William M. SERATT, *1836-1915 a78y
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William M. SERATT, *1836-1915 a78y

Seventh Generation!
William M. SERATT, 
(1/4 D.I.B. Degree of Indian Blood) Not Proven!
(1st s/o John,15 & 1st Wife Deliah (Ridennour) SERAT)
(1Gs/o TYRE SARRETT and Wife Sus-An-Ah (MILLER) SERAT. Not Proven!
(2Gs/o Allen,2 & Delilah (Unknown) SARRETT) Not Proven!
(3Gs/o Samuel,2 & Elizabeth (Unknown) SARRATT)
(4Gs/o Samuel,1 & Anna (Unknown) SARRATT)
(5Gs/o Joseph,1 & Katherine (Unknown) SARRAT) The American Progenitor
b. 26 Oct 1836, Adair Co., MO. [REF: #165] [Note: Karen, is wrong 
Adair Co., MO was NOT formed from Macon Co. until 1841 ..prs) 
d. 20 Oct 1915, a79y nr Silona Springs, Benton Co., AR.
Buried: Oak Hill Cemetery, Benton Co., AR.
Where a headstone marks his grave.!
At a30y he married on 01 Jul 1866, by Bapt. Rev. WOODARD at Prinston,
Mercer Co., MO. to Miss Charlotte KIRK;
(d/o James KIRK & Mother Jennie DEW)
b. 16 Oct 1856, Mercer Co., MO.
d. 30 Apr 1937, a90y 5m, 15d nr Silona Springs, Benton Co., AR.
Buried: Along side husband in Oak Hill Cemetery, Benton Co., AR.
They had 1 Child born to this Union: [REF: #165]
   1. 1st Dau: Delilah Jane, b. 18 May 1868 m. Mr. CENTER,
                                            m. Mr. GOSE,

William M. SERAT, age 14, can be found in the 1850 Census for Washington
Co., AK. living with the Family Unit: (See Father's 1850: 
Fed. M- 432, State Reel 31, Pg. 362, F. G. 49 )

William M. SERAT age 24, should have been in the 1860 Census for
Washington Co., AK. Living with his parents, but was NOT. No record
found by this writer in the Adair Co., MO.
(Source: Fed. M-653, State Reel 605, Pg. ___, F.G. ____) Need

William M. SERAT age 31
married about 1867 in Mercer Co., MO., to the 19 year old Miss
CHARLOTTE KIRK b. about 1848.

William M. SERAT age 34, can be identified in the 1870 Census for
Mercer Co., MO. with Wife and Daughter. Half-Brother JOHN J. SERAT
was living next door; (F.G. 032)
  (Source: Fed. M-593, State Reel 792, Pg. 210, F.G. 031)
   William M. SERAT,       age 34 b. 1836 MO
   Wife: CHARLOTTA (KIRK), age 22 b. 1848 MO
   1st. Dau: DELLA SERAT,  age  2 b. 1868 MO
   JOHN J. SERAT,          age 17 b. 1853 AK. (F.G. 032)

William M. SERRAT age 44, should be in the 1880 Census for Mercer
Co., MO. or Benton Co., AK.
   (Source: Fed. T-9, State Reel 703, Pg. ___, F.G. ___)
   No Record found, Need Record

William M. SERAT age 64, can be identified in the 1900 Census for
Benton Co., AK. with Wife and Grandson William D. GOSE, age 15 b.
1885 MO. (Source: Fed. T-623, State Reel 051, E.D. 017, Sht 005,
Line 028)
   William M. SERAT,       age 64 b. 1836 MO
   Wife: CHARLOTTA (KIRK), age 52 b. 1848 MO
   GrSon: William D. GOSE, age 13 b. 1887 MO

William M. SERAT, age 70, on 10 Jun. 1907 filed Application #2439l,
with the Court of Claims, regarding May 18, 1905, and May 28, 1906,
decree in favor of the Eastern Cherokee for monies due descendants
of Indian relocation to the Western Indian Territory.
   No. 24390
   William Serat

Special Commissioner of the Court of Claims,
601 Quray Building, Washington, D.C.
   I hereby make application for such shares as may be
due me of the fund appropriated by the Act of Congress approved June
30, 1906, in accordance with the decrees of the Court of Claims of
May 18, 1905, and May 28, 1906, in favor of the Eastern Cherokees.
The evidence of identity is herewith subjoined.
@BODYTXT SMALL = Note: Answers to all questions should be short, but
complete. If you can not answer, so state.

