15 SERATT "The Bell Maker" ...prs
Danna Seratt
SERATT, Cleston
Dated: Jun 24, 2001
Ancestry Message Boards: Washington Co., AR.
I am married to Richard Seratt the son of Elmer Seratt which is the son of Cletis/Cleston Seratt (deceased 7/22/01). Can someone help me go back further? I have just started researching this for my husband and am finding all kinds of info on this family. Very interesting.
Danna Seratt ([email protected])
We feel your Cleston SERATT (1915-2001) is a 9th Generation of Sarratt/Sarrett/Surratt Families of America (SFA)
he was the (4th s/o William & Minerva E. (LANE) SERATTE)
(1Gs/o John C. & Susan (CRAVENS) SERATT)
(2Gs/o John,15 & 2nd Wife Nancy A. (LANE) SERRATT "The Bell Maker"
(3Gs/o TYRE SARRETT and Wife Sus-An-Ah (MILLER) SERAT. Not Proven!
(4Gs/o Allen,2 & Delilah (Unknown) SARRETT) Not Proven!
(5Gs/o Samuel,2 & Elizabeth (Unknown) SARRATT)
(6Gs/o Samuel,1 & Anna (Unknown) SARRATT)
(7Gs/o Joseph,1 & Katherine (Unknown) SARRAT) "The American Progenitor"
This family can be found at the Rootsweb "World Connectiom" GEDCOM At URL SERATTGEDCOM
Don Richards
Date: Sat, 14 Jul 2001 3:42:31 PM Eastern Daylight Time
I just found material about Susan Watts (ID: 11288) [john15 FG 431] and her parents Holland Watts and Salatha Smith on the "WorldConnect Project" web page, and I am interested in determining the source of information if indeed you are the one who submitted the data. The page was entitled "Part of: Sarratt/Sarrett/Surratt Families of America (SFA)".
I am interested in the Watts family since my mother, Susan Catherine Rhoades was the daughter of John Earl Rhoades who was the son of Thomas Rhoades (Rhodes) and Susan Watts, [john15 FG 430] the daughter of Holland Watts and Salatha Smith.
There is a family story of having Cherokee lineage so that aspect of the Watts family is of considerable interest to me. I am also quite interested in knowing the parents of both Holland Watts and Salatha Smith if that is information you might have.
Regards, Donald W. Richards [email protected]
See the REF: Notes at the bottom of the FGS
of the Martin RIDENOUR (1775-1838) Family. Becky Walker's ID#1263
We would like to exchange info. on this Family!
See: John,15 SERATT "The Bell Maker" ...prs
Trent Plummer
John Franklin Seratte
Date: Tue, 21 Aug 2001 5:34:39 AM Eastern Daylight Time
Regarding my father, John Franklin Seratte, you have his birthplace as Mayes Co. It is McClain Co. Also, you show my mother's name as Marie Walker. It is Jewel Marie Walker - she uses "Jewel". Also, my husband's name is Plummer, not Plumber. Also, the town is Pauls Valley, not Paul's Valley.
Please correct these errors. Thank you.
Glenda Plummer, ([email protected]
Thanks for the E-Mail, and corrections
I have made them on the FGS 417, and will up-load GEDCOM, later next month.
John Franklin Seratte (1913-1976)
(s/o James C. & Leona F. (Richardson) SERATTE)
(Gs/o James C. & Susan (Cravens) SERATT)
(1Gs/o John,15 & 2nd wife Nancy A. (Lane) SERATT)
See: John,15 SERATT "The Bell Maker" SFA-Profile! ...prs
Becky Mason Walker
Updated: Mon Oct 8 2001 05:59:11
RootsWeb's WorldConnect Project: The Family and Ancestors of Becky Mason Walker
The Family and Ancestors of Becky Mason Walker, Entries: 4193
Home Page: Forum for Genealogy Disscussion on These Families
This is my working file and subject to change as more information becomes available.
ID: I6940 John Seratt ID# 6940
Marriage c1824 1 Elizabeth Deliah Reitenauer b: ABT 1809
Her Sources: Melvin "Mel" Ridenour
We would like to exchange info. on this Family! See: John,15 SERATT "The Bell Maker" ...prs
Jerry Smith
Date: 05 Feb 2002 11:04:27 AM Pacific Standard Time
I was rooting through internet and came up with a "hit" Smith, Ridenour, Arkansas, crawford.. I am Jerry Smith and my great grandfather Wilson Harvey Smith Sr. Married Delilah Ridenour and lived in Crawford County Ark
I also have a Polyann Seratt in the distant line. Crawford and Washington County have numerous Smith, Ridenours, Seratt Etc.
If you thoink there is any connection pleasse e-mail me and we can exchange info.
Jerry Smith, [email protected]
Thanks for the E-Mail, See: URL: John,15 SERATT GEDCOM
Use the "Search Engine" at this site for more information about these families.
or URL: John,15 Seratt, Profile
We would like any additions/corrections to this family! The Bell Maker" ...prs

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