Cemeteries SFA - White Co., AR.
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Cemeteries SFA - White Co., AR.

  Antioch Cemetery, White Co., AR.
Antioch Cemetery, Antiuch, AR, is located on Highway 31, fives miles northwest of Beebe. Tornadoes and fires have played havoc with local church records. The White County Historical Society reported in its 1967 edition of White County Heritage that "the first church was a log structure across the road from the present Presbyterian-Methodist-Baptist church and a few hundred yards behind the present store (near the old gin site)." It was built on the 9.13 acres of land owned by the Presbyterians who were here in the late 1800s. This church was called Macedonia. The old part of the Antioch Cemetery is also a part of that plat. The Historical Society published a detailed history of the Antioch church in the '67 Heritage. At that time the three denominations worked loyally together yet retained a separate identity. On the first Sunday of each month the Baptist had their pastor. On the second and fourth Sundays the pulpit was filled by a Methodist preacher. The Presbyterian pastor delivered the third Sunday message. The cemetery was surveyed in April 2000 by Historical Society member Tommy H. Treadway. If you have additional information on Antioch Cemetery, please contact the White County Historical Society, P.O. Box 537, Searcy, AR 72145.
 LName  FName  b. date  d. date  Age  My Remarks
 SERATT,  Bert Weston  07-03-1910  09-26-1943  33  Motor Machinist Mate 1C U.S.N.R.
 SERATT,  Elizabeth  04-06-1890  09-17-1968  78  
 SERATT,  John T.  04-13-1888  07-11-1959  71  

  Georgetown Cemetery, Georgetown, White Co., AR. 72143
This list was prepared in 1999 by Sam and Pauline Cleaver of Georgetown. Seventeen years earlier, the Cleavers had compiled the first Georgetown Cemetery records with the assistance of Pearl Johnson, a local midwife who knew "a lot of people and a lot of history". Pauline Cleaver noted that the Georgetown Cemetery was used for burials when floods from the White River prevented town members from reaching the Henderson Cemetery a mile and a half away. The Cleaver list was posted on the Internet by the White County Historical Society July 4, 1999.
(See NELSON/Old Nigger Hill CEMETERY.)
 LName  FName  b. date  d. date  Age  My Remarks
 SURRATT,  Biddie (Johnson)  14 Apr 1889  04 Jan 1971  82  w/o Bill Surratt
 SURRATT,  Bill  15 Sep 1885  10 May 1977  82  2nd s/o Wm. Jeff & L.J. (Haynes)

  Nelson Cemetery, (Old Negro Hill Cemetery) Georgetown, White Co., AR.
The first settlement in White County dates from 1789 with the Spanish Grant #2416 tp Francis Francure at Georgetown, early known as Nigger Hill, containing 1,361 arpens at the mouth of the Little Red River. This was the second settlement in the state following Arkansas Post. Cloie and Leister E. Presley of the White County Historical Society prepared a listing of the cemetery in 1967. Fifteen years later, Sam and Pauline Cleaver and Pearl Johnson of Georgetown updated the information, then the Cleavers updated again in June 1999 in cooperation with the White County Historical Society. Nelson Cemetery is located a mile and a half west of Georgetown on Highway 36. "Nelson Cemetery (the land) was given to the people by the Nelsons," Pauline Cleaver said in 1999. "The Georgetown Cemetery was used when the town was cut off by floods between Nelson Cemetery and Georgetown. I do believe the Georgetown Cemetery is the oldest because of the Gosnell dates… Pearl Johnson for years was a midwife and the only 'doctor' as they called it for the town most of the time, so she knew people and a lot of history. Our cemeteries are beautiful! Kept up. Come and see them." Leroy and Ellen Blair of the White County Historical Society visited Nelson Cemetery March 2, 2001. They found 11 tombstones that were not on the last list. They also made a few minor adjustments in the list. "Due to the depressions and mounds and how the graves are scattered, I would guess that are hundreds of unmarked graves in this cemetery," Leroy Blair reported. "The dates on markers do not reflect Georgetown's age, nor do the ones in Georgetown Cemetery." (See GEORGETOWN CEMETERY.) Where known, maiden names are listed in quotation marks.
 LName  FName  b. date  d. date  Age  My Remarks
 SURRATT,  William Jeff  09 Nov 1861  25 Jun 1931  69y  s/o Wm. P. & E.H. (Frizzell)
 SURRATT,  Leonan  18 Apr 1864  29 Aug 1942  78y  (d/o John HAYNES & Amelia MAVIS
w/o Wm. Jeff
 SURRATT,  Tossaco  14 Apr 1883  04 Jul 1940  57y  1s/o Wm. Jeff & L.J. (Haynes)
 SURRATT,  T. S.  14 Apr 1883  04 Jul 1940  57y  1s/o Wm. Jeff & L.J. (Haynes)
 SURRATT,  Georgdon  12 Apr 1913  07 May 1913  26d  Infant of
 SURRATT,  Infant  31 Jul 1931  31 Jul 1931  26d  d/o M/M H.F. Surratt
 SURRATT,  Lawrence  18 May 1899  20 Mar 1962  62y  4th s/o Wm. Jeff & L.J. (Haynes)
 SURRATT,  May  21 Jan 1909  03 Oct 1926  17y  
 SURRATT,  May  05 Sep 1892  12 Jul 1926  34y  

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