   1. State full name - William Serat
   English name: _____
   Indian name: _____
   2. Residence and Post Office: Siloam Springs
   3. County: Benton_____
   4. State: Arkansas_____
   5. How old are you? 70 yrs_____ Born 1836_____
   6. Where were you born? Adair Co., Missouri_____
   7. Are you married?  yes_____
   8. Name and age of wife or husband:  Charlotee, 60 yrs
   9. To what tribe of Indians does he or she belong?  None_____
   10. Name all your children who were living on May 28,
       1906, giving their ages:
   Name:     Age:  Born:
   (1.) Delila J. Serat now Center     May 18 1868
   (2.) _____      _____    _____
   (3.) _____      _____     _____
   (4.) _____     _____      _____
   (5.) _____     _____      _____
   (6.) _____     _____      _____
   11. Give names of your father and mother's name before marriage:
   Father - English name: John Serat
   Indian name: _____
   Mother - English name: Delila Serat
   Indian name: _____
   Maiden name: Delila Ridenoure
   12. Where were they born?
   Father: _____
   Mother: _____
   (Page 1)
   13. Where did they reside in 1851, if living at that time?
   Father: Georgia
   Mother: Tennessee
   14. Date of death of your father and mother:
   Father: was killed during the war of rebellion
   Mother: 1844
   15. Were they enrolled for money, annuities, land or
       other benefits? If so, state when and where, and with
       what tribe of Indians: No_____
   16. Name all your brothers and sisters, giving ages,
       and residence if possible:
   Name:     Born:      Died:
   1.1st Son:   GEORGE    SERAT;        dead
   2.1st. Dau:  NANCY E.  (SERAT) LANE; owe vt?
   3.2nd. Dau:  MAHALEY   SERAT;        dead
   4.2nd. Son:  MARTIN    SERAT;        dead
   6.4th. Son:  HENRY     SERAT;        dead
   10.8th.  Son: William  SERAT;     No Comment
   12.3rd.  Dau: M. A. Polly  (SERAT) POOR; Jentry, AK
   13.4th.  Dau: MARTHA A. (SERAT) RUSH; Felix, Organ
   14.10th. Son: JOHN J.  SERAT;    dead
   17.11th. Son: JOSEPH S. SERAT;   Liv Union Town, AK

   17. State English and Indian names of your grandparents
       on both father's and mother's side, if possible:
   Father's Side       Mother's Side
   Tyree Serat         Martin Ridenoure
   Susanah or          Nancy Ridenoure
   Susan Miller _____
   _____   _____
   18. Where were they born? I do not know
   19. Where did they reside in 1851, if living at that
       time? I do not know
   20. Give names of all their children, and residence,
       if living, if not living, give dates of deaths:
   (1.) I do not know_____
   (2.) _____   _____
   (3.) _____   _____
   (4.) _____   _____
   (Page 2)
   21. Have you ever been enrolled for annuities, land,
       or other benefits? If so, state when and where: No_____
   22. To assist in identification, claimant should give
       the full English and Indian names, if possible of
       their parents and grandparents back to 1835:
   I do not know___________
   (Under this head the applicant may give any additional
   facts which will assist in proving his claims.)
   I solemnly swear that the forgoing statements made
   by me are true to the best of my knowledge and belief.
   (Signature,) William Serat
   Subscribed and sworn to before me this 10th__ day
   of June___, 1907.
   My Commission expires
   Jan. 31st 1910__
   R. F. Forrest
   Notary Public.
   (The following affidavit must be sworn to by two
   or more witnesses who are well acquainted with the applicant.)
   Personally appeared before me J. B. Glerm__ and W.
   G. Burns___, who, being duly sworn, on oath depose and say that they
   are well acquainted with William Serat___, who makes the foregoing
   application and statements, and have known _him_ for _7___ years
   and __4__ years, respectively, and know _him_, to be the identical
   person _he__ represents _himself_ to be, and the statements made
   by _him_ are true, to the best of their knowledge and belief, and
   they have no interest whatever in _his_ claim.
   Witnesses to mark Signature of witnesses.
   _J. B. Glerm___ ___W. G. Burns__
   Subscribed and sworn to before me this _____ day
   of June_, 1907.
   My Commission expires
   Jan. 31st _
   _F. F. Forrest_
   Notary Public.
   (Page 3)

   Some of the Genealogical items William SERAT related to the above
   application are the following: ..prs
   Question 8. He indicated his wife was CHAROLTTA SERAT, 60 yrs.
   (Other records Census indicate she was 59 years old
   Question 10.1 Dau. Delia J. (Serat) Center, age 39 b. 18 May 1868
   Question 11. Gave Fathers name JOHN SERAT, Mothers
   maiden name DELILA RIDENOURE, did NOT know Indian Names.
   Question 12. Listed Father as being born in Georgia
   Mother as being born in Tennessee (Other records indicate his father
   was born in Kentucky)
   Question 13. Did NOT know where Parents were living
   in 1851 (He would have been 15 years of age in 1851, but at age 70
   could not remember where he was living?
   Question 14. Indicated his father was: "Killed
   during the War of Rebellion (his father was 51 years old?;  His mother
   died in 1844.
   Question 16. He could only remember 11 of his 16 brothers
   and sisters, did NOT know when they were born, nor death date; the
   following are the 7 he did not list.
   5. 3rd. Son: Wm. M.   SERAT;      Did Not List
   7. 5th. Son: CALVEN   SERAT;      Did Not List
   8. 6th. Son: JERMIAH  SERAT;      Did Not List
   9. 7th. Son: JACKSON  SERAT;      Did Not List
   11. 9th. Son: SAMUEL   SERAT;     Did Not List
   15. 5th. Dau: MALINDA  SERAT;     Did Not List
   16. 6th. Dau: DELIAH   SERAT;     Did Not List
   Question 17. Indicated his Grandparents
   Question 18 on to 22 He Could NOT remember.
   He Signed this Affidavit with his name which indicate he could Read
   and Write, be cause some 51 days later he wrote a letter to the Claims
   Office in Washington DC. which he inquired:

   Application No. 24390
   Siloan Springs, AK.
   Aug. 20, 1907,
   Dear Sir
   Enclosed you will find Papers Showing Why i Dident get on
   the Rools at Muskogee is Be Cause they say Susanah Miller did not
   apear on the Rools there and as i have Bin trying for my Riter ever
   since in 1896 and they would not let me file aplication for that Reason
   and it is not no fault of My own and i want you give my Papers faverable
   atention and let me ni if thare is yet any Chance for me to Get on
   the Rools as a Citzzion of the Cherokee nation i made Proff in 1896
   and it is at Muskogee and a Part of my Witness is Ded since that time
   and through igroance of my self and neglect of My atorney  i Was throwed
   out and the Denial of my grandmothers name, so if those papers air
   any Helpile to my Claim Please Return them to me.
   William SERAT
   Siolan Springs, ARK

William SERAT, received a very prompt response to his letter of
Aug. 20, because 9 days later he received a type written letter Unsigned
from the Special Commissioner
   App. #24390
   August 29, 1907
   William Serat,
   Silom Springs,
   Sir: -
   Your letter of August 20, 1907, inclosing various papers relative
   to citizenship in the Cherokee Nation, is at hand.
   You are advised that your application for participation in the fund
   arising from the judgment of the Court of Claims in favor of the Eastern
   Cherokees is on file in this office, but this fund has nothing to
   do with your application for citizenship in the Cherokee Nation.
   The papers you enclosed are returned to you, herewith, as they will
   not be required in connection with your application for participation
   in the Eastern Cherokee fund.
   Very respectfully,
   Special Commissioner.
   1. enclosure

William M. SERAT age 74, and Wife CHARLOTA (KIRK) SERAT, age 62
can be identified in the 1910 Census for Mays Co., OK. with Two of
the GOSE Grandsons. (Source: Fed. T-624, State Reel 1262, E.D.
091, F.G. 041)
   William M. SERAT,       age 74 b. 1836 MO
   Wife: CHARLOTTA (KIRK), age 62 b. 1848 MO
   GrSon: William D. GOSE, age 23 b. 1887 MO
   GrSon: JAMES W. GOSE,   age 22 b. 1888 MO

Mays County, OK. was formed from the Western Cherokee Indian Lands.
It is located in the Northeast corner of the State. Bounded by Craig
Co., on the North; Delware County on the East; Cherokee and Wagoner
Counties on the South; Rogers Co., on the West. Benton Co., AK. boarders
on the East side of Delaware Co. OK.

William SERAT, age 79 died on the 20 Oct. 1915, as per [REF: #165 in
Siloan Springs, Benton Co., AK; Buried in the Oak Hill Cemetery,
Benton Co., AK. No record found by this writer that he was recognized
by the Federal Government, to be eligible for the EASTERN CHEROKEES
Claim of 1906, nor his acceptance into the Cherokee Nation

The Widow CHAROLTTA (KIRK) SERAT, age 72, can be found in the 1920
Census for Benton Co., AK. Living on 6th. Street, Hico Twp., Siloan
Springs, Benton Co., AK. with two Grandsons:
   H/H CHAROLTTA (KIRK) SERAT, age 72 b. 1848 MO
   William D. GOSE,            age 33 b. 1887 MO
   JAMES W. GOSE,              age 31 b. 1889 MO

This is the last Record found by this writer of this family. Any additional
information would be appreciated.

The Following is the Daughter of: William M. & CHARLOTTA (KIRK) SERAT

5.1 1st. Dau: DELLA J. SERAT;
(Dau of William M. & Charoltta (Kirk) Serat)
b. about 1868, Mercer Co., MO; d. Unknown; Married (Date & Location
Unknown) to Mr. CENTER, b. c1866, Location Unknown; d. Unknown;
Son of Unknown Parents; Issue Unknown. [REF: #165

Based on Census records DELLA J. SERAT, age 2 was identified in
the 1870 Census for Mercer Co., MO. living with her parents. No record
found for the 1880 Census, but in 1900 in Siloan Springs, Benton Co.,
AK. a Grandson William D. GOSE, born c1887, MO. was living with
William M. & CHARLOTTA (KIRK) SERAT. In the 1910 Census for Mays
Co., OK. Grandson's William D. & JAMES W. GOSE, age 23 & 22 were
living with the Grandparents. In the 1920 Census for Benton Co., the
two Grandsons were living the 72 year old  Widow CHARLOTTA (KIRK)

Source & Reference Notes!

      [165] Mrs. KAREN HARVEY; 7120 Cabin Ct.,
            NW, Alb., NM; Researcher of the
            TIREY SARRETT Family,
            letter to this writer Jun. 14, 1993


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